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Chapter 8: Kurt talks with his girlfriends about his relationship with Blaine, even before they got married. Kurt runs into Carlton and Henry while out and about and puts his skills to good use. Kurt even has a gift for Blaine that he knows he would love. Quinn brings a surprise to work and Blaine thinks part of it is perfect for him and Kurt.

Chapter 8:

"About damn time you got here, I'm hungry," Mercedes called toward Rachel and Kurt. Her and Tina had made plans with them to meet for lunch on the days Kurt didn't go into work and Rachel only had morning classes. He wished he could include Quinn into the mix but she did have to work every day. One of these days, he was going to introduce Quinn to the girls.

"I'm so sorry. I have a very rigorous routine and it cannot..." Rachel started to explain but Kurt cleared his throat.

"It'll take a while to explain it, we're sorry we're late," Kurt said. Rachel just sighed as they sat in their seats at the table.

"It's alright. We got here not too long ago, so it's fine," Tina said. Kurt removed his jacket and the slight sun caught a shine on something silver around his neck. Mercedes was the one to spot it first.

"What's that around your neck?" Mercedes pointed. Kurt fiddled with the necklace and smiled.

"It's my mom's locket," Kurt said happily. Both girls smiled, Rachel just admired the silver locket.

"You have your mom's locket? How did you manage getting Greta to let you take that?" Tina asked. The waiter came by and took their drink orders before Kurt answered.

"Well...she doesn't know...and I have more of my mother's stuff too..." Kurt answered in a low voice. Both Mercedes and Tina looked at Kurt with wide eyes.

"How does she not know?" Rachel was the one to ask.

"Yes, how does she not know?" Mercedes asked. They were all too familiar with Greta and her two sons.

"Blaine had it arranged...Nick and Jeff just did the rest..." Kurt answered, "Greta will never know because my mom's stuff was always in the attic and you know how much she hates going there."

That was true.

"Blaine really arranged it so you could get them back? That is so sweet! How are you two doing?" Tina asked excitedly.

The waiter came by again, this time, asking for their orders. Kurt ordered first then the rest of the girls, Rachel taking a bit longer as to be specific as to what she wanted. After the waiter left, all eyes were turned back to Kurt.

"So, how are you two? You look so happy," Mercedes said. Kurt smiled.

"I am. I'm really happy. Blaine is just wonderful. He's sweet, thoughtful, affectionate, he sings great. I mean, he sang to me at that party we went to for his friend. It was so romantic and he said he wanted to sing to me when we got married..." all three girls looked at Kurt with sweet eyes.

"Oh, Kurt...that is so cute. I'm so glad to see this," Rachel was the first to say. Kurt stopped talking and looked at the brunette. The waiter put their drinks onto the table along with a basket of bread in the center.

"Glad to see what?" Kurt asked.

"You are smiling so much, talking about Blaine like you have hearts in your eyes. You love that man," Rachel declared. Kurt's cheeks reddened. Both Tina and Mercedes smiled as they waited for Kurt to make some sort of response. He hadn't even admitted it to Blaine just yet and apparently it was obvious to his friends.

"Do you love him?" Tina asked. Kurt started fumbling with the necklace again. It was inevitable.

"I do...I think I really do," Kurt admitted. Rachel squealed and hugged Kurt tightly.

"Oh this is so great! I'm so happy for you!" Rachel squealed again.

"Rachel, calm down. You're the only ones I've admitted this to, I haven't told Blaine yet. And don't you dare tell Quinn!" Kurt pointed with his demand. Rachel huffed.

"Fine, I won't say anything to Quinn," Rachel said in a low voice.

"Good. The last thing I want is for Blaine to hear this from other people. I want to tell him," Kurt directed it toward Rachel, Mercedes and Tina.

"So...if we can ask, since you're oh so in love and all," Mercedes teased, "does that mean that you and him..." Kurt glared at Mercedes, not giving her the chance to finish her sentence.

"I'm not discussing that with you or anybody. That is between me and Blaine," Kurt said, but his face was red. Mercedes just smiled as did Tina and Rachel.

"Did you and Blaine talk to each other before the wedding?" Rachel asked curiously. She only knew some bits about the arranged marriage; only a small bit more from Blaine, but the rest was when she visited Kurt and the girls at the house that one day. Kurt was caught off guard but he took a sip of his drink before he answered.

"No. We never saw each other or talked or anything..." Kurt paused for a moment, "except..." Kurt suddenly trailed off his sentence.

"Except what?" Tina urged for more. Kurt licked his lips as he remembered something that he hadn't thought of since he and Blaine got married.

"We...technically did talk," Kurt said.

"You're gonna have to be more specific than that," Mercedes stated.

"We wrote to each other," Kurt was remembering now. "Wes, Mr. Montgomery, gave me a notebook one day and said that I could write whatever I wanted. And he said I could even write a letter. He hinted at writing to Blaine and kind of left the rest up to me."

"You wrote him a letter?" Rachel asked.

