Hello everybody. This is the first chapter of my Skyrim series, and also my first fanfic. So please give it a chance as it doesn't start off so well, and if you spot any errors in grammars or the like, please please let me know. Anyways, I hope you like it, and thanks for reading. Read on!

A young Argonian opened his eyes and looked up to a grey, cloud covered, sky from under the bridge. Droplets of rain pelted the ground and a crescendo of thunder rang out over the Cydrodillic town of Kresval. Located in the northern half of Cydrodill, Kresval was a large town, certainty not as big as a city, but large for a Cydrodillic town. The young Argonian, barely into his twenties, rose to his feet and walked out into the rain.

The Argonian, Tanz, had lived alone all his life, having no family didn't make things easy, but the people of Kresval had treated the orphan well. Especially Gren, one of the town's few guards. Gren was an Imperial, like the majority of Cydrodill's population, and had treated Tanz well as a child, even teaching him to fight with a dagger. They had grown close, and Tanz had always looked up to him.

Tanz was normal for an Argonian, he assumed. He had no point of reference except for a few books and comments from the villagers. No other Argonians lived in Kresval other than him. Tanz had a gray, almost black, skin tone. He had two horns that jutted out of the back of his head, and maroon feathers that spread out on the top of his head. He wore black boots, brown robes, a satchel full of supplies, and leather gloves, all given to him by Gren. On hotter days, he would wear a roughspun tunic and a pair of trousers.

The Argonian placed his hands on the ground and pushed himself up. He walked out from under the bridge and along the river that ran through the town. The water streamed down the gentle slope, pulling small rocks and fallen leaves with it. Tanz walked into the market and passed one of the towns guards who nodded to him. Tanz nodded back and proceeded walking through the marketplace. Kresval wasn't a small town, but it was far to small to be a city. Kresval was close to the border between Skyrim and Cydrodill, not as close as its neighbor town, Vagerd, which was about a two day journey from Kresval.

Tanz felt a few drops of rain fall onto his head and he pulled up his hood. The weather only made the day sadder for Tanz, for he was leaving today. After twenty-three years, he was leaving his hometown. Tanz hoped to become a mage, and attend the College of Winterhold in Skyrim. He had been preparing for months to make the journey. He had his dagger, a small sum of money, and his spells to keep him fed and protected on his way. If things went as planned, he would be at the college before the end of the month. Tanz knew only one spell, but he'd hoped to learn more once he arrived at the college.

Though he'd been wanting to leave for years, he was sad. He hated that he was leaving, but he really wanted to go. It was... Conflicting... Tanz looked around at the open shops, most of them were food and general stores, as most citizens didn't carry a weapon. Tanz walked through the market, saying his goodbyes to everyone as he went. He walked by the blacksmiths shop, where Haaki, one of the only Nords in town, sat on a grindstone, holding a blade against the spinning wheel. He looked over at Tanz and waved him over.

"Tanz! I heard you had already left for Skyrim." He said with a smile.

"I was actually meaning to ask you a few things." Tanz said. "About Skyrim." He added.

"Ask away." Haaki replied. Haaki was what Tanz expected a Nord to look like: strong, fit, and hearty.

"Is it true there's a civil war going on over the worship of Talos?"

Haaki sighed as if the subject was already on his mind. "Sadly, yes. The Jarl of Windhelm is leading a rebellion against the Empire. I suggest you stay away from there, he isn't very fond to Argonians, Khajit, or any of the Elves, nor are any of his guards. They especially hate Elves. He blames all Elves for the banishment of Talos worship."

"Why does he hate Argonains?" Tanz inquired, that might be a problem, he had planned to stop in Windhelm to get to Winterhold.

"That I don't know. But I recommend you don't go there if you can avoid it." He warned again.

"What kind of animals should I expect to see during my journey?" Tanz asked.

"Elk, Bears, Rabbits and Wolves are fairly common. Sabertooth Tigers, and Frostbite Spiders are your biggest worry, not to mention the bandits." Haaki said.

"Why should I worry about spiders?" Tanz asked, not quite understanding the Nord's concern.

"They're huge!" He exclaimed, shivering as he thought of the creatures.

Giant spiders... Perfect...

"And there's one more thing you should know, Tanz." Haaki said, drawing the Argonian's attention, "I'm not exactly a shining example of a Nord, most Nords are stubborn and..." He stopped when noticed the smirk on the Argonian's face. "Yes I know I'm stubborn too but... Well, just be careful, many Nords aren't very kind to outsiders." As he finished, he stood up from the grindstone.

He ushered for Tanz to follow him and walked over to a wooden table. The table was littered with weapons and armor, as well as ingots and strips of leather. Haaki lifted an chest plate and uncovered a gold ring. He snatched it from the table and handed it to Tanz. "Here, I made this for you. My wife picked out the gem, I just forged the ring." Tanz looked over the ring in his hands. It was gold, with a blue gem welded to it. "I had it enchanted, it supposedly enhances your spells power. Though I'm not sure how to make it work."

"Thank you Haaki, I'm sure I'll figure out how to use it eventually." He assured him. He bid the blacksmith farewell, and then went off to find Gren. He walked through the market in search of his old friend. After a minute of walking he noticed Morya, the butcher's daughter, holding a basket and picking out different vegetables and feuits that were sitting in a stall. She noticed Tanz and waved. He walked over to her with a smile and she grabbed a loaf of bread and put it in her basket. "Hello Morya, have you seen Gren? I was looking for him."

"Gren? Oh, yes I think I saw him near the north gate... Is it true your leaving for Skyrim soon?" She said.

"Yes, today actually." Tanz replied.

"Well, may the Divines watch over you on your journey." She said, handing him the loaf of bread she had picked. She smiled at him and he bid her goodbye.

Tanz walked over toward the northern gates, where Gren supposedly was. Tanz walked for a few minutes before reaching the north gates and spotting his friend. Gren stood by a closed stall, in chain mail armor. Tanz traipsed over casually to his old friend, trying to hide his discomfort. He'd been dreading the oncoming conversation. The Imperial looked at Tanz with smile and sad eyes. So he'd heard.

"Hello Gren, I assume you've heard?" Tanz asked. The Imperial nodded with a sad smile.

"Your making the trip to Skyrim. That's great. I know you've wanted to go to the College of Winterhold for a long time. I'm happy for you Tanz." The old guard said, trying to sound optimistic about the situation. He pulled a spell from his satchel and handed it to Tanz. "If you ever need it." He said. Tanz grasped the book's spine and immediately recognized it as a spell tome. "Its a healing tome, I hope you won't need it though. Look, its going to be a long journey to the college, so be careful. I'm sure you can handle yourself, but just... Watch your back, alright?"

"I will." Tanz said, a lump forming in his throat. The guard patted his shoulder and smiled proudly.

"Good luck on your journey Tanz." He said. "I hope you find what your looking for at the college."

"Thank you." Tanz said. The two friends said their goodbyes and Tanz turned toward the northern gate. Tanz sighed, the goodbyes would be the easiest part of his journey, and yet it was so hard. Tanz willed himself to walk out of the gate and checked the supplies in his satchel. He was fully prepared for the journey to Skyrim, supplies wise. He wasn't sure if he had the will to leave however. Tanz forced himself to walk on and away from Kresval. He walked out onto the trail for a minute and looked back at his home. He took one last look at his home before turning away, for it may be the last time he would ever see it.