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That night, Allen was lying on his bed, daydreaming about the events of the day. His cheeks were flushed and he knew he was being a huge pervert, remembering the way Kanda's eyes smouldered when they looked at him, the rough ground biting into his back, the burning heat that came with every touch, the feeling of being full with Kanda's— He quickly cut that thought off. He didn't want to get too into it. He was expecting Lenalee to return with his outfit anytime now and didn't want to be caught with an awkward erection all because he couldn't keep a hold on his horny and hormone-addled brain.

As if on cue, there was a knock on his door. He jumped to his feet, shoving that last thought of Kanda moaning against his chest into the back of his thoughts. Glancing around to make sure nothing looked suspicious— not that anything would, really, the only thing that had happened here was that he'd dragged Kanda down for a quick kiss before saying good-bye— but he mostly wanted to make sure that the dirtied skirt was hidden from sight. He didn't really know how he was going to explain its whereabouts… or the state of her torn jacket… or the cum-stained stockings… actually, he was going to throw those out. He hastily shoved them into his trashbin and covered them with random trash before quickly fixing his hair and opening the door.

The first thing he saw was Lenalee grinning widely. It made him turn red. He was already flustered, but her perverse grin just made him awkward. Then he spotted Lavi, also grinning like a demon, with Kanda in a headlock behind her. Kanda was glaring daggers at all of them. His eyes fell on Allen, and Lenalee giggled when Kanda flushed and Allen turned even redder.

"Here you go," Lenalee exclaimed, shoving Allen's folded clothes into his hands. He nearly dropped them, abruptly breaking eye contact with Kanda, and nodded.

"Ah, thanks…" He moved aside. "You guys can come in." Lenalee strolled in, a struggling Kanda and grinning Lavi right behind her. "So uh… what's going on here?"

"Well, you see," Lenalee said, making herself at home on Allen's bed, "Kanda refused to tell us any of the juicy details, so we thought it would be appropriate to use force." She smiled brilliantly.

Just then, Kanda managed to wriggle out of Lavi's death grip. "Do you want to fucking die?" he snarled, shoving the redhead away.

"No," Lavi responded excitedly, bouncing on the balls of his feet. "I just wanna know details, so spill!" He shoved Kanda Allen's way, grinning wickedly. Allen squeaked and his hands shot out automatically to stop Kanda from connecting painfully with his body and ended up making them end up in a weird sort of embrace. Allen didn't know what to do (he didn't deal well with awkwardness) and Kanda didn't pull away, instead letting out a long, frustrated sigh. Allen felt his stomach warm up.

Then Kanda awkwardly moved away because Lenalee and Lavi were watching intently. He cleared his throat, avoiding everyone's eyes. "I'm still not telling you guys anything," he muttered.

Allen, who was still slightly flushed, tittered awkwardly next to him. He was already a mess around Kanda— and now that they had actually done what he'd always fantasized, it was even more awkward because he couldn't stop thinking about it. Just standing in Kanda's presence was rendering him to a fidgeting virgin. He noticed Lenalee looking at him expectantly and swallowed, attempting to look normal.

"I'm not saying anything either," he said with as much as a straight face as he could manage. One of them had to at least attempt to not be completely awkward, and since Kanda seemed to be fascinated with glaring at a mark on the wall, Allen figured it was gonna have to be him. He straightened. "It's none of your business, to be blunt. What happened stays between Kanda and I. Honestly."

"You know they're not going to let it go," Kanda said in disgust, flopping down on Allen's bed as if he owned it. Allen found he really enjoyed seeing Kanda sprawled out on his bed (even if Lenalee was sitting next to him) and stared for a moment, a heat rising in his cheeks. Kanda noticed and rolled his eyes. "And if you keep doing that, they're really not going to let it go."

"Sorry," Allen murmured. He shook his head, slapping his cheeks firmly. He grabbed his folded clothes and hung them in the closet, ignoring the two pairs of eyes burning holes into his back. When he turned around, Lavi and Lenalee were still staring expectantly. He threw his hands up. "What do you want me to say?" he demanded. "We had sex, okay?"

Kanda choked. "Jesus fucking Christ, Moyashi—"

"What? They already know."