"I did. I'm not even sure what all I said but I think I may have used two pages and gave it to Wes when I was done. The next day, he gives me back the notebook and there's a page or two written after mine. Blaine wrote back to me," Kurt finished.

Rachel nearly squealed.

"That is so romantic. Do you still have the notebook?" she asked excitedly. Kurt was smiling then it faded.

"No, I don't."

"What? Does Greta have it or something?" Mercedes asked. The waiter had come by and put their orders in front of them. Once he finished refilling their drinks, he walked away and Kurt leaned forward on the table.

"No, she doesn't have it. I came to my tutoring session one day and Wes said that he lost the book and he never gave me another one. And Blaine never wrote another letter back to me. I didn't talk to him again until the day we got married," Kurt finished, looking down at his food.

Kurt hadn't thought of that in a long time. He was really sad that day Wes told him that he no longer had it. But it made him more sad that he never got another letter from Blaine or even a new notebook.

"Okay, enough of the sad talk. I have to say my professor is quite cute..." Tina started a new conversation. Kurt smiled and enjoyed the time he was having with his girls.

"This is such a nice place," Rachel nearly yelped. After their lunch, Kurt and the girls had gone to some sort of open market in town. Mercedes and Tina were commenting on the many stands. There were fruit stands, clothing stands, drink stands, too many to name. There was some kind of festival going on and Rachel had wanted so much to go. Kurt wasn't in any real hurry to go home, and neither were Mercedes and Tina.

Kurt's thoughts were elsewhere, but the scenery was nice. If it was still going on during the weekend, Kurt wanted to bring Blaine – and possibly Quinn. Rachel dragged him over to a stand with a lot of necklaces. He wasn't paying much attention to the person walking behind him, but the voice was inevitable.

"Well, if it isn't Mr. Money Bag Slut."


"Excuse me?" Rachel huffed at the unfamiliar man. Kurt put his hand on her shoulder.

"Is there something I can help you with, Carlton?" Kurt asked as politely as he could. He saw Mercedes and Tina close by and of course, Henry was right beside Carlton, saying nothing.

"I highly doubt there is something you could help me with. You've already abandoned your family I think you've done enough damage," Carlton snapped.

"Yeah," Henry added weakly.

"For me to abandon my family I would have to actually have a family. You are not my family, you never were. You, your little puppet and your puppet master mother were never family," Kurt nearly spat. Mercedes smiled proudly. Tina was hesitant and Rachel wasn't sure what was going on but she wasn't about to leave her friend's side.

Carlton took a step forward.

"You think you're something because your dad had bribed some rich boy to marry you? You are still the faggot that mom got stuck with when she married your deadbeat father." Kurt's face was near red as he stood right against Carlton's face. Henry took a step back but he still stood there without saying anything.

"Watch it, Carlton," Kurt said in a low octave.

"Kurt? Why don't we get going? The last thing we need is any kind of unnecessary confrontation," Rachel said calmly, then turned to Carlton. "And I believe it is best that you and your sidekick go about your own business..."

"How about you keep your fucking mouth out of this!" Carlton pushed Rachel against her shoulder roughly, enough to almost knock her backwards. She managed to retain her balance but Mercedes and Tina were at her side anyway. Without thinking, Kurt pushed Carlton, hard, he did fall over. Henry gasped and ran over to his side.

"Don't you ever touch her like that again!" He yelled. Carlton nearly growled, pushing Henry aside as he got up off the ground.

"You really want to start this, at last?" Carlton challenged. "Because I've wanted to do this for a long time." Carlton tried to grab a hold of Kurt's shirt, but wound up grabbing the locket instead and jerking it off his neck. Kurt gasped as the silver locker fell to the ground, braking into two pieces. He didn't see Carlton in time to duck as he felt a strong and painful force against the side of his jaw and his lip.

"Kurt!" Rachel yelped. Crowds of people were giving their attention to the scene now. Kurt rubbed the side of his jaw, knowing he was going to have a large bruise and a slight busted lip soon.

"You can't be protected anymore. You can't even protect yourself," Carlton took another swing, but this time, Kurt had a chance to duck. He tried to remember his training with Jeff.

Thumb over the fingers.

If it must be done, aim for the middle of the eyes; causes the nose to swell and tears to form, giving the opponent a great disadvantage.

"Carlton...we should go...mom will be..." Henry started but Carlton growled at him.

"Shut-up! You're a fucking weakling!" He turned back to Kurt. "And you..." he didn't finish. He went straight to Kurt, nearly going into attack mode so Kurt had to act fast. In one swift movement, Kurt took his fist and tried to aim for the middle of Carlton's eyes. Carlton was coming at him so quickly that he really didn't get much chance to aim, but oddly enough, he did.

Kurt's hand was throbbing. Carlton had fallen down on his back, holding his nose and actually crying. Henry knelt down by Carlton.

"You...fucking..." Carlton tried to say but he was in too much pain.

"Let's go, Kurt," it was Jeff. Where the hell did he come from?

