In the last instalment Whitney and Kevin had just found out she was pregnant.

BK: She's what?

KC: Yep. You're going to have a little brother or sister.

BK: That's great, so are you going to the hospital to meet her?

KC: Yea. I just have to pack her over night bag.

BK: Wait, Why is she staying over night?

KC: The doctor said that she almost lost the baby due to stress, and working to much.

BK: OMG! Is my mother okay?

KC: Yea. They said she'll be fine, but she wants so see you. So let me get her stiff other so we can go.

Kevin and Whitney get to the hospital to see Whitney.

BK: Hi mommy!

WH: Hi sweetie (she gives her a huge and kiss)

KC: Hey honey

WH: Hi babe ( she gives him a kiss)

KC: Did the doctor come back?

WH: Yea, he said I was about two months along.

KC: So you've been pregnant for two months and you don't have a tummy yet?

WH: Haha, very funny

KC: What did the docor say about yur tour?

WH: He said once I have too many concractions to stop the tour.

KC: I can't believe he actually said you can continue to work.

WH: Well ... (she says in a high voice)

KC: Well what?

WH: I had to convince him to let me do some part of the tour.

The doctor comes in and tell them different stuff about the baby. Kevin stays over night with his wife and Nick goes to the hospital to pick Krissi up. The next day Kevin takes Whitney home and she gets straight into the bed. She can't go to sleep so she calls her mother.

WH: Hi Mama

CH: Hi sweetie, how are you?

WH: I'm good and you?

CH: Yea yea yea I'm good now cut the bull what's wrong?

WH: What? Nothings wrong

CH: Well I know you have something to tell me

WH: Well I do have some good news

CH: What is it?

WH: Are you ready?

CH: Yea I'm ready

WH: You sure?

CH: Yea

WH: Are you positive?


WH: Are you ...

CH: Nippy, sweetie you're making my head hurt. Just tell me

WH: I'm pregnant.

CH: What? My baby's having another baby?

WH: Yes Kevin and I are having a baby

CH: How far along are you?

WH: Two months

CH: Does Kevin know?

WH: Yea I told him yesterday

CH And how come I'm just now hearing about this?

WH: Cuz' I was in the hospital

CH: Why? What happened?

WH: I'm fine. They just said that I need to slow it down.

CH: Yea baby you got to slow it down. You don't wanna risk anything.

WH: I know mama

Kevin walks in the room and to see his wife on the phone.

WH: Hey mama imma call you in the morning. I love you, bye.

Whitney hangs up the phone to talk to her husband.

WH: Hey babe

KC: Hi sweeties how are you feeling?

WH: I'm good, just a little tired

KC: I was talkin to Pat and ...

WH: Did you tell her?

KC: Did you want me to?

WH: Yea

KC: Okay good cuz' I did

WH: What did she say?

KC: She said congragulations, call her, and something about some interviews

WH: Are you freaking kidding me? I just found out myself now she wants me to tell the whole world. I'm not ready for this Kevin.

KC: So what do you want to do?

WH: I don't know. I guess we have to do the interviews, because if we wait to long my tummy will start to show. Then people will start wondering.

KC: Just call her tomorrow so we can work it out.

WH: Okay ... I'm tired.

KC: You should get some rest.

WH: Can you check and see if BK is alright?

Kevin goes down stairs to see if BK is thier. She isn't so he guess that she is in the pool house for her. Kevin goes back upstairs, then he and his wife go to sleep.