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Chapter 7: Kurt and Blaine attend Noah Puckerman's gathering and Kurt is in for a real treat when Blaine performs and a special gift that he thought he could never have.

Chapter 7:

(12:45 pm)
How is your lesson with Jeff today? It's so dull here without you. - Quinn

(12:45 pm)
I don't have one today. Jeff isn't here. He hasn't been around for the last few times. I practiced a few moves but other than that, I'm bored out of my mind. - Kurt

(12:46 pm)
Lol. I thought you usually have pottery class with Rachel? - Quinn

(12:46 pm)
Not today. I went on a few errands with Mrs. Devereaux and I think she's about ready to strangle me because I'm so bored. How's everything at the office? - Kurt

(12:49 pm)
Sorry, had to answer the phone. Today has not been a good day for Blaine. - Quinn

(12:50 pm)
How come? He hasn't answered my texts. - Kurt

(12:52 pm)
And he won't. As soon as he got in, he had to go to an emergency meeting. Numbers aren't adding up and he had to yell at a few people and also fire a couple today. He doesn't normally have to do that but the people he fired had to go so he's not happy, not at all. I'm actually keeping my distance so I don't lose my head lol. - Quinn

(12:53 pm)
Damn. I wonder if Mrs. Devereaux will let me borrow her car...unless it's not a good idea. - Kurt

(12:53 pm)
Anything is worth a shot right now. He just went into a conference call and right now...I can hear him yelling. - Quinn

Okay. Don't tell him I'm coming by. I want it to surprise him. - Kurt

(12:55 pm)
: ) - Quinn

Kurt was about to find Mrs. Devereaux and try to sweet talk her into letting him borrow her car when his phone buzzed again. He had a hunch it was Quinn, more hopeful that it was Blaine, but he blinked a few times, realizing that it was Rachel.

(12:57 pm)
Today was just a horrible day. Please tell me that you are free right now? - Rachel

Kurt made a sheepish look on his phone. Blaine really needed cheering up but he didn't want to feel like he was abandoning his friend. An idea struck him as he started typing out a response.

(12:58 pm)
Well, technically. I need to go visit Blaine but I don't have a car. Perhaps you can pick me up and we can go together. I can see Blaine real quick and you can talk to Quinn. - Kurt

Kurt figured he was probably pushing it with suggesting that but if Rachel could pick him up, they both could probably get what they want, in a way. He waited anxiously for a response. He loved Mrs. Devereaux but he didn't want to bug her about borrowing the car. She nearly lectured Blaine when he asked her something about the laundry. Granted, it was funny, but Kurt felt kind of bad for him afterwards.

(12:59 pm)
Really? I think that would be great. I kind of wanted to talk to her anyway but I've been so busy and talking on the phone or texting seems so impersonal. She won't mind will she? - Rachel

(1:00 pm)
No way. Come pick me up! - Kurt

(1:00 pm)
Be there in a few :) - Rachel

Kurt smiled as he shoved his phone in his pocket and went outside to wait for Rachel. Quinn was either going to glare daggers at him or look at him gratefully when he sees Rachel. Either way, Blaine was going to be in for a surprise.

"Hey, Kurt. And Rachel!" Quinn greeted. Rachel smiled as she walked over to Quinn's desk. Kurt gave Rachel a light pat on her back and walked over to the closed office door.

"How is he?" Kurt asked softly. Quinn let out a sigh as she slumped in her chair.

"He's not happy. It's very rare he gets like this, I know he'll calm down once he sees you, but proceed with caution," Quinn answered. Kurt nodded as he gave the door a light knock and opened the door carefully.

He peaked around the door to see Blaine, sitting at his desk, leaning back in his chair and his head leaned back staring up at the ceiling. Blaine just sighed, not bothering to see who it was, so he just talked.

"Quinn...please not now," he begged. Kurt let out a breath and closed the door behind him.

"It's me," he said. Blaine looked in Kurt's direction and Quinn was right, he did soften when he saw him.

"Kurt? Love, what are you doing here?" he asked while Kurt made his way to one of the chairs and sat across from him.

"Quinn said you were having a bad day so I thought I would come visit for a little while," Kurt answered. Blaine sighed as he rested his head against his hands on the desk.

The day was just filled with all sorts of crap. The only highlight, other than seeing his husband come to surprise him, was the food Quinn ordered from his favorite Chinese restaurant. And the food was only a temporary happiness. Kurt looked at his husband pitifully and got up from his chair.

"I think by the end of the day, I may hurt somebody," Blaine mumbled. Kurt laughed lightly as he put his hands on Blaine's shoulders.

"No, you won't, you can't even hurt a spider and you're terrified of them," Kurt joked. He knew Blaine smiled even if he couldn't see it.

"Anything with more than four legs is not normal," Blaine stated, as he always did whenever he came across a spider, and conveniently, Kurt would be with him to get rid of it. Big baby. Kurt hated spiders too but at least he can get rid of it. He gave Blaine's shoulders a few light squeezes. His husband was tense.

Kurt bent down and gave him a light kiss on the head, which seemed to lessen his stress, even if it was just a little. Blaine put his hand over one of Kurt's and relished the massaging feeling on his shoulder. Kurt started looking around the office while they were in a comfortable silence. His eyes spotted a closed closet door right beside the window. He looked down at Blaine then back at the closet door. Mentally, he hoped it was big enough for what he had in mind. He removed his hands from Blaine's shoulders and walked over to the closet. He opened it and realized it was a walk in supply closet. It looked more like a walk in throw whatever can fit in there closet. Blaine turned his chair toward Kurt but didn't say anything as he watched his husband explore.