"What about him?" Henry gestured to Carlton.

"He's lucky that's all he's getting away with. Go near Kurt again and I will be the one he has to deal with," Jeff threatened. Carlton whined again as Jeff took Kurt by his arm and walked him away from the scene. Rachel ran beside Kurt, taking a hold of his other arm, Tina went to grab the broken locket before following Mercedes.

"Hold still," Mrs. Devereaux said, putting a cold pack against Kurt's jaw.

"Ouch!" he yelped.

"Serves you right for getting into a fight. And you keep the cold pack on your hand too! I need to bandage it up. You're lucky you don't need stitches!" Mrs. Devereaux disappeared to find a first aid kit. Mercedes and Tina were sitting on the couch while Rachel refused to leave Kurt's side.

"Carlton is lucky! I have never seen a punch like that, Kurt. That was so awesome!" Mercedes stated proudly.

"Mercedes! I hardly think that is call for celebration. Kurt, you could have really hurt yourself," Rachel said, holding onto another ice pack on Kurt's hand.

"Not bad for a beginner, I'm proud," Jeff said with good humor. Kurt turned to the blonde.

"Were you following us or something?" he asked, it being the first time he had really talked since they got home. Jeff looked at Kurt sheepishly.

"Sort of. I didn't follow you guys to lunch. I had a feeling Rachel would drag you to that festival so I...stuck around just in case. I lost sight of you but I heard Rachel call out your name." The brunette looked at the blonde oddly, "I have fantastic hearing. I swear, you hide anywhere in the house and if I hear you breathe or hit something once, I will find you. I'm glad I stuck around," Jeff answered. Mrs. Devereaux came back with a small box.

"All right, I need to bandage your hand," she said, opening up the box. Kurt had a feeling she was going to be less than gentle. "Oh and in case you weren't aware, Blaine will be home any minute."

That woman did that on purpose!

"What? What time is it?" Kurt asked.

"Stay still!" the older woman demanded. Tina pulled out her phone.

"Oh wow, it's almost four-thirty," she responded. At that moment, Rachel got a text message from Quinn.

(4:25 pm)
Hey sweetie! Blaine left early today. Wanna hang out? - Quinn

"Oh dear..." Rachel whispered. Mrs. Devereaux was putting ointment on Kurt's very bruised, and swollen hand.

"Why did you say that?" Kurt asked suddenly. Rachel looked at Kurt with a guilty glance. She didn't get to answer. The front door opened and closed.

"Kurt?" It was Blaine. Normally, Blaine sent Kurt a message or tried to call him if he was coming home early. But then again, he hadn't looked at his phone since lunch. "I tried to..." Blaine started but paused when he came into the living room. Kurt quickly looked away, right at Rachel.

"Hello, Blaine," Mrs. Devereaux greeted, bandaging up Kurt's hand.

Kurt didn't like the older woman right now.

"What's going on? Kurt? What's wrong with your hand?" Blaine walked over to Kurt and knelt down beside him. Rachel looked at Kurt with a sympathetic glance, he couldn't hide from his husband. Kurt sighed as he turned his head slowly toward Blaine, showing his husband his full face, including the busted lip and the forming bruise on his jaw. Blaine's eyes widened and his jaw dropped.

"What the hell? Baby! What happened?" his voice rose an octave, reaching out to touch his jaw.

"Ow, don't touch..." Kurt said pitifully. Mrs. Devereaux finished the bandage and tightened it in one knot. "Ouch! You are fucking doing that on purpose!"

"You watch your language! And try not to get that wet. I'll change it tomorrow," Mrs. Devereaux took the first aid kit and left the room.

"Evil vindictive woman!" Kurt yelled. Blaine tried not to laugh.

"Now you get it," he said playfully, "but that aside, what the hell happened? Who did this to you?" Blaine demanded, rather angrily.

"Blaine, Kurt gave Carlton such a punch. I'm so proud of my boy," Mercedes said excitedly.

"Mercedes..." Kurt warned with a groan.

"Carlton?" Blaine paused, "Love?" wanting more explanation. Kurt sighed as he turned toward Blaine.

"After we had lunch, we went to that festival and Rachel and I were looking at some things and Carlton and Henry showed up. He said some things, I said some things, he pushed Rachel and I pushed him back and that's when he punched me."

Blaine let out a sigh as he turned to Jeff. His eyes were full of rage.

"I want that little prick arrested!" Jeff would be all for that except for one thing.

"Normally, Blaine, I would agree with that, but then Kurt would also get in trouble," Jeff answered. Blaine looked at the blonde baffled.

"Why would Kurt get in trouble?" he looked down at Kurt's bandaged hand. "Love?"

"After Carlton punched me, he tried again only this time I got him," Kurt answered, not sure how his husband would take that, but surprisingly, Blaine had a small smile on his face.

"Really? You punched him?"

"It was so awesome! Right in between the eyes, it was perfect. I don't know what you're teaching my boy but it is working," Mercedes said toward Jeff.

