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This story was an inspiration for a story that I can no longer find. It was from the Phantom of the Opera fandom and it was called An Arranged Love by waytoointoerik. It was a really great story and I hadn't read it in years but sadly, I can no longer find it. So the idea formed from that story.

Summary: Before he passed away, Kurt's father arranges a deal with Blaine Anderson, the son of the late Brock Anderson of Anderson Banks and Stocks – a marriage between him and his son, Kurt when he is of age. Kurt goes into a world that is so unfamiliar but more welcoming than with his step-mother and siblings, as Blaine's husband.

Rated M for future smut chapters. Blaine is about twenty-four and Kurt is nineteen when they get married just to throw that out there. I wouldn't say this was based on any place in particular, because I never thought of that really. We'll just say picture New York in a far future or something of the sort – no flying cars or robots. So, not set in any place in particular, just what comes out of my head (scary right?)

Chapter 1 :: It's the day of the wedding and Kurt is being delivered to Blaine's manor for the ceremony by his step-mother and his two brothers. A mysterious car follows them. Kurt gets to meet his future husband face to face and gets a sense of relief when he is told some news.

Chapter 1:
The Wedding

"We will arrive shortly," the man said as patiently as he could to the nauseating woman in the backseat. Kurt admired the man's restraint. He was sitting beside his step-mother and his two brothers. A limousine was sent to gather them for the special occasion – Kurt's wedding. The ceremony, which was going to be held at his future husband's manor, was roughly an hour, almost two hours, away. That was two hours of having to stay in the limousine in the back with his family – only by marriage and with every sign he saw getting closer and closer, he could feel his heart race and his body eager to get out of the limousine.

"The last thing we want is to be late for a wedding!" the woman bellowed. Kurt sighed while his two brothers just snickered. They were about his age but acted more like five-year-olds.

"Yes, definitely want to see our dear brother marry a complete stranger for riches," one of them said. Kurt tried not to glare at the boy. Carlton was the eldest of the two while Henry was merely his shadow. Kurt hated both of them and the feeling was just as mutual.

"And cake!" Henry added.

"Boys, enough! I'm sure Kurt is nervous enough as it is," his stepmother, Greta, said in her fake sympathy voice. Kurt just looked at her briefly before looking back out the window. It was just a few months after Kurt's nineteenth birthday and he was getting married. Kurt was dressed in a white buttoned shirt with a silver vest and a tie to match. It was an outfit provided to him and it felt...great and expensive. The driver took a turn down a gravel road where Kurt saw rows of trees on either side of him. Apparently, the man lived out in the country. He could live with that.

"We're not lost, are we?" Carlton groaned.

"Now, you know the Anderson manor is way out in the middle of nowhere," Greta answered, annoyingly. The driver took another turn and pulled into a large driveway. Kurt reached for the handle but stopped when the driver informed him that he would open the door. Kurt didn't like stuff being done for him but he figured he'd let it slide, the driver had suffered enough with his intolerable family. He smiled at the kind man as he opened the door. Kurt got out slowly and moved out of the way, or rather was pushed out of the way by his brothers, so they could get out too. Kurt looked at the large manor. There were decorations and a few people in nice attire standing outside. He looked around to see the other cars parked in different areas, not an awful lot but quite a bit. One car stood out in particular. Kurt turned away and let out breath to calm his nerves.

"Damn. I bet you'll have your work cut out for you," Carlton teased and nudged Kurt against his arm. Kurt was about to respond when someone in a suit came walking down toward the family, mainly Kurt. He immediately recognized him.

"Hey, Kurt!" the man greeted as he engulfed him in a tight embrace. Kurt smiled.

"Mr. Montgomery," Kurt responded, politely. The man pulled away and sighed happily.

"I'm not your tutor anymore, Kurt, call me Wes. Now, I am to escort you into the manor. The ceremony will start soon. You'll see him once it starts," Wes said, comfortingly.

"Okay," Kurt responded as he let out a breath. Wes smiled as he showed Kurt the way up a pair of stone stairs.

"You are so kind, Wes," Greta said in a polite tone – one Wes was all too familiar with and hated it greatly.

"Mrs. Hummel, I request that you and your sons refer to me as Mr. Montgomery. Now, I will be escorting Kurt into the manor, it will be time soon. Please, don't be late or disrupt the ceremony," Wes said in a stern tone. Greta flared her nostrils but she let out a sigh and turned to her boys to give a warning glance before looking back at Wes.

"Of course," she responded. Wes nodded before he turned to Kurt and put his hand on the low of Kurt's back. Once they were both turned away from Kurt's family, Kurt could no longer hide the smile on his face.

