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Chapter 1

Bella's POV:

I dreamt of Edward Cullen again that night. The events of the day took place in my dreams. The dreams kept shifting throughout the night, but one thing stayed the same; Edward Cullen was saving me.

I dreamt of the van, the Port Angles men, murders, and animals. In every scenario, Edward was there to either stop the thing from killing me forcefully and physically, or he swept me away.

There was an abrupt change to my dreams that left me disappointed. Edward Cullen wasn't there. I wasn't in danger, but I was flying at a great speed. The wind whipped against my face and threw my hair behind me. I felt cold… no, I felt cold arms around me. I couldn't turn to see who it was but hoped it was my angel.

I was pulled out of my dream by something sharp cutting my neck. Abruptly, I was on fire. I let out a scream of pain and surprise as my eyes flew open in shock. Instead of meeting the golden eyes of my angel, I was met with a pair of milky red eyes, the eyes of a demon.

The demon smiled at me. How could anyone, even a demon, be so cruel? How could he just sit there and watch me burn? I screamed at him to kill me, to end this torture, but he only chuckled softly saying it would be a waste.

I begged, I wasn't so proud as to not try, but he refused. How long has it been? An hour? A week? A year? Every second felt like eternity in this misery. Oh, Edward! If only he was here, he would surely spare me from this.

I stopped screaming after a while; it did no good to scream. Instead, I tried to focus on Edward. When I failed to do so, I started to replay my time with my mom and dad.

All those lunges on the first day of my mother's exercise faddish was nothing compared to this. Breaking both my ankle and wrist at the same time during my ballet lessons was a bumped elbow compared with this torture. Was I so naïve to think that those pains were the worst pain imaginable? No, this pain I was feeling wasn't normal … it was inhuman. This kind of pain doesn't exist in the normal world… the human world.

Suddenly I was aware that the pain was fading slowly from my finger tips and toes. The fire that had been burning me there wasn't extinguished, but instead retreated to my wrists and ankles. My fingertips and toes now felt cold. It would have been a relief if the pain in the rest of my body didn't get worse. How was that possible?

Slowly the fire retreated from my wrists and ankles and again from my forearms. The fire started to gather in my chest… my heart. My heart started beating faster, as though it was battling the fire. If that was so, my hear was surely losing.

Soon, the only thing burning was my heart. My heart was desperate. It was beating faster than it ever had before. My heart was fighting, fighting oh so hard, but it wasn't going to be enough.

A minute later, there was complete silence. My heart had failed, it beats no more. I was surely dead… yet I could think. I could breath. I could hear. I opened my eyes, and I could see.

The world looked so beautiful. I could see every detail; I could see every movement. I could hear things miles away. I could smell everything: the pine, the stream, the animals. I could even smell something very sweet, but not in the edible way. That thing was right next to me.

I whipped my head around and sat up so fast that I should have felt dizzy or at least have gotten whiplash, but I felt fine except for the burning in my throat.

"Who are you?" I asked in a voice that wasn't mine. It sounded like bells or singing.

The demon —the man— who had sat by me while I burned smiled at me. "My dear child, I am Aro. A pleasure to meet you. I have some explaining to do."

I sat there silently as he explained about vampires. He told me the truth —none of those silly myths and legends. Vampires had reflections. Vampires sparkled in the sun. Vampires could only be destroyed by ripping them apart and burning the pieces.

"So, you're saying that I am a vampire?" I stated blankly. He nodded in response. "Why doesn't that surprise me?"

He looked at me curiously. "Did you know of any of this as a human or met any vampires before?"

I thought for a moment before shaking my head slowly. "Not that I am aware of. I remember certain things about my human life, like my mom and dad, but I can't remember some details from the time I moved to Forks. I can remember talking to a friend at lunch, but I can't remember what I saw and what I asked her…" I trailed off in thought.

Aro laughed lightly, thought there was a hint of an edge to it. "Don't fuss over it right now, child. You must be unbearably thirsty. Let's find you someone to drink."

I nodded. I had eons to figure it out. My throat was on fire and I was desperate to clench the thirst. As we got to our feet I spoke softly. "Please, call me Bella."

He smiled at me. "Bella, let us go and, after your first hunt, I will explain about… the law and special powers."

I gave him a curious look, but shrugged it off. I needed to stop the fire in my throat. My questions could be answered later.

It turns out that we were in Montana. He took me to an alley behind a local bar. Some man was passed out drunk, but that was all I could comprehend. He smelled so delicious that I couldn't stop myself from rushing forward and biting his neck.

The blood, oh the sweet blood, poured down my throat. It was incredible even if it was slightly bitter from the alcohol. It tasted like nectar, the drink of the gods. I couldn't believe that anything so delicious could exist. He was drained completely before I was done.

I jumped up and away from him and turned to look at Aro only to find him holding a girl with bright green eyes. He threw her at me and I continued to feed.

After I was full, Aro found me some clothes so I could change out of my blood covered ones. They were just simple clothing: a white t-shirt and faded jeans. He asked me to follow him, so, naturally, I ran after him. I was still amazed at the speed… the freedom that came from being a vampire.

We arrived at the spot where I had burned. We sat down as he started explaining the laws and the powers some people possessed. I was shocked to hear that Aro could read every thought a person had by touching their skin. I was relieved when he told me his power didn't work on me. I felt guilty when I saw a touch of frustration and confusion touch his unusual eyes.

He finished his explanation and I decided that it was time to ask some questions. "So… do you think that I have a power? I think that would make sense since you can't read my thoughts. Maybe I repel your talent or something."

He looked thoughtful. "Maybe… I know a person who can sense what talent someone possesses. I may pay him a visit. Now, something to consider, young one. Do you wish to join our guard? You will be serving our world, and you would be well protected. This world is a dangerous place. You won't survive on your own."

I nodded my head. There wasn't much of a decision; it was either live and serve them or die. I wanted to live.

I thought I saw a wicked glint in his eye, but it wasn't there when I looked back. He smiled at me and clasped his hands together. "Wonderful! Our coven would be glad to have you."

We both stood up and started to run again. My second life had started, and I would be helping my world. I would stay in Italy, only leaving when the law needed to be enforced. I was content with my lot, but I couldn't stop wondering about those gaps in my foggy memory. My life felt incomplete and wouldn't be complete until I remembered my entire life in Forks. I had to remember.