The closet was perfect, no possible interruption from Quinn, at least for the next few minutes. He pretended to look at something on a shelf against the wall for a minute before turning to Blaine with a baffled expression.

"Blaine?" he asked.

"Yes?" Blaine said almost tiredly.

"What is this?" he pointed, ideally to nothing at all. Blaine furrowed his eyebrow but didn't get up from his chair.

"What's what?" Kurt let out a sigh as he pretended to look at nothing. He had to get a little creative if he was going to get Blaine to get out of the chair.

"I don't know. I can't pick it up. Come see," Kurt answered. Blaine sighed as he debated for a moment and got up from the chair. Almost there. Blaine walked over to the closet and leaned into the doorway.

"What is it?" In one quick moment, Kurt grabbed onto Blaine's shirt, pulled him into the closet and shut the door behind them.

"Kurt!" Blaine bellowed but was interrupted by the pressure of his husband's lips against his.

"So, Kurt tells me that he and Blaine are going to this party next weekend for someone named Noah," Rachel started after a few minutes of uncomfortable silence. She took a seat in Kurt's chair while Quinn sighed.

"It's some sort of gathering he's doing and he and Blaine have been friends for a long while. I'm not going, thank God. Noah isn't a bad guy but I'm not exactly in line to be friends with him," Quinn answered. Rachel smiled warmly.

"Oh, you're not going so...you have plans?" Rachel asked softly. Quinn returned the smile as she turned her chair to give Rachel her full attention.

"I haven't made any. Even on the weekends, I don't really get out that much. I babysit my neighbor's cat once in a while, even though our apartment doesn't allow pets. She likes watching sappy movies with me though," Quinn joked. Rachel laughed.

"Well, I like watching sappy movies too," she hinted.

They hadn't gone out together since that one day Blaine and Kurt practically abandoned them during a lunch date. But they had a nice time together. They talked, mainly Rachel talked, but Quinn didn't mind. They text each other from time to time but that was about it.

"Perhaps...we can watch them together one day," Quinn offered. Rachel's cheeks flushed.

"I'd like that," Rachel said softly. There was another silence, comfortable one this time, before Rachel got up from her chair and walked over to the door. "I wonder what they're doing in there. It's awfully quiet."

Kurt pushed Blaine against the shelf on the wall, his tongue forcing his way into Blaine's mouth as he wrapped his arms protectively around his neck. While caught off guard, Blaine returned the kiss with just as much intensity, pulling Kurt closer to him. Their relationship was growing so beautifully, and Kurt was getting more and comfortable around Blaine. His hips rolled against Blaine's, feeling his husband's hard on. Perfect. Kurt pulled away from Blaine's mouth and started kissing alongside his jaw and down his neck.

"Kurt..." Blaine moaned. He felt Blaine's hands start fumbling with his shirt and his pant buckle. "What are you doing?" he asked stupidly. Kurt pulled away from his neck and smirked.

"I'm giving you...stress relief, so to speak," Kurt answered, unzipping Blaine's pants. Kurt was going to suck Blaine's cock, in his office, in a supply closet.

"Love...you don't need..." Kurt kissed his husband so he would be quiet.

"How about you, shut-up, and let me blow you, okay honey?" Kurt said a little too sweetly. Blaine just smiled and held his hands up in surrender. That was so fucking hot.

"Yes, sir," Blaine said in a low whisper. Kurt kissed him again before kneeling down onto the floor.

"You don't think Blaine went mad and killed Kurt, do you?" Rachel asked. Quinn just laughed. Rachel was a drama queen, but a funny one.

"Blaine can't even kill a spider, and he has like a huge phobia about them," Quinn answered. "Besides, even on Blaine's worst days, seeing the man he loves always makes it better for him." Rachel smiled.

"They are cute though," she commented. Quinn was about to make a response when the phone rang. She groaned at the sound and picked it up.

"Hello, Blaine Anderson's Office?" she said in her polite, professional tone. "Yes. Oh, I believe Mr. Anderson is in the middle of a meeting."

That's putting it mildly.

"Kurt! Oh my God!" Blaine moaned loud enough that if anybody walked into his office, they would have heard him. He didn't care, whatever his husband was doing to his cock it was fucking incredible.

Kurt had Blaine's pants unbuckled and unzipped. He knew right away that his husband was, well excited, so it didn't take much for his erection to fully grow before taking it into his mouth. He couldn't explain it even if someone did ask but he loved sucking on Blaine's cock. The way his body fidgeted and the sounds he made, it was all a rush.

That weekend was the most exciting. Kurt almost suggested going all the way but he decided immediately against it. While he was getting closer and closer to wanting to make love to Blaine, he wasn't quite there yet and Blaine never brought it up or insinuated it. The man was just so patient and so caring. Kurt knew he was getting there, he was falling in love with Blaine.

Blaine's hands started combing through Kurt's hair and giving it a sharp tug. Kurt grasped onto Blaine's hips and pulled him forward a few times. His tongue lapped around the head, and sucking on it slowly, almost teasingly. Kurt went as far as he could go, the head touching the tip of his throat humming around it.

"Fuck! Kurt!" Fuck whoever could hear him.

