Chapter 44 - The Terminator

May 28th, 2013 - 10:00 P.M

Gage and Nick

Outside the bar

Gage just sprinted all the way from Nick to the bar in less than 5 minutes.

Gage: See? Whats this?! No pony can run THIS fast! Who am I? And why can't I remember anything!

Gage put all of his thoughts aside. He had to focus on the task at hand.

Gage: Oh man! I wonder where Nick is?

Nick was hanging with Twilight Sparkle still back outside her house.

Nick: Twilight! Theres only 2 possibilities that he can't remember anything past meeting Fluttershy. One is that his past self is killed or Fluttershy is!

Twilight: No! No one would DARE to kill the princesses son Wait it all makes sense now. Whatever is gonna happen is happening soon. I had plans with my friends tonight. Care to come with me? Both Gage and Fluttershy will be there.

Nick: Yeah, I gotta know what's happening to him.

Twilight: Whats wrong with Clank?

Nick: (angrily) Grrr! That idiot changed his past and now HE CAN'T REMEMBER A THING! I warned him, but he didn't listen to me. For all I know, I may not have had a wife in the future because of him!

Twilight starts to run ahead of Nick.

Twilight: Well, come on! Lets go find em!

Nick: Where is he?

Twilight: He went after Gage! And Gage should be at the bar by now!

Nick went hedgehog and ran to the bar in 10 seconds flat. After Twilight bitched Nick out for going way too fast, they finally went inside the bar. Neither one of them could see Gage or "Clank" for the record.

Twilight: Maybe were early?

Then Fluttershy approached Twilight and Nick.

Fluttershy: Hi Twilight. Who's your new friend?

Nick: My name's Ratchet.

Fluttershy: (nervous) Oh ummmm, my names Fluttershy. Have you met my stallion friend? He's so sweet!

Nick: In a sense yes, but not yet at the same time per se. Fluttershy? Have you seen a yellow alicorn with a purple and pink mane? Were trying to find him.

Gage: Looking for me?

Fluttershy: (scared) AHH!

Nick: In a sense, yes and at the same time no. Man I hate being a time lord.

Clank looked over to the past Gage. Instantly he rushed over to him.

Future Gage: Gage! Listen to me, I'm a friend. Your in terrible, terrible danger!

Gage was terribly surprised.

Past Gage: What? How do you know me?

Future Gage: Listen! Keep your guard up. Your gonna need my help.

Past Gage: (cocky) Hey! I don't need any help! I'm the hero of the multiverse! I can handle myself!

Future Gage: Listen! I am you!

Past Gage: To hell with all of you liars! Get away from me!

Nick: Boy...You have no idea who we are and chances are you'll never know. Come along Twi and Clank.

Past Gage: Don't leave! You just got here! Oh by the way, I don't let anyone talk to me like that and get away with it!

Future Gage: Hey! We didn't do anything, so calm down.

Past Gage: Lets take this outside!

Future Gage: Gladly!

The 2 Gage's headed out side, but it was all part of Gage's plan. The 2 were getting ready to fight, but just as Gage predicted, chaos revealed his face, or to be more accurate, he didn't.

Future Gage: Nick! Thats the one thing I can't EVER forget. It's permanently etched into my mind. My mortal enemy, the reason I was created, my destiny is to kill him!

Past Gage: Huh? WHAT! Thats my destiny!

Nick: Why didn't I think of this? Gage get out of the way. Hey Chaos, lets put some light to the problem! HAAA.

Nick shot a chaos beam, that made full contact with Chaos.


Future and Past Gage: Right!

The real one regret what he had done.

Past Gage: Huh? I'm Gage! Not you!

Nick: Both of you stop arguing and fight Chaos!

Future Gage: Listen to me Gage, I'll explain in a minute, stay back and wait okay? He could be too strong for you!

Nick: Gage! Were not supposed to reveal ourselves. You might cause a chain reaction that'll destroy the universe or...The other one will faint!

Chaos: (dryly) I'll make sure to make this fast!

Gage and Chaos got into a slow fist fight. Chaos brought a sword to a fist fight so he used it. Gage became worried and he panicked and held his arm up. The sword shattered on his bare skin.

Future Gage: Wow! Did...Did I just do that? Holy SHIT! I'm stronger than I thought!

Nick simply sat back and watched.

Nick: Damn, I wish there was something I could do!

Then, a big black energy beam was throw to Twilight. He panicked and Nick dove in front of it.

Nick: NOOOO!

Nicks body was completely destroyed. He was way hurt and in a critical state.

Chaos: Something for you...

Chaos went to Twilight and struck her to the ground rapidly. She stood no chance.

Chaos: And you...

He threw a ball of energy that exploded right in his face. Past Gage went down too.

Chaos: And last but not least, there's YOU! Take this!

Future Gage: (angry) Nooo! I...I wont let you! I REFUSE!

Gage stood up as energy went crazy all over the place. Chaos had to back down.

Nick: Clank stop! IT...ITS TOO MUCH!

Just by powering up, Gage managed to hurt everyone nearby. The super alicorn stopped powering up and let his energy go.

Future Gage: Nick! One last attack!

Nick fires a huge wave of energy that went to Chaos. The beam hurt him badly, but he wasn't done yet. Gage stepped behind the blast and punched it back to Chaos. The evil earth pony turned into dust, then into a purple smoke.

Nick: Oh man! SHIT!

The smoke drove Nick and Gage crazy. They coughed so hard, that they couldn't catch their breaths. Both Twilight, Nick, and past Gage were hurt bad, especially Nick. Gage rushed over to him.

