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Chapter 18: Kurt plans his and Blaine's wedding. After the wedding, Kurt makes a special request from Blaine before going on their honeymoon.

Chapter 18:
A New Beginning

Because Kurt's birthday had been a few months before the wedding, he wanted to make it his mission to plan the perfect wedding to have on their anniversary. While Blaine tried to tell Kurt that it was okay if the wedding wasn't on the exact day, Kurt still wanted to make it happen. As Kurt's birthday present, he got to plan the wedding. Of course, Blaine had some input, but he was never one for planning parties, that was all Kurt's.

Kurt wanted the wedding to be at their house. It was the place for their first wedding, it was their home. What better place to have the perfect wedding than at home? Kurt was able to invite Mercedes and Tina, of course all of the Warblers and Rachel and Quinn. Whomever he didn't want there, would not be there.

Kurt constantly twirled his wedding ring on his finger. As if to remind himself that he had it back and it wasn't going anywhere. Sasha was growing, so it made it easier for Kurt to find her since she couldn't hide behind large objects, like dressers, anymore.

The wedding was now less than a week away. So far, everything was prepared exactly how Kurt had wanted it. Kurt was talking with Mrs. Devereaux about the food and also about how Kurt and Blaine were going to dress. Kurt already had that worked out, but she couldn't help but put her two cents into it. After all, she had nearly lectured Blaine last year about wearing a napkin on his tie.

Kurt smiled at the small memory. It made him think about where he was and where he was going. He never expected to fall in love with his husband. They were getting remarried and it was going to be completely them this time.

"Are you daydreaming again?" Mrs. Devereaux called. Kurt blinked a few times.

"Sorry. It's just...I don't know. We're already married but it's still so exciting," Kurt answered. Mrs. Devereaux smiled.

"It was rather adorable at how nervous Blaine was, preparing that proposal. It was as if he was afraid you would say no or something," Mrs. Devereaux stated.

"Really?" Kurt asked.

"That boy overthinks everything. Just like when he climbed up on my cupboards to get a cookie," Mrs. Devereaux said, still not quite pleased with that story even if Blaine was a little boy then. Kurt just laughed.

"Cute," he commented.

"It was anything but," Mrs. Devereaux remarked. Kurt just rolled his eyes as the woman went into the kitchen. At that moment, Blaine had walked through the front door, excited look on his face.

"Hello, my love!" Blaine exclaimed, pulling Kurt into a long kiss. Kurt chuckled against Blaine's lips before Blaine pulled away.

"Hello to you to," Kurt said, breathlessly.

"Sorry, I'm just anxious. Not only for our wedding, but I have a big surprise for you," Blaine said, happily. Kurt's smile widened.

"Tell me!" Kurt yelped. Blaine laughed a little.

"I don't know. Should I ruin the surprise?" Blaine asked, playfully.

"Yes!" Kurt answered, immediately.

"The wedding is a week away, I think you can wait till then," Blaine added.

"You are not going to do what you did to me when you kept those opera tickets a secret from me," Kurt said, point at Blaine.

"You sure?"

"Need I remind you of the little cry fest you had when we watched Jiminy Cricket almost killed?" Blaine glared at his husband, albeit not seriously.

"Now I'm really not going to tell you," Blaine said, folding his arms across his chest. Kurt laughed a little.

"Baby? I'm sorry. Will you please tell me?" Kurt asked, putting his arms around Blaine's neck, pushing his forehead against Blaine's. Blaine unfolded his arms, grasping around Kurt's waist.

"You're lucky I love you so much," Blaine whispered.

"I am," Kurt responded. Blaine smiled.

"I suppose I should tell you. I mean, I would hate to have to endure a long lecture from you for springing something like this on you and, to your standards, not having enough time to pack." Kurt pulled his head away and looked at Blaine, baffled.

"Pack?" He asked. Blaine released Kurt and pulled out what looked like a couple of folded pieces of paper from his back pocket.

"This is for you and me. For our honeymoon," Blaine answered, watching Kurt's face light up as he took the papers.

"Honeymoon? We're taking a honeymoon?" Kurt asked, unfolding the papers.

"Absolutely. We didn't take one the first time, we're going to take one this time," Blaine said. Kurt laughed a little.

"Well, babe, I think it would have been awkward if we took one last year," Kurt joked. Blaine couldn't disagree. Kurt gasped when he realized what the papers were.

They were order confirmation plane tickets, to Italy.

"Italy?" Kurt asked, just to make sure what he read wasn't some cruel mistake. Blaine smiled, lovingly.

"Italy. Two flights, we leave the day after the wedding, and we will be gone for two weeks," Blaine answered.

"Oh my god...I don't know what to say," Kurt said. His husband was taking him on a two-week honeymoon to Italy. What was there to say?