"Is it inappropriate to say that I missed you?" Kurt said, softly. Wes laughed lightly as they walked into the manor.

"Not at all, you were my favorite pupil. And I'm glad that their ignorance did not rub off on you," Wes remarked. Kurt smiled in response as he walked into the large manor. Wes kept the door slightly cracked while Kurt took in the scenery. Clearly, the room was just an entryway. A couple of doors on either side of the walls – closets. And there was a hallway just before him. "This way," Wes gestured. Kurt took a deep breath and followed Wes down the hallway and turned a corner. It was a large room, possibly the living room area. There was a fireplace, and to his far right was a staircase and toward the end of the room were large windows and a sliding glass door – obviously leading to a backyard. There were tables covered with white cloths with large tins and lids. Kurt hadn't eaten anything before they left but he really couldn't stomach anything right now. He saw a few men and women going different directions, begging their pardons if one of them ran into him.

"Kurt?" Wes asked.


"Feel free to look around, even go in the backyard if you want. We'll be starting in a few minutes so now's not the time to be wandering off and getting lost," Wes joked. Kurt laughed lightly.

"This place looks like you could get lost in it," Kurt responded.

"Trust me, I get lost sometimes and so does a lot of other people. I have to meet with Blaine now, but try to relax okay?" Wes said, gently. That was easier said than done but Kurt nodded as he watched Wes go up the staircase and disappear down another hallway. Kurt sighed and turned around to the sliding glass doors. His family wasn't around and it looked like nobody was in the backyard, he decided to take Wes up on his suggestion and walk outside. It was a pretty large backyard. But, he wouldn't expect anything less from the Anderson manor. It was a sight to see though. Too bad the wedding wasn't going to be outside but from the look in the sky, he had a feeling as to why. It looked like it would storm pretty soon. Kurt looked around the whole backyard. The thought of his dad came to him – he missed him so much.

"Blaine?" Wes knocked on a closed door. He turned the knob to see a fully dressed man sitting on his bed thumbing through a notebook. Wes gave a light smile as he closed the door behind him. "He's here," Wes added. Blaine looked up from the notebook and closed it quickly.

"How's he doing?" he asked, getting up from the bed.

"He's nervous, but he'll be all right. This is what you've been waiting for and I'm sure it's the same for him once the ceremony is over," Wes responded. Blaine smiled as he picked up the notebook and shoved it under the mattress. Blaine Anderson was the son of the late Brock Anderson and was one of the wealthiest families in the country. When Brock passed away, Blaine, being the only child, inherited the business and the manor. He adjusted his black vest and buttoned shirt. He wore the entire tuxedo except the coat – he hated wearing the coat.

"And the family?" Blaine asked, timidly. Wes groaned.

"Just the same as I remember. Everything is going according to contract. I told Kurt he could go out in the backyard," Wes added. Blaine walked over to one of the windows and pulled back the curtain. He smiled down at his future husband. He had that attire made specifically for Kurt. He looked away from the window.

"Do you have his ring by the way?" Blaine asked. Wes reached into his coat pocket, pulled out a black velvet box, and gave it to Blaine. The groom took the box and opened it. Inside was a silver ring with a couple of diamonds circling around it. There were a few leaf designs around each diamond. One of Wes's jobs was to get a ring for Kurt and for Blaine. This was the first time Blaine saw Kurt's ring. Wes still had the ring Kurt was going to give to Blaine and he hadn't seen it just yet. "It's perfect."

"I need to get to Kurt, but are you ready for this?" Wes asked, knowing full well what the answer was. Blaine took the ring out of the box and placed it in his pocket.

"I've been ready for the last few years."

"You're not trying to hide, are you?" a snide voice asked from behind Kurt. The groom turned around only to roll his eyes in response and turn back away.

"What do you want, Carlton?" Kurt asked still staring out toward the yard. The boy walked over to Kurt and stood beside him.

"This is going to be so sweet. Rich man Anderson taking a boy as his husband. I guess your dad knew what he was doing when he practically bribed him to take you out of our lives," Carlton responded, pretending to be interested in his fingernails. Kurt rolled his eyes. Carlton always did this. He was the most like his mother and Henry only followed along but he was still just as bad.

"Yes, your life was just hell with me around," Kurt said, sarcastically. Carlton just laughed.

"You better be careful with that mouth of yours. I'm sure it'll be used less for talking..." Carlton hinted. Kurt glared at his ignorant stepbrother.

"Shut-up, Carlton. Why don't you go find Greta and follow her around like the mamma's boy that you are," Kurt snapped. Carlton glared at Kurt and reached for his shirt.

