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Chapter 6: Kurt and Blaine spend the beginning of their weekend together. They exchange stories about each other, including some memories of their parents and other past events.

Chapter 6:
Past Memories

Kurt turned the knobs of the bathtub and fixed his phone so that it was playing some soft music. He undressed himself as he saw the steam from the water rise. It was Friday and that meant it was the weekend. The weekend with his husband, which always brought a smile to his face. The sun was starting to set but it had been a little cloudy throughout the day. There was the sound of thunder off in the distance, and it was coming his way. It was a long day. Blaine had been busy and barely had the time to even have lunch with Kurt. He had to bring some of his work home to work on for an hour or so. Kurt understood but it was horrible that his husband had to work on the weekend. Blaine even worked through dinner. He informed Kurt that he wouldn't be much longer, so Kurt decided to relax in the bathtub while waiting for Blaine.

Kurt turned up the volume on his phone before turning to the tub to determine if the water was high enough. After a few more minutes, Kurt turned the knob off before getting into the hot water, slowly and gently. The music sounded throughout the bathroom as Kurt relaxed into the water. It was just high enough to cover his body but leave enough room from his shoulders upwards. He leaned his head back and sighed. He hoped Quinn was having a relaxing day. She wasn't all that thrilled with him and Blaine for bailing on her and Rachel for their lunch, but secretly, she was glad to have some alone time with Rachel, even if nothing happened.

As much as he felt he should feel guilty about that day, he couldn't. That was an incredible day and he wouldn't trade it for anything. The thought of the day gave him such chills through his body. He ran his fingers through his hair. Now there were wet strands pulled back and a few hanging in the front of his forehead. He closed his eyes and let out another sigh, letting the music relax him further. His mind had completely drifted to where he hadn't noticed the door opening and Blaine standing in the doorway.

"You look relaxed," Blaine said. Kurt looked over at his husband and pushed himself up in the tub.

"Are you finished?" he asked.

"I am. I'm so sorry about that, love," Blaine apologized, walking into the bathroom.

"It's all right. I was there. It was a long day, but you know what? It's over, and it's our weekend," Kurt said. Blaine smiled.

"I agree." Kurt shifted in his position.

"You know...there is room for two in here..." Kurt moved through the water, making a place for Blaine. His husband smiled at him as he started to undress. He closed the door before removing the remainder of his clothes. Another loud roar of thunder sounded outside, it was getting closer and by the sound of the rain, it was going to be a long storm.

"Glad you chose to take a bath instead of a shower," Blaine said. He stepped into the water and made himself comfortable in the tub with his husband. "Oh, you like the water just like me. Nice and hot." Blaine let out a sigh of content. It had been a long week.

"Come here," Kurt gestured. He moved closer to Blaine, putting his arm around his shoulders.

"What?" Blaine asked.

"Trust me." Blaine shrugged and moved over Kurt's leg when he felt it nudge against him. Blaine moved to where he was now sitting in between Kurt's legs, his back against his chest. Blaine leaned his head onto Kurt's shoulder when he felt his husband's hands rub his shoulders and roam up and down his chest.

"That feels nice," Blaine said, contently. The storm sounded outside, lightning flashed but neither man paid much attention. Kurt kissed the side of Blaine's forehead before wrapping his arms around Blaine fully. Blaine's hands found Kurt's legs and started stroking them through the hot water.

"Blaine?" Kurt whispered into his ear.

"Yes, my love?"

"Can I ask you something?" Kurt continued to rub his hands up and down Blaine's chest.

"You can ask me anything, Kurt. You know that," Blaine answered, savoring the feeling of his husband rubbing his hands on him. The rain started to fall harder than before and a loud clap of thunder roared.

"Do...do you remember your mother?" Kurt's hands landed onto Blaine's shoulders and gently started to rub them. Blaine turned to face his husband.

"My mother?" he repeated.

"Yes," Kurt answered.

"May I ask what brought that up?" Blaine asked, covering Kurt's hands with his own. Kurt licked his lips before he responded.

"I have been so preoccupied that I hadn't realized that last month was the anniversary of my mother's death," Kurt said softly. Blaine sat up a little and wrapped Kurt's arms around his waist.