"You could say, Blaine you are the most wonderful, handsome, talented man in the whole world and I will cherish you forever." Kurt smirked at Blaine, pushing him toward the couch. Before Blaine could make any response, Kurt pushed him onto his back and laid over him.

"Or," Kurt started, giving Blaine a light brush kiss. "I could just thank you."

Blaine wasn't going to argue.

The day had arrived. Kurt was in one of the guest rooms getting ready while Blaine was in their bedroom. Both men didn't like the idea of not seeing each other twenty-four hours before the wedding, but Mrs. Devereaux insisted that they get ready, separately.

Kurt had the idea that for their suits, Blaine would wear a white shirt with a black vest and pants, while Kurt wore a black shirt with a white vest and pants. Blaine loved the idea. Kurt was situating his vest when there was a knock at the door.

"Blaine? You better not let Mrs. Devereaux catch you," Kurt called.

"It's us!" Mercedes said.

"Come in!" Kurt exclaimed. Mercedes and Tina came into the room. Mercedes were a strapless dark pink dress while Tina wore a black and white spaghetti strap dress. Mercedes closed the door behind her quickly.

"Look at you all handsome!" Mercedes cooed, engulfing Kurt in a large hug with Tina following behind. Kurt laughed as he embraced his girls.

"How does it look out there?" Kurt asked.

"Pretty much everybody has arrived. Mrs. Devereaux had to shoo a few guys out of the kitchen," Tina answered. Kurt would bet anything one of the guys was Jeff or Noah.

"Is it strange that I'm nervous about getting married again? I mean, I'm already married, but..." Kurt started babbling. Mercedes rolled her eyes.

"Boy, calm yourself. Of course it's not strange. You planned this wedding to the very T this time. You got to be in control over who gets to come and how it goes," Mercedes responded, putting her arm around Kurt's shoulders.

"I still can't believe Blaine is taking me to Italy tomorrow," Kurt said, not able to contain the smile on his face.

"I want lots of pictures! And I better get something nice back," Mercedes stated.

"Me too!" Tina added. "By the way, why is the couch covered? I asked Mrs. Devereaux and she gave me this...this look." Kurt groaned a little.

"You mean the look that could kill you in two seconds if given the chance?" Kurt asked. Tina nodded, Mercedes laughed.

"Yeah...she's not happy with me and Blaine about the couch," Kurt muttered. Mercedes smirked.

"And why is that?" Kurt's cheeks flushed a little.

"Let's just say...we left a few stains on there and...yeah," Kurt muttered. Both Tina and Mercedes laughed. Kurt wasn't going to apologize for thanking his husband, on the couch then later in their room, for the honeymoon tickets. After a few moments of silence, Kurt let out a breath. He wore his mother's locket around his neck. Kurt pulled the locket from under the shirt and held onto it.

"I just...can't believe everything that's happened, and what's going to come," Kurt admitted. Tina smiled at her friend.

"Sure you can. Because it did happen and is going to continue happening."

Blaine was sitting on his and Kurt's bed, reading the same notebook he had been reading that day last year when there was a knock on the door. He wasn't surprised when the person behind the door was Wes. Behind him, though, was Rachel and Quinn, nearly pushing Wes into the room so they could quickly close the door. Blaine just laughed.

"I swear, I tried to sneak past them," Wes said.

"Sneak past Rachel Berry and Quinn Fabray? Amateur," Quinn commented. Blaine put the notebook back under the mattress, getting to his feet. Rachel threw her arms around Blaine's neck.

"Blaine! You look so handsome! I'm so happy for you!" Rachel squealed. Blaine returned the hug in full force.

"Rachel, he and Kurt are already married," Wes remarked. Rachel released Blaine, ignoring Wes.

"It's still sweet and romantic," Quinn said.

Rachel smiled at her girlfriend before turning back to Blaine. "Italy for two weeks. I'm jealous." Blaine smiled.

"I'm looking forward to it. I can't wait to take Kurt to another opera," Blaine said happily.

"Not just so you can show off speaking Italian, right?" Wes teased. Blaine smirked.

"Maybe. Either way, this feels more like a new beginning than anything. I never thought we would be like this together. I can't even put it to words how happy I am." Quinn and Rachel cooed as they wrapped their arms around Blaine. Wes rolled his eyes but smiled at his friend.

Wes pulled out his phone and looked at the time. He smiled and put it away.

"It's time to go, Blaine," he said. "Are you ready?" Blaine smiled at the familiarity.

"I've been ready."

When the music started, Kurt and Blaine met each other at the top of the stairs. Rather than one of them walking down and meeting the other, they both agreed to go down together. Kurt linked his arm with Blaine's as they walked, carefully, down the stairs. Everybody that mattered was there. Once they reached the bottom, they stood in front of the man who was more than happy to marry them, again. The music faded as Blaine and Kurt's fingers laced together.