"I saw the punch too. It was pretty damn good. Plus, Carlton's pride is hurting now so he's not going to be dumb enough to try and involve authorities," Jeff said just as proudly.

"Oh boy..." Rachel sighed, Tina said nothing but she felt the same way Rachel did.

"I'm okay, a little sore...but I'm okay," Kurt tried to assure his husband.

"Well, why don't we go upstairs and I'll take care of you," Blaine said gently.

"I'd love that," Kurt responded softly. Blaine took a hold of his uninjured hand.

"Just promise me I won't get a call from you saying that you need me to bail you out," Blaine said somewhat humorously but there was a hint of truth to it.

"Or that I've been arrested on a murder charge?" Jeff snickered but the girls did not, neither did Blaine.

"That wasn't funny," Blaine answered.

"It was a little funny," Kurt offered a smile. Tina got up from the couch and dug through her jacket pocket.

"Kurt? I almost forgot," she said, "here." She pulled out the broken locket. Kurt took in a sharp breath and took the necklace. Kurt had forgotten about the necklace.

"My mom's locket. He yanked it off of me and it broke..." now he felt like crying. Blaine looked down at the piece of jewelry before he gently took it out of Kurt's hand.

"I can fix that, love. It won't be problem," Blaine promised.

"You can fix it?" Kurt said hopefully. Blaine gave Kurt a small kiss on the cheek.

"Definitely. But right now, I want to take care of you." Kurt didn't argue as Blaine led him up the stairway. Jeff watched the two disappear upstairs and heard the door close.

"I think that's my cue to leave. Any of you girls need a ride home?" Jeff offered.

"I'm going over to Quinn's, so I'll be all right," Rachel answered, sending a quick reply.

"Tina and I got studying to do. That and I have a phone call to make," Mercedes said. "I have my car."

"Are you calling Sam again?" Tina teased. Mercedes made a face but there was a smile. Jeff walked with the girls out of the house, knowing that the two men upstairs really wanted to be alone.

Kurt savored each touch Blaine was giving him. They took a long, hot bath, mainly because he couldn't get his bandage wet and Blaine washed every part of him. Feeling Blaine's gentle, strong hands rub up and down his body, the pressure he pushed against his shoulders and down his bare back, Kurt felt like he had gone to his own personal heaven.

After the bath, they dried off, but didn't dress. Blaine instructed Kurt to lie on his stomach. Kurt complied, his husband's hands returning to his back to give it more attention. They barely spoke to each other but it wasn't necessary. It's like just looking at each other or even a simple touch was one long conversation. Kurt moaned contently, Blaine applying more pressure to his back and gradually working his way downward.

He felt Blaine's hands land right on his ass cheeks, giving them a gentle squeeze, he liked that a lot. Wet lips started to travel from the low of Kurt's back further up with the slide of a hot, wet tongue. Kurt pushed himself upward, enough to meet Blaine's lips as he reached the tip of his shoulder. He was so gentle with Kurt. There were times during their kissing that there was a bit of stinging on his lip but Kurt could ignore it enough to kiss the man he was falling head over heels for. Blaine kissed his lips gently, the top part of his body hovering over Kurt's back.

Neither one could deny their bodies reactions to one another. Kurt felt Blaine's erection against his hip, including the slight coldness of the pre-come. It was oddly hot, especially when Blaine was unconsciously rubbing against Kurt, in need of friction. Kurt managed to lift a hand into Blaine's damp hair, wanting Blaine to press more into the kiss, despite the slight pain on his lips and jaw. Blaine only gave in a little; he held his own with his arm but never pulled away from the kiss.

Kurt moaned when Blaine's tongue licked the inside of his mouth, causing him to seek his own friction from the bed. Part of Kurt screamed for Blaine to make love to him but the other part knew he wasn't quite there yet, but he was getting oh so close to it. Blaine pulled away from the kiss, a light whimper escaping Kurt's mouth.

"Love?" he whispered.

"Hmm?" Kurt mumbled in a daze. Blaine licked his lips like he was contemplating something.

"I was wondering...if we could try something..." he said with hesitance in his voice.

Kurt had always been the one to make the move of wanting, to taking something further or trying something. Not once did Blaine ever say he wanted to try anything, until now. It was thrilling, actually. Kurt always wondered if Blaine ever wanted to do something, instead of letting Kurt be the one to say it first. He knew why Blaine wouldn't but he was slowly coming around and being more trusting of what Kurt can and cannot handle.

"What's that?" Kurt was about to turn over but Blaine had put his hand on his shoulder.

"It...it involves you staying on your stomach," Blaine started. "I know you've read that notebook a few times..."

Probably more than a few times but that was beside the point. Kurt's cheeks flushed as he waited for Blaine to continue.

"So...I'm assuming you know what rimming is." It sounded more like a statement than a curious question. Kurt licked the bottom of his lip, a little more on the busted part.

