Chapter 9 - Great Power is Evil...

June 8th, 2013 - 2:00 P.M.


Chemical Plant Zone

Frieza and the legend himself, Gage were powering up to awesome limits. The glass floor was no longer, as all of the shards have sank to the bottom of the chemical sludge. The rest of the Legendary Force were up on a catwalk from a safe distance away. Chemical waves splashed, metal pipes and beams began to fall from the roof. Finally, Gage was at full power, for the second time in his life.

Gage: (cockily) Heh! You know Frieza, you should feel honored. Your the first enemy I've fought that has pushed me this far. I'm at full power, only this time I get to use it for more than 5 seconds. Are you ready to get your ass handed to you?!

Frieza simply remained standing with a stone cold look on his face and with his arms crossed.

Frieza: I don't understand what your so exited about. You know that no one is stronger than me. I have never been defeated.

Gage: If I were you, I'd uncross your arms. Your gonna need them.

Frieza simply smiled, ignoring and clearly underestimating Gage. Gage sonic rainboomed his way to Frieza and grabbed his tail.

Twilight: Oh my Celestia! A sonic rainboom!

Gage started to twirl Frieza in circles throwing him up into the sky. Gage teleported in front of him and kicked him, HARD in the gut, making him puke blood. The audience marveled at Gage's verocity, speed, and power, not daring to anger him ever in his life. Winding up a powerful punch, Gage clocked Frieza in his head. Rapidly and vigorously attacking the alien, Gage was actually doing very well. Frieza was indeed having a very difficult time keeping up with his legs alone. Frieza kicked at Gage's hoofs, but he countered by phasing, then electrocuting him. Gage threw many explosive attacks at Frieza, as this was his most powerful attack, his Explosive Volley. He used it once to level a mountain so railroad ponies could build trains through that area. It did significant damage to Frieza. Forming one giant explosive ball, Gage threw one at him, but he backhanded sending it flying toward the Legendary Force. Knuckles quickly intervened. With one mighty punch he knocked it back, and it exploded outside of the plant. Gage wasn't done, he went in to beat him up more, but Frieza had enough.

Frieza: STOP!

The purple alien yelled loudly, as he had enough. He threw a punch on Gage's face sending him to the floor. He laughed and got up, rubbing the bruise on the side of his cheek.

Gage: Ha! No hands my ass! Aww, too much for you?! Hahahahaha!

Frieza phased to Gage and grabbed the pony's tail tightly.


Frieza: Are you kidding? Not nearly enough!

Frieza was damaged, but far from done fighting. Frieza gave Gage a taste of his own medicine, doing the exact same thing Gage did to him, except in half the time, and double the damage. The devastating rush attack almost ended Gage. Frieza tightly gripped the alicorns throat, causing him to fight for air. Gage flailed all about, trying to get one breath of oxygen.

Frieza: Listen here you fool. My name is Frieza, and you stand no chance against me. Your not even as strong as Goku was when he was a super saiyan, although I must admit, you are close to his power. Even if you out powered him, you still would bid no luck my little pony.

Gage gasped for breath making stupid sounds to inhale air. He held his front hoofs in front of Frieza's face, as he smiled a cocky smile.

Gage: (suffocating) Full power...explosive...volley


Twilight: (scared) Gage! No! That's too much power!

Twilight yelled at Gage to stop, but it was too late. Gage released a full on devastating attack that sent the beast into oblivion. The explosion was so bright, that the Legendary Force had to shield their eyes from the crazy bright light. When the explosion cleared, Sonic was sent into a panic.


In the smoke and dust was a faint figure with wings, and Sonic knew that was him. The Legendary Force rejoiced and cherished the awesome victory. Gage flew with what little strength he had back to his team.

Shadow: I must admit my pony friend, that was quite a fight!

Knuckles: I'll say.

Gage: Listen, now that that's over with, how would you guys like to join me and my team?

Both of them nodded their heads, and Knuckles gave a big thumbs up

(Shadow and Knuckles join the Legendary Force!)

Gage: That's great news! G...G-ah, damnit, my aching flank! Lets go home guys, I'm all out of power. AHH...

Gage started falling towards Twilight, but she caught him with her magic.

