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Ukitake Jūshirō was a light sleeper, and he was startled out of sleep easily, so it wasn't surprising that he jolted awake with a loud scream as he heard the bins being knocked over with a loud clang from the backyard of his home.

The white-haired man whimpered and pulled his blankets over him like a petty shield of sorts, but he knew he had to go and investigate; there could have been an injured animal or something out there.

Jūshirō slowly got out of his bed, his pale hands trembling as he let go of his shield. He walked through the house slowly, really not wanting to do this but knowing he had to be brave and stop letting other people do everything for him.

The door to the backyard creaked open slowly and Jūshirō poked his head out. There didn't seem to be any axe-wielding maniacs in sight...

But there was someone lying by the side of the house, unmoving.

Jūshirō gasped and ran towards the blue-haired figure, all worries of some psycho out there targeting him forgotten; all that mattered was making sure that this person was okay.

"Excuse me..." Jūshirō shook the male, taking in his appearance. He had blue hair that was spiked and small strands hung down in his face. He wasn't wearing a shirt and his body was muscular. The man was still, not responding to Jūshirō's words or actions.

Ukitake glanced around him, not sure what had happened; there didn't seem to be any injuries on him that he could see except for one large gaping wound in the man's stomach which was bleeding profusely. However, when one eye flickered open briefly, revealing black irises, he understood immediately what he was dealing with; a demon.

Jūshirō bit his lip as he slipped his arms under the man's body, lifting him into his arms. He was afraid, having heard horrible things about demons, despite the common belief that they were extinct. Either way, the demon was injured and the white-haired male couldn't leave him out here.

Ukitake had a weak body due to his Tuberculosis so it wasn't an easy task carrying a fully grown man into his house, but Jūshirō persevered and eventually laid the blue-haired male down on the couch.

Silently, the skinny man left the living room and headed to the bathroom, returning with bandages and other medical items in hand.

Jūshirō worked diligently as he cleaned the demon's wounds and bandaged him up and, before the pale man knew it, he was carrying his guest into the bedroom, intent on putting him into his bed.

With the red coloured duvet pulled up to the injured man's chin, Jūshirō couldn't help but smile, glad that he had helped the other despite his fear. He crept out of his own bedroom and back into the living room, lying down on the couch.

The man couldn't sleep well, knowing that he had a demon in his bed, but the recesses of sleep eventually claimed him, pulling him into oblivion.