Rimming, yes he knew what that was. Blaine had been particularly detailed on that part of the book. When he first read it, it sounded, well disgusting. Why would anybody want to do such a thing? Especially...well he hadn't wanted to think about it and put it out of his thoughts. He re-read it one day and while he wasn't so grossed out by it, it wasn't on the top of his want to try list. But then again, he never thought he would enjoy giving Blaine a blow job as much as he did.

"I do, yes," he answered softly, his cheeks burning.

"I was wondering if you would...let me try that on you...since you are so relaxed and we did just bathe," bathing was the important part. Kurt pulled his arms in, leaning on his elbows but still looking at Blaine.

"Have you...well...have you done it or had it done to you?" he asked shyly.

"No, honestly. This would be the first for the both of us," Blaine answered. "And I'll stop if you don't like it," he added.

Kurt didn't know why but that actually gave him a sense of relief. For once, Kurt was going to be doing something that was a first for him and Blaine.

"What...what do you want me to do?" Blaine smiled before giving Kurt another kiss on the lips.

"Just stay how you are and relax," Blaine answered. Kurt nodded as Blaine started kissing on Kurt's shoulder, brushing his lips slowly down his back, his hands kneading Kurt's ass cheeks. His tongue stroking in small circles on Kurt's lower back, getting closer and closer.

Kurt suddenly felt nervous. He didn't know what to expect and that just furthered his nervousness. He looked down at his bandaged hand as he felt Blaine's lips graze over one of the cheeks. Blaine spread Kurt's cheeks, licking from bottom to the top where his entrance was. He knew what he did sent Kurt those arousal chills through his body, he gave it one more lick before he stuck his tongue at the peak of the hole. He circled the entrance teasingly then thrust it into the hole, feeling Kurt fidget.

Kurt hadn't realized he was holding his breath when he felt Blaine stick his tongue fully into him. It felt...good. He couldn't explain the feeling, not even if he had the chance. It wasn't discomforting but it wasn't mind blowing but he was glad he agreed to the experience. Blaine moaned as he licked his entrance again before thrusting his tongue in, this time a bit more forceful.

Kurt let out a breathy moan, not realizing that he was rubbing his now throbbing erection against the bed but also moving his ass further into Blaine's tongue. That pleased Blaine.

His hands grasped onto his ass cheeks tightly. Blaine had never openly admitted this to anybody, but the idea of spanking, not hardcore spanking, but the occasional slap on the ass was erotic to him. He wanted to do it so bad but the last thing he wanted to was to break the mood or startle Kurt. But it was so difficult. Kurt had a terrific ass. To him, it was perfectly sculpted and he loved touching it or grabbing it every chance he had. Kurt really hadn't fully realized just how beautiful he was.

"Blaine..." Kurt moaned, the fabric of the bed was providing much more needed friction than he thought and Blaine's tongue wasn't helping, actually it was helping. Blaine gave one more thrust before he started kissing up Kurt's back. In that instant, Kurt turned over just as Blaine made his way to his face but didn't kiss his lips.

"Can I assume that you liked that?" Blaine teased.

"It was...okay," Kurt said with a sly grin. Blaine kissed his forehead.

"Oh...well if it was just okay, then I guess I'll have to either stop doing it or try a little harder." Blaine adjusted himself in between Kurt's legs, letting out a low moan when he felt Kurt's cock against his own.

"The latter," Kurt said with finality, rocking his hips slowly against Blaine's.

"Is it all right to kiss you? Knowing where my tongue has been?" Blaine was dying to kiss him, he really was. Kurt just looked at Blaine before he pushed his head down, pressing his lips, hard, against his, despite the stinging from his jaw and lip, he would always want to kiss Blaine.

(8:03 am)
Please tell me you and Blaine are at the office right now! - Quinn

(8:03 am)
Yes. We just got here. Why? - Kurt

(8:04 am)
I'm in the elevator, please come help me with a box! - Quinn

Kurt looked over at Blaine with a questionable expression. They had been hanging out in Blaine's office when Quinn texted Kurt.

"What's wrong?" Blaine asked.

"We...need to meet Quinn at the elevator. Said that she needs help carrying something," Kurt answered. Blaine just shrugged as he followed Kurt out of the office and on their way to the elevator. They made it there in time to see Quinn standing with a slightly big box next to her. She looked at Kurt and gasped.

"Oh my God! Rachel told me about it but..." Quinn sounded like Mrs. Devereaux, but at least Quinn was more comforting and concerned. Whereas, the old woman was not.

"I'm fine, Quinn," Kurt said reassuringly.

"I'll help with the box. I don't want Kurt putting any pressure on his hand," Blaine walked over to the box. Quinn bent down and helped Blaine carry it to her desk. For a moment, Kurt could have sworn he heard something move in the box. After they set it down, Quinn sighed and looked at Kurt again.

"Are you sure you're okay?" Quinn asked. Kurt gave her a sweet kiss on the cheek.

"I'm fine. Now, what's in the box?" Kurt asked. Blaine had already opened it with a wide smile.

