"Class, let's welcome Yaboshi Seiya."

"My name is Yaboshi Seiya! Please take care of me!"

And that's when Miyu and Kanata's problems began.

2 days ago…

Miyu struggled out of the supermarket, triumphantly holding up a few grocery bags. Her hair was rumpled, her left shoe sole had gotten broken, and there were smudges as proof of the, uh, battle, but she beamed brightly.

"I actually managed to grab a box of croquettes during the super sale!" she gloated. "I must be getting better at this!"

She hummed as she walked down the street, back to Saionji Temple… her home. She stopped short upon seeing a familiar head of brown hair outside the supermarket gate.

"Ah! Kanata!"

He turned around, saw her, and grinned.

"Hey, Miyu!"

She paused. He seemed to be in an exceptionally good mood. He willingly grabbed a few of her grocery bags, smiling at her in a way that made her curious.

"What are you doing here?"

"Same as you," he grinned broadly. "Here for the sale at the supermarket!"

Miyu tilted her head. "What's up with you? You're acting different…"

"I'm just happy," he smiled at her again, his smile soft and warm. He swiftly turned around so that Miyu couldn't see his eyes.

"…because I can meet you," he murmured, but Miyu could hear it. She froze.


"Miyu… I… I wanted to tell you something," he hesitated, and swiftly took her hand that wasn't occupied by the plastic bag. Her face turned a deep red.

"K- Kanata?" she squeaked. "What are you…?"

Her eyes suddenly narrowed suspiciously, and she leaned in… and gently sniffed him.

"Miyu…? What are you-?"

"Mou!" she smacked his shoulder. "Seiya-kun!"

He stiffened. "Miyu, what are you-?"

"Give me a break, Seiya-kun," she rolled her eyes. "I've already figured out how to know who it is between you and Kanata."

'Kanata' dramatically sighed. "I'm hurt, Miyu. You don't really think I'm Yaboshi, do you?"

She rolled her eyes, sighing. "Come on…"

They continued to walk to Saionji Temple, and Miyu had to admit, she was impressed; he looked exactly like the real Kanata.

"So, Miyu…" he suddenly broke the silence. "How could you tell?"

She smiled, rather amusedly. "Kanata smells a little like pumpkin."

"I see…" Seiya smiled good-naturedly. "I'll have to remember that."

The two began to climb up the steps to Saionji Temple, Miyu puffing slightly.

"How long are you staying on Earth?"

"Let's just say," said Seiya, a mischievous twinkle in his eye. "You'll be seeing me a lot around here."

"What do you me- whoa!"

The left shoe had finally decided to give way, and Miyu let out a slight gasp as she began to fall backwards… only to be caught by the boy who currently looked like her housemate.

"K- Kanata…?" she slipped and his name tumbled off her tongue. He chuckled softly.

"I'm not him…" his hand slid down to her waist, his voice lowering. "But if you want, I can pretend to be him for you."

Her eyes widened, and she puffed out her cheeks in indignation. "I don't want to pretend with you! Mou… change back, Seiya."

He sighed, but dutifully nodded. Brunette melted into blonde, and Miyu sighed a little in relief. It had been unnerving, to constantly remind herself that the Kanata lookalike wasn't actually him.

"Do I want to know?"

Miyu's head snapped up as the real Kanata walked up the steps, and leaning down, picked up the grocery bags the two had dropped. He headed up the steps, not bothering to break his stride. She flushed as she suddenly realized how close her and Seiya's face were. She swiftly steadied herself, before firmly pulling herself out of the blonde alien's grasp.

"Thanks," she muttered. "You want to stay for dinner?"

"Aw, how kind!" Seiya teased. "My offer from earlier still stands."

Even the roots of her hair turned red.

"I DON'T NEED YOU TO DO THAT!" she roared and stomped up the stairs, huffing indignantly. Seiya just smiled after her.


Miyu and Kanata looked up in surprise as Ruu's voice happily rang out.

Looks like Ruu learned another word…

But why did it have to be that one…?

Seiya smiled cheerfully. "Hi, Ruu! Here…"

He took out a brightly wrapped sweet from his pocket, but before he could give it to him, a hand intercepted.

"No," Miyu said firmly.

"Aw, come on, Miyu," Seiya wheedled.

"I said no, Seiya-kun."

"But this is just normal Sharakian candy, I swear!"

"Well, if that's the case," Kanata emerged from his room, clearly tired of hearing them argue. "Just let him have the candy, Miyu."

"That's not the issue," she shook her head. "Ruu could spoil his appetite. If he finishes all of his food and is willing to eat it, I'll let him eat it then."

