A/N: I've seen a lot of stories where Rory is a twin and decided to write one. This starts in season one. It will follow the storyline from the show at times and be different at other times - AU. Any differences from canon are intentional. That said, I tried to keep the characters in character. The main characters will be Lorelai, Rory, Christopher, and Victoria (Rory's twin), but most of the characters from the show will appear.

I wanted to write a story where Lorelai had a more rebellious child. Lorelai was lucky. Rory was always really good until college.

I have several chapters written and ideas to continue this story through high school graduation. Please let me know if you think I should continue this. If you have any questions, let me know. Enjoy!

Chapter One: Victoria Hayden

"Hey." Victoria greeted her friends with a friendly smile as she entered her locker combination.

She'd known Louise and Madeline since they were little. They'd been in the same pre-school, the same ballet class, and gone to the same summer camp.

Paris looked over at Victoria. "You're late."

Victoria looked at her watch and rolled her eyes. She was fifteen minutes early. "I'm not late."

"The first bell already rang," Paris told her. "You missed the new girl. She's in the headmaster's office now. Since you're late, you can get her file from the office."

"Can I, really?" Victoria feigned excitement. "Why don't you do it? What, are you scared?"

She didn't really mind getting the file from the office. She didn't think she'd get caught, and, if she did, her dad wouldn't be mad. Plus, she liked the adrenaline rush.

She just didn't like being told what to do by anyone, especially Paris. Paris was bossy, and Victoria wanted her to know that she wasn't going to take orders from her.

She probably would steal the file, but she didn't want Paris to know that. Yet.

"If I get caught, it will go on my permanent record and I'll never get into Harvard. You don't even want to go to an Ivy League school. You want to go to school in California." Paris made it sound like anyone who didn't want to go to an Ivy League school was crazy.

Victoria shut her locker and turned to look at Paris. "It's not like USC is a community college, Paris. It's just closer to the beach." She flicked her hair. "And I like California boys."

"California boys are hot," Madeline said and Louise nodded in agreement.

Paris stared at Victoria. "How do you know you like California boys? You only lived in California for a year and you were fifteen."

"Is there some rule against dating when you're fifteen that I don't know about?" Victoria said, enjoying the annoyed look on Paris' face a little too much.

"The rest of us don't have dads who let us do whatever we want," Louise said.

"Seriously, does he ever say no?" Madeline chimed in.

Victoria smiled widely. No, her dad didn't ever say no.

"Ok, Paris, I'll get the new girl's file," Victoria agreed, deciding that she'd toyed with Paris enough.

Paris looked surprised and wary at the sudden change of heart. "You will?"

"Yeah. You're right. It's only USC. They won't care if I get suspended," Victoria said dryly, heading down the hallway to the office. Victoria went inside the office and Paris, Madeline, and Louise went outside and around to the window.

Victoria saw the headmaster's assistant talking to a brown-haired girl. She waited until no one was looking and then walked over and grabbed the girl's file. She crossed the office to the open window and passed the folder out the window to Paris, who immediately started going through it.

"Lorelai Gilmore," Paris read off the transcript.

"Nice stripper name," Louise snickered.

"Formerly of Stars Hollow High School," Paris continued reading.

Louise made a face. "Where's that?"

"Drive west, make a left at the haystacks and follow the cows," Paris said without looking up from the transcript.

"Oh, a Dixie chick," Louise said.

"They probably don't even have a Starbucks," Victoria said from inside the window, never able to understand the appeal of small town life.

Paris skimmed the file for important information. "Perfect attendance, 4.0 grade point average."

"Yes, but we all know a 4.0 at a public school in the middle of nowhere isn't the same thing as a 4.0 here," Victoria pointed out.

"Shut up," Paris told her. "She's a Journalism major."

"That means she's gonna go out for the school paper," Louise said.

Paris glanced at Louise. "Not necessarily." She continued going through the folder. "She's got, like, a thousand recommendations in here."

"Really? A thousand? I'm surprised they didn't need a bigger folder," Victoria said sarcastically.

"Popular with the adults and going out for the school paper," Louise said, exchanging look of amusement with Victoria.

