When Jūshirō's eyes opened again later in the afternoon, his heart pounded with the hope that Grimmjow was gone, seeing as the demon was nowhere in sight. He sat up and stood on shaking legs as he moved to scout around the house.

While the demon was nowhere to be found in any of the main rooms such as the living room or kitchen, that was because Grimmjow was currently occupying Ukitake's bedroom, searching through everything he could find.

When Grimmjow pulled a box out from underneath his bed, Jūshirō gasped, making the demon smirk.

"What have ya got in here?" Grimmjow taunted as he pulled open the box slowly, teasing his host. "Hiding porn from me, are you?"

"P-please, no..." Jūshirō whimpered, begging the blue-haired male to leave the box alone. "Anything but that..."

"So there is porn in here!" Grimmjow laughed, looking down into the box he had opened. He smirked as he reached in, pulling out a magazine. The cover on the front depicted two naked males, only making Grimmjow's smirk widen. "I never took you for one to have porn. Do you like to lie in bed at night and read these? Is that how you get off?"

When Jūshirō's breathing became unsteady due to fear, Grimmjow was sure that there was more to this box than the white-haired man was letting on. Dropping the magazine, he dug deeper, surfacing several photos and what looked like important documents.

Grimmjow didn't get much time to look at them as he was forced to put his attention onto the human who was now coughing up blood. He stood awkwardly by Jūshirō's side, not knowing what to do. He sat down on the floor when the younger male was brought to his knees, but he didn't make any effort to touch him or try and help; he just sat there and watched.

When at last, after what felt like forever, Jūshirō had finally stopped coughing, a look of utter despair crossed his blood-splattered face. He dropped his gaze down to his lap and through harsh pants, spoke.

"Please..." Jūshirō sounded defeated. "...Please, don't open that box... M-my best friend put all that stuff in there for a reason..."

Grimmjow just shrugged, deciding that he would go through the box's content later when Jūshirō wasn't around. "Feelin' alright?"

Ukitake nodded. "Yes... J-just had an attack..."

"So you're sick?"

Jūshirō nodded again. He instinctively prepared himself for Grimmjow's disgust, having grown used to being unaccepted because he coughed up blood. He knew he didn't want the demon here, but it would still hurt if he left because of how disgusting Jūshirō was.

Grimmjow laughed, causing fresh tears to roll down pale cheeks. He reached out and grabbed Jūshirō's chin, turning the man's face to his. He studied Ukitake carefully with curiosity in his eyes.

"What's wrong with you?" Grimmjow asked. No matter how hard Jūshirō searched for it, there was no hint of repugnance or hatred anywhere on Grimmjow's features.

"...I..." Jūshirō sighed as he reached up to wipe at his eyes. "...I was born with Tuberculosis..."

Again, Grimmjow showed no repulsion as he stared into the fearful green eyes before him. "Interesting. But enough about that; I want to know what was with the box."

Jūshirō shook his head. He wrapped his arms around him, looking frightened again. "...I don't want to talk about it..."

Grimmjow shrugged. "Fine. But I'm not going to fucking give up on finding out what's with it, ya know?"

Jūshirō nodded. He stood up and walked out of the room, leaving the demon behind. He moved into the bathroom and washed his face, cleansing himself from all the blood. He wanted to change his clothes because it felt dirty to him to wear the same outfit after an attack, but he didn't want to change with Grimmjow around.

Heading to the kitchen now, Jūshirō grabbed an apple from the counter and sat down at the dining table, chewing slowly. He couldn't help but remember what had happened with that box and now, all he could think about was the reason it was even there to begin with.

Grimmjow will surely leave when he knows how impure I am... Jūshirō thought to himself, trying not to cry. I didn't want that box to begin with, but Shunsui insisted... He doesn't understand how painful it is to have constant reminders of what once was... It's too painful to bear... All it does is make me remember when I wasn't so afraid of everyone...


Jūshirō snapped out of his thoughts at Grimmjow's voice. He turned around in his chair to find the demon standing right behind him. He flinched and looked down.

"You were really fuckin' zoned out," Grimmjow said. "I've been here for a while and you've taken no notice. What the fuck could you have been thinking about that requires so much damn concentration?"

"..." Jūshirō bit his lip. "...I was thinking about... things..."

"No shit." Grimmjow rolled his eyes. "Get your ass up. I hate being cooped in. I want to see the fucking town."

Jūshirō tensed before he shook his head. "Please... I-I don't go out much unless I need to..."

Grimmjow laughed. "You pussy. C'mon, get up, hot stuff."

Jūshirō pretended not to hear those words as he remained sitting. He was quickly brought to his feet with a loud squeal, however, when a hand grabbed his ass.

Grimmjow laughed again, his black eyes shining with glee. "You're so fucking fun to tease, Jūshirō. But if you don't want to, I guess I'll just force you later."

"O-okay..." Jūshirō mumbled, not sure what to make of these words but not wanting to question them. He stood awkwardly before Grimmjow, not knowing what to do. What could he do? The demon kept following him everywhere.

Grimmjow slinked away to the living room and stared at the TV set. He eyed it in curiosity before turning back to Jūshirō. "What the fuck is this?"

Jūshirō hesitantly stepped closer and grabbed the remote. He turned the TV on and explained what it was in a quite tone. He flicked through the channels in a bored manner before Grimmjow quite rudely told him to stop on a documentary about panthers.

