xUnknown POVx

"You IDIOTS!" I shouted as I slammed my hand onto the poor desk in front of me."What WERE you thinking? Hmm? I told you to gain her TRUST, not her HATRED!" The blue idiot cowered behind the dark haired prodigy who had a spark of fear in his eyes.

"We're terribly sor-" He was interrupted by Kisame, "WE?" he looked angry, "It was all your idea-"

"ENOUGH" I roared. I was starting to get a headache. "Just leave," they both bowed and quickly scampered out of my office. I quietly pulled out two pictures out of the hidden draw in my desk. I looked at the first one longingly. There stood a beautiful blue haired woman smiling brightly at the camera holding a small baby on her baby looked exactly like the mother. They were both being hugged by a 20 year old me. I felt tears welling up in my eyes so I quickly turned to the other picture. It was a cut out newspaper article with the title 'Devastating Fire Killed Mother and 5 month old Daughter' I continued to read.

'At 9 this morning a deadly fire was started by a old cheap stove burning up. The fire spread across the house in less than 5 minutes killing 19 year old Konan Yahiko and her newly born daughter. There were 2 survivors who had barely escaped the fire; Armizo Kunai and Kasuk Kunai; young married couple with a 7-year old daughter. They were very close with Konan having had a good business relationship with her husband, Pein Yahiko.'

Not wanting to read anymore I scrunched up the news article and threw it across the room. I had loved her! I really loved her. She gave me my only daughter before those two scumbag Kunai's had to ditch them in the freakin' fire!

"I will avenge you Konan. I promise..."


I groaned. My neck and head were killing me. Gently massaging my neck I sat up from my laying down position. All I saw was white. Was I in heaven? Did angels bring me here? Am I going to see my parents again?

My fantasies were broken however when a deep voice cut through the air.

"So, you're finally awake," I looked to my left.

"Oh, hello Gaara. Where the hell are we?... and why are you here?" Confusion was swirling around in my head. Why was Gaara in heaven with me? Did he die aswell?

"We're in hospital," He said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. I blinked. Hospital? Why am I in the hospital? Then it all came to me... Innocently walking home, getting kinda kidnapped by old/cute lookin' dude and blue man, almost dying from being strangled, Gaara saving my butt, Matsuri helping me, Neji coming and me blacking out. Haha... How could I have missed all that?

"Thanks for saving my butt dude, I owe you one," He gave me a thumbs up before laying back on his bed and closing his eyes.

"TENTEN! DEARY ARE YOU OK?" The door burst open and my adoptive mother, Mei, scrambled in with a worried Matsuri and irritated Neji trailing behind her. Mei barrelled forward and trapped me in her infamous, deathly tight hug.

"I'm f-fine," I managed to squeak out. The air in my lungs was rapidly leaving me.

"I think you should let Tenten breathe," Matsuri suggested as she tried to pry Mei off me. Mei reluctantly let me go but still hovered 5mm away from me. I sent Matsuri a look of thanks. She gave me a smile before trotting over to an awaiting Gaara.

"Why would they attack you?" Neji asked. Geez, I forgot he was even there. He could easily pass as a ninja. Haha... That would be hilarious! Anyway, on topic, I thought about Neji's question.

"I have absolutely no idea," I replied honestly. Neji's eyebrows scrunched in confusion.

"Ok, do you know them?" This time it was my eyebrows that scrunched in confusion. I racked my memory for the blue man and cute/old dude. They did seen a little familiar. Before I could research further however, Mei decided it was time to kill me again in an overrated hug.

"Who cares if my little puchie-poo knows those big meanies or not? I'm just glad she alive," After her embarrassing speech, she decided to ditch the hug and start to torment and pinch my poor cheeks. I growled in warning trying to escape her death trap. Luckily, it was Matsuri who came to my rescue again.

"I think it might be time if we can ask the doctor if Gaara and Tenten could be let out now," she shot me a worried glance from her embrace with Gaara. I nodded in agreement.

As Mei let me go and walked out of the room chatting with herself the whole way, I got up and walked towards Matsuri and Gaara who were still hugging tightly.

"Thanks Matsuri, I owe you big time as well," She raised an eyebrow.

"As well?" I dropped my head in shame as Gaara chuckled.

"Yeah, Gaara saved my butt too, so I owe him one," Matsuri looked at Gaara and giggled.

"Gaara's always there to save the day!" He smirked and pulled her down for a kiss.

Feeling uncomfortable I slowly backed away. Not after taking 5 steps I crashed into a hard back. Turning around I was met with pale, pupil-less eyes.

"Finished your little conversation I see," he said gruffly. His voice was surprisingly low. I stepped back a few steps before replying.

"Eh, well they finished it really," I said before motioning to the couple which were now making out. Awkward...

"I see," I nodded and turned around to exit the room, but a large hand grabbed my arm.

"Please refrain from calling me 'Bastard Boy' or I will be forced to stop you with force," I smirked from his formal language. He sounded just like my text messaging buddy Hyuga.

"My 'Ultimate Puppy Face' seemed to trick you," I said trying to hold back my laughter. His faced turned red yet again, but this time from embarrassment. Grabbing Gaara from his kissing session, he dragged him out of the room ignoring Gaara's protesting. Still trying to hold back my laughter, I helped a stunned Matsuri out of the room to the front counter where everyone was probably waiting. If there were not going to be anymore half-kidnaps, I think I will really enjoy this year!