Black Star

The Hobbit + Harry Potter AU Crossover

Characters Introduction

Basic Information

Full Name:

Morrigan Emrys-Potter

Name Meaning:

"Great Queen", "Ambrose/Immortal"-"One who makes earthen vessels"


Rana (Elvish for Wanderer), Ohtar(Elvish for Warrior), Tiarna an Dragain (Celtic for Lord of Dragons or Dragon Lord), Heir to the Line of Emrys, Heir to the Line of Potter


July 31st, 1978 (age 35, Present Day Earth). Sent to alternate world, Middle Earth, sometime in the Second Age of Middle Earth.


Human (Sorcerer)


James Potter (Deceased), Lily Potter nee Evans (Deceased)







Basic Appearance


Morrigan has pitch black hair that is down to her waist. When she is traveling around she keeps her hair in a tight braid but when she's not traveling she keeps her hair in a ponytail or she leaves it down.


Morrigan inherited her mother's emerald green eyes. However when she uses her magic her eyes briefly change from emerald green to shining gold.

Facial/Body Attributes:

Morrigan has an athletic body but does inherited both of her parents features - her father's height, her mother's body structure. Making her to be about 5'10.

Morrigan also has several scars and burns from her time with the Dursley's but also has one specific scar that she received from Voldemort - a lightning shaped scar that starts from on her right side of her forehead and ends near her eyebrow.

Morrigan does have a few tattoos that has great significance to her and rarely ever allows people to know what they mean except to those who are extremely close to her.


Fate to many would seem fair but to a certain few Fate can be a cruel mistress, especially to a woman by the name of Morrigan Emrys-Potter. During the battle between her and the evil Sorceress Morgana, Morrigan suffered the after effects of a great collision between her magic and Morgana's, which not only destroyed Morgana but sent her to another world called 'Middle Earth'.

Now several millenniums older, Morrigan - still alive due to her magic, has settled down after many years of fighting and traveling in a small area unknown to most called 'The Shire'. There Morrigan has been living with a small hobbit, who has become one of her few friends, by the name of Bilbo Baggins. However Fate seems to have different plans for not only Morrigan but also for her tiny friend, Bilbo and it comes knocking when a traveling wizard comes to the Shire in search of a burglar and guide.