It has been years since I have seen him. How anything that good turned out as badly as it they did is something I will never know. I mean I still love him. I know he still loves me, but the things he's done... I wonder what he wants. Should I meet him?I haven't seen him. The last time I saw him was the day of the breakup. I know my brain says no, but my heart says yes. My heart wins today.

I decide to walk into the all too familiar penthouse, and see an all too familiar person. This is his place. The place we spent countless hours together. Be strong Loren. You can't take him back. Remember what he did to you. I can love him, but I can't forgive him.

"Hi." He whispers just above his breath.

Those butterflies I had years ago come rushing back. My heart just wants to jump back in like nothing ever happened. I take a step forward. I feel tempted to just kiss him, but my brain tells me not to. I feel nervous.

When we meet again

My bones will ache

My muscles shake

My blood will rush

My face will flush

He still looks at me like he did all those years ago. Everything just stops. Time stops for our moment just being there. He looks almost the same, but there is something different about him I can't point my finger on it. He still looks as amazing as he did last time I saw him.

When we meet again

Your eyes will drop

My heart will stop

The time will show

Your hair has grown

We are alone, now

Everything is all of a sudden real. He's really here. I'm really here. I try to tell myself I don't love him, but I know I'm just lying to myself. The way things ended was uncalled for though. I mean I know he still loves me too. I don't think I can move past the things he has done. Yes he loves me, but I can't forgive him. I mean he was my everything. He was my best friend, and my feelings for him will never cease to exist.

Oh, i want you some

But oh,

The things you've done

Oh, you love me some

But oh

You son of a gun

Suddenly I whisper back " hi." He starts talking again and everything comes flooding back. All our memories. I remember the good times we had together. I remember the bad times. I really remember that breakup though. Things ended. They were not meant to be. Loren. It's over. You broke up with Eddie over three years ago. He knows what he did was wrong. He knows you had a reason to break up with him.

When we meet again

The past will flash

It's all rehashed

Our ship has sailed

Train derailed

Engine failed us

Well this is awkward. No one is even talking. Should I try to start a conversation?Maybe he will start talking… or maybe not.

"Um Eddie" I just managed to mumble that out.

"Yeah Loren?" He says as he looks at me with his deep brown, pleading eyes.

Please don't do that. Eddie don't make me feel bad. I mean I'm still attracted to you isn't that enough?

My skin can sense

The evidence

Of our tenseness

Our pheromones

All alone

Could make us moan

But we won't let them

"Why am I here?" As I say this my voice raises, and I sense trouble.

"Loren. I love you. I always will okay. No need to be a bitter bitch just because I missed you. I wanted to see you, but obviously that was a mistake."

"And you would know all about mistakes wouldn't you Eddie!? I mean you're like the master of mistakes. You made one big enough to ruin our whole relationship!"

"Loren I loved you. I gave you every damn thing I had. I was willing to because I loved you. You know I still do, but I don't remember the Loren I know being such a drama queen maybe that's why your dad left you. "

" We're done here. Don't call me. Don't text me. Better yet just loose my number. I'm not really into douche bags trying to contact me. You know what I'll make this easier for you."

I take out my phone and throw it towards his feet but purposely miss.

" You loose my number too."

He matches my action, and throw his phone at the ground, but his aim isn't even close to me.

"Bye Eddie."

"Bye Loren."

That's it. I just walked out like that.

When we meet again

We'll pick a fight

You know i bite hard

Do your friends know

You're not in rome

We'll smash our phones

And disappear

In two directions


Don't know if anyone still reads my stories, but I like writing them. If anyone reads let me know what you think.