"Yes, sir. Of course. Like I said he is in the middle of a meeting but I will be double sure," Quinn said politely, "hold please." She pressed the hold button and her fake smile fell into a loud grunt. Rachel laughed lightly.

"Is he being horrible?" she asked. Quinn unplugged her headset and got up from her chair.

"I really hate to disturb his time with Kurt. But maybe if I actually see them..." Quinn pushed open the door and paused. There was nobody in the office. Rachel peaked around Quinn and frowned. The blonde walked further into the room and sure enough, neither one was found.

"Is there another way out?" Rachel asked curiously, but she stayed near the doorway. Quinn was about to respond when she heard a thump noise and gasped when she heard something else.

"Kurt! Yes!" She turned toward the closet door and hurried out of the office. She closed the door quickly and went back to her phone.

"I do apologize, he is still in a meeting right now. I will gladly give him the message," Quinn clicked the phone and wrote quickly on the paper. There was a light blush on her cheeks when Rachel walked to her desk, still not sure what had happened.

"But..." Quinn held up her hand with a knowing grin.

"Trust me, Rachel, he definitely doesn't want to be disturbed right now."

"Baby, I'm..." Blaine tried to warn Kurt but the feeling of Kurt's tongue stroking him was clouding his mind to where he couldn't make coherent sentences, but Kurt could already tell Blaine was about to come. His body stiffened and his thrusting was almost more desperate. In that moment, Kurt felt the warmth spread onto his tongue and Blaine throw his head back, moaning with each tiny thrust.

Kurt sucked lightly, his tongue licked on the tip of Blaine's head before he swallowed. Why that was erotic to him, he had no idea, but it was. He looked up to see his husband breathing slowly, his head leaned back as Kurt got up to his feet and kissed him gently against his lips. Blaine reciprocated right away, giving Kurt a light push against the other side of the wall. This time, Kurt pulled away from the kiss and held him just a little at bay.

"You don't think I'm just going..." Blaine gestured to Kurt's own hard on. Kurt just smiled and gave him a light kiss.

"No, this was for you," Kurt answered, wiggling out of Blaine's grasp. Sure, he was in a bit of pain but knowing Blaine was much more relaxed than before was well worth it.

"Love..." Blaine tried again but Kurt opened the closet door.

"How do you feel right now?" Kurt asked honestly.

"I feel...relieved, a little tired but..." Blaine started but Kurt finished the sentence.

"Relaxed?" Kurt finished. Blaine smiled warmly and nodded. "Good. That was the point." The two stepped out of the closet, Kurt closed the door behind him while Blaine settled in his chair.

"You continue to amaze me," Blaine said happily. Kurt smiled as he slipped onto Blaine's lap and wrapped his arms around his neck. He pressed into Blaine's lips for a hard kiss, but Blaine barely had a chance to respond until the door opened with Quinn leaning in the doorway. Kurt pulled away and noticed Rachel standing on one side of Quinn, both of them with knowing grins on their faces.

"Yes, Quinn?" Blaine asked, although he wasn't in the same mood he was in before, he was a bit happier but annoyed that he was interrupted.

"You have a few messages that you need to return. It's nice to see you two back," Quinn added. "I guess that closet was good for something." Quinn giggled as she quickly closed the door, Rachel laughing along with her. Both men's faces were bright red.

"I guess you're louder than I thought," Kurt teased. Blaine mock glared at him and pinched his ass.

"What can I say? You and that tongue of yours..." Blaine said back. Kurt smirked and went back to kissing Blaine. Those messages could wait a little longer.

"So, is there anything I should know about Noah before we arrive at the party?" Kurt asked, adjusting his tie. Blaine was in the bathroom, fixing up his hair.

"Like Jeff, there is no filter to his mouth. And I stand by my original statement when my friends totally threw me under the bus with those stories..." Kurt laughed at his husband, "I file everything I did in college under the young and stupid category. So, don't judge me too bad if Puck starts telling you stories."

Kurt looked at Blaine oddly as he turned off the light to the bathroom.


"That's what everybody calls him, I call him Noah on occasion, but Puck is his nickname. His wife, Kate, is actually really nice," Blaine commented.

The weekend of Noah's party for his business arrived and Blaine whined a bit that he was having second thoughts about going. Mainly because he didn't feel like going to a party. Kurt had told him they didn't have to go but Blaine said he would feel bad for bailing when they already RSVP'd. Blaine was wearing a three piece suit with dark khaki pants. Noah was not one for wearing tuxedos or anything overly fancy, but nice clothing was not an option. Kurt wore a dark buttoned shirt with a vest, a tie to match, and tight dark pants, which Blaine's eyes immediately wandered to without shame.

"Does it matter what he goes by?" Kurt asked.

"No, Puck, Puckerman, Noah, doesn't matter. But you're used to Jeff, so you can handle him with no problems," Blaine joked. Kurt laughed lightly as Blaine wrapped his arms around Kurt from behind. His lips were pressed to the back of his neck and he felt little butterfly kisses.

"Blaine..." Kurt warned but made no effort to pull away when Blaine's hands started rubbing up and down his chest.

"Yes, love?" Blaine whispered into Kurt's ear, giving it a playful lick. Chills ran up and down Kurt's spine and Blaine felt it.

"We are going to be late," Kurt said in a low voice. His head leaned to the side, giving Blaine more access. Blaine chuckled, taking advantage of the exposed, beautiful neck.