Paris glared at Louise. "Would you stop? You don't know she's going out for the paper."

"Ow, something's biting me! I hate nature," Madeline complained loudly.

"She'll never catch up. She's a month behind already," Paris said, more to herself than anyone else.

"You can tutor her, be like a big sister," Louise suggested with a grin.

"You're funny," Paris muttered. "Why are they letting all these extra people in? They just take up space and screw up the curve. We don't need any new kids here."

Paris passed the folder back through the window to Victoria, and Victoria quickly put it back on the table and got out of the office. She waited in the hallway for her friends so they could walk to class together.

"Where's Tristan?" Madeline asked, noticing that he wasn't there as they took their seats and looking at Victoria for the answer.

It was the sixth day in a row he hadn't been there. Not that Victoria was counting. Victoria shrugged. "I don't know. Why are you asking me?"

"Maybe because he likes you," Louise said with a knowing smile.

"Well, that may be true, but I don't talk to him every day," Victoria said, trying to sound nonchalant. "I don't know where he is."

Tristan DuGrey was only the best looking guy at Chilton, and, in the month she'd been at Chilton, he'd taken every opportunity to flirt with Victoria. She was new and exciting. She was flattered by the attention and he was her type, so she encouraged it.

She made out with Tristan at a party at Madeline's house two weekends ago. He hadn't called her after the party and he hadn't been in school. At first she thought maybe he'd gotten what he wanted and was over her, but now she was wondering if something had happened.

Speak of the devil, Tristan came in a few minutes late and handed Mr. Remy a pass. Victoria heard Mr. Remy ask him how his grandfather was. Ok, so maybe he had a good reason for not calling.

As he walked back to his desk, Tristan caught Victoria's eye and smiled. Victoria smiled at him and then looked down when she realized Louise and Madeline were watching them. She waited a minute and then glanced back at Tristan, frowning slightly when she saw him staring at the new girl.

An hour later the bell rang and Victoria walked out with Louise, Madeline, and Paris.

"What are you doing?" Victoria asked when she realized that Paris had stopped outside the door.

"Waiting for Lorelai," Paris answered.

"Why?" Victoria said as she turned to Paris. She didn't understand Paris' fascination with the new girl. Paris certainly hadn't acted like this when she was new. "So what if she's a Journalism major? No one spends as much time studying as you do. You don't have anything to worry about."

"I know," Paris said.

Victoria raised an eyebrow. "Then why are we waiting for the new girl?"

"No one said you had to wait," Paris told her.

Victoria sighed and stood back to wait with Louise and Madeline. They watched as Rory walked out of the classroom and almost walked into Paris.

"Oh," Rory said, surprised.

"I'm Paris," Paris said, sizing Rory up.

"I didn't see you there. Where'd you come from?" Rory muttered.

"I know who you are, too," Paris said, ignoring Rory's question. "Lorelai Gilmore from Stars Hollow."

"You can call me Rory," Rory told her.

"Are you going out for the Franklin?" Paris asked bluntly.

"The what?" Rory wondered.

"She's not really good with small talk," Victoria whispered to Louise and Madeline, who laughed quietly.

"Nice innocent act," Paris said sarcastically. "At least I know you're not going out for drama club."

"I'm confused," Rory said with a frown.

"The Franklin, the school paper. Are you going out for it?" Paris demanded.

Rory looked at Paris warily. "I don't know. I have to find my locker first."

"I'm gonna be editor next year," Paris said.

"Well, good for you," Rory told her, not really knowing what to say.

"I'm also the top of the class and I intend to be valedictorian when I graduate," Paris said.

Victoria grinned. "You tell her, Paris."

"Ok, I'm going now," Rory said, walking away.

Paris re-joined her friends, who were laughing at something but stopped when they saw her. She looked at Victoria suspiciously. Victoria tried to look innocent and failed. The innocent look was however close enough to Rory's facial expression from just a moment ago that Paris noticed.

"You know, the new girl looks freakishly like you," Paris said, narrowing her eyes at Victoria.

"Yeah, maybe if Victoria didn't do her hair or make-up," Louise said, having already decided that Rory was in desperate need of a makeover.

