A/N I'm saddened to say that this is the last chapter of this fic. I figured it would be a perfect way to end it like this. Thanks to all who enjoyed this fic; it's been a very fun ride :)

Grimmjow had never been in a hospital before, and it was safe to say he never wanted to be in another one again. He was sitting by Jūshirō's hospital bed, holding the pale hand as the nurse checked on the staples holding Ukitake's stomach together.

"Does it hurt?" The demon asked his lover, squeezing the hand in his.

Jūshirō shook his head. "It just feels weird, but it doesn't hurt. Uncomfortable."

Grimmjow frowned, feeling as if this situation was his fault; he should have been able to protect Jūshirō but, instead, he had allowed the human to run off with someone who nearly got him killed. He leant over and kissed the pale forehead, not caring that the nurse winced away in disgust or that Shunsui had to look away as his face paled; all that mattered was being here with Jūshirō.

Jūshirō, for his part, frowned and looked down, upset by the negative attention around him; it made him feel as if he was every bit as disgusting as Aizen had made him out to be.

Grimmjow noticed this and pulled Jūshirō closer to him. He glared at the nurse, causing her to leave the room with uttered apologies. Shunsui, however, wasn't intimidated in the least.

"I'm not against Juu's life choices," the brunet started, a warning tone in his voice, "but that doesn't mean I'm comfortable witnessing it."

Grimmjow just shrugged and leant down, kissing pale lips next just to spite Kyōraku. Jūshirō blushed and pushed away, sending a nervous glance in his best friend's direction. It upset the younger to see the way Shunsui stared pointedly out of the window, shifting uneasily in his chair, but he knew that the brunet was doing his best to approve of Jūshirō's orientation and support him.

"S-shunsui, we..." Jūshirō blushed as he looked down at his lap, not wanting the older male to be uncomfortable around him. "...We won't do it if you're uneasy about it..."

Shunsui waved his hand in a dismissive manner, swallowing the lump in his throat as he replied. "It's okay, Juu. I understand. I won't stop you."

Jūshirō smiled, reaching up to rub his thumb against Grimmjow's cheek. He looked into the baby blue eyes, trying to convey his love without words.

Grimmjow understand and moved closer before he engulfed Jūshirō's mouth in a passionate kiss. He was careful not to hurt his lover, knowing that the injuries he had received had been horrible. The white-haired male's stomach had been torn open and his arm broken, and his rectum had been stitched up, having been ripped apart.

"I fuckin' love ya, Jūshirō..." Grimmjow whispered after he pulled away, giving his partner a chance to catch his breath.

"I love you, too, Grimmjow..." Jūshirō whispered back. He moved over and snuggled in against Grimmjow, resting his head against the demon's chest. He sighed happily as arms engulfed him, just glad that he had someone to love him and heal the damage that had been inflicted upon him.

As Shunsui watched the two, fighting his uneasiness, he couldn't help but know that he had been wrong all along about Grimmjow. The blue-haired male may have been a demon, but he had more heart than any of the humans in this town. When Jūshirō had been cast aside, labelled as a whore that didn't have human emotions, Grimmjow had looked past everything that had been done to Ukitake and instead let him into his heart, eventually giving all of him to the human.

Maybe Grimmjow was rough around the edges, and maybe he would never be able to get over his distrust towards the demon, but he knew, just from watching the way the two kissed and held each other, that the demon would always love Jūshirō and be there for him.