Chapter One

(Sollux's POV).

My name is Sollux Captor and right now I just want to kill my older brother so badly right now,

You see I HATE the band he likes so much, I'm in my room doing some last minute coding whenhe comes flying in yelling "50LLUX KN1GH75 0F 8L00D 4R3 C0M1NG, KN1GH75 0F 8L00D 4R3 C0M1NG, KN1GH75 0F 8L00D 4R3 C0M1NG, KN1GH75 0F 8L00D 4R3 C0M1NG 4ND M0M 541D Y0U H4V3 70 C0M3 W17H M3" he finished with a grin it was bad enough with him barging in here with the shitty "knights of blood" band coming, but really "WHAT WHY?" I screamed. Looking at him

"83C4U53 1 W4N7 70 G0 70 7H31R C0N53R7 4ND M0M 541D Y0U H4V3 70 C0M3 W17H M PL3453 848Y 8R0" he said looking at me with those childish pleading eyes. Your probably wondering why he sounds like this, it was a long time ago.

Mituna was 14 at the time, I was 12 and I begged him to teach me some of his "rad" skateboard moves he loves so much, believe it or not that's how he meet his girlfriend, Latula anyway, after he said yes and we headed to the park but he tried to do a 360 flip but I warned him about not having a helmet, but he said he mastered the technique but something went horribly wrong one second he was in the air next he was flat on his stomach with blood coming from his head.

The doctor said the head injury damaged his frontal lobe and he was never the same again. He's 19 years old I'm 17 surprisingly the same age as…. Karkat Vantas the lead singer of knights of blood man I hate that dude. Just because he's got a nice voice and knows how to play a few cores doesn't make you so special I swear if I ever meet him in person I might kill him, but Mituna loves him saying "H3 5p34k5 1n w4y5 7h47 w3 c4n r3l473 l1k3 h3'5 l00k1ng f0r 50m37h1ng". When he said that I told him he was crazy but he just smiled at me like he used to before the accident like all wisely.

Later that day I asked mom why she's making me go with Mituna.

"Because Sollux, Kurloz and Latula aren't available, Kurloz is working extra hours with his students and Latula can't because she is going to visit a relative out of town so you have to go, look honey I don't know what you have against the band but" "Mom it'th not the band, but the thinger himthelf I don't like" I interrupted her. "But can't you just let your grudge against the singer for your brother he can't go alone so please for me and Mituna you know he loves the band" she looked pleading at me. "Fine, but the thecond it'th finithed I'm out of there with or without Mituna" I finished, joking about leaving without Mituna like I would ever dare.

-Time Skip-

It's the day of the concert and Mituna won't stop jumping around when where driving over there. As we got into the parking lot there's a shit load of people, god I know he's popular and all but you could fill two stadiums with this crowd. When we finally get inside it's still 40 minutes till it starts so we head to the consecution stand to get some glow sticks and I help Mituna's neck when we finally get to the stage we wait when all of a sudden I feel a tap on my shoulder to see a man in his 30'ths yelling at me to come with him handing me what looks like a … backstage pass " Hey what'th thith for I didn't buy one" I yelled at him "Complimentary of the singer himself" wait what? "MITUNA COME ON LET'TH GO" 8U7 50LLUX 17'7H G01NG 70 574R7 500N WH343 4R3 W3 G01NG" "BACKTHTAGE" "WH47" "LET'TH GO ALREADY" I yelled, grabbing his hand as the dude drags me and my brother to the back stage where I see 10 other people with the same looks as me and I ask this brunette girl with fake green cat ears "Hey do you know why we're here" she looked excited "I don't know but the guy over there said we're here for Karkat Vantas OMG he chose us I can't believe it oh I feel light headed already" she squeals, obviously a fan girl before I can ask any more questions the dude comes and stands in front of us "Hello my name James Griffin, and I am the manager for Knights of Blood and Karkat Vantas specifically told me to get you 11 so he could perform he's new song that he will sing tonight and you all have a part so when I call you, just walk on stage next to him and stand there until he moves you is that clear" he yelled over the loud audience. "Wait what about my brother" I motion towards Mituna who was looking at the stage in front of us. "He'll stay here until further notice" he said calmly. "Wait why did he choose us out of all people" asked a girl with huge red sunglasses looking around. "And what if we are" "Blind? All taken care of" he cut in. "You still didn't answer the question why are we here out of all people" asked the red- head again.

The manager visibly stiffens "That's classified, please don't ask that again please" He looks at the blind red-head. "You're thuch a puthy dude" I had to say it he was begging a blind girl to stop asking a question we all want answered. Was Karkat Vantas really this scary, I really hope not ,I've had enough problems with my life which involve constant bullying for me and my brother, sucks for me right?

I hear the crowd got louder and I looked the same time the others did to see The Karkat Vantas walking on stage to the mic why the band is playing something slow easy, the girl with the cat ears and my brother are squealing as he starts singing.