"I'm okay, really. It still makes me sad sometimes, but..." Kurt paused for a moment, resting his head on Blaine's shoulder, "sometimes I can't remember her. I wanted to know if it was the same for you." It had been a long time since Blaine was asked about his mother.

"I remember things here and there. My dad used to show me pictures of her all the time after she died. Every year it sort of faded. I still see pictures of her but not as much. Do you not remember your mother very much now?" Blaine rubbed on Kurt's clasped hands in the hot water. Kurt took in a breath and let it out through his nose.

"Kind of. Dad said that I have some of his features, but I have her pale skin and her eyes. I don't even remember the last time I saw a picture of her," Kurt responded. Blaine leaned into Kurt's head and placed a gentle kiss on his cheek.

"Tell me about her. At least what you remember," Blaine encouraged. Kurt tried to think about the moments he had with his mother, or at least the stories his dad had told him. He gasped as he remembered one story, one that he actually remembered himself and not something his dad told him years later.

"I'm not sure how old I was at the time but...I was going through my mom's clothes. She always wore soft shirts, velvet. It was her favorite," Kurt started the story and Blaine listened intently. "She was outside, I think she was in the yard with dad. Either way, I was a young child and had the house to myself. I lived dangerously." Blaine chuckled.

"Anyway, I walked over to her dresser and she always had different bottles of perfume. They were so many different colors. I could never get close enough to grab one of them because my mom was always in front of the mirror and she said I would break one of them. I don't know if you know this but I am a bit stubborn..."

"Really?" Blaine said in a mock shock voice with wide eyes. Kurt glared at his husband and gave him a nudge with his knee. Blaine laughed and urged his husband to finish the story.

"I saw one of the big purple ones. I don't remember the name of the scent but I picked it up and managed to get the lid open. Well...my mom and dad caught me in their room and I got startled so much that I dropped the perfume bottle...and most of it landed all over my clothes."

"Aww...I bet you were adorable," Blaine commented.

"Well...I got so scared that some of the perfume did land on my clothes...but the bottle flew out of my hand and into my mom's clothes in the drawer I was going through," Kurt said the last part a little sheepishly, almost as if he would get in trouble for it again. Blaine couldn't help himself, he laughed again.

"Oh, that's horrible. I bet you smelled good though," Blaine said. Kurt just smiled.

"I got fussed at for going through things that didn't belong to me and it took a week to get the smell out of my clothes, and my mom's," Kurt finished. Blaine managed to turn around while still in Kurt's grasp. Kurt bent his knees upward and loosened his grip while Blaine readjusted himself so that he was face to face with his husband.

"I still bet that you were adorable," Blaine said in a low voice. Kurt smiled at him.

"I was pretty damn cute. But you know, I remember opening that drawer and it still smelled like her perfume." Kurt added. The memory got him thinking about the things he had left behind at the house when he married Blaine. "Now, you tell me a story. Whatever you remember about your mom."

Blaine smiled warmly at his husband before placing a light kiss on his lips. He thought about one moment he remembered. It took him a bit but he adjusted himself so he could wrap his arms around Kurt's waist, which then prompted Kurt to move his arms to around Blaine's neck. The thunder outside sounded again, it wasn't going anywhere anytime soon.

"When I was younger, I loved climbing things. Trees, trucks, furniture, it didn't matter, if I could climb I did." Blaine began. Kurt could just picture little Blaine climbing everywhere he could on furniture.

"Cute," Kurt remarked. Blaine laughed a little.

"My parents and Mrs. Devereaux didn't think so," Blaine muttered. "Anyway, I really wanted a cookie one day. Like, my mind was set on getting that cookie no matter what. My mom told me I couldn't have one until after dinner and I saw her put the cookie jar on the tallest cabinet above the sink. I was a very sad boy."

"And you couldn't wait till after dinner?" Kurt teased. Blaine pulled him closer to where Kurt's legs were almost wrapped around him.

"Dinner was very far away and I really wanted a cookie," Blaine whined a little. Kurt laughed and let Blaine continue. "So, I sat in the kitchen, on the floor and stared at that cookie jar, contemplating about how in the world I was going to reach that jar." Blaine talked with such determination as he pictured himself as a little boy sitting in the middle of the kitchen floor and looking at that cookie jar. Kurt found his husband so adorable.

"It took some time but I finally managed to climb my way on the kitchen counter, over the sink, pulled open the cabinet doors..."