"You really want to start this?" Carlton challenged. Even though Carlton and Henry were instructed not to touch Kurt, that didn't stop the emotional torment. Name-calling, being locked in a closet (course Kurt learned how to pick locks so that wasn't so bad), Carlton making derogatory remarks about Kurt, whether it be about his skin color or the way he talks, anything he could think of to make Kurt feel awful about himself.

"Is there a problem here?" Wes asked in a dangerously low voice. Carlton released Kurt's shirt and pretended to fix his collar.

"Of course not, we were just having a brotherly talk," Carlton answered. He touched Kurt's collar again, this time Kurt slapped it away. He glared at his stepbrother but Kurt looked back at him daring to do something else in Wes's presence.

"I think you are better suited elsewhere," Wes strongly suggested. Carlton let out a breath before he walked through the door and closed it behind him. Wes turned to Kurt and walked by him. "Did he hurt you?" Wes asked.

"No. He's just being the same prick self," Kurt answered. Wes was a little too familiar with Kurt's relationship with his stepbrothers.

"I'm sorry that they had to come...but it'll be over soon," Wes said, comfortingly. Kurt just gave a small smile in return. Wes went into his jacket pocket and pulled out another black velvet box. "This is the ring for Blaine." Kurt's eyes brightened a little. Wes had accidentally let it slip as to what kind of ring Blaine was going to have for Kurt and Kurt wanted their rings to somehow match. Kurt liked silver rings and Blaine liked gold ones – so the ring was the exact same type of Blaine's only his was gold with two leaves that were a light shade of red. He ran the idea by Wes one time. When Wes told him what kind of ring Blaine was getting for him, Kurt hesitated to get the same kind. He feared Blaine would be upset that Kurt knew the design and copied him. Wes assured him that Blaine would be flattered that Kurt wanted their rings to match – so that's what he did. Kurt took the box and opened it. It was the first time he had seen the ring and he smiled. The ring was perfect. Just the same ring only it was gold. He closed the box and handed it back to Wes.

"It's perfect," Kurt responded. Wes couldn't help but chuckle at the response. He took the box and put it in his coat pocket. He looked at his phone and sighed.

"It's time," Wes said. Kurt gulped as he turned to the sliding doors. He heard some music start to play. It really was time. Kurt let out a breath as he followed Wes into the house. There were people seated in different areas of the room. He saw his stepmother and brothers sitting together. Wes guided Kurt over to where he was going to stand – he was going to get married now.

It had been the first time Kurt had ever seen Blaine in person. He had only seen a picture of him one time when one of his friends showed him on a cover of some magazine. He was handsome, definitely handsome. And seeing him in person was a lot better than a picture. Kurt knew a few things about Blaine and Blaine knew some things about Kurt.

Blaine's father passed away a few years ago. Kurt's father passed away less than a year ago.

They both loved music.

Kurt liked fashion but he dressed more for comfort than anything else. Blaine was just simple when it came to attire.

Blaine's mother died when he was very young, as did Kurt's when he was young. But Blaine's father never remarried and Kurt wished he could say the same for his dad. He had a stepmother and two stepbrothers that were anything but kind.

Kurt didn't recognize anybody other than his own family at the ceremony. Other than Wes Montgomery, his former tutor, nobody looked familiar to Kurt. The man performing the ceremony stood beside him and Blaine. Blaine smiled warmly at Kurt as they took each other's hands at the man's request. Wes was standing close by with the rings. The idea of being betrothed to someone felt so medieval to Kurt. He had just turned sixteen when his father explained what he had arranged. His father and Blaine had made a contract stating that when Kurt was of age, that he would be married to Blaine Anderson – who is now the owner of Anderson Banks and Stocks. Kurt only heard stories here and there of the industry and the family. No matter how angry and hurt Kurt felt that his father would do that, in some ways, he was grateful. Kurt was not to know what the entire contract entailed. Only Greta and his dad and of course their assigned attorney knew. Greta didn't let anything slip nor did his father before he died.

Part of the contract was being pulled out of school and assigned a private tutor. Kurt missed his friends but being pulled out of that school was a relief to him. Wes Montgomery was a fully educated man that he was Kurt's teacher for everything. French, English, Math, Science it didn't matter. Kurt was very smart and Wes actually challenged him in a way that his school never did. He wasn't to be touched or harmed in anyway, and of course dating was out of the question. Not that Kurt really had any interest in dating anybody anyway.

