So I don't own It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia or the characters , just the plot and a couple characters. Sorry in advance if any of the characters are a little ooc

So this just popped into my head yesterday after staying up and watching the show, and being bored at work. I wondered how Dennis would react to a baby being left on the doorstep of paddy's and finding out it was his from one of his one night stands. there's some slight swearing.

" You don't think I can drink this" Charlie looked at Dee who was trying to finish her cross word puzzle. " No Charlie I don't think you can, because no one in their right mind; actually just go ahead" putting down her pencil, Dee rethought her answer. I mean Charlie ate cat food just to go to sleep at night. "What now you do think I can do it," Charlie stated throwing his hand up in the air. "Which is it Dee yes or no cause now you're just confusing me" Charlie said to which Dee gave him a look that said 'are you serious'. "No I'm just-" the door opening cut off Dee. " Hey guys what's going on," Mac asked carrying a big basket in his right hand.

"Well Dee here bet me I couldn't drink this and I bet her I could" Charlie said referring to the glass beer mug, which was filled with a black looking sludge. " I didn't bet you Charlie, you just came up to me and announced you were going to drink this. I just told you it wasn't a good idea" Dee gave Charlie a pointed look. " Well now you're saying I couldn't then can, then couldn't again so which is it" Charlie asked Dee again. Mac was just giving Charlie a look then his eyes traveled to the mug in Charlie's hand. "Charlie what in gods name is in the mug wait never mind I don't want to know" Mac said setting the basket on the bar top.

" Well I was making my own beer yesterday night after I locked up the pub- Charlie we told you; you can't sleep here" Mac interrupted Charlie. " I wasn't I was just trying to make some beer" Charlie said getting defensive. "Hey what's in the basket?" Dee asked kind of curious now. " Oh I just found it in front of the pub with a letter addressed to Dennis" Mac Said taking the envelope out of his back pocket. " Let me see that" Dee tried snatching the letter out of Mac's hand.

"Hey what do you think your doing" Mac held the letter out of Dee's reach. "Going to read the letter duh" Dee said trying to reach the letter. " No this is addressed to Dennis, so Dennis should open it" Mac said trying to keep the letter from Dee. " What are you, the mail police, fine what's in the basket then" Dee said giving Mac a weird look before turning to the basket.

" Not sure haven't looked yet," Mac said looking at the basket, since Mac's attention was else where Dee grabbed the letter out of Mac's hand. " Hey Dee, give that back" Mac heard the envelope being torn open. " Come on aren't you curious about what's in the letter" Dee gave Mac a look trying to convince him. "Whatever just open it" Mac was feeling kind of curious. " Alright let's see Dennis I'm leaving glen in your care blah blah blah, I have cancer blah blah blah" Dee started reading the letter before Mac grabbed it out of her hands which earned him a 'hey' from Dee. " Let me read this" Mac cleared his throat, " Dennis, I'm leaving Glen in you're care. I can't take care of him anymore, I found out I have cancer and only a few weeks to live" Mac got kind of quiet. "Well what's the rest say" Dee urged Mac to continue ' I should have just read it' Dee thought to herself. " I can't take care of him while i am staying at the hospital and my parents don't want anything to do with him. He needs his father" Mac's eyes widened at the word. " What!?" Dee exclaimed grabbing the letter back and reading it over. " There's more" Mac pointed to the bottom of the letter. "I wrote in my will that's I'm leaving him to you after I die, I'm sorry I'm just dumping him on you all of a sudden, but I know you'll take good care of him. Lyra" Dee finished reading the letter. " Who the hell is Lyra" Dee skimmed through the letter again. " The girl that wrote the letter duh" Charlie said giving Dee a look, to which earned Charlie a glare.

" Can it Charlie, there's a baby in the basket then isn't there" Dee could feel a headache coming on fast. 'Damn it Dennis, you couldn't just of kept it in your pants; you had to go knock someone up didn't you' Dee thought thinking things couldn't get any worse. " Well were not sure I mean we didn't see a baby" Charlie looked at Dee. " Charlie I just said it's in the basket, did you not hear me" Dee shook her head. " Well let's find out for sure then, I mean she could be talking about a dog for all we know" Mac said inching closer to the basket. " Alright on the count of three i'm going to pull the blanket back" Mac grabbed some of the blanket. " 1…2." Mac said holding up two fingers. " For the love of god, it's not going to attack you" Dee interrupted Mac's counting. " You never know, fine 3" Mac pulled the blanket down.

Two brown eyes stared back at them, " well what do you know it is a baby" Charlie said looking at the tiny infant in the basket. Dee just rolled her eyes, " You guys, that babies face looks exactly like Dennis's" Mac muttered to Dee and Charlie. " Yeah, you're right he does look like Dennis" Dee looked at the Dennis mini me. "Who looks like me and why is there a baby on the bar top" The three jumped at Dennis's confused question. " Well-uh-uh" Dee and Mac were at a loss for words, how are they going to break the news to Dennis. " Congrats dad it's a baby boy" except they didn't count on Charlie breaking it for them.

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