"Blaine! You could have really hurt yourself," Kurt said, surprisingly.

"And that's exactly what my mother said when she caught me. I had just reached the cookie jar when she came into the kitchen and saw me," Blaine stated. "And to make it more embarrassing, she was actually looking for me, and she had two cookies in her hand. She was going to give me cookies because I didn't throw a fit when she said no the first time." Blaine said almost sadly. Kurt looked sympathetically at his husband and cupped his cheek.

"Did she let you have your cookies once you got down?" Kurt asked. Blaine smiled and kissed the palm of Kurt's hand.

"I only got one. She took the other one away because I could have...as you said...really hurt myself. But it was a really good cookie," Blaine joked. Kurt laughed and pulled Blaine in for another kiss. This time, the kiss lasted longer and grew deeper. Kurt's arms tightened around Blaine's neck, bringing him further into the kiss. He felt Blaine's hands roam from his back, down to his ass. It was still a bit of a surprise when he would feel Blaine's hands anywhere on his body.

Kurt moaned into the kiss when he felt Blaine pull him closer. The few kisses they were already giving each other were already going to Kurt's growing erection and now being pulled against Blaine, he was aware of his own. His fingers curled into Blaine's hair, giving it a light tug. Blaine moaned, pushing Kurt more toward the end of the tub while his tongue made its way into Kurt's mouth. His grasp on Kurt's ass tightened when he managed to get Kurt's back against the tub, causing some water to overflow onto the floor. Neither one cared at the moment.

Their lips parted with heavy panting when their fully erect cocks were rubbing against each other. The arousal and the heat of the water caused Blaine to let out a loud groan. Kurt threw his head back, giving Blaine the chance to press his lips against the very spot that caused sparks to course though his veins. Kurt let out a breathy moan as his hips bucked against Blaine's. Water continued to overflow and the storm was not letting up any time soon. Blaine licked the nape of Kurt's neck, trailing his tongue back up to Kurt's jaw.

"Blaine..." Kurt moaned when he felt Blaine's teeth nip alongside Kurt's jaw before claiming his lips again. It wasn't something Kurt didn't like though. Blaine started to thrust at a quicker pace against Kurt's erection. His legs wrapped around Blaine's waist, his feet peeking out of the water. There was now less water in the tub than there was before. The heat from the water and the way both men were grinding against each other, Kurt could feel the coil at the pit of his stomach; it wouldn't be much longer.

Blaine moaned consistently against Kurt's mouth as he quickened the thrusting. He felt Kurt's fingers leave his hair and press against his back. If the man had fingernails, he probably would be leaving marks. He had some nails on him, Blaine could feel them. He pulled away from the kiss and pressed his forehead against Kurt's.

"Kurt..." he breathed. Both men thrust against each other before Kurt felt himself release against Blaine's stomach. He moaned loudly, as Blaine soon felt his own orgasm. Kurt's legs felt weak. They unwrapped from Blaine's waist as he felt his body slowly relax in the warm water...and now his and Blaine's come. Blaine let out a light chuckle as he helped Kurt sit up.

A loud roaring sounded outside.

"I guess the storm is here for a while," Blaine whispered, giving Kurt's swollen lips a light kiss.

"I think it's a good mood setter," Kurt responded.

"I agree."

It took some time to clean up the bathroom, but after they finished, the storm was partially gone. Blaine had gotten himself dressed, pajama pants but no shirt, and went downstairs to get a few snacks for him and Kurt. After Kurt finished dressing, a muscle shirt and pajama pants, he sat down on his bed and sighed. As lovely as their rendezvous in the tub was, his mind drifted back to his mother and father. It had been so long since he visited his mother's grave. Greta never made a fuss about his father wanting to be buried next to his wife, first wife. She really didn't have much of a choice. His thoughts were interrupted when Blaine came back into the room with a few bags of chips and a couple of cans of soda.

"You look like you're in deep thought," Blaine said, crawling onto the bed and sitting beside Kurt. He handed Kurt one of the sodas and opened both bags of chips.

"Blaine? Were you and your dad...close?" Kurt asked, holding the soda but not opening it. Blaine crunched on a chip and thought for a moment. It had been awhile since anybody had asked his dad. He swallowed the chip and opened his soda.

"As close as you can get, I suppose," Blaine answered.

