I looked up at my new school. I felt small and insignificant compared to the building in front of me. I definitely liked the smaller size of my old school better. Stupid mum and dad. They just had to go and die in a car crash leaving me all alone in this world with my horrible adoptive mum Mei.

Last week my parents had died in a horrible crash on their way to a stupid convention held by a stupid group of people named the Akatsuki. For some weird reason the akatsuki always had a grudge against my parents so built a huge business to rival my mum and dads.

Returning my thoughts to the humungous school in front of me, I trudged up to the front doors securing my long brown hair in two neat buns on the top of my head. Smoothing down my uniform which consisted of a beige button up t-shirt with a maroon mini skirt and matching tie, white thigh length socks and maroon flats I pushed open the doors with a large bang.

Many heads turned in my direction and gasped. I sighed and walked down the centre of the hallway to the main office with lots of eyes following me. Everybody probably recognised me from the news. You see my parents car crash wasn't exactly a low profile. It invaded every news channels so most kids probably heard about me and my 'unfortunate loss'.

I kept walking ignoring the long stares each student was giving me. I looked down at the map Mei gave me and studied it closely. Yep. It's official. I'm lost. Muttering a long line of colourful words I didn't pay attention to where I was going and bumbed into something hard!... Or rather someone.

I rubbed my head and looked up only to find myself lost in two mystical pale orbs. They reminded me of the moon with its white, creamy surface and bright shining gaze-

"Can I help you?" the deep voice brought me out of my thoughts. My focus turned to the rest of him. I soon realised after that his white pupil less weren't the only abnormal thing about him. He had long coffee coloured hair that reached his waist and was tied in a low ponytail and his uniform was all crumpled and messy. He obviously can't iron the idiot.

"Can I help you?" He repeated sounding more irritated. By the looks of it he probably wouldn't help me up so I heaved myself of the floor and gave him the are-you-stupid look.

"Yeah," I said trying to ignore the intense gaze he was giving me, "do you know where the main office is?" He gave me a long stare and got me fidgeting.

"Yes" I stood there for a while waiting for him to give me directions.

"Well where is it?" I asked getting impatient.

"Hn," he replied before walking off. That bastard. God. He had some guts. If it wasn't five minutes before the bell I would be beating his smart little bottom to a pulp. I sighed and ran down the hallways before I found a sign that said 'Main Office'!

"Finally!" I panted as I rushed into the room and was faced with a young lady with short black hair.

"Hello, can..I..have my...timetable... please?" I said between huge gulps of air.

"Sure can do sweetheart,"I grimaced at the name.

"Tenten," she looked at me confused "just call me Tenten," I repeated. She smiled.

"Call me Shizune... Tenten," I smiled politely at her as she gave me my timetable and muttered a small thanks. I looked down. According to the piece of paper I had home room first with a lady called Anko. I secretly hoped that bastard I ran into before wasn't in that class!


I walked down the hall with my friend Sasuke observing all the conversations going on around me.

"Did you see on the news about the girl who tragically lost her mum and dad in a car crash?" Some girl asked her friend.

"Yeah, I felt so sorry for her- hey Neji's looking at us!" I ignored the annoying giggling coming from the two girls and continued on ahead wondering about that girl who had been the hot topic of the school ever since the incident happened. I don't know why it was so popular.

My dad was murdered and even that wasn't this well known . My mum was already dead from giving birth to me so I had to live with my uncle and his daughters Hinata and Hanabi. Hinata was my age but I never played with her.

"Hey Sasuke," Sasuke's long time crush shouted and came running up to him.

"Hey Sakura," she giggled as I rolled my eyes and watched the couple continue their conversation.

"I was wondering if could come to the library and help me with my English assignment?" She asked politely. Sasuke 'Hn'ed and followed Sakura down the opposite hall. I continued down the hall only to realise that everyone was quite and the only sound heard were the clunking of shoes coming closer and closer.

I stopped in my tracks as a girl around the same age as me with chocolate coloured twin buns that reminded me of a panda, appeared around the corner looking down with bangs covering her eyes. She looked strangely familiar. It was also obvious that she wasn't paying attention to where she was going because she ran straight into me and fell over.

As soon as she looked up I was faced by brilliant brown eyes that shone from the light above us. Then it cracked. This girl was the one that lost her mother and father in the terrible car crash.

Straightening my position I decided to break the silence.

"Can I help you?" I asked trying to sound polite. Instead of answering she just kept staring. I was beginning to get impatient.

"Can I help you?" I asked again trying to get her out of the daze she was currently in. Maybe because her parents died she turned anti-sociable. She seemed pretty upset when the reporters were interviewing her on TV. I snapped out of my thoughts when I realised she had gotten up and was now standing eye level with me giving the are-you-stupid look.

Wait... what? No irritating squeals or giggles. Well she was obviously not a fan-girl type (thankfully)!

"Yeah," she said suddenly, "do you know where the main office is?" I gave her an intense gaze and she started fidgeting. I inwardly smirked. I always have these affects on people.

"Yes," I stated. I was beginning to enjoy playing with her. With each passing second she grew more impatient and made one of those hello-are-you-in-there faces. By now I was laughing so hard on the inside but kept my bored face on.

"Well where is it?" She asked annoyed. No way was I showing her, this was way to fun. Then I realised we had an audience watching our little conversation so I reluctantly 'Hn'ed and left her standing there.

I felt her glaring at my back and it took all of my control not to turn around and laugh at her. 'This isn't the end panda-girl' I thought.