Chapter 19: Ride to You

After almost an hour on horse back, the sun was slowing leaving the sky. My backside hurt, and Cleary was growing tired, but we were almost there. My mind raced with things to say, things to do, but I knew all of that would fade away when I saw his face.

I rode along the river, always keeping it at my left side. Then, finally, familiar territory came into view. I couldn't stop the smile that broke across my face. Edward's horse grazed in the grass just off the riverbank. I stopped Cleary, and jumped out of the saddle. I looked up and down the river, but couldn't spot him.

As I walked closer, I suddenly saw Edward stand up from an old moss covered rock. He looked confused, but then he smiled. We slowly walked closer to each other then stopped a couple feet away.
"The cows," I breathed. It was the only thing I could think of to say first.
"They're scattered, but we'll get them," He assured. I smiled.
"You left," I whispered.
"I didn't until I saw him leave. I sent Seth back over there."
"Thank you," I whispered. "It's over." Edward's frown deepened. "He's gone for good," I clarified. I could see a sigh of relief fall out of him. He flashed me his crooked grin underneath that cowboy hat, and I closed the gap between us.

Edward's arms wrapped around my waist and pulled me tightly to his chest. I inhaled his musky scent. It had become my favorite smell. I twisted my head to look up at him and just when I did, he leaned down and kissed me. It was a soft kiss full of meaning before it grew more intense. My hands gripped his hair and his cowboy hat fell to the ground. I wanted nothing but him in this moment.

With no sounds but the river and the wind, he slowly lowered us to the ground. I grabbed one of his hands from around my waist and moved it to the center of my jeans. He gasped into my mouth and pressed down on my covered heat. Having clothes on only heated our situation more, and we both knew that neither of us could remove them fast enough.

Still devouring his mouth, I let my hand slip underneath his shirt. His chest was the perfect amount of soft and hard. As he cupped me, my hips slowly started to move, desperate for friction. He smiled into our kiss.
"Not here," He said hoarsely.
"Why?" I whined.
"I don't want out first time to be in the dirt in an open field." He was much stronger than I was.
"But I need you," I replied, as I shoved my hips into his hand a little harder. His small moan blew hot air into my open mouth. I opened my eyes to see his looking at me; full of lust, and full of adoration.
"The loft. Tonight," He said. I quickly nodded and we slowly began to untangle ourselves.

Our ride back to Stone Meadow went much quicker than I had wanted it to. Sadly, I was more nervous now, than when I was riding out to see Edward. The spontaneity was gone, and now I had to worry about the loft. What if I couldn't remember how to have sex? What was I going to wear? He would see me naked. I grew more and more fearful as we neared our small homes.

Edward had told me about the cattle and that Paul Smith had tried to steal them away. He didn't get what he wanted, though. In fact, a few cows still strayed across the land. We would have to go search for them sooner or later.

Mostly, I thought about myself on the ride home. I was free, now, but why did I still feel trapped? Something wasn't right, yet, and I aimed to find out what it was.

We stopped in front of the barn. It was late, and we knew that everyone would, or almost would be asleep. Edward took Cleary for me. I smiled and promised to be right back. I dashed to my childhood home. It was dark inside, but the small light from the hall showed Garrett and Seth asleep on the living room floor. A pack of playing cards was scattered between them. I smiled, knelt down and kissed Seth's forehead, then went to my room.

Thankfully, I didn't allow myself much time to fret over my appearance. I untied my hair and shook it out, brushed my teeth, and put on my favorite sweats. My black v-neck smelled like Jacob, and I crinkled my nose and ripped it off, throwing it to the floor. I chose a white tank top instead. Just before walking out, I removed my bra.

I shivered with anticipation, and pulled my long hair over my shoulders. It fell below my breasts, covering them. I nodded feeling more clothed, as I walked and went to the barn.

Edward was already in the loft on that familiar hay bale. His muddy jeans, cowboy boots, and black shirt were enticing to say the least. He had removed his hat, and it sat next to him. I creeped over to him and when he saw me, he jumped in surprise.
I laughed, "I got you!"
"Very funny," He said. He reached for my hand and pulled me down onto his lap. I curled up. We were comfortable, and I felt his hot breath on my ear.
"You're so beautiful," He said. I smiled so wide it hurt my face.

After untangling myself to sit next to him, I moved his hat and took out a cigarette. Edward was amused. I turned to look at him.
"I want to say something, but I'm not sure how, so don't say anything until I'm done, okay?" Edward was trying to suppress his smile, but he nodded. I took a deep breath.
"I'm in love with you; I am certain of it. I don't ever want to be anywhere else. Whatever happens to Stone Meadow, Seth and I will go wherever you go."

My chest eased and a great feeling of pride washed over me. There was no telling how long I had kept that bottled inside of me.
"Bella, I would never let you go anywhere else," he finally said. And with that, I stomped my cigarette out and threw myself into his arms once again. This time, need took over everything else. We left insecurities at the door, away from us as we fell to the hay-covered floor of the loft.