"Can I help it if you are just too sexy to resist?" Blaine said into his ear. His hands wandered further down, right over the bulge of Kurt's pants – he was liking it. Kurt moaned, leaning his body against Blaine's, feeling his husband's own erection. Blaine pressed harder kisses against Kurt's neck, tugging him closer to the bed. They were definitely going to be late but neither one seemed to care.

"Don't you dare make me come in these pants," Kurt stated when he and Blaine fell backwards on the bed.

"Then take them off and we won't have that problem."

"About damn time you two showed up," Noah stated almost impatiently.

"We're here, aren't we?" Blaine snapped. Noah just laughed and engulfed his friend in a tight hug. Kurt stood aside and watched.

"Glad you could come, and I'm guessing in more ways than one," Noah winked at the two of them. "I need to go mingle, catch up with you two later."

Kurt's cheeks flushed as Blaine stood beside him. After a nice frottage moment, both of them had to wash themselves and change out of their underwear. Kurt couldn't help the grin on his face. The way he and Blaine fell backwards on their bed and Kurt managed to stay on top even though Blaine tried to flip him over a few times; it was fun playing that game. Blaine took a hold of Kurt's arm as they walked around the large ballroom.

Blaine explained to Kurt that Noah had started his own music company business. Noah always loved music and sang well. A few times, he tried to get Blaine to work with him but Blaine always refused. Performing was a passion but it wasn't something he wanted to do with his life. Kurt had still yet to hear Blaine sing, but Blaine never heard Kurt either.

The ballroom was enormous. There was a bright chandelier in the middle of the ceiling. Buffet tables lined up at different parts of the place, music was being played by people instead of a stereo or a DJ. Everybody dressed casually but nicely. Large round tables with white cloths and what looked like name plates beside them. Waiters were walking by offering little bits of food and glasses of champagne – which both Blaine and Kurt politely refused.

"Wow," Kurt said breathlessly.

"Wow, indeed. I've only been here once a few years back. Noah likes making a splash," Blaine responded, his arm linked with Kurt's.

"Do you know anybody here?" Kurt asked.

"Only some acquaintances here and there. That's one of the main reasons I don't particularly like coming to these sorts of things," Blaine answered.

"We can leave anytime you want. It won't matter to me either way. I don't want you to feel uncomfortable," Kurt squeezed Blaine's arm. His husband leaned over and kissed Kurt on the cheek.

"Thanks, love. I'll be alright though. Because I'm usually alone when coming to these events." Kurt smiled.

"Well..." Kurt started but was interrupted by Noah and who Kurt assumed was his wife.

"Blaine, you remember Kate. Kate, this is Kurt, Blaine's husband," Noah introduced. Kurt removed his arm from Blaine's and held it out to the woman. She wasn't exactly skinny nor was she overweight. Her hair was shirt and curly, a sort of a dirty blonde color, almost like Quinn's except a bit darker. She was wearing a simple dark navy dress. It didn't show off any cleavage but it was off the shoulder and she wore a nice gold chain and the only ring she wore was her wedding ring. She smiled brightly and took Kurt's hand gracefully.

"It's so nice to meet you, Kurt. Honestly, when Noah told me Blaine got married I was a little surprised. Mainly because he didn't tell me till much later," she turned and glared at her husband.

"I did too. You just don't listen when I talk," Noah almost whined.

"I'm sorry, what?" she feigned an innocent tone and Noah glared at her, resulting in her, Blaine and Kurt laughing.

"See what I put up with? I hope Blaine doesn't give you this much hell, Kurt," Noah joked. He put his arm around his wife to show it was all in good humor, and Kurt could tell it was. It was Blaine's turn to glare at the man he knew since college.

"He's nothing but a perfect gentleman," Kurt said sweetly, wrapping his arm around Blaine's.

"See, Noah? You should have taken a few lessons from Blaine when you had the chance," Kate teased. Before Noah could make any kind of retaliation, slow music played and the lights dimmed.

"Kurt? Is it all right if I have a dance with Blaine?" Kate asked. She was actually asking Kurt if it was okay.

"I have no problem with it, if Blaine doesn't," Kurt answered. Noah just smiled.

"All right, I'll bite. Blaine, while you dance with my wife, is it okay to dance with your husband?" Puck asked Blaine, which took both men by complete surprise.

"Are you serious?" Kurt asked, just to be sure he heard right. Noah looked at him like he grew a second head.

"Of course. It's up to you in the end," Puck said. Blaine finally answered.

"I'm all right with it, if Kurt is. Just don't hog him," Blaine said teasingly. He kissed Kurt lightly on the cheek before he and Kate walked out onto the dance floor. Noah took a step forward to Kurt.

"So?" he gestured to the dance floor.

"It's been a while since I've danced," Kurt warned but walked with Puck to the center of the floor. Puck laughed lightly.

"Don't sweat it, this isn't a dance competition," Noah said. They were not far away from Blaine and Kate. Kurt stood in front of Puck and that's when he realized Kurt was just a little taller than him.

"So...who...leads?" Kurt's cheeks turned a light crimson color.

"I read somewhere that usually the tall person leads," Noah answered. Kurt smiled as he held up his left hand and put his right on Noah's shoulder. Noah took Kurt's hand gently and put his free hand around his waist. It wasn't the waltz so there wasn't much leading but Noah tried to make sure Kurt was relaxed.

"Okay, so what did he warn you about me?" Noah asked curiously. Kurt laughed a little.