"Of course you had sex!" Lavi said exasperatedly. "Duh! We planned that, remember?" His green eye widened. "You need to tell us details. Deeetails." He waved his hands around. "Who bottomed? Was there any oral involved? Is Kanda a screamer? Did—"

"Where is Mugen I'm going to fucking slaughter you."

"I don't know, Kanda, it's your sword," Lenalee said flippantly, waving a hand. "But anyway, we just want to know. Actually, we kind of deserve to— we were the ones to set this all up. Say, where are my clothes?"

Allen met Kanda's eyes then, an awkward laugh bubbling out of him. Kanda suddenly looked uncomfortable. The whole ripping of Lenalee's jacket and Kanda's husky "keep the skirt" hung in the air around them. "Ah… actually…" Allen chewed his lip, trying to think of a way to put it that didn't sound horrible. "It got, um… ruined."

Lenalee, instead of getting upset, smiled so brightly Allen thought he might have been blinded had it been any brighter. "Oh that's fine!" she squealed. "I don't mind, really!"


A slow grin had spread across Lavi's face. "You guys are crazy. You ruined the whole outfit?"

Kanda's face was bright red and he sat up straight, snapping, "Get your fucking mind out of the gutter, you fucking asshole. We fought. Allen ripped the jacket because of his bullshit fighting skills. Are we clear? Good." He growled irritably, grabbing one of Allen's pillows and shoving his face into it.

Lavi snickered. "Yuu has always been a terrible liar."

"I'm not lying!" Kanda's voice was muffled. His hair was fanned out all over the bed. It made Allen's throat feel dry.

"Oh my god," Allen breathed. "You know what, this is bullshit. This is what happened." He gave Lavi and Lenalee a long, hard stare. "I brought him tea. We ended up throwing punches and that ended up with us having sex on the forest ground. In the process, Kanda ripped the jacket. The skirt and stockings, well— I'm not even going to go there."

If dying of embarrassment was possible, Allen was sure Kanda would have spontaneously fallen over dead. He practically smothered himself with the pillow, groaning low in his throat.

"Mmgnn krr yrr."

"Um… what?" Allen said blankly, giving Kanda a concerned look.

Kanda pulled the pillow from his face and glared. "I'm going to kill you." Then he put it back and continued to mutter dark things into it.

Lenalee looked so excited at the idea of her clothes being stained with sex that Allen was actually quite disturbed. He wondered if she was completely alright in the head. "Oh, then, don't worry at all!" she said, flustered. "Heat of the moment, I get it…"

"Ugh," Allen groaned. He wanted to curl up and die. "Yes, fantastic. Heat of the moment. You got it. Can you leave?"

"Who bottomed?" Lavi interrupted. Allen groaned again, hitting his head against the wall. Maybe they'd leave if he kept doing this. "Come on Allen, tell us!" Maybe not.

"Why is this relevant?" Allen whined. "Seriously, can't this be my and Kanda's secret?"

"It isn't much of a secret."

"You know what I mean!"

"Just answer and we'll leave you alone," Lavi said with a sweet smile.

Kanda sat up straight and looked him dead in the eye, an aura of absolute homicide around him. "Allen bottomed," he said in a dangerous voice. "And yes, before you ask, he screamed my name. It was fantastic. And no, I'm not a fucking screamer, Jesus Christ Lavi. Now," he stood up, forcibly grabbing Lenalee and Lavi and shoving them towards the door, "get the fuck out."

The door slammed shut before either of them could ask any more questions. Breathing heavily, Kanda kicked it for good measure and then stomped back over to Allen's bed and continued smothering himself with the pillow. Allen stared at him for a moment, then poked his head out of his door. Lavi and Lenalee were still standing there. Allen grimaced.


"No, that's fine," Lavi said with a smirk. "Go on and do whatever it is you two wanna do."

Allen wanted to punch him. He only refrained from doing so because he was absolutely exhausted. "Well, actually, Kanda's busy trying to commit suicide. I'm not really into necrophilia, so I'm guessing that the only thing that's gonna happen is that I'm going to kick him off my bed and sleep now."

Lenalee looked at him with sparkly eyes. "Can you cuddle him? Please?"

"I don't fuckin' want Moyashi clinging to my arm like a barnacle," Kanda called from inside the room. "So no."

Allen rolled his eyes. "Can you guys leave?"

"Fine!" Lavi frowned. Allen sighed. Finally. "But you have to tell us what happens—"

"Go away."


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