"You didn't tell me you had a twin," Tristan said, walking over to them and putting his arm around Victoria's shoulders casually.

"You see?" Paris exclaimed triumphantly. "I told you the new girl looks like you."

Victoria looked at them skeptically. "Just because we both have brown hair? A lot of people have brown hair."

Tristan shook his head. "It's not just that."

"Oh. What is it then?" Victoria said softly, turning to Tristan and looking in his eyes with a coy smile. She laughed when he was momentarily speechless, obviously still surprised by how flirtatious she was, even after a month of flirting with each other. "Oh, I missed you."

Tristan recovered quickly. "Yeah? How much did you miss me?" He said with a smug grin.

"Not enough to ditch History and go in a broom closet with you," Victoria told him, "but I just might invite you over to my empty, fatherless apartment tonight if you play your cards right."

"It's a date," Tristan said and then left them.

"I said might," Victoria called after him.

"So are you two together now?" Louise asked curiously.

"I don't know," Victoria admitted. This was the first time she'd talked to him since the party. She didn't really know what they were, if anything.

"But you like him?" Madeline pressed.

"Yeah, I like him," Victoria confirmed.

In her next class, Victoria stared at Rory, trying to figure out what everyone was talking about. They did kind of look alike. They had the same brown hair and blue eyes, but so did a lot of other people.

Rory's hair was a few inches longer than Victoria's and she wore it pulled back in a ponytail. Victoria's hair was shoulder-length and she always wore it down. She had some copper highlights and layers in her hair, compliments of her grandmother's hairstylist.

Rory's skin tone was a little darker than Victoria's and she wasn't wearing any make-up. Victoria would never have gone to school without make-up. Victoria had yet to see Rory smile, while Victoria was always smiling or laughing.

They were both wearing the Chilton uniform, but even that they wore differently. Rory's blue button down shirt was a little big on her, where Victoria's was tight. Rory's skirt was also a little longer than Victoria's. Victoria was wearing diamond earrings and a silver necklace from Tiffany's – both of which were presents from her grandparents.

Rory felt Victoria's eyes on her and glanced up nervously. She had good reason to be nervous after Paris and Tristan.

"Um, can I help you?" Rory said.

"Sorry," Victoria apologized, realizing that she'd been staring. "The general consensus is that you look like me. I don't really see it."

Rory looked at Victoria and gasped. "I'm sorry…what's your name?" She stammered.

"My name?" Victoria repeated slowly. "Victoria Hayden." She looked at Rory curiously. "Why?"

Now it was Rory's turn to stare at Victoria. "My name's Rory Gilmore," she said, watching Victoria for any sign of recognition. She got none.

"Yeah, I know. The whole school knows," Victoria told her. She saw the look of shock on Rory's face and tried to reassure her, not knowing what the look was really about. "Don't worry. It'll die down soon. I was new at the beginning of the year and now no one talks about me, except, of course, to tell me that you look freakishly like me, to quote Paris." She smiled at Rory.

"You don't see it?" Rory said.

"No. I mean, come on, how many people have brown hair and blue eyes? A lot," Victoria said.

"A lot," Rory echoed. But how many other people were named Victoria Hayden and looked like her? Just one. Her sister. Rory had to talk to her mom.

After school Rory got into the passenger seat of her mom's Jeep. She looked out the window and saw Tristan and Victoria walking out together. He had his arm around her shoulders and she was laughing at something that he'd said.

"Mom, I have to talk to you," Rory said.

"What's wrong?" Lorelai asked as she pulled out of the school parking lot. The long hug before they got in the car had clued her in that something was wrong.

"Nothing's wrong," Rory said and Lorelai shot her a look. "Well, the kids are weird, but, Mom…it's Victoria. She's here." She looked at her mom anxiously. Lorelai had never told her how much she regretted the custody arrangement, but Rory knew her mom well enough to know she missed Victoria.

Lorelai's hands tightened on the steering wheel and she inhaled sharply. "Victoria as in my daughter, your twin sister, that Victoria?" She clarified, though she already knew the answer from the look on Rory's face.