"Nothing really. Only that anything you talk about regarding him he files under young and stupid," Kurt joked. Noah chuckled.

"We were all young and stupid. But I promise, I won't embarrass him too much," Noah said sincerely. Kurt eyed him oddly but offered a half smile.

"Somehow, I doubt that," Kurt responded. Noah smiled approvingly.

"Smart man. You and I are going to get along just fine. Did he ever tell you about our one time playing strip poker?" that instantly grabbed Kurt's attention.

"What?" he nearly giggled. Noah seemed a little too excited. They continued dancing.

"Okay, Sophomore year we were in my dorm room with a few other guys and girls. We were bored one day and I suggested playing poker, one of the girls said strip poker. Well, naturally who am I to refuse an offer from a very hot lady?" Kurt rolled his eyes in good humor and gestured for Puck to continue.

"Anyway, Blaine is...well he's a terrible poker player. So, he was stripped down to his boxers and I was too. What we didn't know was that these girls..."

"May I cut in?" Blaine said a little too politely. Kurt laughed lightly as he released Noah's hand while the older man whined.

"But, Blainers! I was telling Kurt about our poker..."

"And you're finished and I want to dance with my husband," Blaine interrupted, grabbing a hold of Kurt's arm and pulling him away from Noah Puckerman.


"Come on you, dance with me," Kate pulled her husband the opposite direction. Blaine grabbed Kurt's other free arm and put it on his shoulders while he wrapped his around Kurt's waist. Kurt chuckled at Blaine's determination to get Kurt away from Noah.

"Hello, my love," Blaine said, pulling Kurt close to him as they danced slowly.

"Is there something you don't want me to know about that poker game, Blainers?" Kurt teased. Blaine's cheeks flushed.

"It was really embarrassing, for me mostly. Noah doesn't embarrass easily. But let's just say, I never got mine or Noah's clothes back after the game." Kurt laughed against Blaine's shoulder.

"I'm sure Noah can fill me in on more later." Kurt kissed Blaine on the side of his jaw.

"I'm not letting you out of my sight for the rest of the night," Blaine said with determination, it was too cute.

"Are you doing okay? Do you want to stay or leave?" Kurt asked seriously. Blaine just smiled and kissed his lips.

"No, I'm good, thank you. I have you here with me, what more could I ask for?" Blaine whispered, leaning his head against Kurt's.

"How about some food? I'm kind of hungry," Kurt somewhat joked. Blaine let out a breathy chuckle, he was hungry too.

The food was delicious. In fact, Blaine was on eating his third plate and Kurt was almost done with his second. Noah and Kate sat at their table and Noah tried so hard to tell Kurt more about the poker game. As much as Kurt wanted to know about the game, the last thing he wanted was his husband to feel uncomfortable. He finally told Noah that now was not the time to tell the story and Kate agreed. Blaine had squeezed Kurt's leg in gratitude. The music had stopped playing and the man announced that it was open mic hour for anybody interested. Kurt didn't pay much attention to him while he listened to Kate talk about her and Noah or what she did for a living – she made jewelry. Kurt liked Kate, and he could see her and Noah being so perfect for each other. He hoped that it was the same for him and Blaine.

"Hey, everybody," Kurt heard Blaine's voice through the microphone. He jumped up lightly. He hadn't seen his husband leave his chair and Noah looked like he knew what was happening. Kurt looked at his husband with a baffled expression. The ballroom went silent.

"Been a while since I've done this but, I thought I would give it a shot," Blaine started, "I actually wanted to sing this for my husband, Kurt, the day we got married."

Kurt didn't know that. There were a few whispers and aww sounds from the other tables.

"But...I thought it over and asked for advice and decided not too..." Blaine explained.

"You decided not to or Katy Beary?" Noah joked. Kurt tried not to laugh but Blaine stared daggers at the man. Kurt looked under the table, saw Noah's knee, and gave it a good kick.

"Ow!" He yelped. Kate didn't make any attempt to hide her laughter and neither did anybody else or Blaine.

"Blaine! Your husband kicked me!" Noah whined.

"Good. I hope it hurt," Blaine answered, laughter from different tables again. "Anyway, Kurt, I wanted to sing this to you, and now I have the chance." He turned away from the microphone and talked with a few of the musicians. All of them were on agreement and looked excited for what they were about to perform.

Kurt couldn't help but feel a sense of pride and excitement. Blaine had wanted to sing to him on their wedding day. He could understand why he didn't, given the circumstances. He wondered if Kate and Noah knew about the fact that their marriage was arranged. He hadn't heard Blaine sing yet and from the stories of him as a glee club member, Kurt had always wanted to hear what he sounded like.

Blaine readied himself as complete silence filled the ball room. There was a few stomping noises, coming from Blaine and someone playing the guitar, followed by clapping and then strumming on the strings. Kurt was familiar with the song. He watched Blaine put his mouth toward the microphone and look right at his husband.

So this is what you meant when you said that you were spent
And now it's time to build from the bottom of the pit right to the top
Don't look back

Packing my bags and giving the academy a rain check.
I don't ever want to let you down.
I don't ever want to leave this town

Cause after all, the city never sleeps at night.

Noah was drumming on the table to the beat, clearly enjoying the performance, everybody was, but none more than Kurt. Blaine, his husband of nearly six months, was up on the stage singing to him. He almost felt like crying. He gulped but kept the smile on his face. The man had a voice to die for and why it took so long for him to hear it, he had no idea. Blaine was on the stage like it was a part of him. He wondered what high school Blaine was like, being in a glee club, singing so many different songs.