The man asked for Kurt to give Blaine his ring first. Kurt released Blaine's hand, he made a mental note of the slight callouses on his fingers, he had a feeling Blaine played the guitar. He turned to Wes who held out the box for Kurt. He took the box, opened it and pulled out the ring. He repeated the words as the man requested as he slipped the ring onto Blaine's finger. Blaine let out a breath and smiled at the ring. Kurt was still worried that Blaine wouldn't like it but the look on his face made that fear go away. Blaine repeated the same words when Wes handed him the other box and he slipped the ring on Kurt's finger. It didn't occur to Kurt that at the end, they would have to kiss. Blaine would be Kurt's first kiss, and first everything. When the man said they could kiss, Blaine smiled warmly at Kurt, cupped his cheek and kissed the other one. Kurt smiled at the light touch of his lips. He tilted his head and placed a small kiss on Blaine's cheek in return. The man announced the two now wedded men as Mr. Anderson. Kurt didn't argue. Though he would have liked to keep his name because of his father, he didn't want to be associated with his stepmother and her sons anymore.

There was a light applause as the man congratulated the two men on their nuptials and invited everybody to dine and drink. Kurt watched Carlton and Henry make their way toward the table with all the food, go figure. Music played as Kurt watched a few of the guests mingle and eat. There were some servants, or whatever they were called, that walked around the place and offered any drinks. Kurt watched Blaine talk with Wes and another guy, some blonde in a suit. Kurt took the chance to sort of sneak away from the crowd. He looked down at the ring Blaine put on his finger. He smiled. They definitely matched.

Out of curiosity, Kurt walked out of the front door and stood just a few steps down. He sighed and turned away. The car was still there. That car had been following them the whole time and he had a feeling he knew who it was. There were a few people coming out of the front door and going to their cars. Some of them smiled and congratulated Kurt before they left. Kurt sighed. This was it. He was married. He tried not to pay attention to the car. He was about to turn around and go back inside when he heard someone behind him.

"There you are," it was Blaine. Kurt turned to face his now husband while twisting the ring on his finger. "Not trying to escape already, are you?" Blaine joked. Kurt smiled and let out a half chuckle.

"Just the crowd," Kurt answered.

"I can understand that. How are you?" Blaine asked as he took another step forward to his husband. Kurt had expected to feel awkward or even uncomfortable around Blaine – but he didn't. Blaine didn't try to reach for him or any kind of physical contact though he wanted too.

"I'm okay, I really like my ring," Kurt gestured. Blaine smiled as he started twisting his own ring.

"I really like mine. I like that we match, that was a good idea," Blaine answered. "You look amazing by the way." Blaine complimented. Kurt's cheeks flushed.

"Thank you, you don't look so bad yourself. I do like this outfit. I was a little worried it wouldn't fit when it was delivered," Kurt responded.

"Oh, I made sure the measurements were correct. There's more where that came from," Blaine stated. Kurt looked over his shoulder and back when he saw the car again. Blaine noticed Kurt's sudden tension. "Is something wrong?"

"No, nothing's wrong," Kurt responded immediately. Blaine didn't believe him. This time, he reached out and took a hold of Kurt's hand.

"Something's troubling you, tell me, please?" Blaine asked, gently. Kurt looked into Blaine's eyes. He hadn't realized just how hazel they were, almost green. He laced his fingers with Blaine and took a step closer toward him.

"I could just be...paranoid but..." Kurt started but stopped. Blaine gave Kurt's hand a light squeeze.

"But what?"

"That car...I think it was following us because it was there when we arrived and it hasn't left at all. I've seen that car before..." Kurt whispered. Blaine straightened his posture.

"Which one?" Blaine asked. Kurt described the car to Blaine and his husband was able to pin point where the car was. Blaine pulled out his phone and sent a quick message before he put it back in his pocket. "Thank you for telling me."

"I don't want to cause..." Kurt started but Blaine put his hand on his cheek to silence him.

"It's okay. This is your home now, Kurt. The last thing I want you to feel is unsafe here. If something is bothering you or concerning you, I don't care how paranoid you think you're being or how small you think it is, talk to me. Tell me about it. You're my husband, and I am yours. I don't ever want to have secrets between us," Blaine's thumb started stroking the edge of Kurt's cheekbone. Kurt stayed silent but nodded his response. Blaine removed his hand from Kurt's cheek when the same blonde boy in a suit came outside.

"What's going on, Blaine?" the man asked.

"Kurt? This is Jeffrey Sterling, or Jeff. He's one of the body guards, and a very good one. Jeff, this is Kurt," Blaine introduced. Jeff smiled and held out his hand to Kurt.

"It's good to finally meet you, Kurt. I'm glad to see this day finally come," Jeff said in a happy tone. Kurt smiled as he took Jeff's hand.

"It's nice to meet you too, Jeff."