The man spoke praise about Kurt and Blaine's relationship. He talked about the first day he wedded Kurt and Blaine and how even as strangers there was a connection. This time, Kurt and Blaine decided to write their own vows. When the man asked them to face each other, he asked Blaine to read his vows first.

Blaine actually wrote a few drafts of his vows. They had to be perfect. This was their chance to start new with their marriage. He took a hold of Kurt's other hand, holding both at the same time as he looked at his husband.

"Kurt, there is a moment, when you say to yourself, oh there you are! I've been looking for you forever. I don't regret a single moment between us. Even when Mrs. Devereaux shamelessly embarrasses me." There were a few chuckles, Mrs. Devereaux just looked at Blaine with stern look. They knew that she was holding back a smile. Sasha was curled up in her lap, sleeping. Sometimes Blaine swore Sasha liked Mrs. Devereaux more than him and Kurt.

"You know when, everything was arranged I didn't know what to expect. But I knew that it was right. It was like my soul knew something that my body and my mind didn't know yet. When we touched for the first time, I knew that our hands were meant to hold each other, fearlessly and forever." Blaine brought Kurt's left hand and gave his ring finger a light kiss.

Kurt couldn't help the smile on his face.

"Which is why it's never really felt like I've been getting to know you, it was like I was remembering you from something. I love you, Kurt. We have been through so much this past year. I don't know how I could have gone through so long without you being with me, by my side. And I never have to wonder that again."

There were a few aww's from the crowd. Mainly coming from the girls, even Mrs. Devereaux. Kurt squeezed Blaine's hands, gently. He almost felt like crying, but he refused to cry at his own wedding.

"Damn it, Blaine," Kurt said with a choked up voice. A single tear rolled down his cheek. So much for not crying at his own wedding. Blaine smiled as he rubbed the tear away with his thumb.

"And now we will hear Kurt's vows," the man said.

"Mine won't be as sappy as Blaine's," Kurt joked and Blaine laughed. Kurt took in a breath before looking back at Blaine.

"I didn't know what to think when I first came here. All I knew was a man who arranged for us to get married. The man I met was so different from the man I wrote to, and I couldn't be happier. You were my first everything, Blaine. My first marriage..." Kurt joked a little, causing a few laughs.

"My first kiss, my first love and you'll be my last. I didn't expect to fall in love. You've been my rock ever since I got here. My friend, my soul mate. You were right, there is a moment when you say to yourself, there you are. I don't know when that was for me, whether it would be the first time we kissed, the first night you sang to me, or when you first told me you loved me, either way, I love you, Blaine. You are my other half, you're all I need."

"I thought you said yours wasn't sappy," Blaine tried to joke, but his voice was a bit choked. Kurt laughed a little.

"I said mine wasn't as sappy as yours," Kurt answered.

"I think now is the perfect time to say, I now pronounce you husband and husband, again. You may kiss now," the man said. Kurt smiled, throwing his hands around Blaine's neck and pulling him into a deep kiss. Applause sounded as Blaine encircled his arms around Kurt's waist.

The reception went on smoothly. Mrs. Devereaux got onto Blaine for not wearing something over his tuxedo when he ate anything, and Kurt laughed. Blaine and a few of his Warbler friends did a few tunes, even Rachel and Quinn joined them. Noah and his wife joined a few times in the chorus. Sasha walked around to everybody who was willing to pet her, or sneak her a few table scraps.

Nobody else asked why the couch was covered, and both Blaine and Kurt were thankful for that.

It was getting late and Kurt and Blaine had a long flight to catch the next day.

Kurt was standing next to Tina and Mercedes when Blaine came by and tried to get everybody to keep quiet. Jeff blew a loud whistle with his fingers and everybody went silent. Blaine rolled his eyes but didn't complain.

"Remember your cue?" was all Blaine asked. Rachel, Quinn, Tina and Mercedes nodded, as did every other guy in the Warbler group, and Noah and Kate. Blaine turned to Kurt and held out his hands. Baffled, Kurt took Blaine's hands, letting Blaine lead him to the center of the room.

Blaine didn't say anything, just stood with Kurt, looking at him with so much love in his eyes. A light harmony started from around the room. Kurt smiled, Blaine was about to sing to him, and apparently, so was everybody else.

Blaine waited for the perfect cue.

Another year you made a promise
Another chance to turn it all around
And do not save this for tomorrow
Embrace the past and you can live for now

And I...
Will give the world to you

Blaine sang to Kurt. He touched Kurt's locket when he said embrace the past. Kurt wished more than anything that his mother and father could see him getting married like this. Kurt smiled as the harmonies continued. Blaine looked at him a with slight wide-eyed expression. Kurt knew that look very well. That was the same look he gave Kurt the day of Blaine's surprise birthday party.