Twilight: Oh man Gage. I don't think you will be fighting for a while! Your torn to shreds!

Gage: I know! And I promised the Cutie Mark Crusaders I'd help them get their cutie marks today after the fight.

Twilight: I don't think that's going to happen. Don't worry, you'll heal really really fast.

The whole team rejoiced and were grateful that Frieza was out of the picture. Shadow looked to the sky.

Shadow: (disgusted) Ugh. Why am I not surprised? He's still alive guys!

Gage: WHAT!? That's...tha-thats impossible!

Twilight: What do we do Gage?

Silence went on forever as Frieza interrupted it occasionally with an evil laugh.

Gage: I...I don't know. I'm all out of power! Not good! Not good at all! And none of you are strong enough!

Sonic: Yeah, and what can we do? We don't have the chaos emeralds!

Shadow: Leave this one to me.

Sonic: Shadow wait!

Shadow: No Sonic. I can buy us time. Your unicorn friend explained everything to me. When this 'Nick' guy gets here, we can then use the chaos emeralds.

Shadow dashed to Frieza using his badass rocket boots to fly.

Frieza: What do you think you are doing?! You must be a fan of that pony I just fought, considering you are the same color.

Shadow: Not at all! I'm envious of him, for being stronger than me! Listen, I'm your opponent. You will fight me, got it?

Considering Shadow was the only one that could fly, he would be the only one to defend his new team. Gage on the sidelines, was seriously injured.

Gage: I...I have to help him...

Twilight: NO GAGE. You are too injured. At least wait until your power regenerates.

Gage: Oh man! Nick, wherever you are! We need you! Help us!

June 8th, 2013 - 3:30 P.M.


Sugarcube corner

Nick tapped his feet rapidly in his normal human body.

Nick: (impatient) Oh! Why didn't Celestia let ME look for the emeralds!? I could've had them all by now!

He paced back and forth in anticipation. Only him and Pinkie Pie were here at sugarcube corner. Mr. and Mrs. Cake were baking in the back.

Nick: Why Princess Celestia had to send a bunch of stupid background ponies on the quest to find all 7 chaos emeralds, Ill never know. Heh!

Pinkie Pie: Nick! That's not very nice. They are just as important as us regular mane 6 ponies.

Nick: Heh. Yeahsurewhatever!

Lyra stepped through the door levitating her chaos emerald. 7 ponies came in randomly talking to each other.

Nick: Finally!

Lyra: Here you go human.

She turned to Bon-Bon and held her hoof out. Reluctantly, she laid a large bag of bits into it.

Lyra: Ha! Told you they exist!

Nick smiled and slowly approached Lyra. She backed down a little bit. To ponies, humans were supposed to be strong and at least as tall, if not taller than Princess Celestia herself! He put one knee to the ground and whispered in Lyra's ear.

Nick: (whispering) Lyra, technically I'm not a human. I am whats called a timelord. Go talk to Gage if you want a human.

Each of the 7 ponies held a chaos emerald, Lyra with red, Bon-Bon with the blue one, Cheerilee with her yellow emerald, Octavia with a green one, Colgate with a cyan colored jewel, Spitfire with a silver chaos emerald, and last but definitely not least, Trixie with the purple one. Each placed their respective gem into a leather bag. Nick tightened the bag around his belt, then quickly turned into retro sonic.

Nick: Thank you ladies! SEE YA

Mrs. Cake: Wait a minute! Aren't you hungry?

As quickly as Nick sped off, he turned around.

Nick: Yeah, If I could get it on the go, that would be way past cool!

He threw 7 bits on the counter and grabbed an apple fritter, then left.

Nick: KEEP THE CHANGE! Oh man! I really have to haul ass. My friends could be in trouble!

Celestia's castle

Luna: Oh dear sister! Where is Nick at?

Celestia: He will be here as soon as he can. I know Nick, he's not one to lounge around all day.

The princess looked down to the ground.

Celestia: (worried) I just hope my dear Gage is okay. I hate to put him through all of this pain.

Luna: Do not worry fair sister. Your son is as strong as a pony can get. We are sure of it! He was born for this!

Celestia: Good, because Discord is still running around Earth...

Luna: (shocked) WHAT?!

She frantically looked around, not knowing what to do.