"Jeff, there's a car that I don't seem to recognize and Kurt believes that it followed him..." Blaine explained in a low voice.

"We actually caught that not long after Kurt arrived. I've been keeping on an eye on it and so has Nick. Nobody has come out of the car yet, but we wanted to wait till after the ceremony to confront the person." Jeff looked over at the car and noticed that the engine had sounded and the wheels were turning. "And I think they finally took the hint..." Jeff said almost proudly when the car drove out of its spot and out of sight. Blaine saw the relief on his husband's face when the car vanished.

"Do you know who was in the car?" Blaine asked Jeff.

"Not yet, but we got the information we need. I'll let you know what we find. Don't worry, Kurt, we've got your back," Jeff said as he patted Kurt on his shoulder. Kurt laughed lightly but not uncomfortably. He cringed when he heard his stepmother laughing, maniacally and fake, inside the house. Jeff rolled his eyes as he went into the house to make sure everything and everyone was still in one piece. Blaine still had a hold of Kurt's hand and squeezed it again.

"I have a little surprise for you," Blaine said.

"What is it?"

"Well, first I'm going to inform certain guests of what is to come next," Blaine started. "And then, you and I will go upstairs to my study and wait for your stepmother and two brothers and David who is my attorney," Blaine tugged Kurt toward the entrance of the house and he continued talking.

"What's going on?" Kurt asked. Blaine smiled.

"I'll be happy to explain it to you. Just wait for me upstairs. Down the hall, third door on the left. David and I will be there in a few," Blaine gave Kurt a quick kiss on the cheek before he walked back to the party and Kurt did as he was instructed. He walked up the long staircase and came to the hallway. The place was like a maze. There were portraits hanging on the walls. Some were pictures of Blaine and a much older man – had to be his father. Kurt came to the door Blaine instructed him to and opened it. It was a large library with a desk over by a massive window. Kurt's breath caught in his throat when he saw the many books and shelves that covered all parts of the walls.

There was a ladder to reach the higher shelves. Kurt loved to read. He didn't care for the e-readers, he preferred real books and seeing all of them surrounding him was a beautiful sight. It could very well be the library from Beauty and the Beast. Kurt hadn't paid attention to the footsteps coming down the hall and the door opening. He could have sworn he saw some old classics like Jane Austen. He was about to go to the ladder when the he heard someone chuckle behind him.

"You like?" Blaine asked.

"I love," Kurt answered. That pleased Blaine.

"Good. You can come in here anytime you want. Even if I'm working, you can come in here and read or do whatever you want," Blaine said happily. Kurt smiled as he walked over to his husband.

"We only have a few minutes to talk before your family comes up here, so we should get a few things straight," a dark skinned man in a lightly colored suit said. "I'm David Hughes, the Anderson attorney if you will." Kurt held out his hand to David and shook it.

"Nice to meet you," Kurt responded.

"You'll change your mind when you get to know him," Blaine joked. David smacked him playfully on the shoulder. Kurt just laughed as he watched his husband sit in the chair at the desk.

"Kurt, as was part of the contract, I take it you don't know the full version of it, am I right?" David started. Kurt was still not happy that he didn't know that.

"I do not," Kurt answered. David could sense the bitterness in Kurt's voice, he understood.

"Trust me, it was for your own good. Your father and Blaine worked out that contract to the very last letter. Everything was specific and clear. I proofed it as did your stepmother's attorney and everything was settled. Nobody can appeal it." David started. Kurt looked over at Blaine then back at David.

"I'm not sure I understand," Kurt responded.

"The final part of the contract states that when you were delivered, so to speak, to be married, your family was to receive a generous sum. Think of it as a dowry, except Blaine provides it, instead of you," David explained. "And it also states that after the ceremony and the money is given to them, they are not to come near you or this estate again." That caught Kurt's attention right away.

"What?" Kurt wasn't sure he heard right.

"Your father was a great man and he wanted very much for you to be taken care of after his passing. He knew his wife would not fulfill that wish after he was gone. So he stated in the contract that they are not to have any contact with you or come within five hundred feet of you. In laymen's terms, they are to be cut out of your life and have nothing from you or demand anything of you once you and Blaine are married."

"You mean...they...I..." Kurt was at a loss for words. Blaine laughed lightly as he got up from his chair and walked over by his husband.

"Your father made that very clear. It took us quite a while to draw up that contract until he and I found it satisfactory. The choice is still yours, however, if you want to see them, that is your wish..." Blaine said. Kurt looked at his husband. Even though the said contract said that his family would not have anything to do with him anymore, Blaine still said that it was Kurt's choice. Nothing was forced.