It's time to begin
Isn't it

I get a little bit bigger but then
I'll admit

I'm just the same as I was
Oh don't you understand

I'm never changing who I am

Blaine kept up the clapping beat as did some of the other people at their tables. He winked at Kurt and knew that he was blushing even if the lighting did dim before he started singing. Noah knew that Blaine wouldn't be able to resist going up on stage and singing whatever song he could come up with. He hadn't expected that little speech but from the looks they were giving to each other, it had been something Blaine wanted to do for Kurt.

When Noah found out that Blaine got married, he was a little confused. Blaine hadn't really ever been open about any relationship and it had been quite some time since the two talked or anything, but he could tell that Kurt was a bit younger than Blaine. But sitting down with the two of them and talking with Kurt, they were comfortable around each other.

Kurt would eat something on his plate and give a little bit to Blaine just to try.

Blaine would do the same and then get up to get what Kurt just gave him. He never asked Blaine much about his marriage with Kurt, but who was he to ask? His friend looked the happiest he had ever seen and Kurt was doing that to him. And the fact that Kurt had kicked Noah, hard, on his knee for making fun of Blaine gave him the notion that Kurt's feelings were just the same as Blaine's.


This road never look so lonely
This house doesn't burn down slowly
To ashes, to ashes

It's time to begin
Isn't it

I get a little bit bigger but then
I'll admit

I'm just the same as I was
Now don't you understand

I'm never changing who I am

Kurt got up from the table as he saw Blaine walk down from the stage but the music still played. Kurt let a small tear cascade down his cheek as he threw his arms around Blaine's neck. Blaine happily accepted the gesture.

"So, does that mean you liked it?" Blaine teased. Kurt sniffed and instead of answering, he just kissed him.

The rest of the night went by smoothly. Kurt had excused himself to go to the rest room, mainly to escape the large crowd. Ever since Blaine sang on stage, he had been crowded by a few women who kept asking questions about them. It was nice, but at the same time, it was a little frustrating. There were things that Kurt preferred to keep between him and Blaine, and his husband felt the same way. Watching a few of the women with their husbands, or even Kate with Noah, some things had Kurt wondering about his relationship with Blaine.

It had been a while since Kurt thought about that contract and the unanswered questions he still had. He walked into the bathroom, where the last guy had just walked out and stood in front of the mirror. He took in a few breaths and turned on the faucet. The warmth of the water splashed against his face, calming himself a little, but not by much.

He knew that if he asked Blaine, they could leave without any problems. He still had an enjoyable night though. He turned off the faucet just as someone had walked through the door. Kurt turned around to see it was his husband.

"You all right, love?" Blaine asked, wrapping his arms around Kurt's waist from behind. Kurt's body was a little tense but he started to relax against Blaine's grasp.

"I am. Just a long night," Kurt answered.

"I know what you mean. I think we should call it a night," Blaine whispered. His eyes were taking in the area of the men's room. Quite a few stalls, the one large one at the very end.

"That sounds like a plan. Noah and Kate won't be offended, will they?" Kurt asked. Blaine took a moment to answer.

"Kate, no, Puck, probably, but he'll get over it," Blaine joked. He unwrapped his arms from Kurt's waist and rested them on his shoulders. "You're a little tense, love."

"I'll be all right," Kurt brushed it off. Blaine hummed his response as he walked over to the last stall. He opened the door and stood in the doorway.

"Hey, love. Come check this out," Blaine said, with a hint of excitement in his voice. Kurt turned to Blaine.

"What is it?" Kurt asked.

"There's a phone in this stall!" Blaine pointed, albeit to nothing in particular. Kurt looked at him baffled but he took the bait and walked over to Blaine. He leaned into the doorway as Blaine moved away.

"I don't..." Kurt said but couldn't finish because Blaine had grabbed him by the tie and pulled him into the stall. "Blaine!" Kurt yelped as he closed the door, pushed Kurt against the wall, and pressed his lips, hard, against Kurt's.

Blaine pulled Kurt's hips against his, tightening his hold around his waist as he nearly forced his tongue into Kurt's mouth. The moans Kurt was making against Blaine's mouth only furthered the intensity. His fingers combed into Blaine's curly hair, trying to ignore the growing pain in his pants. Blaine pulled away from Kurt's lips and started kissing up and down his jaw and right onto the spot on his neck.

"Blaine..." he moaned.

"Yes, love?" Blaine said against his neck. His hands snaked around Kurt's hips and over to the buckle of his belt.

"What are you doing?" Kurt said breathless. Had the blood not rush straight down to his almost full erection, he would think that was a stupid question to ask. Blaine nipped his neck lightly, knowing Kurt oddly liked that, as he got to the zipper.

"I'm giving you...stress relief, so to speak," Blaine uttered the familiar answer into Kurt's ear, the sound of the zipper going down and the feeling of Blaine's warm hand against his cock. Kurt gasped when he felt Blaine's hand go into his boxers.

"Here?" Kurt asked, but his tone was more excitement than appalling.

"Unless you want me to stop," Blaine whispered.

"No," Kurt said right away, "but you don't..." Kurt couldn't finish his sentence. Blaine just smiled as he started pumping his cock.