Rory nodded. "And it was weird. It's like she didn't know who I was. Everyone was saying she looks like me, or I look like her…"

"Technically she looks like you. You're my firstborn," Lorelai told her. "And she should like you. You are twins."

"Yeah, but, Mom, I don't think she knows about me," Rory said.

"How could she not know about you? You're identical twins and you were sitting in the same classroom all day," Lorelai pointed out.

"I don't know," Rory said, shaking her head. "She just didn't."

"Well, I guess…it's possible that your dad didn't tell her," Lorelai said. She told Rory everything, but she honestly didn't know what Christopher had told Victoria.

Lorelai had serious doubts about his ability to raise a kid. It had been one of the many things they fought about when she was pregnant and then the first year they had Rory and Victoria. She had very reluctantly agreed to raise Rory while he raised Victoria, mostly because it would be easier than sharing custody with him. She knew Christopher loved their kids and his parents would help him however grudgingly, but…she still wanted both of her kids with her.

"Did you know she would be here?" Rory asked.

"Oh, honey, no, of course not," Lorelai answered. "I would've told you if I did. Last I heard they were in California."

"She did say she was new at the beginning of the year," Rory told her.

"What else did she say?" Lorelai asked curiously. She wanted to know everything there was to know about her daughter.

"Not much," Rory answered truthfully.

Lorelai nodded. "Well, how did she seem? Did she seem happy?"

"As happy as you can be in History class," Rory said.

Lorelai smiled. "Good." She looked over at Rory. "Rory, I don't know what you want me to do here."

"Do you think they would want to know me?" Rory blurted out.

"I…maybe. I can call your dad and ask," Lorelai said uncertainly. She didn't know how she would feel about it if Christopher did want to get to know Rory.

Lorelai knew it was selfish, but she didn't want to share Rory. She wanted to get to know Victoria though. The whole situation sucked.

"Hello?" Christopher said, answering his cell phone from his office.

Lorelai took a deep breath. "Hi, Chris? It's…"

"Lor," Christopher finished, recognizing her voice.

"We need to talk," Lorelai said in a serious tone.

"About what?" Christopher wondered. He hadn't heard from her in over fourteen years and the last time they talked it hadn't been pretty.

Lorelai laughed nervously as she sat down at the kitchen table. "Oh, you know, the news, the weather, our daughters."

"Is Rory ok?" Christopher asked, worried.

"No, she's fine," Lorelai assured him. "It's just…she, uh, started Chilton today."

"Oh," Christopher said, shocked. Lorelai hated private school. He never in a million years would've thought that she would send Rory to one.

"Yeah, oh," Lorelai echoed. "She said Victoria's going to Chilton?"

"Yeah," Christopher acknowledged, scrubbing his hand down his face, "yeah, she is."

"I take it Victoria didn't say anything to you?" Lorelai said.

"No, but she, uh, doesn't know about you or Rory…or anything," Christopher told her.

"What, she thinks the stork dropped her off?" Lorelai said bitterly, not really believing that a sixteen year old girl had never once asked about her mother.

"No. I mean, she knows I got her mother pregnant in high school and it didn't work out, but that's it," Christopher said.

"And she never asked about me?" Lorelai pressed.

"No," Christopher answered honestly.

"Oh. Ok," Lorelai said sadly. "Well, Rory knows about you and about Victoria. She knew exactly who Victoria was the minute she saw her." She paused, waiting for Christopher to say something. When he didn't, she took a deep breath and went ahead. "She asked me if you guys want to know her. So, I guess what I'm asking is…do you want to come over and, I don't know, have dinner? You can get to know Rory and I can get to know Victoria."

"I don't know. I have to talk to Victoria," Christopher said. "I'll call you back. Bye." He wanted to get to know Rory. He just didn't know how Victoria was going to react to this.

Christopher hadn't told Victoria she had a twin because he didn't think she'd ever get a chance to know Rory. Lorelai had called off the wedding and left town with Rory. He didn't think he'd ever see either of them again.

Christopher had been hurt and he'd punished Lorelai by only telling Victoria the bad things about her mother – that she left them. Now he'd have to tell her everything.

"Bye," Lorelai said, and then stared at the phone as it went dead.

