a.n. chapter one has been re-written.

Three hours on the TARDIS and she's smiling with infectious glee and singing to herself as she wanders the endless hallways on her brand new, still slightly unsteady legs, serenading him as he dances around the centre console and propels them across all of Time and Space.

She twirls in a circle and thanks him again and again, and he sweeps her up off her feet and leads her around the control room in a waltz. She's the most beautiful dancer he's ever seen, even if every now and again she almost forgets the fact that she has two legs and her clumsiness returns.

He catches her when she nearly falls down the stairs, his hand on the small of her back and his lips so close to hers that she can taste the stardust on his breath. For a moment Time freezes around them, universes grinding to a halt and starting up with a stutter when he straightens and plants her back on her feet.

She counts the rhythm of his hearts before he lets her go, and she doesn't miss the fact that his missed a beat just as hers did. He steps away though, scratches his cheek nervously and goes back to fiddling with any number of the dials on the console, and she doesn't mention the fact.

Because this little mermaid is observant, she knows by now that he's a little broken, and she thinks perhaps it's normal for broken hearts to misstep.

So she simply smiles again and spins around the console, letting her red hair fly out behind her and grabbing his hand to pull him back into a dance, grinning at him until he grins back.