Jūshirō and the demon had been together for three months now, and Jūshirō couldn't have been happier. He had finally come out of his shell, socialising properly with Shunsui's family and the few friends he had left almost as normal as he once had before the Aizen incident.

Though the damage Aizen had inflicted on Jūshirō hadn't disappeared completely, the white-haired male was working hard to move on from it. He was currently sitting on his bed, watching as Grimmjow pulled the dreaded box out from under it. He instinctively shied away when it was opened, but with Grimmjow's comforting voice, he came closer again.

Grimmjow reached in and immediately grabbed the magazines he knew to be porn. He sat on the bed beside Jūshirō, placing them in the human's lap.

"Your friend bought these for you, didn't he?" Grimmjow asked, noticing the way Jūshirō eyed them fearfully.

"Y-yes..." Jūshirō confirmed. "...He bought them for me when I was fifteen..."

"Why so young?" the demon asked.

"..." Jūshirō blushed scarlet as he thought about how to reply to that. "...B-because... his excuse was... he had already lost his virginity by thirteen, and... I-I was too pure..."

Grimmjow smirked knowingly. "He wanted you to jack off?"

Jūshirō's blush was impossibly red as he nodded, and he could have died at the blue-haired male's next question.

"And did you?"

Another nod, this time hesitant. His voice was almost non-existent. "...Y-yes..."

Grimmjow's smirk was devilish now. "Can I watch as you jack off to them?"

Jūshirō coughed loudly, burying his face in Grimmjow's shoulder. He whined loudly, feeling more embarrassed than ever. "...I-I... I-it's a private thing..."

"Not between partners," Grimmjow reassured. "Please?"

Jūshirō nodded after a few seconds, almost reluctant to remove his face from the other's shoulder. He looked down at the magazines in his lap and, with a trembling finger, flipped the cover of the first magazine open. Grimmjow looked down, finding two men engaging in a sixty-nine.

"How did he know to buy you gay porn?" Grimmjow questioned, liking what he was seeing; this was not censored – this was full-on action, expensive and hard to find.

"...I-I..." Jūshirō's cheeks reddened once again. "...I admitted I liked boys to him when I was younger..."

"Oooh. Who was it, Jūshirō?"

"...S-shun..." Jūshirō whispered as he looked away, longing in his voice. "...I... I told him I loved him, but he couldn't return my feelings because he had Lisa-chan. He was understanding about it, though. He promised to find me someone."

"Good friend." Grimmjow moved his lips to Jūshirō's neck and nipped at the exposed skin. "You're mine, though. Only mine. Forever."

Jūshirō moaned, tilting his neck to give his lover more access. He whined in disappointment when the hot lips pulled away.

"Read." Grimmjow tapped the magazines. "Jack off."

Jūshirō nodded. He looked at the pages intensely, sometimes flinching, sometimes cowering, but most of the time Grimmjow could see the lust in the human's eyes and the prominent bulge in the other's pants.

"Jack off," Grimmjow repeated, tugging at the male's pants to emphasise his point. "Take them off and play with yourself."

Jūshirō blushed as he did as he was told, exposing his hard member to Grimmjow's eyes. His hand hesitated before it wrapped tentatively around his hardened flesh, embarrassed and slightly afraid eyes fixated on the demon.

"It's okay," Grimmjow whispered, his eyes focused on the intimate act before him. "I understand. Whatever you're comfortable with."

Jūshirō nodded, stroking his erection a few times as his eyes moved back to the magazine pages. He moaned softly upon seeing a re-enactment of a man riding his partner, his arousal heightening. He had never mentioned it openly to anyone except for Shunsui, but riding was his favourite position to be in and it aroused him more than any other way.

Grimmjow wasn't blind to the way Jūshirō's hand moved faster and harder along himself, his gaze lingering on the one spot of the magazine, his eyes full of lust. The demon licked his lips, moving in to steal a kiss. His own erection was aching, but this was just too delicious to pass up.

"You're so fucking beautiful..." Grimmjow whispered.

Jūshirō closed his eyes and threw his head back, his climax taking him by surprise. Without warning, he released over the magazine, white spurts staining the blankets of his bed. He cried out loudly, pumping faster as he rode out the last of his orgasm.

"How many times have you cum over these magazines?" Grimmjow smirked as he pointed out a very old, faded white spot on the page.

Jūshirō blushed, sending a weak grin towards his lover. "...It... It was my favourite pastime when I was alone..."

Grimmjow laughed loudly. "So I see. Keep going, okay? I want to see how many times you can cum all over your porn."

Jūshirō nodded, stroking himself back to life as he wiped his seed from the magazine. He flipped the page, scrutinising the next sexual act. Needless to say, Jūshirō performed just as Grimmjow had expected; he came about three times before his eyes slipped closed and fell fast asleep, too exhausted to go for another round.

Later that day~~

While Jūshirō slept soundly, his fluffy white shadow purring softly atop his chest, Grimmjow closed the front door behind him as he moved into the town. He couldn't bear the thought of his sweet little Jūshirō having been hurt in such a cruel manner, and he was determined to get the man justice.

Everyone he questioned knew of Sōsuke Aizen, but none of them seemed willing to mention where he lived. However, Grimmjow didn't need to know locations because, after chasing down a brunet that was heading in Jūshirō's direction, he soon found who he was looking for.

"You're that little whore's new master, aren't you?" The brunet – Aizen – smirked.

Grimmjow moved to punch the man, but the other was fast. He moved out of the way, his smirk never faltering.

"I've seen you with him," Aizen continued on. "Neither of you seem to notice when I'm outside the house watching him. I saw you both today. He's a good performer, isn't he? So lovely when he masturbates. I know many who think that, too. Have you fucked him, yet? He kept fighting me once he realised my true intentions, but back when he so willingly let me have my way, he was a great fuck."

"You sick bastard..." Grimmjow snarled. "You're fucking disgusting. Do you have any idea of what you've done to him?"

"Of course I do." Aizen's smirk grew wider. "And I'm proud of it."

Grimmjow's eyes grew wide with rage. His hair ruffled as red horns protruded from his skull and a forked tail grew from his backside. His eyes flashed black as they had the first time he had met Jūshirō. He lunged at the other male – but he was soon overwhelmed as a dark, evil aura filled the air around him.

Aizen's eyes were no longer brown; they had morphed into black orbs.