"Love!" Blaine said. Kurt looked into the box to see five kittens. Three orange and white ones, one white one, and a beautiful tabby. Kurt loved cats. He had wanted a kitten for a long time. But Greta hated animals so he never got one. The little kittens started moving around, playing with one another, making cute little noises.

"Oh...adorable!" Kurt nearly squealed, stroking the kittens' heads. Blaine laughed a little as he did the same.

"Quinn, they are adorable, like Kurt said, but why did you bring them here?" Blaine asked in a sort of authoritative voice but seeing the kittens made it soft.

"Well, my neighbor's cat gave birth to them not too long ago. I thought she was just really fat. But our apartment doesn't allow pets and I wanted to keep them but I can't afford another place. So...I thought I would see if there was anybody who wanted one, or two. Know anybody?"

Kurt took out his phone and took a picture.

"I'll send the picture to Rachel, Mercedes and Tina," Kurt typed away on his phone.

"We have a busy day today so...be sure to keep an eye on them," Blaine stated, giving the kittens one more pet before going into his office. Kurt got a response within the next few minutes.

(8:14 am)
Sorry boo, apartment doesn't allow pets. They are cute! - Mercedes

(8:14 am)
Allergic, sorry. - Tina

(8:15 am)
Kurt Hummel! That adorable white one is mine! It better be there when I get out of my last class today! - Rachel

"Well, Rachel has claimed the white one. That's one down," Kurt stated. That made Quinn smile.

"I thought so," Quinn answered. Kurt sat at his desk while Quinn put the box down on the floor. One of the kittens had fallen asleep, pretty soon the others were following suit. Kurt smiled as he started petting the tabby one.

"I'll ask around too. Do you know where David's office is?" Kurt asked. Quinn settled into her chair.

"He has his own office in town, but he usually comes by once in a while and uses the office down the hallway," Quinn answered, "why?"

"I need to talk to him about something. Do you know if he's here today?" Kurt asked, still petting the tabby. The little one was falling asleep.

Quinn opened up the calendar on her computer and examined it.

"Yeah, he actually should be here now. Why do you ask?" Quinn asked. Kurt got up quickly, giving the tabby one more pet.

"I need a favor from him...for me and Blaine. Is it okay if I go see him real quick?" Kurt asked.

"Sure. Don't be too long," Quinn answered.

"I won't. And don't tell Blaine I went to see him, please," Kurt begged, walking around his and Quinn's desks.

"Okay. What are you planning?" Quinn asked curiously. Kurt just smirked as he made his way further down the hallway. Kurt was completely out of sight when Blaine opened his door.

"Quinn? Where did Kurt go?" Blaine asked. Quinn thought for a moment.

"He...went to make some copies for me. He should be back in a few minutes," Quinn answered. Blaine nodded as he looked down at the sleepy kittens.

"Are there any conferences or meetings scheduled?" Blaine asked. Quinn looked through the calendar.

"Nope. Just a conference call," Quinn responded.

"Perfect," Blaine said with excitement. "Which one did he favor the most?" Blaine asked. Quinn smiled widely.

"He was giving a lot of attention to the tabby. The white one Rachel claimed," Quinn responded. Blaine nodded as he picked up the tabby kitten.

"I like the tabby one too. Don't tell Kurt," Blaine said, holding the sleepy kitten gently. Quinn smiled as Blaine walked into the office and closed the door behind him. She looked down at the four sleepy kittens. Three of them still needed a home.

"Kurt? What a nice surprise," David said happily. Kurt smiled as he walked into the room where David had been sitting at a desk, looking through different files. "Damn! Jeff was right!"

Kurt groaned. Did Jeff have to tell everybody? David just laughed at Kurt's expression.

"I didn't go seeking trouble..." Kurt started but David waved his hand.

"I know you didn't. You're not an idiot like those brothers of yours. But if they do try to start something or even Greta, come to me, please," David said. Kurt nodded in agreement. "Now, what can I do for you?"

Kurt smiled, grateful for the conversation turn.

"Before I start...what are your interests in cats?" Kurt asked.

"I'm a dog person," David answered.

"So?" David just laughed.

"Is that what you needed to know?" David asked. Kurt took in a breath and contemplating on how exactly to word what it was he wanted.

"I'm asking you this because I don't want Blaine to know what I want to do," Kurt started off.

"You two aren't having legal trouble..." David said. Kurt chuckled lightly.

"No, not at all. It's...something I want to do and we were going to do it the day after we got married but never got around to it. And I had looked up some information and I do need some things to get it done," Kurt said. David looked at Kurt who had the most sincere look on his face. He wanted to do something for Blaine. He smiled and gave Kurt his full attention.

"I'm intrigued. Tell me more."

It took a little longer than Kurt had anticipated but he came back to his desk to see Quinn on the phone and typing away. He mouthed an I'm sorry to her before he took his seat. He looked into the box, hoping to see the tabby kitten. The white one was still there, one of the orange ones was gone, so was the tabby. Quinn hung up the phone and saved the file on her computer.

