Chapter 2

Empty room

"Someone will get me," There was only one person in the room though

"Someone will rescue me, I know it..." That was a lie though, no one was coming since it wouldn't make sense if they did.

The room was empty, all but me a single girl who simply continued to be trapped, staring at the wall where nothing would ever come. Despite my red stained clothing, despite even being here in the first place, I held on to the idea that someone, somewhere was looking, trying to find me.

"Yeah, someone will make it here, as long as she doesn't kill me, someone will make it here," So as long as she kept holding on to that worthless idea I couldn't fail.

However, I already failed, I failed when she got locked into such an empty room with no one else. So, the more I thought about those things, the more I realized the situation I was in.

Don't think about those things, don't think about how horrid the situation is, don't...

I wanted to cry, but she swallowed harshly. "If I cry, than there won't be any hope, if I cry..." I would be admitting that there really isn't anything that she or anyone else could do.

I was simply in an empty room with no one else or with anything else.

I was simply unlucky, as I smiled and nodded at my date, I had no feeling of happiness or anger. Just someone who went through life feeling empty about a certain thing.

My drink remained untouched as she continued to stare, thinking about the things she would do to that girl, for no other reason other than her being born from the wrong nation. Just like her, I was unlucky, I was unlucky that my parents were killed and she was unlucky because I found her.

"Are you okay, Xue?" The man in front of me asked as I simply stared at him, wondering what to say, wondering if anything I would say would change anything if I talked about it...

"No, just thinking about all the work I have to do when I get home," He didn't deserve nothing, he was just someone that the war hadn't effect at all, so he didn't know anything about her feelings or why she did what she did. The only thing he knew was how to ask stupid question.

"Hey, if you need help with something I wouldn't mind lending a hand,"

"Yes you would, someone like you who think the world is some kind of perfect place would, don't say something like that I want to vomit, stop talking..." I lock my thoughts deep in my mind as a forced a smile.

"No, it's something personal...actually I think I have to go now." It was the afternoon, so I had to start with something maybe I'll write a little in my diary or maybe I'll make something to eat, maybe I'll play with my doll.

"So, you're leaving?" He asked me as I nodded as I leaned across the table and kissed his lips.

Disgusting, there was no emotion in the relationship, at least not on my end.

After that, we parted ways as I walked through the small town, wondering if there was anyone like me. "Of course not, no one could understand me, they would never do it. They think that people can get away with hurting others and smile like nothing happened, I won't accept that."

Even if I could only ruin one life, it would be an equal exchange. That is what fair and just was, in a way some could consider me a hero for doing this.

As I open the door and stair into my two floored home, my eyes shifted towards the stairs, I headed upward to my room. As I entered I shut the door behind me as I looked at my room, it was so bland and empty only a bed and a desk with a.

"Maybe it's because it's like your heart." Shut up, I don't need to question myself, I should believe in what I'm doing more than anyone else, it's to late anyway...

"Do you even know why you are doing this anymore, it's all your fault." Shut up, shut up, nothing is wrong with me nothing is wrong with me.

"I know why you're doing this, it's because you want to feel something that you're not...powerful."

"SHUT UP!" I screamed that to myself as I pushed those thoughts in the back of my head, there is a lot of room back there actually.

"I-if you are going to be like that, then I'm going to play with my doll," Who was I saying this to, not myself I'm not that crazy, I'm not crazy at all!

Those foot-steps, I heard them before.

"Don't come down, don't come down," I wished all that I could, I wished for that woman not to come down and hurt me. I knew that was pointless, it was an unavoidable fact that she was descending those stairs and she was going to harm her, there was no way to avoid it.

The woman seemed to be in a bad mood, she glared at me. She had a look that she was going to smash my skull in an instant.

"Hey rat," She didn't have the eerie charming voice like the first time, she didn't seem happy at all. The voice she had was harsh and vomit inducing, it was scary, really scary.

As she unlocked the door, I noticed she didn't have anything like a knife in her hand. She didn't even smile or talk as she snatched my hair and glared at me.

"Ah..." I wondered if she was going to punch me as she simply looked glared at me as she grabbed one of my arms with her free and. She forced my fist open as she pressed her thumb against my middle finger.

And she pushed and something broke, I didn't know how she broke it, but she bent my finger the wrong way.

"GAHA gahha!" A pressed my free hand against her as I try to push the woman away, but it was pointless as she pushed back another one of my fingers, I think it was my index finger.

"STOP IT, Stop screaming! Stop making me..." The woman in front of me was crying...I hated that, why was she crying when she was hurting me, I hated that I hated her.

Actually, I think I started to hate a lot of things.

Author note

This isn't going to be a long story, somewhere between 5-10 chapters.