Future Gage: Nick, Twilight, Gage! Oh man, Nick your hurt worst of all. I've never seen so much blood!

Nick: Gage...You gotta tell everyone who we are. I will face a trial, but do it!

Future Gage: Goddamnit Nick! We have to get you help. You may have an hour, tops!

Nick: Gage! Use your instant transmission when I tell you!

Future Gage: (confused) Insta-what? Nick what is that? Am I supposed to know what that is?

Nick: Oh shit! I forgot that YOU forgot your powers!

Gage crouched near Nick.

Future Gage: Nick, please give me the short version! Your on small time!"

Nick: Sorry...

Future Gage: Nick! Please don't die! No NOOO! I'm taking you to Fluttershy, NOW!

Gage gathered the other Gage and Twilight and grabbed Nick's hand.

Gage: I gotta try!

By now, Nick already lost consciousness. Gage placed his hoof just below his horn and used it.

Gage: Wow! That was quick!

Gage busted through the door yelling for Fluttershy's help.

Fluttershy: Why hello there! No, long time no see. Ha ha ha!

Gage: Theres no time to explain! Quick! Heal these 2, they are going to die!

The way Gage said it scared Fluttershy to death.

Fluttershy: (terrified) Oh my goodness! Quick! Sit them in my guest bed! Stat!

Gage placed the other one down and Twilight in another bed.

Fluttershy: Stay out! It'll be a few.

Nick was just standing there in Fluttershy's living room.

Nick: Gage...Er, I mean Clank come here for a second.

Gage: What is it? Oh by the way, how did you heal yourself?

Nick smiled and placed his hand on Gage's head. A emerald green energy flowed from his hand. For what looked like for no reason at all was for a great reason.

Gage: AAAAAAAAHHHHH! That hurt like a bastard...wait...Its coming back to me.

Nick: It's a little something to speed up progress. Hold on! I'm not done yet!

Gage: (happy) Hahaaaaa! I...I remember everything! My mom, my family, my powers, my battles, my past, and most importantly my true love...Rarity.


Gage smiled and picked Nick up with his magic aura.

Gage: You've dealt with enough pain for today. There! I casted a numbing spell. That better?

Nick: Yes! Much better! So do you remember everything?

Gage: Yes! I do.

Nick sighed and agreed sadly.

Gage: Whats wrong Nick?

Gage: I honestly don't like Rarity. Fluttershy is my second favorite pony after Twilight! Rarity is annoying, and too snobby in my opinion. You got a problem with that?

Gage: (furious) YES! I FUCKING DO! Whats your deal? I like Twilight, why can't you learn to like her? I don't fucking pick favorites asshole!

Nick: Theres a difference! Plus you'll break Fluttershy's heart!

Gage: (harshly) Rarity's mine, not Fluttershy Nick

Nick: It isn't about that. In the future, now your with Fluttershy.

Gage growled in anger

Gage: I'll have to fix that somehow eh, I'll cross that bridge later.

Nick: Gage calm down. Listen would you really break the heart of someone who loves you? If you would, then your not a hero.

Gage storms to Nick and shoves him.

Gage: For the record, who said I was one?

Nick: My god! Your not Gage! Something is wrong!

Gage snapped out of it.

Gage: Forget it! I...I'm sorry Nick! Something came over me.

Nick: (uncaring) Yeah. I can sense it!

Gage: Oh! Because your some timelord badass? Pfffft, don't make me laugh.

Nick: And there it goes again. It's that chaos doing it?

Gage: Aggghh! No Nick! I'm sorry. Dude, let me explain.

Nick took a seat while Gage sat on his tail.

Nick: (concerned) You better, your starting to freak me out.

Gage: Well, ever since I've been getting stronger and stronger, something has began to eat away at my mind. The stronger I got, the harder it is to contain. If I let it wander, then I start to become crazy, almost evil. Just like my aunt. Every heard of her transformation?

Nick: Yeah, don't remind me. So how do we stop it?

Gage: Its not possible to stop it, unless I wish it away with the dragonballs. But the Earth in the dragonball world is destroyed. If only there were some way to wish the planet back.

Nick: Well Gage, what we can do is travel to a point where they weren't used. Then we can wish ours back!

Gage: What a great idea!

Nick: Why didn't you just wish it away when you were at the dragon ball world?

Gage: Nick if you recall, after I wished all of the people that were killed by our past enemies, and I wished for you and Ray to me, I had one wish left, but Babidi stole it from us.

Nick: Shit! I forgot...How long will that be from now?

Gage: A while, at least a few weeks.

Nick: Well, I have an idea and a thought. My thought is that were in Fluttershy's cottage with your past self, Fluttershy and Twilight. Now we've been talking out loud. Do you think they heard us?

Gage: No. Fluttershy's too busy fixing up her boyfriend.

Nick: I'm still worried. If Twilight found out that I'm her future boyfriend, and Fluttershy finds out your her future boyfriend, we would be in a hells worth of trouble.

Gage: Nick! Lets not fuck up the future too bad. Now listen, not only do I remember her, but I remembered why we came here.

Nick: Yeah, to see your father, but the TARDIS has other plans.

Gage: What do you mean man?

Nick: Remember you asked me to send you to your father?

Gage: Yeah, but the TARDIS won't work right.

Nick: The Doctor once told me, "The TARDIS never took me where I wanted, but always took me where I'm needed. What do you think?

Gage: Sure man. We'll figure it out!