Author: iwomans_sister

Disclaimer: I don't own anything IMAN... But I really wish I did.

Spoilers: Going Postal'


Genre: Humor

Authors Note: This is just something I came up with after watching Going Postal', just my thoughts on what should have been in the Tag.

Eberts heard a knock on his door. Getting up from where he was sitting, on his couch, he made his way to his front door. Eberts opened the door and was shocked to find Hobbes, Darien and Claire standing there, all with wide smiles on their faces.

"Can we come in?" Claire asked.

"Where are my manners? Yes, of course." Eberts replied with a smile. He opened the door all the way and moved aside so they could enter.

Darien was the first to step inside. "I brought you some chicken."

Hobbes followed. "I brought you some sausage."

Claire, being the last one to walk in said enthusiastically, "I brought the paper plates."

"You guys shouldn't have. " Eberts said, sitting down. "Go ahead. Sit down."

Claire, Hobbes, and Darien sat down. Darien opened the chicken box, Hobbes opened the Sausage bag, and Claire opened the paper plates. Eberts sat back and looked at the people he was beginning to know. The people he was beginning to trust. The people who had become his friends. "Thanks you guys."

The End