"I'm so glad you're back, I have a few things that need to be filed," Quinn said gratefully.

"Sorry about that. What happened to the tabby?" It was a stupid question to ask but Kurt wanted to know.

"Oh! A guy came by and grabbed it. Said the little thing was perfect for his spouse. And a woman came by to take one of the orange ones. I have another one coming by to get the other two. I'm glad they are getting homes. Rachel will be by in an hour to take the white one. Are you okay?"

Kurt smiled sadly, Quinn noted.

"Yeah. I'm fine. What did you want me to file?"

By the end of the day, all of the kittens had been given homes. Kurt hadn't been in Blaine's office to visit because he had a conference call that lasted for quite a while. It was a few minutes before the day was over when Kurt knocked on the door. Blaine told him to come in and Kurt did. He saw Blaine standing over his desk, arranging some papers and shutting down his computer.

"Ready to go? I'm hungry," Kurt said. Blaine smiled.

"Just about. But first..." Blaine stopped for a moment, "I need you to close your eyes."

"What? Why?" Kurt asked. Blaine was looking down briefly before seeing Kurt's surprised face.

"Just do it, please?" Blaine begged. Kurt sighed as he did as he was requested. Blaine gently picked up the tabby, who was now wide awake. He walked over to his husband, holding the little fur ball.

"Hold your hands out," Blaine instructed. Kurt didn't question as he turned his palms upward. Blaine placed the kitten into Kurt's hand and told him to open his eyes. Kurt did and looked down to see the tabby squirming a little and making noises.

"The tabby!" Kurt squealed again. He pulled the kitten into a comfortable grasp and nuzzled the top of its head.

"I took her while you were out making copies for Quinn," Blaine said. Kurt almost questioned what meant but he figured that was the time he went to see David and didn't say anything.

"Her?" Kurt said happily.

"It's a girl. And we bonded," Blaine started stroking the kitten's head. Kurt laughed lightly before he leaned forward and kissed Blaine.

"I love her. Thank you!" The kitten made more noise, nobody was paying attention to it anymore. "She needs a name!"

Blaine looked at him with a sheepish expression, petting the little thing over its fur. Kurt noticed the look and smirked.

"You already named her, didn't you?" Kurt asked.

"I might have..." Blaine answered in a low voice. "We spent a lot of time together and...I couldn't help myself."

"What did you name her?" Kurt asked, thinking how cute his husband was right now. Blaine let out a breath.

"Sasha. Of course, we can use whatever name you think of, I don't know why I thought of Sasha..." Blaine started babbling but Kurt had kissed him lovingly.

"I love it. Sasha it is," Kurt nuzzled the kitten again, feeling it, Sasha, purr against him. Blaine smiled.

"I'm glad. I remember you saying you liked cats..." Blaine trailed off, going back to his desk to grab his jacket. Kurt did too – in a letter.

"Well, we need to get things for Sasha. Do you think anybody in the house is going to have a problem with her?" Kurt asked. Blaine walked with Kurt out of the office.

"Mrs. Devereaux may have words."

"What is that?" the older woman pointed to Sasha, who was resting in Blaine's hands – after fighting with Kurt to hold her. They had gone to the pet shop and Kurt practically wanted to buy everything in the store. They got her a pink collar with a name tag, a scratching post, litter box and kitty litter, anything else Kurt wanted for Sasha.

"This is Sasha," Blaine said cutely. Mrs. Devereaux was not impressed.

"It would have been nice to be given some warning," the woman said.

"It was a spur of the moment for Kurt. Wanna hold her?" Blaine held the kitten out to the woman.

"If it lifts its leg or anything in this house I'm rubbing your noses in it," Mrs. Devereaux stated, "and when you're finished, I will change your bandage again."

Kurt groaned. The woman was anything but gentle.

"I told you she would have words," Blaine said, giving the little kitten a kiss on the head. Kurt smiled at the sight of his husband and the new kitten. It was so cute. Kurt was a bit obsessive with getting everything Sasha needed but Blaine was protective of the little thing.

"Oh well. Let's get Sasha situated. I'm sure she's hungry."

"That is just too cute," Kurt said, coming out of the bathroom. He saw his husband laying on his side of the bed, Sasha was curled up into a ball and sleeping soundly in the middle of his stomach. She had a nice dinner, and so far she made no accidents in the house and the idea was get her to sleep in her own bed, but Kurt had a feeling that Blaine wasn't going to enforce that rule. Blaine smiled, feeling the kitten breathing smoothly and the occasional purr.

"She just plopped on my stomach and went to sleep," Kurt eyed him suspiciously.

"She plopped, or you plopped her on your stomach?" Kurt crawled onto the bed, seeing a guilty look on Blaine's face – he knew the answer.

"She looked at me with those cute kitten eyes and meowed at me..." Blaine said pitifully. Kurt laughed and kissed him on the side of his cheek.

"She's got you wrapped around her little kitty paw," Kurt teased, stroking the fur lightly. Sasha didn't move against the touch.