"How about, you shut-up," Blaine leaned forward for a quick kiss, "and let me blow you. Okay, love?" Blaine whispered. God, that was hot, Kurt couldn't even be annoyed that Blaine stole that answer from him. Blaine knelt down onto the floor with Kurt's hands held halfway up in the air.

"Yes, sir."

"Where did Klaine go?" Noah asked, looking around the ballroom. Kate looked at him with a questionable glance. This was her husband so why should she be surprised by the things he says or does?

"Who?" she asked.

"Klaine. Kurt and Blaine. I combined their names together. That's their couple name," Noah said almost too excitedly. She rolled her eyes.

"Really, honey?" Kate asked. She should know better by now.

"Really, and I can't find them anywhere," Noah almost whined. The party was nearly over and most people had already left for the evening.

"I know Kurt went to the bathroom, maybe Blaine went too," Kate answered, taking a sip of her champagne.

"Oh, okay, I'll just go meet them there," Noah was about to head that direction when his wife grabbed a hold of his arm.

"Boys don't travel in groups to the bathroom," Kate said.

"Kate, honey, have you seen Harry Potter? Maybe men should travel in groups like women," Noah tried to sound logical about his answer, it didn't work.

"They are big boys, they can go to the bathroom by themselves. You should try it sometime," Kate joked. Noah wiggled his eyebrows.

"But if I did that, then we wouldn't have had our rendezvous in there twenty minutes ago..." he said in a low voice. Kate's cheeks flushed.

"You think you're so cute?" Kate said with a smile.

"I am cute, it's a burden you'll have to bare," Noah said.

"Yes, one of many," Kate answered. Noah gave her a mock glare but kissed the woman, forgetting about why Blaine and Kurt were taking so long in the bathroom.

"Oh! Blaine! Just like that!" Kurt whimpered. Nobody had walked into the bathroom just yet but Kurt wasn't thinking logically right now, he couldn't think at all. Not with Blaine's tongue stroking every part of Kurt's throbbing cock and then immediately taking it into his mouth. He could feel part of Blaine's throat. He hummed around it a few times before bobbing back and forth.

Kurt's fingers curled into Blaine's hair, tugging almost harshly. His hips made a few thrusts forward but it was so difficult to not completely fuck Blaine's mouth. He looked down at Blaine, watching him suck his cock and feeling him massage his balls. Why was it so hot watching him do that?

"Fuck..." Kurt moaned when Blaine started sucking again. The stall was further at the end so unless someone had intentionally been looking right at them, nobody would know they were there, if they didn't hear them. It was time to test that theory when Kurt heard the door open and footsteps go into a stall.

Kurt clapped a hand over his mouth to keep from moaning. He knew Blaine heard the door too, he pulled completely off of Kurt's cock but that didn't stop him from teasing him. Kurt looked down at his husband, trying to send him a look to stop. Blaine knew what his husband wanted, but he couldn't resist. Blaine ran his tongue, slowly, up Kurt's cock.

The toilet flushed and the door opened. Kurt heard the faucet go and he was grateful there was other noise because Blaine's teasing licks were making him moan against his hand, no matter how hard he pressed against his lips. Blaine was enjoying this way too much. He pumped on Kurt's cock, the faucet turned off and he heard the guy walk over to the paper towel dispenser, dry his hands and walk out of the bathroom. Once Kurt heard the door shut, he removed his hand and glared down at his husband.

"You bastard!" He yelped, which only made Blaine laugh. "I can't believe..." Blaine knew how to silence his husband. He put his mouth around Kurt's cock and started sucking again.

"Oh...you...suck..." Kurt moaned. Blaine hummed his response, of course he did. Kurt silently prayed for whatever deity was above him that nobody else walked into the bathroom. Blaine's tongue lapped around the head of Kurt's cock, causing his moans to become louder. It wouldn't be much longer. He felt the pit of his stomach coil.

"Blaine...I'm..." Kurt thrust into Blaine's mouth, the head hitting up against his throat. Kurt threw his head back, feeling his orgasm release. He yelped while Blaine contented to suck him until he had every last bit of his come down his throat. Kurt breathed heavily as Blaine pulled away and stood back up, claiming Kurt's lips again.

Blaine kissed Kurt tenderly while he zipped up his pants and buttoned them back, allowing Kurt to buckle the belt. He pulled away briefly and stared at the content expression on his husband's face.

"Now...what were you calling me earlier?" Kurt glared at him.

"We could have gotten caught," Kurt whispered. Blaine kissed him again.

"If I recall, someone heard us when you were doing the same to me, love. But are you complaining?" Blaine asked.


"Good," Blaine kissed him again, "let's go home. I know you're definitely tired," he teased. Kurt couldn't help the smile as he followed his husband out of the stall.

It took a while to shake Noah off after his constant questioning about how it doesn't take that long to go to the bathroom, even if someone had to go that badly. Noah knew though. He could tell by the look on Kurt's face and the satisfied smirk on Blaine's. They managed to leave the ballroom without having to worry if Noah had somehow snuck into their car, which Blaine had said he had done before. That was another story.

When Blaine got into the car, his phone buzzed. Kurt was buckling up his seat belt as Blaine checked his messages.

(11:55 pm)
Mission accomplished. There's a surprise for Kurt in the living room when you two get home. - Nick

Blaine smiled as he sent a quick thank you to Nick and put his phone away.

"What's going on?" Kurt asked.

"There's something for you when we get home. Courtesy of Nick and Jeff."