Edward removed his shirt and undid his jeans. I kicked my sweats off after my boots. My light blue underwear was lace, and my skin shined blue in the moonlight. Edward paused and then laid his shirt out beneath my back. I smiled at his gentlemanly gesture.

Then, his hand was on me, traveling from my ankle up to my thigh, where it stopped.
"You're so soft," He said quietly. I was thanking myself profusely for shaving this morning. His head tipped down to mine and we kissed once more. I grabbed his hand from my thigh and placed it over my heat. I needed him to know just how badly I wanted him. Edward realized it quickly. His hand pressed down, as I moaned into his mouth, and laid my back on the ground. He suddenly let go of my center and used both hands to slowly pull down my underwear. It was strangely erotic, in fact, everything I had learned about Edward was now erotic to me. My hands went to his solid chest. The dark hair was soft and held his thick scent.

My panties were off, my heart was above in the clouds, and my eyes were locked with his. I reached down to his jeans. My hands fumbled around the zipper and his boxers to find his hard piece. It was more erect than I thought possible, and his eyes glazed over at my touch. I smiled wickedly and pulled him from his confinement. Edward looked down between us to watch. Then, his head snapped up to me.
"Condom?" He breathed.
I smiled sheepishly, "The pill." His lopsided grin was back and he looked down between us again. My hand held his dick firmly, and I placed it at my entrance. Edward gasped and slowly pushed his hips forward.

Then, he was inside of me. It took a moment for the two of us to adjust. He was the missing piece to my puzzle, he was the key to my lock all along. Nothing had ever fit so perfectly. How I had lived successfully before now was beyond me. I wasn't weak in this feeling, I was the strongest I had ever been. Edward dipped his forehead until it was against mine, and his breath blew into my mouth. All of a sudden, the gentleness passed, and our lust filled need took over. Edward moved in and out of me and it seemed as though he couldn't go fast enough. I wrapped my legs around his torso and cried muffled screams of pleasure into his shoulder. His face was in my hair and he pounded harder, deeper, and it was bringing me closer.

Sadly, I couldn't recall the last orgasm I had. Sure, I had a few with Jacob in the first year of our relationship, but never had I experienced this heightened feeling of pleasure before an orgasm. It was as if I had already come. My nails suddenly dug into Edward's back and scratched downward. He groaned and threw his head back. This went beyond my own feelings of ecstasy, seeing Edward in pleasure was my undoing. I clenched my inner kegel muscles as tightly as I could and bit into Edward's shoulder. Another moan escaped his mouth, and with one more thrust, I exploded into the night sky.

Edward followed soon after. His tight muscles twitched until they gave out and he collapsed as top of me. I felt his hot liquid spill into me. It was now part of me, and my legs were still wound tightly around him, but I laid my head back. We were both glistening with sweat, Edward's breathing slowed and he raised his head to look at me. I could feel him, though my eyes were closed peacefully. I felt his hand touch my face as It moved a stray strand of hair away.
"You are so beautiful," he whispered, as tears welled up in my dark eyes. I knew I would cry. It was inevitable, but again, it wasn't weak of me. I surely hoped that anyone would cry out of sheer contentment from such pleasure and closeness with another. I didn't want him to pull out of me. I wished we could stay locked together forever as one.
"You're beautiful," I finally said. Edward chuckled softly and leaned in to kiss my lips; it was soft, meaningful, and light as a feather.

Later, he rolled off of me, and we chuckled together. Our limbs were sore, and we had hay stuck to our arms. I grabbed my clothes and put them on, while Edward fixed his jeans, but he didn't put his shirt on, which made me happy. We shared a cigarette by the open loft door. I leaned into his chest; his scent was now mixed with mine.
"Now what happens?" He suddenly asked me.
"Well, Jules and Seth know about us."
"Oh?" He sounded worried.
"It took some talking, but they'll be fine. As long as we keep the PDA to a minimum for a little while, they will get used to us."
"Why was Jules mad at Seth?"
"He kissed her," I whispered with a smile. I could feel Edward tense up as he blew smoke out of his nose.
"Oh. When did she grow up?" He asked.
"The same time Seth did apparently." We giggled together as I took the cigarette and inhaled. I twisted my body to look at him directly.
"We're staying here," I said. "We want to fix the ranch, make it better than what it once was."
"Really?" He asked hopefully. I nodded. He smiled, then frowned. "We have to go retrieve the scattered cattle. Selling is next week."
"Can we hold the bank off?"
"We can try. Jasper and I will leave tomorrow to gather what cows we find. Most of them stayed together, thankfully."
"We're all going," I said firmly. He shook his head. "Yes," I told him. "It is for all of us to do, Edward and I won't let you go alone." His smile returned and he pulled me to back to his chest.

"I love you," He whispered into my ear. My mouth broke out into a smile and I turned my head around and kissed him. He tightened his arms around my chest and kissed me back.
A kiss with love is a kiss strong enough to save the world.

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