"From the minute I brought her into my office. I don't think I got much work done because of her."

"Don't go blaming your procrastination on Sasha," Kurt joked.

"Hey! I would never blame Sasha for that!" Blaine joked in return. "And you really do like the name Sasha?" Blaine had no idea where he got the name from but it stuck and actually started calling her the name throughout the day. He really hoped Kurt would agree to it but he would be okay if they used a different name.

"I did get a tag engraved with that name, didn't I? I like it. It suits her. Mrs. Devereaux will be okay with her, right? I don't want to cause..." Blaine took a hold of Kurt's hand, a gentle way of silencing his concerns.

"Love, she does run this house but I still own it. You wanted a kitten, I got you a kitten and I adore her too. So, don't worry about her being an inconvenience," Blaine said reassuringly. Kurt leaned onto Blaine's shoulder, rubbing his hand up and down his shirted chest.

"Thank you," he whispered. That simple thank you had so many meanings.

(8:34 am)
I get up this morning after you left and noticed that Sasha was not in our room. I couldn't find her anywhere. So I'm almost panicking and then I go downstairs and guess what I see on the porch in the backyard? - Kurt

(8:35 am)
Don't tell me she grew into a full grown cat already? She's still a baby! - Blaine

(8:35 am)
LOL. No silly. I'll send you the picture. - Kurt

Kurt found the picture he had taken and attached it to the messengers icon. It was true, he had gone frantic looking for the little kitten and almost wondered if she was stuck somewhere. When he came downstairs, he noticed that the back door was open. He looked outside to see Mrs. Devereaux sitting in one of the lawn chairs, reading a book, and petting a little kitten lounging on her lap. Kurt teased the older woman for a little while then remembered she was the one nursing his hand. But he couldn't resist taking a picture and sending it to Blaine.

Rachel had sent a picture of her new cat, a boy named Oscar, with her and the cat wearing a black collar with a bow tie in the middle. Kurt just laughed but Rachel looked happy with her cat.

(8:37 am)
OMG. That is too fucking cute! I knew she had a soft spot somewhere! Saving! - Blaine

(8:37 am)
She's giving me the evil eye. I think I'm going to retreat. May I inquire if it is all right if I visit my husband for lunch? - Kurt

(8:38 am)
Of course. I always enjoy spending time with my husband. See you this afternoon :) - Blaine

Kurt smiled as he made his way out of the front door, David was just outside waiting for him.

"Hey, Kurt," Quinn greeted as Kurt came off the elevator with two plastic bags.

"Hey, Quinn. I bring you lunch," Kurt set one of the bags onto Quinn's desk and dished out the styrofoam box for her.

"You are an angel. And Chinese food is always a win for me," Quinn opened the box and grabbed the first egg roll she saw. Kurt laughed before he took the other bag and walked into Blaine's office. He had his feet propped up on his desk.

"Is that comfortable?" Kurt asked, closing the door behind him.

"Not really, did you bring Chinese food?" Blaine removed his feet from the desk.

"I did. I was out and about so I thought I would bring some lunch to you and Quinn." Kurt placed the bag on the desk.

"Best husband ever. I have been craving Chinese food all day too," Blaine said. Kurt smiled as he grabbed one of the boxes and sat it in front of him. Kurt didn't sit down though. He walked around the desk and leaned against it.

"I...I actually have a surprise for you. And since you surprised me with Sasha, I think it kind of works perfectly," Kurt put his hand in his pocket. Blaine looked at him with a surprised look.

"What is it?" He asked. Kurt could sense the excitement in his voice.

"Well, like you told me to do, close your eyes and hold your hands," Kurt instructed. Blaine whined but he complied with the request. Nervously, Kurt pulled out the piece of paper in his pocket. It was just a receipt right now but it was confirmation. He put the slip in Blaine's hands and noticed that while Blaine's eyes were closed, he still furrowed his eyebrows.

"Okay, open them," Kurt said. Blaine did and looked in his hand. He held up the paper and read it. His eyes widened and his posture straightened.

"Kurt..." he said softly. Kurt bit his lower lip.

"I got it done this morning. I got my last name changed. David went with me because I knew he would have our...well our marriage certificate and I really wanted to surprise you," Kurt answered. "This is just a receipt of course, but I'll be getting a new card and everything in a few weeks, so it's done. I'm Kurt Anderson."

Blaine got up from his chair and engulfed Kurt in the tightest hug he had ever given him. Kurt threw his arms around Blaine's neck.

"You know you didn't have..." Blaine whispered but Kurt gave him a squeeze to gently silence him.

"I wanted to. I don't have to do anything when it involves you and me, I want it all," Kurt replied. Blaine rested his head against Kurt's before he started kissing his lips, still taking into mind that Kurt's lip was still bruised as well as his jaw. Kurt's fingers combed through Blaine's hair as he felt his husband push him up onto the desk, never taking his lips away from Kurt's and ignoring the rumbling noises of their stomachs.