Kurt just smiled and took a breath.

Speak louder than the words before you
And give them meaning no one else has found
The role we play is so important
We are the voices of the underground

And I...
Will give the world to you

Blaine smiled widely as Kurt sang to him. He really loved Kurt's voice. They really were connected. Blaine wrapped his arms around Kurt's waist. The song still played, this time, Kurt and Blaine just listened.

Tina smiled as she and Noah looked briefly at each other. Noah nodded.

Say everything you've always wanted

Be not afraid of who you really are

Nick, Jeff and Wes:
Cause in the end we have each other

And that's at least one thing worth living for

And I...
Would give the world to you

Kurt savored being in Blaine's arms as everybody around them sang. Kurt had his family. Blaine was his home. He smiled as he wrapped his arms around Blaine's waist this time. The song kept going, he heard Rachel and Quinn sing together. The Warblers harmonized together. Blaine didn't sing along with the song, just held Kurt.

A million suns that shine upon me
A million nights you are the brightest blue

Lets tear the walls down that divide us
And build a statue strong enough for two

Kurt and Blaine looked up at their friends.

And pass it back to you

David and Noah:
And I will wait for you

Cause I would give the world
And I would give the world
And I would give the world to you

Blaine sang again, slowly everybody joining him. Kurt sang along with them, holding tightly around Blaine's waist. He was about to do something he had never done. When the crescendo sounded, Kurt held onto Blaine, looked him in the eyes. In one swift movement, Kurt dipped Blaine and kissed him before Blaine could give any kind of reaction.

The song continued, even when their favorite men were in their own world right now. Mercedes took the next high note as the chorus continued.

This is a new year
A new beginning
You made a promise
You are the brightest

We are the voices
This is a new year

We are the voices
This is a new year

Kurt pulled away from the kiss, gently bringing Blaine back up to his feet. Blaine stood breathlessly, wide grin across his face. Kurt laughed a little as Blaine picked him up and swung him around in circles.

The next day was spent making sure everything was packed. They had a few hours to get to the airport, which was good for Kurt. He had made a small request of Blaine before going to the airport. There was a comfortable silence between the two during the car ride. Kurt was holding two long stemmed full blown roses. They had stopped by a florist before pulling up onto a gravel road.

Blaine put the car into park and turned off the ignition. Kurt let out a breath, holding the two roses.

"Do you want me to go with you?" Blaine asked. Kurt looked at his husband and nodded.

"Yes please," he answered. Blaine nodded as he and Kurt got out of the car. It had been a long time since he visited his mother's grave, he hadn't even seen his father's since he was buried. They walked through the grass until they came to two headstones.

Burt Elijah Hummel

Elizabeth Suzan Hummel

Kurt smiled sadly at the names. Loving wife and mother and loving father and husband engraved just below their names. Blaine stood while his husband walked in between the stones and knelt down onto the grass.

"For you, mom," he said, placing one rose in front of his mother's headstone.

"And for you, dad," he said, putting the other rose in front of his father's headstone. Kurt took a deep breath and looked down at his hands.

"Mom, you would have loved Blaine. Dad sure liked him. I wish you two could have been at the wedding. I actually planned it. We sang, danced, ate, it was wonderful," Kurt choked.

Blaine walked beside his husband, not interrupting his moment, just being there.

"Dad, I know you did what was best, I never resented you. Blaine is the best thing that's ever happened to me. I really am happy. You'd love Mrs. Devereaux, though she is not at all gentle when it comes to changing bandages," Kurt added for good humor. Blaine laughed a little.

"I'm actually thinking about college. I don't know what I would do yet, but I think that's what I want to do right now. I miss you. I'll try to visit more often. I can tell you about my trip to Italy. I love you both."

Kurt took in a breath as he stood up on his feet. He looked over at Blaine with a small smile.

"Are you okay?" Blaine asked, taking a hold of Kurt's hand.

"I am. Let's get going," Kurt said, tugging at Blaine's arm. Blaine held back a little, turning to the two headstones.

"I promised I would take care of him, I hope I didn't let you down. It's not just me taking care of him, we are taking care of each other. I always keep my promises. You have a remarkable son, Mr. and Mrs. Hummel. Thank you for bringing him to me."

Kurt smiled as Blaine walked with Kurt to their car. They got into the car and before Blaine turned on the ignition, Kurt leaned forward and kissed him on the cheek.

"I love you," Kurt whispered. Blaine smiled.

"I love you too." Married for a year and it seemed like they were getting a new beginning.

The End.

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