Jūshirō didn't query about this unexpected turn of events and instead left the room, knowing that the blue-haired man was occupied. He went to his room and kicked the box back underneath the bed, not wanting to touch it with his hands or look at it for any longer than he had to.

Ukitake grabbed his phone from his bedside table and unlocked it. His fingers tapped absentmindedly at the keys before he decided to go through with what he was thinking. He opened the contacts and clicked his best friend's name before he started writing a quick message to the older male.

I think I've done something stupid, Jūshirō typed. You won't believe me, though.

The reply came within seconds as expected and Jūshirō could still pick up on the worried tone of his best friend's words. What happened? Do I need to kill someone? Are you okay? I'll come over.

Please, don't come over. Jūshirō was killing himself to say no to this offer; he wanted nothing more than his best friend's arms around him to reassure him that everything was safe. I just need to talk to you. Do you think I'm stupid for having saved someone I don't know that was injured?

Again, as expected, the phone rang almost instantly, his friend's worry too great to settle for texting. Jūshirō answered the call, speaking in a hushed voice. "S-shunsui...?"

"What's going on?" the voice on the other end of the line sounded deeply panicked. "Is someone hurting you? Are you okay?"

Jūshirō stopped himself from admitting everything that was happening and instead tried to sugercoat the truth. "I... found someone injured in my yard... I helped them, but... T-they won't leave..."

"I'm coming over," the other male said. "I don't care what you think; I'll be there soon."

Jūshirō choked on a sob before he nodded. "O-okay..."

With that said, Jūshirō hung the phone up and curled into his bed. Why was everything so hard for him lately?


Just moments before Jūshirō's friend could arrive, Ukitake made his way over to Grimmjow and reluctantly told him what he had done, not wanting anyone to get hurt. He was in tears and he was terrified but he was hoping that if Grimmjow at least knew that his cover hadn't been blown, he would calm down.

Grimmjow just smirked and shrugged when Jūshirō finished talking. "Why would I care? He's not gonna scare me the fuck away."

"Please..." Jūshirō whimpered, bowing his head in submission. "...Please, if you have to kill someone, please, let it be me... Please, don't hurt my friend..."

Grimmjow laughed again in that cold, spine-chilling manner he was so fond of. "Why would I kill either of you? This is going to be interesting."

Jūshirō hated himself for what he had done, but he knew there was nothing he could do to stop it. He was just glad that the demon had changed his irises back to the blue he had seen before.

When at last the front door was unlocked and a brunet male stormed in, Jūshirō curled up on the couch, expecting the worst.

"I believe he has asked you to leave."

Jūshirō flinched at his best friend's cold voice directed solely towards his uninvited guest. He looked up, finding Kyōraku Shunsui standing before Grimmjow, his usually calm and happy demeanour as cold as ice.

The demon smirked. "Oh, really? If I didn't leave when he asked me to, what makes you think I'm going to leave because you ask me to?"

"I'll force you out if I have to." Jūshirō knew that Shunsui wasn't joking.

"S-shun, please..." Jūshirō whimpered, his face red with stress. "Please, just... Just don't... He can stay if he wants to... I-I really don't mind..."

A triumphant smirk crossed Grimmjow's face as the brunet's contorted in frustration.

"He's not staying here," Shunsui said to the younger. "You don't even know him."

"He said I could stay," the demon mocked. "He's authority over yours, dickhead."

Shunsui's eye twitched before he moved to his distressed friend. He wrapped his arm around the younger's shoulder and whispered to him.

"What's he been doing?" Shunsui asked, ignoring the way Grimmjow glared daggers at him. "Has he hurt you?"

Jūshirō shook his head. "He just... makes me uncomfortable... But he hasn't hurt me..."

Shunsui sighed. He squeezed his friend before he turned back to the blue-haired male. He moved closer until he was pinning Grimmjow against the couch. "If you so much as lay a finger on him, I'll kill you."

Grimmjow just laughed hysterically, prompting Shunsui to return back to Jūshirō's side. He found this all too amusing; a human? Thinking he could kill a demon?

"Shunsui, please..." Jūshirō whispered. "Just... s-stop..."

Shunsui nodded, knowing better than to go against his best friend's wishes. "If he hurts you, I don't care what you say..."

Jūshirō nodded. He snuggled in closer to Shunsui, eyeing the demon warily. Grimmjow was watching them with such amusement, it sent chills down his spine. He buried his face into Shunsui's chest, just wanting this nightmare to be over.

The three stayed like this for quite a while until a text came through on Shunsui's phone. He glanced at it before he sighed and sat Jūshirō up.

"I have to go," Shunsui said softly. "I'll see you tomorrow. Let me know if anything happens, okay?"

Jūshirō nodded. A crestfallen expression was on his face as he reluctantly let go to Shunsui so that the older male could leave.

Grimmjow immediately filled the space Shunsui had recently vacated and sidled closer to the pale-haired man.

"How's it goin', baby?" Grimmjow smirked. "Miss me?"

Jūshirō shook his head and pulled his knees up to his chest. "N-no..."

"He's funny, that one," Grimmjow said. "Thinks he'll kill me if I touch ya? I'd only touch you with your permission, of course, so it'll be easier if you just say yes and let me have my way with ya."

Jūshirō shivered and looked away. "I-I... Please, stop saying things like that..."

"But it's so fun when you're scared," Grimmjow teased. He reached out and put his hand on Jūshirō's crotch. He laughed as the human pushed away and curled into a ball before he stood up and left to wander the house some more, leaving Jūshirō to his own devices.