"What do you mean?" Blaine adjusted himself before he answered.

"My dad wasn't a bad guy. He loved his job and his family. Sometimes he put the job before his family though. Mrs. Devereaux sometimes even scolded him whenever he did that," Blaine laughed at those memories and Kurt laughed with him.

"I'm sorry...if you don't want to talk about him..."

"I don't mind. Not at all," Blaine gave Kurt a kiss on the cheek before reaching for more chips.

"When did you...come out to him?" Kurt was hesitant to ask that question. Blaine stayed silent for a moment. He took a sip of his soda before he set it down on the floor to give Kurt his full attention.

"It was...before I started Dalton. Mom had passed away and while my dad and I got along, things weren't exactly the same between us. I had been keeping it a secret from him for so long that I needed to tell him before I left for Dalton. I never dated any girls or talked about them except as friends, so when I told my dad that I was gay, he didn't seem at all surprised, but not entirely supportive. We actually didn't talk very much my first year at Dalton."

"The whole year?" Kurt asked.

"For the most part. Mrs. Devereaux would send me care packages, but my dad would never participate in those. When I came home for the summer, we actually sat down and talked. There was some yelling but in the end, he accepted it. I can say this though, whenever he was introducing me to the business, he didn't tell me to hide the fact that I was gay. But whenever someone introduced me to a woman, he wouldn't say anything either."

Kurt could tell going down that memory wasn't pleasant for Blaine. He took the other bags of chips and his soda and put them on his nightstand. He turned back to Blaine and wrapped his arms around his waist.

"I'm sorry," Kurt leaned his head on Blaine's shoulder.

"No need to feel sorry for me, love. It is what it is," Blaine kissed Kurt on the head.

"Did you want to take over your father's industry when he died?" Kurt asked suddenly. Blaine pulled Kurt with him onto the bed to lay on his back. Kurt was laying down on his chest, tracing small circles with the strands of hair.

"At first, no. I went to college for business like he wanted and he let me minor in what I wanted. I've always loved music and performing. That's why joining The Warblers at Dalton was one of the best times of my life. I learned to play the guitar and the violin." Finally, Blaine admitted it. Now where in the world were these instruments? "I don't mind what I do though," Blaine started stroking Kurt's hair. "I like who I work with, there are small occasions where I want to just strangle some of the people there for pure stupidity," Kurt laughed lightly. "But I don't mind it. Not as much anymore."

Kurt pulled himself upward, resting his head in his hand so he could look at Blaine.

"Do you think he would have approved of us married?" Kurt asked curiously. Blaine looked at his husband.

"He would have liked you, I know my mother would have loved you. Whether he would have liked how...we got married and all, not so much," Blaine answered. Kurt nodded. His free hand was gliding over the top of Kurt's chest. "But I don't regret it." Blaine added, softly. Kurt smiled.

"Neither do I." He leaned forward and kissed Blaine softly. "I know my mom would have loved you too. I just wish I still had some of her stuff."

That caught Blaine's attention.

"Like what?"

"Pictures. Some of my mom's perfume. I wouldn't wear it but I always liked the smell, of course I did," Kurt joked from the story he told Blaine earlier. "And there was also...a locket."

"A locket?" Blaine encouraged for more.

"It was a silver locket. She wore it all the time. I remember she told me once that dad got it for her when I was born. There's a picture of her and dad from their wedding and a picture of me when I was a baby. It had a really nice pattern on the front and a love poem on the back. I really liked it."

It hadn't occurred to Blaine that Kurt may have wanted to bring anything from the house with him. Maybe there was a chance Kurt could still get some of that stuff back. The longing in his husband's eyes saddened him.

"I'm so sorry, love," Blaine said out loud.

"What do you have to be sorry for?" Kurt asked.

"If I had known...I would have said something about you bringing anything with you when you got here." Kurt smiled warmly.

"It's okay. I know the stuff is at the house but I know Greta won't get her hands on them or go near them," Kurt said confidently.


"Dad had mom's stuff, including the locket, put into a box and shoved into our attic. Greta hates anything that would make her dirty, the attic is the big place, and of course, Henry and Carlton won't go in there because their mom forbids it. I hate that it's there but I at least know they won't go near them." Blaine kept that in mind.

"Greta does seem like the type," Blaine commented.