Ruu pouted, clearly aware he had been denied a sweet, but still couldn't resist floating into his Earth mother's arms.


"Yes, Ruu, dinner's almost ready," she smiled gently. "Let's go wash up, okay?"

"Wow…" Seiya said, smirking slightly at the blonde girl's retreating figure. "Miyu would make a really great mom."

Kanata stiffened at that, but easily hid his nervousness with a cough.

"Come on… let's go eat."

"Ittekimasu!" Miyu and Kanata called out simultaneously as they dashed out to school. Wannya, who was sweeping the front porch, looked up.

"Itterasshai!" he called out, Ruu and Pepo floating above him. The two waved goodbye as well as the two teens dashed to school.

"Ne… where do you think Seiya-kun went yesterday?" Miyu wondered as they ran. Kanata shrugged.

"Why? Did he look suspicious?"

"Well… he said he was going to see us a lot… I wonder what he's planning to do?"

"You know, if you're so worried," he said dryly. "Maybe you should become his mom too."

She rolled her eyes. "Mou, Kanata…"

The two of them finally reached the school, and settled into their seats.

"Good morning Aya! Hi Nanami!"

"Ne, ne, did you hear?" Aya said excitedly. "We have a new student!"

"Cool!" Miyu smiled happily. "I hope he or she becomes a friend!"

"All right, all right, settle down," the teacher came in, holding a stack of papers. "We have a new classmate to introduce, as I'm sure you've all heard. All right, come on in!"

The door slid open, and while the class broke out in excited giggles and whispers, two students in the class froze, jaws dropping.

"Class, let's welcome Yaboshi Seiya."

"Hello!" he grinned, and several females in the class swooned at the gray-eyed pretty boy. "My name is Yaboshi Seiya! Please take care of me!"

"What do you think you're doing?!"

Two voices rang out simultaneously during the lunch hour. Seiya giggled, a sweatdrop sliding down as Kanata and Miyu glared at him, cornering him behind the school's equipment building.

"I thought it'd be a nice surprise! I'm coming to your school now!"

"What about your school?!" Kanata retorted. "The one on Sharaku?"

"Oh… I graduated of course!" Seiya gave them a puzzled look. "On Sharaku, we advance based on our personal speed and brain level, not time. There are some people who are Ruu's age and have graduated faster than me."


Miyu and Kanata sighed.

"Well, why'd you come here, then?"

"I'm bored!"

The two Earthlings immediately plummeted to the ground. There was no sweatdrop big enough for the both of them.

"I read a manual and it told me about schools on Earth! So I'm all prepared!"

Miyu had to admit, the Japanese school uniform looked good on the pretty Sharaku boy.

"Come on, it'll be fun!"

And without waiting for a response, the boy slung an arm over each of their shoulders and casually began to drag the stammering two back to the class.

As soon as they entered the classroom, a group of girls immediately clustered around Seiya.

"Ne, ne, Yaboshi-kun, where are you from?"

Miyu and Kanata froze, both of them whirling around.


They both slumped in relief, releasing their breaths.

"Wow! Where did you live!?"

"In Hollywood."

"He's so cool!" Several of the girls squealed.

"So you know English?"

"Yes. I come from an alien planet and we have already learned all of your languages here on Earth," he responded fluently in English.

The girls giggled more, clearly not understanding a word he was saying. Miyu and Kanata exchanged looks. They didn't really know English, but knew the twinkle in Seiya's dark gray eyes couldn't be a good sign. With a resigned sigh and a shrug, the two of them went to their respective seats. Miyu began to chat with Nanami and Aya, while Kanata took out a manga he had been reading.


"He sounds like a movie star!"

"Ne, you came in with Saionji-kun and Kouzuki-san, right? Do you know them?"

"Oh, yeah, they're friends of mine."

"I just realized!" Santa's voice rang out. "You looked familiar to me!"


"You look kinda like Miyu's younger brother! What was his name…?"

"Ah, Ruu," Seiya smiled. "I love that kid."

"He's good with children too!" a few of the girls fainted.

"Yeah… haha!" Santa laughed. "You know, I know this is weird, what with Miyu being his sister and all… but you kind of look like you could be his dad!"

Kanata's hands tightened around his manga, which didn't go unnoticed by the Sharakian boy. He hid a mischievous smirk.

"Interesting idea… then Miyu could be his mom and I could be his dad!" he grinned cheerfully.

"They do match well…" one of the girls dolefully admitted. Kanata turned to look at the emerald-eyed girl, who was happily chatting with her friends as she ate a rice ball.


Kanata abruptly stood, and left the classroom. On his way out, the door slammed louder than normal.