None of this would be happening right now if it wasn't for Willow. And Giles! If Giles hadn't of asked Willow to hack into some government files to help out Buffy with a new Big Bad we had, I wouldn't have been put in this position. I am now working at Quantico, in the FBI building. Since Willow got caught hacking into the files, I had to take blame since I was currently not working a case with the rest of the Scoobies. Trying to disguise myself as a geek, well my wardrobe wasn't a huge change, but the glasses are different, and having to pretend I don't know how to help any actual crime cases since I only work with computers, which created a boring life.

"Kevin, are you going to just stare at the coffee or are you going to eventually move." Taking a step to the side, I allowed one of the agents to get a cup of coffee. Living in Virginia has been different. It's the first time one of the Scoobies moved away for a long term job. I have no friends nearby and I barely socialize any more. I feel like I am truly becoming Kevin Lynch: nerd, computer analysis, and loner.

"Kevin." Turning quickly behind me, I noticed Penelope Garcia waving her hand in front of my face. "You okay? You seem spacey and not in a good thoughtful way."

"Hello there Penelope. I assure you, I am fine." Oh, no, I am starting to sound like Andrew, the king of dorks. Don't get me wrong, I like Penelope. Hell, I even tried to propose to her, but I always knew I would not have been able to go through with it. Anya is still on my mind, even though it's been three years since the First apocalypse.

"Good. Now come on, we need an extra computer genius to work on new case with my team." And just like that, I get thrown into the world of crime with a top notch team and little ole me, who knows nothing but a computer screen. I need a life before I truly turn into Andrew, or worse, a pre-vampire Spike!