Christopher walked into his apartment with a bag of take out from Victoria's favorite sandwich and salad place. "Victoria? I'm home!"

In her room, Victoria pulled away from Tristan. She had invited him over with the intention of talking and then making out, but so far they'd only made out.

"Your dad's home?" Tristan said as he grabbed his Chilton blazer.

"He's never home this early," Victoria muttered.

"It's ok. Parents like me," Tristan told her.

"Not in my room they don't," Victoria said.

"Victoria!" Christopher called again.

His voice was getting closer. "You might want to fix your top," Tristan suggested.

Victoria looked down and buttoned her blue button down shirt.

When Christopher knocked on her bedroom door, Tristan grabbed a notebook out of Victoria's backpack and flipped it open to a random page

"Victoria?" Christopher said, waiting for permission to enter.

"Come in," Victoria answered.

"Hey," Christopher said as he opened the door. He saw Tristan standing in the middle of her room and raised his eyebrows.

"Dad, this is Tristan," Victoria introduced him. "He was-"

"Just helping her study," Tristan said with a confident smile. He walked over to the doorway and shook Christopher's hand. "It's nice to meet you, sir."

"It's nice to meet you," Christopher said, not really thinking it was nice to find a boy in his daughter's bedroom. "So you, uh, go to Chilton?"

"No, Dad, I'm actually studying with him even though he goes to a different school with different classes and different teachers. Oddly enough, we're studying the same thing," Victoria said sarcastically, earning a brief smile from Tristan.

"I went to St. Vincent's for elementary and middle school and now I'm at Chilton," Tristan answered.

"St. Vincent's, huh? Is Headmistress Bell still there?" Christopher asked.

Tristan nodded. "Yes, sir."

"God, I hated her. She kicked me out," Christopher said, having attended St. Vincent's for a short time.

Tristan looked surprised. "Really? For what?" He asked curiously.

"Streaking during a football game," Victoria said, having heard the story.

"Impressive," Tristan said, amused.

Christopher shrugged. "I try."

"Well, I should go," Tristan said.

"I'll walk you out," Victoria said politely.

Victoria waited until they were in the hallway and then shot Tristan a look. "You were helping me study? You haven't even been in class in over a week."

"Hey, at least I take notes when I go to class," Tristan said. "I saw the drawing of Coach Anderson in your notebook. I had no idea you were an artist."

Victoria grinned, remembering the drawing she'd done when she was bored in health class. Their teacher had a porn mustache and wore these horrible plaid short shorts. "I thought it was a good likeness if I do say so myself."

"Oh, it was, but I don't think the drawing is going to help you on the test," Tristan said.

Victoria smiled widely. "Then it's a good thing you're tutoring me."

Tristan looked at her and smirked slightly. "Health is one of my best subjects, you know."

"Oh, I know. You're an expert on the human body." Victoria bit her bottom lip and smiled coyly.

"Only on the female body," Tristan corrected.

"I stand corrected," Victoria said, struggling to sound humbled.

"I don't know. I think you may need some more help and I'd be happy to help," Tristan said with a grin as he leaned in to kiss her.

Victoria sighed when he pulled away. "See you tomorrow."

"See you tomorrow," Tristan said, turning to go down the hall to the elevator.

Victoria went back into the apartment, where her dad was waiting for her.

"He seems cool," Christopher said.

Victoria smiled. "I kind of like him."

"I'm not sure I like you having him in your room," Christopher said pointedly. That was as close as he ever came to telling her no.

"We weren't doing anything," Victoria said, a little uncomfortable. She hated lying to her dad, but she didn't really want to talk to her dad about boys. Who would?

"Ok." Christopher nodded, too uncomfortable to press the issue. "So I heard there was a new girl at school today?"

Victoria gave him a weird look. "Who'd you hear that from?"

"Your mother," Christopher blurted out.

Victoria stared at him. "What?" As far as she knew, he hadn't talked to her mother since her mother left fourteen years ago.

"The new girl, Rory?" Christopher said and Victoria nodded slowly. "She's…well, she's your sister…your twin."