Luna: (whispering) Oh oh no!

Celestia: Luna? Luna what's wrong.

Luna: (whispering) No no no no no no no no no no no!

Celestia: Whatever is the matter?

Luna could not stop freaking out. If Discord was still alive, then that means Liam failed.

Luna: It's Liam, your other son.

Celestia: (worried) What about Liam? My youngest child? Is he okay?

Luna: Your youngest son tried to attack Discord and kill him, but he must have failed. This isn't good.

Celestia showed no reaction.

Celestia: What are you talking about? You speak as if he was dead. I assure you, Liam is very much alive. I can sense him, just like I can sense my other children.

Luna let out a bigass sigh of relief.

Luna: Whew...That's good. But, fair sister. One thing troubles me.

Celestia: Yes?

Luna: What if Gage is corrupted like we once were? We were Nightmare Moon once remember, and we inflicted terror on everypony. What if the same thing happens to your son?

She said nothing, and shed a few tears from her crimson eyes.

Celestia: All hope will be lost...

Luna: No, no nono you can't be...

Celestia: ...forever.

Luna: No! I refuse to believe it. Explain!

Celestia: Gage can do what other ponies can't. He is the hero we have been waiting for. That everyone has waited for. Without him, the odds of winning this great multiversal war between good and evil, will be lost. And with Gage on their side, it would be a matter of weeks.

Nick: PRINCESS! I'm here.

The conversation was cut short when Nick dashed in.

Celestia: Good. Come Nick, there's not a moment to waste. Hurry!

Luna opened a similar portal that Gage and his friends traveled through. Nick was fixing to dive into it before he was stopped.

Celestia: Whoa there hedgehog! Listen, there is something I need you to tell my son.

Nick: Anything Princess!

Celestia: Gage has lately been only using his pony form, but he has 2 forms. He will fight much more efficiently if he is a human, considering he has lived as one for a lot of his life. His power should almost double! But, also tell him this. The more power that is added to his body, the greater chance he could be corrupted by it. He can turn evil and crazy. Believe me, both me and my sister have that transformation. Nightmare Moon and well...uummmm

Nick: Dont worry Princess. Gage has a heart of gold. I don't think that would happen.

Celestia: I know that, but he has a nearly infinite power level compared to mine, and even I sometimes struggle with it. I just worry all the time, but I know he can handle himself!

Nick: Okay. I will tell him, but I gotta juice, so see ya!

Nick said goodbye and dived into the portal.

Luna: You know you can't believe that right? If he is as strong as you say he is, he won't stand a chance! He will be corrupted.

Celestia: Silence! I have to, he's my son!

Back at the Chemical Plant...

Shadow and Frieza were fighting hard, but Shadow was no match for the evil alien, lizard powerhouse.

Shadow: (frustrated) Why. Can't. You. DIE!

He was extremely beaten and bloody. He was out of Frieza's league without his emeralds.

Frieza: Because, I am Frieza! The destroyer of worlds, the master of fighting, and soon to be ruler of universes! AAAAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!

Meanwhile, Nick was staring down at the battle below. He had just arrived and of course with all 7 chaos emeralds.

Nick: Wow! There is some serious power bouncing down there!

He pulled one chaos emerald and placed it in his right hand.

Nick: (cocky) Heh! This should cause some damage!

He closed his eyes and focused, collecting the energy from the bottomless power of the chaos emerald. A white fire aura, similar to Gage's except smaller formed around him.

Nick: Here we go!

Frieza was going in for the kill, when Nick saved the day.

Nick: Soooonic? WIND!

A sharp gust of wind cut the side of Frieza's face. Instantly it caught Frieza's full attention.


Frieza: Why you little...

Nick stood proudly showing his friends he was here.

Gage: (gruffly) sonova bitch! Right on time!

Nick: Hey Shadow! Catch!

Nick threw a different chaos emerald to Shadow. With it, Shadow healed himself.

Shadow: Uhhh. Much better! Thanks Sonic! (confused) Wait a minute!

The black and red hedgehog glanced over to Nick and then Sonic, then back at Nick and then back at Sonic.

Shadow: Tw..Two of them...

Frieza: Surprise!

Frieza sucker punched Shadow hard. He would have to worry about the 2 sonic's later.

