Chapter 1:

Beverly Hills, California
KC: You wanna do it in my office?
WH: Baby not now I don't feel too good
KC: What's wrong?
WH: Feel like I'm going to throw up
KC: You go lay down I'm going to call the band and tell them you can't make rehearsal today.
Kevin helps Whitney up the stairs, she put on a gown and lays down
KC: If you need anything just call me
WH: (she smiles) Can you cuddle with me?
KC: (he laughs) sure
As soon as Kevin got in the bed with her she ran to go vomit. He runs in the bathroom to comfort her
KC: Baby are you okay?
WH: yea ... (vomit) ... it's ... (vomit) ... nothing but an ... (vomit) ... upset stomach.
KC: Whitney I'm going to take you to the hospital because this whole week you have been extremely sick.
WH: Baby I'm fine. (she gets up and go to the bed) now that that's over kiss me
KC: Uh-mm yea I think I'll pass.
Whitney then ran back into the bathroom.
KC: Yea I'm definitely taking you to the hospital
He picks her puts a cover on her and carries her down stairs
BK: What's going on
KC: Your mother is sick and I'm taking her to the hospital
BK: But she's only sick
KC: yea but she's been like this for a week.
BK: Okay let me help you put her in the car, and call me when you find out what's wrong
KC: Will do
They arrive at the hospital so the doctor can check her. Whitney is passed out on the bed.
KC: Well doctor what's wrong with her
Dr: Your wife is pregnant
Just as he said that Whitney was waking up
WH & KC: What
KC: How did this happen
WH: Shut up Kevin
Dr: You better be lucky that you got her here because she was going to lose the baby. We are going to have to keep her here until tomorrow so we can do some more tests.
KC: Alright, baby I'm going to run home so I can get your over night bag together then I'll be back with BK.
WH: Okay honey I love you
KC: (he kisses her) I love you too
Kevin drives home and like he expected BK was waiting.
BK: Where is she?
KC: She had to stay at the hospital
BK: Why? What's going on?
KC: Krissi!?
BK: Yea?
KC: Your mother is...
BK: My mother is what..? She's not dying is she? OMG! Not my mother! Why?! God Why?
KC: Noo no no... Your mother is pregnant