This isn't so much a chapter as an. . . announcement.

This story will allow you, or an OC you create, to spend one day with any of the members of Noble team. First come, first serve. Give me your OC, and the Noble member you want him/her to hang with, and I will write an ENTIRE CHAPTER about this. No cruddy, short, chapter. But a good, detailed piece of writing.

As soon as you turn in some OCs, I can start writing. SO get to work, people! Here's the form, please fill out all requirements.

First Name:

Middle Initial:

Last Name:









Occupation(student/UNSC enlist/Spartan II or III/ODST/Insurrectionist/AI) :

Rank(if applicable):


Fighting style/ weapons:

History(with family):


Noble Member:


Just copy and paste this to the review thinger, and fill in the blanks so I can begin! Thanks!

-Medical Gunner

Here are a few rules I'd appreciate if you took a look at. They aren't too bad really, and they're the difference between you getting a chapter written and me laughing at you.

(1) Don't submit your OCs through PM. It's a pain to keep track of whose to write next that way. All you guys who have already sent me Ocs through Pm as of 2/26, I'll still write your chapters as this is a new rule.

(2) Fill out the whole form. It's not hard!

(3) If you submit an OC, follow the danged story. I'm not gonna write for someone whose not gonna read the bloody chapter. Exceptions are guests. (JUST GET A DANG ACCOUNT!)

If any of these rules are violated, I won't write a chapter for your OC, so pay attention!