Shadow: (pissed) Grrr! Behold, the ultimate power!

The same aura formed around Shadow, except it was red. He spin-dashed to him, but Frieza caught the ball.

Frieza: Hmm. It seems these gem's increase your power level. Interesting.

Shadow: AHHH!

Shadow stopped spin dashing and the 2 traded punches!

On the sidelines...

Nick sped to Gage within 5 seconds.

Nick: Gage. Are you okay?

Gage: know, I've seen better days...hehehe...AHH!

Nick: Easy! Don't hurt yourself! You can beat this guy! I know you can.

Gage: No Nick. Not on my own.

Nick: Now listen to me. You have to transform into a human. You still have your form.

Gage: What?

Nick: I know it sounds crazy, but you will be much stronger if you are a human. Did you learn the transformation spell?

Gage: No. But Nick, even if I did, I wouldn't have enough power. I'm badly injured.

Nick aggressively grabbed one of the alicorn's hoofs and slammed a chaos emerald into it.

Nick: (mad) Darnit Gage! Stop being so modest! Take this chaos emerald and heal! Me, Sonic, and Shadow will hold this...Frieza guy off. You can do this! Do I make myself clear?

Gage smiled, as Nick lifted him up on his hoofs.

Gage: It's good to have you back!

Nick: Good to be back! Ok, I gotta juice! Stay here and heal!

Nick tossed a chaos emerald to Sonic and both of them sprinted across the chemical water, for both of them couldn't fly. Gage closed his eyes and concentrated on healing.

Gage: I sure hope that Nick is right!

Frieza: Hmmm. 3 hedgehog's versus 1 me! Seems fair enough!

Sonic and Nick continuously dashed across the flammable chemicals. All 3 of them traded punches faster than the speed of sound, and for Frieza, faster than the speed of light! Frieza broke the 3 up with a force push.

Frieza: Enough! Listen hedgehogs, together, you may make this interesting. Ill only use 50 percent of my power and I will try to finish you all of at the same time as fast as I can. Ready?

Nick: Enough games! I'm gonna kill you, and if not me, then Prince Gage, the son of Celestia and the legend itself, will mutilate you with his hands tied behind his back!

Frieza: Oh is that a fact?

Frieza dashed to the surface of the chemicals. Shadow and Nick were fighting at max power, but both were hurt too bad in less than 5 minutes. Shadow grabbed Nick and flew off back to their teammates.

Nick: Wait a minute? WHERES SONIC?!

Shadow: Wait! Aren't YOU Sonic?

Nick: NO!

Frieza: Muhahahahahahhahah! I guess hedgehogs sink, they don't swim.

Looks of horror were on the faces of the Legendary Force. They were about to lose one of their members. What were they going to do? The pool of chemicals was at least 100 feet deep! Then, a huge splash of chemicals splashed up high into the air. Something else fell in the liquid.

Knuckles: What was that?

Out from the chemicals came Gage. A new Gage. The true Gage. He had Sonic in his arms unconscious. Slowly he rose from the chemicals, with his white aura burning hotter than ever. Gage wore a red shirt and tropical swimming trunks on. Both his wings and his horn were still present, as well as his circlet and his red eyes. His hair went back to its normal length, and jet black.

Gage: Good thing I decided not to change after I went swimming with Ray eh Frieza?

Frieza: Who are you? What is this! You look similar to that saiyan that defeated me on Namek.

Gage teleported to Knuckles and gave Sonic to him.

Gage: When Sonic wake's up, have all 3 hedgehogs back me up. Go super!

Knuckles: Got it!

Gage teleported to Frieza's face making him jump.

Frieza: Gah!

Gage: What? You don't recognize me?

Frieza: Burn!

Frieza threw an energy attack that sparked Gage's cloak on fire. Gage stood there burning, but unfazed.

Frieza: (unvelieving) THATS...IMPOSSIBLE! WHAT ARE YOU?

Gage: I am Prince Gage! No one stands between me and my worlds. I am the savior of many, the guardian of all but evil. SO GET READY TO DIE!

Human Gage has been revealed. No doubt his power is huge, but will it be enough? Will the super hedgehogs be tough enough to back Gage up if its not? Find out all of this and more on the next chapter!

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