Victoria's eyes widened in shock, and then, when the initial shock wore off, she laughed humorlessly as she thought about her conversation with Rory. "She knew. Everyone knew except me. God, I'm such an idiot."

"Not true," Christopher said, hating that Victoria felt that way.

"Yeah." Victoria smiled tightly. "I am."

"We agreed that you'd live with me and Rory would live with your mom. Your mom took Rory and left. Her parents said she was living in some small town. She always hated Hartford, private school…" Christopher said as he paced. He shook his head and looked at Victoria. "Everything about her parents world. I never thought you'd see Rory. How could I have known Rory would go to Chilton?"

"You couldn't have known," Victoria said flatly. She shot him a look. "But you still should've told me. I mean, how could you just not tell me that I have a twin?"

"I'm sorry, Tory," Christopher said sincerely, genuinely feeling terrible. He hated that Victoria was mad at him, though he knew she would be.

Victoria raised an eyebrow when he used the childhood nickname. "Seriously? Tory and Rory? What were you smoking when you named us?"

"That's a funny story actually." Christopher smiled fondly. "Your mom wanted to name you guys after herself. She said men did it with boys all the time, so why couldn't she?"

"What's her name?" Victoria asked. Her dad had only ever called her mother your mom and her grandparents not-so-fondly referred to her mother as that woman.

"Lorelai Victoria Gilmore," Christopher answered.

"Well, I'm glad you didn't name me Lorelai." Victoria remembered Louise's comment about it being a stripper name and tried not to snicker.

"Your mom, she's pretty great," Christopher told her.

"Didn't she, like, leave you at the altar?" Victoria said pointedly.

"Before that," Christopher qualified his previous statement, "she was pretty great before that. God, you remind me so much of her sometimes." He smiled fondly.

"Whatever you do, don't tell the grandparents that," Victoria said dryly, well aware of her grandparents feelings about her mother.

Christopher grinned. "I think you'd really like her. She wants to be a part of your life. Think about it."

"How big a part of my life are we talking about here?" Victoria said nervously.

Her dad occasionally left her with her grandparents when he was in between jobs or traveling a lot. She didn't really like it when he left her with them, but she was at least used to them.

Victoria knew her dad would be traveling with his new job and she didn't like the idea of him leaving her with someone she didn't know, even if it was her mom. She wanted to get to know her mom though.

"Nothing crazy. She wants to start small. Dinner. You, me, Rory, and Lorelai," Christopher told her.

"Just dinner?" Victoria confirmed.

Christopher nodded. "Just dinner."

"Ok," Victoria agreed.

"Ok?" Christopher said, wanting to make sure she was really ok with it.

"I said ok," Victoria said, annoyed.

"Are we ok?" Christopher asked warily.

"I just…I don't even know what to say to you right now. You didn't tell me that I have a twin," Victoria said. She saw the hurt look on his face and sighed. "It's just a lot to process. Just give me time." Victoria could never stay mad at her dad, but she wasn't ready to forgive him yet.

Lorelai was sitting at the kitchen table, staring at the phone when it finally rang. It had been a few hours, but it felt longer. How long did it take Christopher to talk to Victoria anyway?

"Hello? Chris?" Lorelai said, answering the phone after the first ring.

"Lorelai, hey," Christopher said tiredly. "Is it too late? Victoria just went to bed."

"No," Lorelai said quickly, though she glanced at the clock on the microwave and noted that Rory had gone to bed over an hour ago.

"I talked to Victoria and we're in," Christopher told her.

Lorelai breathed a sigh of relief. She wanted to meet Victoria, and, more importantly, she really didn't want to have to tell Rory that her dad didn't want to meet her. "Good. Saturday ok for you?"

"Oh, uh, Victoria usually goes out on weekends. You know how it is," Christopher said with a laugh. He knew Victoria's reaction would be pretty much the same as his if his parents had made him go to a family dinner on a Saturday night when he was sixteen. Not good. And she was already mad at him.

Actually she didn't. Rory usually stayed in and watched movies with her. "Oh. Well, what day were you thinking?" Lorelai asked, caught off guard.

"Well, uh, how about tomorrow?" Christopher suggested.