Kurt was anxious when Blaine pulled into the garage. As soon as the engine shut off, Kurt got out of the car. He and Blaine walked into the house and Blaine led him straight to the living room, where a large box was sitting on the coffee table, Nick sitting on one sofa while Jeff on the other. Kurt's eyes widened.

"What are you doing here?" Kurt asked. Blaine smirked as he walked beside Nick.

"I hope you weren't slacking on your lessons since I wasn't here," Jeff pointed. Kurt rolled his eyes, well it was nice to see him.

"That better have been some flu or whatever it was that made you be gone for a few days," Kurt stated. Jeff laughed as he got off the couch.

"Well, it wasn't the flu but it sure was something, right, Nick?" Jeff turned to his friend.

"That's for sure. But, to let you know, this was all Blaine's idea, we just followed his plans," Nick said warmly. Kurt looked at his husband baffled but then back at Jeff.


"I promise, next lesson, I'll even bring my sai swords," Jeff said. Kurt smiled.


"Only if I can stay and see the look on your face when you open that box," Jeff said with an excited tone.

"I wanted to stay too," Nick added. Blaine wasn't bothered. He wanted Kurt to open the box and see his face too.

"Apparently I'm missing something," Kurt said. Blaine gestured to the box.

"Take a look, love," he said gently. Kurt looked at the box. It was a large box, taped over the top. He walked over to it and examined it. He saw the dark sharpy writing on the top and his mouth gaped open.

Elizabeth's Treasures

The only Elizabeth he knew was his mother. And the handwriting was his father's. His mouth went dry. No, this couldn't be it. This couldn't be the box with his mother's things. Nick handed Kurt a small box knife. Kurt said nothing as he took the knife. He cut along the tape line and set the knife down gently. He stared at the box as if he touched it, it would disappear. He let out a sigh as he pushed open the flaps. His breath caught in his throat.

Right before him, was a picture of his mother and father in their wedding clothes. He picked up the frame. His mother was in a long white dress and his father in a tuxedo, smiling at the camera. Kurt drew in a shaky breath. Blaine walked alongside his husband and saw the picture. He smiled and looked at his husband.

"She's beautiful. You definitely look like her," Blaine complimented. The sound of Blaine's voice brought Kurt back to reality.

"What...how..." Kurt couldn't form complete sentences. He put the photo frame back in the box and roamed through it.

More pictures of his mom.

Perfume bottles.

Some of her clothing.


Kurt paused midway as he reached down carefully, picking up his mother's locket. The silver locket she wore all the time. He ran his fingers over the small pattern on the front. He turned it over and sure enough, on the back was the love poem. He opened it and saw the wedding picture of his parents and the baby picture of himself. Jeff grew curious and looked over Kurt's shoulder.

"Aww! Baby Kurt!" Jeff said cutely. Kurt closed the locket and looked at Jeff immediately.

"Jeff...Nick..." Kurt looked over at Nick who also got up from his seat, "how..."

"You know...Greta should really get a better security system. Any idiot can walk into their house, door unlocked, and walk in without anybody noticing," Jeff pointed out.

"Any idiot did," Nick retorted.

"Nick, that is not a nice thing to say about yourself," Jeff said appallingly.

"How did you guys get this?" Kurt finally found the rest of his voice to ask, he clutched onto the locket.

"Well," Nick started, "Blaine told me about your mother's stuff and where it was and how much it meant to you. It was all Blaine's plan, Jeff and I just followed along with it. I do agree with Jeff though, Greta and her son's don't exactly value their belongings if they keep their doors unlocked constantly."

Kurt's eyes watered, tears ran down his cheeks freely. The box sure did smell like his mom's perfume.

"Oh! Hey, did we get the wrong stuff?" Jeff asked. Kurt turned to the blonde and threw his arms around him.

"No..." Kurt mumbled. Jeff smiled and returned the hug. Blaine moved aside, knowing Kurt was going to throw himself at Nick next. And he was right. Kurt hugged Jeff tightly then turned to do the same with Nick.

"We did good?" Nick asked, taking Kurt's hug without question.

"Yes," Kurt pulled away from Nick but he still cried, holding the locket tightly.

"I'll definitely bring those sai swords. But I think we'll leave you and Blaine alone," Jeff patted Blaine on the shoulder then Kurt.

"Thank you both..." Kurt said, gratitude all over his voice.

"Don't sweat it. You're one of us. Have a good night," Nick said, he patted Kurt on the shoulder before he and Jeff made their departure. It took a little while before Kurt turned to Blaine, eyes still red from the tears.

"Blaine..." he chocked. His husband walked to Kurt, putting his arms protectively around Kurt's waist.

"I hope those are tears of joy," Blaine joked lightly. Kurt let out a choked laugh as he looked down at the locket.

"They are...they really are. But...Blaine...what if..."

"There's no what ifs here, love. These are rightfully yours, and all they did was get it back for you," Blaine whispered. Kurt threw his arms around Blaine's neck.

"Thank you..." he whispered into Blaine's ear.

"You're welcome..." Blaine whispered back, giving him a light kiss on the cheek. He looked down at the locket in Kurt's hands. He looked at the baby picture. So cute.

Kurt wanted to say it, but he couldn't, not right now. A box of his mother's stuff was on the coffee table and Blaine was actually looking inside, waiting for Kurt to go through it again. Kurt smiled. If he hadn't fallen in love with his husband before, he sure did now.