"Putting a dish in the dishwasher was a chore," Kurt rolled his eyes. Blaine laughed lightly. "I don't want to talk about them though."

"Understandable," Blaine answered. "What about you, though? When did you come out to your dad?" Blaine asked curiously.

The memory of Kurt's father still played vividly in Blaine's mind. The way he talked about Kurt, he sounded so proud and concerned at the same time. Kurt hadn't asked much anymore about the contract or about his dad arranging the marriage. Blaine figured it was a good thing because Kurt was comfortable and he seemed so happy. He didn't want to bring it up though, if Kurt wanted to know, he'll ask and Blaine will be completely honest with him.

"I was a freshman. Before dad married Greta, I was having a really bad day and he kept asking me what was wrong. I told him what happened and I eventually told him I was gay. He blew a gasket," Kurt said.


"Yeah. He started cursing up a storm about what I was going through and how the school needed to be more cautious and not once, did he ask about me being gay. When he calmed down, he said he was glad I told him myself. He already knew," Kurt giggled lightly. Blaine smiled and started stroking Kurt's hair again.

"He knew?"

"Yeah. He said that he knew for a long time, just wanted me to tell him myself. We talked a lot that night." Kurt remembered that night fondly. It was a long while since he and his dad talked that long, since his mother died, but he had the greatest dad – even if he did marry the wicked witch of west.

"I'm glad you two were still close," Blaine said, sincerely. Kurt could feel his eyes begin to water again. No, he wasn't going to cry. He was in a sweet moment with his husband and he refused to get emotional right now. Kurt scooted closer to Blaine, laying his head on his shoulder.

The storm had passed but they could still hear it from a distance. There was a comfortable silence between the husbands. Kurt had positioned himself so that he could listen to Blaine's heartbeat. He played with the little strands of hair on his chest while Blaine stroked his arm. Kurt turned his head toward Blaine's chest and placed a light kiss on him.

Blaine stopped stroking Kurt's arm when he felt his lips start traveling lightly over his chest and to his throat. He bent his head back go give Kurt more access and he knew exactly the spot to touch. Kurt's wet tongue glided from Blaine's adam's apple to the nape of his neck. Kurt's free hand slid over Blaine's chest and over the waistband of his pajamas. He felt Blaine's growing erection and rubbed it gently. Blaine moaned, his hips thrusting into Kurt's hand, wanting more. Kurt gave another light kiss on his neck before claiming his husband's lips.

Blaine moaned into the kiss, threading his fingers through Kurt's hair as their tongues danced. Kurt continued to rub against Blaine's now full erection. They had seen each other naked, of course. The more they explored each other, the more Kurt wanted to do. Blaine took some control but for the most part, he let Kurt decide what is more comfortable for him. Now, Kurt wanted to do something more with Blaine, to Blaine. He wanted to put Blaine's cock in his mouth.

At first, the idea was frightening to Kurt. Blaine was, in all honesty, kind of big. He's touched it before, given Blaine a hand job even, but he had never put his mouth on it, nor has Blaine put his mouth on Kurt's. Blaine was so sweet and patient with Kurt when it came to intimacy. He read Blaine's notebook and found the page about, well, blow jobs. Kurt still didn't want to watch anything remote to porn, but he almost did just to see exactly what he would do when it came to actually doing something like that to Blaine. And he was not making the mistake of talking to Jeff, or anybody else about it. Unfortunately, that meant Blaine as well.

But now, here they were. It was late at night, they were snuggling together and Kurt just started kissing him and rubbing Blaine's cock through his pajama pants. He wanted to do it. He broke the kiss but continued to kiss him across his jaw line, back down his neck and over his chest. Blaine let out a few breathy moans when Kurt's tongue teased his right nipple. Blaine did that to him the first time they explored each other and it felt exhilarating. He kissed it and sucked on it lightly while his hand that was rubbing on Blaine's cock, pulled on his pajama pants. Blaine helped Kurt pull off the pants but didn't bother to ask if he was sure about what he was doing, what he was doing now was just fine with him.

Kurt gave the other nipple the same loving attention as he felt Blaine's erect cock against his bare hand. His thumb stroked over the tip of the head, spreading the pre-come slowly. Blaine bucked up into Kurt's hand.

