Chapter Two

Bad Luck for Young Master

"Hey Eloise, sorry we meant to call you, but we had our hands full with the demon. Did you get lost again?" Rachel, the oldest of the five trainees, said with a sneer. Ever since Lois and Athon had first moved into the Institute Rachel had made it very clear that she did not like them. Maybe it was because in every test they had Lois would show her up.

"No, actually I took a short cut and I ended up bumping into another demon. It made a illegal contract and I had to unbind it. Oh and if you don't believe me I think the injuries on my arm and leg are proof enough. And may I ask are you okay?" That shut Rachel up. Lois was already in a bad mood, she didn't need Rachel's connectedness for tonight.

Lady Phenomena walked through the huddle with a stele in hand. She kneeled down and grabbed Lois arm. As easy as writing on paper she put a healing rune over the injury and it was gone in a matter of seconds, she did the same with her leg.

"I'm so sorry Eloise. Tonight it was supposed to be a group kill. We did not mean to leave you to deal with a demon by yourself." Lady Phenomena turned to the rest of the group. "Isn't that right?"

"Yes Lady Phenomena!" They all said.

Lady Phenomena nodded appeased. She got up and then just noticed Eon standing at Eloise's side. "Oh my, well if it isn't Eon Winchester! I didn't expect to see you back until Thursday. What brings you here so early?"

Eon shrugged. "The mission was finished faster then expected. I came on the first train I could get and by luck I felt Eloise was in danger. If I didn't come when I did she would be demon food." Lois just shivered thinking about it. The others didn't seem all that put upon the idea either; even Rachel of all people looked ill!

"Well it's a good thing that you did. We ourselves dealt with the Ripper. Which demon did you dispose of?"

"It called itself Stitch." Eloise said.

"Hm…well it looks like two demons have been dealt with in one night. I think that is a cause to celebrate don't you?" Lady Phenomena asked the others with a smiled. There was no argument to that. "Well then, what are we waiting for?! The faster we get to the Institute the faster the party can begin!"

They couldn't get into the carriages fast enough.

The Abyss

Imagine a dark place with no end. With so many things left behind that you do not know if it was first here or it had come from the real world. Imagine a place that would make a normal man insane in a matter of seconds. That is what the Abyss is like. It is not a place for humans, it is a place for Chains.

The man walked this crazy world with his cane in hand and always moving forward. A small puppet sat on his shoulder, his only company in this nothing.

"Come now master, this place is starting to get boring~! Can we leave yet?" The little puppet complained.

"You know very well that I do not have the power to make a Scratch into the Abyss. When a Pyxis is opened then that would be our time." The man said with a smile. "When have I ever let you down Annaba?"

"Never!" The puppet snickered.

The Institute

Jonathon looked out the window bored as ever. His nightmares seemed to become worse, even though he did not scream anymore he felt better when his sister was around him.

"You shouldn't be up so late Master Jonathon." He jumped and turned around sharply. He was expecting to see the fat housekeeper Ms. Torne, but it was only Alicia, Eloise's maid-servant and best friend and also his caretaker whenever Eloise wasn't around.

Eloise didn't really need a maidservant, but since it was apparent that she would not be there always to take care of him it was a good thing that she did get a maidservant. Besides he liked having Alicia around.

"Hello Alicia, and please stop calling me 'Master' it makes me feel old. Just call me Athon." He was just coming up to thirteen years old. His fourteenth birthday was going to be in the fall and that would make him eligible for the Shadow Hunts. Eloise was three years older then him so she was always going in and out of the hunts.

Alicia was a year older then Eloise, she was a tall girl with black raven hair and she seemed to have a calm demeanor about everything. She never got angry easily. She was like a second sister for Athon.

"Lady Eloise will be back soon. It was a fast hunt tonight. So please do not worry. Young men must be fully rested!" Athon couldn't help but smile. No matter how many times he pleaded with Alicia, he knew that to her Lois was the boss and he was just the bosses little brother. "Can't hate a boy for trying" A small smile came on her face and she patted Athon on the head. "When Lady Eloise comes back, you will be the first person she would want to see. For now rest."

Athon looked into Alicia's dark eyes and felt like he was being sucked in by them. After a long time at just staring he finally got up away from the window sill and then made his way to his bed. He flung the covers over himself and then turned over so that his back was facing Alicia. "I'll rest. Make shore Lois knows I'm here."

"As you wish." It was lower then a whisper, but he could hear it.

The door closed and then the room was once again empty. He closed his eyes and tried to let sleep take hold of him. Alicia is right. I should be resting instead of worrying. Lois and take care of herself. She always has and always will.

"But what does that make you young Master?"Athon bolted up in bed. He looked around but there was nothing or no one in his room. He sighed and relaxed his muscles. "I was just imagining things again. I must be really tiered. He went back under the covers and sleep finally took him.

In the shadows of the room a girl in a white dress and red slippers looked at the boy with her cat like eyes. Her hair reached all the way to the floor and it was so wavy that it could have been water. A smile came on the girls face and her hair seemed to grow and reach out for Athon. It tangled itself over him not once disturbing his sleep.

"Do you wish to be stronger young Master?" The voice was so cold and smooth and hypnotic that it would capture anyone's attention. Her hair continued to tangle around him. "Please dear Master, become my Contractor…"

Jonathon's eyes shot open, but it was too late. As if snakes attacking the black hair tightened and he was consumed in it. No one could hear him scream or see the purple light that pulsed inside the room.