"I don't know what to say...actually...I think we'll stick with the contract," Kurt said quickly. David and Blaine laughed.

"I thought you might. Anyway, just let me do all the talking when they get here. They can't hurt you nor appeal any of this. This contract is solid and legal. Your stepmother knew of everything." David walked over by the desk while Blaine put his hand on the small of Kurt's back.

"Consider that a wedding gift, from me and your father," Blaine whispered. Kurt smiled.

"It's perfect," Kurt answered. Before Blaine could say anything else, the door opened with Greta, Carlton and Henry in the doorway.

"I hope we aren't interrupting anything," Greta said sweetly. Blaine put on his polite face as he grasped Kurt's hand and led him toward the desk.

"Not at all, have a seat. This won't take long," David instructed. Greta took the chair, unable to contain the grin on her face. She knew what was coming next as did her two sons. Blaine pulled on a drawer and picked up a small black book – it was a checkbook. Kurt felt a little uneasy that Blaine was filling out a check but his husband did it without so much as an ounce of hesitation. He scribbled on the book, tore the paper, and handed it to David.

"The sum we agreed upon," David said as he handed the check to Greta. The woman nearly yanked it out of his hand and examined it. She smiled in satisfaction as she folded the check and placed it in her purse.

"I'm so glad we could get this going peacefully. I'm sure Kurt will tell us all about everything..." Greta started. David had a feeling the woman would do something like that and held up his hand.

"Are you aware of the final page in the contact, Mrs. Hummel?" David asked. Greta paused for a moment. Both her boys looked at their mother.

"What's that?" Greta asked.

"We gave you the agreed upon sum. Now the final part, unless Kurt insists upon it differently, is that you and your sons and anybody in your family is not to have any contact with Kurt." Kurt watched the expression on his brother's faces and Greta's.

"Why is that a big deal?" Henry asked. Kurt expected that.

"It means that if they throw a cool party or whatnot, we can't go to it," Carlton glared at Kurt.

"Boys, shut-up. Kurt, surely you wouldn't turn your back on your family," Greta directed her attention to her stepson. This was the same woman that allowed her boys to bully him. This was the same woman that said awful things to Kurt's face and behind his back when she stupidly believed he wasn't listening. This woman was not his family and his father was right.

"My only family passed away," Kurt stated, firmly. Blaine stood beside his husband. Greta got up from her chair.

"You ungrateful brat! After the sacrifices I made for you! Gave you a roof over your head and food in your belly! I kept you from harm..."

"Kept me from harm? You who let those two bastards lock me in closets, say hurtful things to me, going as far as to try and corner me in my room! You betrayed my father and let me to fend for myself. We are not a family!" Kurt snapped. Blaine took a hold of his husband's arm.

"You let your boys do what? And Mrs. Hummel, I know your attorney went over every bit of that contract with you and your husband so this should not be a shock to you." David stated. Greta sighed as she glared at her sons. She knew about that but never gave it much thought since she believed Kurt wouldn't agree to it.

"We never hurt him!" Carlton defended.

"Hurt is not just physical. I stand by what my father wrote in that contract. I want nothing to do with any of you. You have your money now I want you to leave," Kurt commanded in a low tone.

"You selfish..."

"I believe you heard my husband, you may leave on your own or I can have you escorted," Blaine said dangerously. Greta let out a frustrated sigh.

"Good riddance, he was clouding up the place anyway," Carlton remarked as they went to the door.

"Hush, you!" Greta yelled. "Don't think that once things go sour or if you get tossed aside that you can come home. You are on your own, forever!" Greta yelled as she pushed the two boys out of the study and slammed the door behind her. David started pushing against his head and making small circles. He had to deal with that family one time and already he felt a migraine coming. Blaine took out his phone and dialed a number.

"Jeff? Please make sure Mrs. Hummel and her sons leave," Blaine said into the phone. Kurt heard Jeff say 'no problem' before Blaine hung up the phone. Kurt let out a breath as he felt his husband lead him to the chair and gently push him down.

"Sit down, love," Blaine said gently. Kurt did so and let out another breath.

"Are you all right?" David asked. Kurt looked at David then back at his husband.

"I will be. I do know one thing though," Kurt answered.

"What's that?"

"I'm really hungry," Kurt responded. Blaine laughed as he pulled his husband up from the chair.

"I am too. Let's get something to eat."

The rest of the reception went smoothly. Music played and Kurt met a lot of different people, including the house servants that lived in the manor. Blaine stayed by his side the entire time, introducing him to different people, showing him different parts of the house. He even introduced him to Mrs. Devereaux, the eldest woman that lived in the manor. She was the lead servant in the manor and had been there since Blaine's father was a young boy. She was an older woman but she still had plenty of energy to yell or give orders. The woman was a bit intimidating.