"Kurt..." he whispered. Kurt kissed a light trail down Blaine's stomach, and came to Blaine's throbbing cock. He gave Blaine's cock one more pump before he put his lips around the head...and the result of that went straight to his own cock.

"Oh my god...Kurt!" Blaine hadn't expected that but he was not disappointed, not at all. He felt Kurt's tongue stroke to bottom of his cock while Kurt pushed his mouth down a little further.

"Oh...that's so good..." Blaine breathed. Kurt moaned against Blaine's cock, feeling around with his tongue, tasting the pre-come. Blaine tried so hard not to thrust his hips into Kurt's mouth, but damn, what Kurt was doing felt so good. Kurt sneaked his hand underneath Blaine's cock and massaged his ball sack, that just added to the pleasure and the moaning.

All doubts Kurt had about taking that step melted away. He was actually enjoying this, having Blaine's cock in his mouth, his tongue massaging certain areas that just drove his husband to brink of ecstasy. He was causing his husband to move like that, moan like that, and it was so sexy and such a turn on. Kurt slide his hands up and down Blaine's legs as he started to bob his head up and down. He felt Blaine's fingers comb through his hair, giving it a light tug.

"Fuck..." Blaine groaned. Kurt slid his mouth a little further till the head was almost to his throat. Blaine did give a slight thrust which almost caused Kurt to gag but he managed to pull up before he could. He pulled up to the head of his cock and started stroking with his tongue. Blaine's grasp in his hair tightened.

"Kurt...oh! Just like that baby!" And that's what Kurt did. His hands rubbed up Blaine's stomach and part way to his chest. He felt Blaine release his hair and take a hold of his hands. He pressed them against his body as he marveled in the feeling of Kurt's tongue – his warm, wet, very talented tongue. Blaine felt that familiar coil in his stomach, he was getting very close.

"Kurt...I'm gonna..." it was difficult to warn his husband that he was going to come because damn it felt so good. "You may want...oh Kurt!" Blaine was trying to tell him if he wanted to pull away, he could but to no avail.

Kurt knew what Blaine was trying to do and even though that last part still kind of frightened him, he was going to do it. Blaine was fidgeting, he was getting closer. He was ready. Blaine moaned loudly as Kurt felt his come release to the back of his throat. Kurt had no idea what he was expecting, but he was not regretting it for one second. He swallowed every bit and gave Blaine a light lick before he pulled away. Blaine released Kurt's hands as he pulled himself upward to kiss his husband. Right as Kurt pressed his lips against Blaine's, his husband nearly devoured his mouth, shoving his tongue into Kurt's mouth – and Kurt welcomed it whole-heartedly.

In one swift movement, Blaine had turned Kurt over onto his back. Why he was still wearing clothes, he had no idea, but they wouldn't be on for much longer.

"You're welcome," Kurt said jokingly. Blaine smiled as his hand tugged on Kurt's shirt. "What are you doing?" Kurt asked playfully, that meant Blaine wasn't crossing any boundaries.

"Well, if you'll let me," Blaine started, pulling the shirt upward, "it's your turn." Blaine started kissing over Kurt's jaw then back on his mouth. Blaine would never think that tasting himself on his husband's tongue would be so erotic. Kurt let Blaine strip the shirt from Kurt, feeling his pajama pants giving his own throbbing cock restraint.

"I'll let you..." Kurt said breathlessly.

"Blaine...oh my god!" Kurt moaned in a low, breathy voice. Blaine had stripped Kurt's pajama's until he was completely nude. He took the time to really admire the beauty that he got to call his husband before pressing his lips against any part he could. He traveled down to Kurt's cock and without warning, he took it into his mouth and listened to Kurt's light moaning. Kurt threw his head back when he felt Blaine take his cock fully into Blaine's mouth.

"Oh Blaine!" Kurt moaned again. This was so much better than masturbating. Blaine bobbed his head up and down until he took his lips fully off of Kurt's cock. He didn't like that.

"I want to hear you, baby," Blaine said in a low voice, giving Kurt's cock a few teasing licks. "I want to hear you moan. And you be as loud as you want." Blaine put his mouth back onto Kurt's cock, humming around the head.

This was all new to Kurt, of course. He didn't want to be too loud but Blaine was not making that easy. But he loved it when Blaine was loud, so why was he being shy right now. He felt Blaine start massaging his ball sack, the bobbing of his head now going at a much quicker pace.

"Uhh...fuck..." Kurt said rather loudly, that pleased Blaine. Kurt arched his back when Blaine started to actually suck on his cock. Good God, he had to try that on Blaine next time because that was...just...fucking incredible.

"That's right, baby, moan for me," Blaine said, taking his mouth off, licking it again and then taking Kurt's cock into his mouth fully. He hummed at the head, meaning that he was right at Blaine's throat. Kurt's hips bucked up against Blaine, hearing a slight gag noise.

"I'm sorry!" Kurt said right away, but instead of getting a response, Blaine gently pushed Kurt back down on the bed, sucking harder.

"Oh my..." Kurt groaned, finding Blaine's hair and tugging it harshly.

Blaine's hands did some wandering of their own. Up and down Kurt's legs, his ball sack, and landed on Kurt's ass. He moved his hand under to cup his cheek, his thumb very lightly teasing Kurt's hole. He only did it once and stopped, making sure Kurt was okay with it. When he heard no objections, in fact almost gesturing for more when he moved against his hand, he started up again. He debated if he could ask Kurt to finger him, but he decided against it. They were moving at Kurt's pace and he was enjoying the journey with his husband.

Nearly three months of being married and Blaine never gave much thought about how long it would take for Kurt to be comfortable with him, sexually. He knew Kurt wasn't ready for making love, but the way he was willing to do other things like grinding or even hand jobs, Blaine was just so amazed. He loved this man, he had for a very long while and Kurt had no idea. And now, they were taking this kind of step and it was sure as hell was nothing regrettable, not for Kurt or for Blaine.

Blaine's tongue lapped around Kurt's cock and the more he did it, the more the pit of his stomach felt like it was going to erupt.

"Blaine...I'm..." Kurt tried to warn, but it was impossible. And Blaine knew it was coming so his pace quickened.

"Blaine, Blaine!" Kurt's voice hitched higher as he felt his own release go into Blaine's mouth. He couldn't help the thrusting this time and Blaine made no complaint as he continued to suck until he pulled away with one final lick. Kurt breathed heavily, he was pretty sure he had experienced one of those hard orgasms, his body felt numb that he didn't even feel Blaine kissing him upward until he landed right on his lips.

Kurt could taste himself in Blaine's mouth, if this is what Blaine felt then no wonder he basically devoured his mouth, the taste was unusual but not displeasing. Blaine laid over Kurt's body, kissing him tenderly. Blaine pulled away from the kiss and rested his forehead against Kurt's.

"Hi there," he said. Kurt smiled and cupped Blaine's cheek.

"Hi yourself," Kurt responded.

"I don't know about you, but I think I worked up more of an appetite than a bag of chips," Blaine kissed the side of Kurt's cheek.

"Me too. It's late though, so we have to be quiet so Mrs. Devereaux doesn't wake up," Kurt stated. Blaine agreed.

"You have not lived until the day you wake up that woman before her alarm clock," Blaine nearly shuddered. Kurt laughed lightly.

"Is there a story behind that?" Kurt asked as Blaine got off of him, giving Kurt a chance to see Blaine's fully nude body – yum.

"I'll tell you when we get downstairs. I think me and my dad are responsible for all of the gray hair she has," Blaine joked.

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(9:20 am)
I'm intrigued now. Don't leave me in suspense. - Nick

"Blaine?" Kurt said, sleepily. Blaine looked at his husband and smiled. He was still sleeping in bed and Blaine had gotten up to use the bathroom and wanted to get in contact with Nick before he and Kurt spent the rest of the day together.

"Yes, love?" Blaine said, typing away on his phone.

"You're not working, are you?" Kurt moaned from his comfortable spot on the bed. Blaine laughed and sent the message.

"No, I got a message from Nick and was just giving him a quick response," Blaine answered, it wasn't a total lie.

"Come back to bed. I was so warm and comfortable until you left," Kurt whined. Blaine laughed and his phone vibrated instantly.

(9:22 am)
Wow. That is quite a mission Blaine. But nothing me and Jeff can't handle. I'll let you in on more details later. - Nick

Blaine smiled at that before he sent a quick response and put his phone away. He crawled back into bed and immediately Kurt wrapped his arm around his waist.

"Much better," Kurt mumbled before going back sleep.