"Blaine! What have I told you about wearing a napkin when you eat something with sauce on it?" Mrs. Devereaux said, sternly. Blaine swallowed his food quickly.

"It was just one bite," Blaine remarked.

"If you get one stain on that vest..." the woman nearly threatened.

"Trust me, I wouldn't dare," Blaine interrupted. The woman rolled her eyes and walked away to yell at a few people in the kitchen. Blaine turned to see his husband trying not to laugh but he was failing miserably. "You just wait until she starts up on you." Kurt continued to laugh.

"I think I kind of like her," Kurt answered. Blaine just smiled and put his arm around Kurt's waist.

"She's something," Blaine stated. He smiled widely when he saw a blonde woman in a yellow dress make her way toward them.

"Blaine! I'm so sorry I couldn't make it to the ceremony," the woman apologized as she hugged him tightly. "I guess attending my insufferable brother's birthday was high priority in my family for some reason." Blaine just laughed as he released the blonde.

"No need, I understand. I'm glad you could come to the reception though. There is plenty of food. Oh! And this is Kurt," Blaine introduced. "Kurt, this is Quinn Fabray, one of the best secretaries in the world." Quinn hit Blaine lightly on the shoulder.

"The best, thank you very much. I better be to put up with you," Quinn said sweetly, before she engulfed Kurt in a friendly hug. "It's so nice to meet you, Kurt. I hope you'll come visit at the office." Quinn pulled away. Kurt smiled at the woman.

"It's nice to meet you too, Quinn," Kurt stated.

"I hate to meet and rush but I am starving. My family has the worst cooks in the world. Last time I got food poisoning. And I smell beef, excuse me." Quinn made a dash toward the table, grabbed a plate, and started filling it. Kurt laughed along with Blaine.

"I think I'm going to like her," Kurt responded.

"She's wonderful. You two will get along just fine," Blaine still only put his hand on Kurt's back. Kurt turned to his husband and smiled warmly.

"You know...it's okay if you...want to hug me, I won't pull away," Kurt said softly. Blaine looked at his husband before taking both arms and circling them around Kurt's waist. The warm feeling of Blaine's body against Kurt's warranted a soft exhale as he encircled his arms around Blaine's neck.

"I didn't want to feel like I was invading your space," Blaine admitted into Kurt's ear.

"I appreciate that, but it's okay, I like this," Kurt answered. That made Blaine smile as he tightened his grasp around Kurt's waist. This was nice. It was very nice.

"Awe...that is so cute!" Quinn said with her full plate. Blaine sighed while Kurt just flushed. He was really going to like Quinn.

It was really late, a lot later than anticipated. After the last of the guests had left, Blaine led Kurt up the stairs to their bedroom. It didn't occur to Kurt that it was now their wedding night – which meant sex. His heart started beating when they got closer and closer to the room. Blaine opened the door and allowed Kurt to go inside first. The room wasn't large but the bed was a king size with a dark bedspread. There was a dresser with a large mirror and there was a television on the other side of the room and one door just on the right side of the bed. There was also double doors on the other side of the television and a large window looking out to the backyard. Blaine sensed Kurt's sudden nervousness and took a hold of his hands after he closed the door.

"Kurt? We need to talk," Blaine said calmly as he led Kurt over to the bed. Kurt licked his lips as he slowly sat on the foot of the bed. "Look at me, please," Blaine said. Kurt looked at his husband as requested. "I want you to know that, even though it is our wedding night, we are not going to have sex." Kurt blinked a few times.


"I know you're not ready and we are still getting to know each other. I know that getting married to someone you don't know is kind of a stresser, but the last thing I want is for you to fear me or not trust me. So, we are going to take our time and we'll do what feels comfortable for both of us. I would love for us to share a bed though, but I won't force you. You tell me if you want to sleep in another room and I'll have it arranged for you. I want you to be happy with me, Kurt."

Kurt's mouth gaped. He wasn't going to have sex and Blaine wanted them to take things slow. Why in the world did this man want to marry him when he could have had anybody he wanted? Kurt smiled at his husband.

"Believe it or not, I'm more comfortable here with you than I ever was with my stepfamily. So, I would like to share a bed with you. Thank you," Kurt said and threw his arms around Blaine's neck. Blaine was a little surprised but he took the gesture fully.

"I'm so glad to hear that, you have no idea," Blaine said into Kurt's ear. He started rubbing Kurt's back up and down before he pulled away. "I really am. I'm so glad you're finally here." Blaine looked into Kurt's eyes. They were just beautiful. He had waited so long to have him and now that he was here, it was like he was dreaming again. He wanted to lean forward and kiss those lips that he had waited so long to touch. But he cleared his throat and smiled instead. "Do you need to shower?"

"No, I did before I was brought here," Kurt answered.

"I'm going to go take a quick one. In the meantime, you can explore our closet and see all of the clothes I had made for you. And of course," Blaine got up from the bed and picked up the remote control. "One control for the television. You can watch some cable or I have Netflix. You can put anything you want in the queue. Or you can see what I have, either way. Make yourself comfortable, this is your room too now." Blaine kissed Kurt on the cheek, gave him the remote, walked through the single door, and closed it behind him.

Kurt held onto the remote but made his way toward the double doors. When he opened them, he gasped. The closet was huge. Kurt walked into the closet and could tell which side was his and which side was Blaine's. Kurt pulled on a few of the shirts. These were new clothes and looked like they were tailored for Kurt specifically. Blaine did say that he had them made for him. They were simple and stylish, but he knew he would be comfortable in them. Oh wow, what was he going to wear tomorrow?

He heard the water start up in the bathroom. He turned to the clothes one more time then left the closet. He felt he should wait for Blaine to show him the clothes. Kurt took the remote and pressed the power button. The screen brightened and Kurt saw a menu. He could go to cable or go to play a DVD or Netflix. Kurt pressed the Netflix option and saw Blaine's queue. There was quite a selection. One that caught his eye was a series called Once Upon a Time. He pressed the first episode and watched it.

Just before the episode ended, Blaine opened the door and walked out only wearing pajama bottoms and a white muscle shirt. Oh dear God, he had a hot husband. Kurt tried to contain the blush on his face and concentrate on the show, but the credits rolled and the option to go to the next episode came up.

"I've had that in my queue for a few weeks and never got a chance to watch it. How was it?" Blaine asked excitedly as he sat down on the bed beside Kurt. He figured Kurt would have the right side of the bed, which was fine. They both had nightstands and lamps on their sides so it didn't matter which side Kurt took.

"I love it. Do you want to watch the first episode with me?" Kurt asked. He had snuggled himself under the covers after he changed into some pajama pants and a long sleeved shirt he found in the closet while the episode blared on the television. Blaine smiled at what Kurt was wearing.

"No, you don't have to do that, you can watch the next episode," Blaine said as he settled himself under the blanket. Kurt got a whiff of the smell – he smelled incredible. Like Lavender and old spice.

"I don't mind at all. We could start together and kind of watch everything together too," Kurt suggested. Blaine smiled at the idea.

"All right, I've kind of been wanting to find time to watch it," Blaine admitted. Kurt pressed a few buttons to play the episode again while Blaine turned off the lights and the lamp on his side.

They watched the first episode, then the second and then the third. Blaine could tell Kurt was getting tired and he was too. He yawned before he watched Kurt shut off the television. The light from the moon came through their window while Kurt laid the remote on his nightstand.

"Sleep well, Kurt," Blaine said softly. Kurt settled himself on his pillow. The bed was amazingly comfortable.

"You too, Blaine," Kurt paused for a moment. "Blaine?"

"Yes?" Blaine yawned again as he settled himself on his pillow. Kurt pushed himself upward.

"Will you do something for me?" Kurt asked. Blaine turned toward his husband.

"Of course, what is it?" Blaine said in a soft voice. Kurt had pondered this ever since Blaine was in the shower. He had a feeling Blaine wasn't going to press for it so Kurt thought he would take that chance.

"Will you...kiss me?" Kurt asked, shyly. "On the lips," he added.

"Really?" Blaine asked to make sure he heard right.

"Yes," Kurt answered. Blaine licked his lips as he reached up to cup Kurt's cheek. Blaine leaned forward and stopped for a moment. He looked at Kurt. Even though it was dark, he could still see the blue in his eyes. Both men smiled before Kurt leaned the rest of the way and pressed his lips against Blaine's. His first ever kiss. He knew Blaine was probably experienced so he really didn't have much to offer. But that didn't seem to be the case for Blaine. As soon as Kurt's lips rested against his, he closed his eyes and savored the moment. Their lips started moving in a slow rhythm. Blaine pulled away slowly with a familiar sound of their lips parting and a soft moan from Kurt's throat. That pleased Blaine.

"Good night, my love," Blaine whispered before he kissed him again.

"Good night," Kurt said in a low tired voice but the smile on his face was plain. Blaine and Kurt settled into the bed and as soon as they hit their pillows, sleep finally took over.