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Bella POV

I felt so alone so tired, I just wanted to crawl into my bed and let the tears fall and never stop, pull the blanket over my head and sleep the rest of my life away. I couldn't though there was so much to do so many things to accomplish and only a few weeks to do it in. I looked up at the building that put fear in my very body.

I took a deep breath and steeled myself against all the pain I felt. I walked through the sterile halls not really paying attention to my surroundings. I clutched a piece of paper in my hands not that I needed it. I had the contents memorized.

Room 125 on the left side, Slowly my feet took e there like a ghost I barely felt like my feet were touching the ground, I swallowed as I saw the glaring plastic numbers next to the door. I slowly walked inside, he was sleeping and I didn't dare wake him. He looked so much weaker then when I'd last seen him. I closed my eyes tightly against the image. I didn't want to believe the sight in front of me. And at that moment I wished I was five again and not the actual nineteen I was.

"Miss can I help you?" My eyes snapped open and collided with the most amazing pair of baby blue's I'd ever seen.

"NO I'm fine."

"Are you sure you are very pale I fear you may pass out."

I chuckled. It felt good to laugh for once. "no sir that's just my natural complexion.

"Oh Bella when did you get here?" I smiled softly when I saw my grandma walk through the door.

"Just a few minuets ago," I hugged her shuddering at how frail she herself was. "Is anyone else here?"

"Not right now, Of course your mother refuses to fly back, your uncle Michael is at work and your Aunt Angela will be here soon." I nodded my head. I had forgotten about the man with the blue eyes until my grandma started to talk again. "Dr. Cullen I'd like you to meet my granddaughter Isabella Swan."

He smiled and held out his hand, I took it oddly feeling comfort. "Hello Dr. Cullen its nice to meet you, Are you my grandfathers Dr?"

"One of them Yes. And you can call me Emmett."

"Ok Emmett It was nice to meet you," he walked away I assume to go and visit other patients.

"How bad is it?"

"Well they put a feeding tube in and of course he's still fighting off the pneumonia." She sat down in the plastic chair by the bed.

"Well how long do you think he'll be in here?"

" A week maybe to but we're even lucky he'll be able to come home at all."

I sat down heavily in the chair. That was what I was worried about. My childhood fear coming to life. Losing my grandfather, I took her hand in mine. "I wish I could stay but I have to get back to campus tonight. I have finals all next week and I can't afford to miss them." I felt the guilt rolling through my body.

"Its ok Sweetie get back to School," She patted my hand and tears came to my eyes once again.

"But he's not even awake yet."

"I'll tell him you came." She whispered. I just nodded I had a two hour drive ahead of me. I stood up and kissed her cheek.

"I'll call you tomorrow." Then I walked over to the beside and leaned over kissing his forehead. "I love you I whispered letting my hand trail over his hand. "Please don't leave me." I pleaded almost silently under my breath. I walked away I couldn't stay in that room for another moment. Back out through the hall. Back to a world that was to bright and cheerful. I unlocked my car and got in. turning the key over and over nothing was working. It was obviously something with the battery. That much was clear. I knew I had a full tank of gas. "Shit I slammed my hand on the steering wheel could this day get any more fucking messed up. I jumped at the tapping noise on my window. Looking up I saw Emmett Cullen.

"Dr. Cullen, " I rolled the window down to talk to him.

"I thought I told you to call me Emmett know what seems to be the problem?" He smiled at me.

"Battery I think." Before I could say anything else he had went around the front of the car and popped the hood. He slammed the hood shut twenty minutes later and then came back to the driver side.

"This needs to be seen by a mechanic I can call my sister in law to come take it to her shop."

That was it the words that broke me suddenly tears started to poor down my face. " I don't have time to wait for a mechanic I have to get back to school I have finals tomorrow." I felt all the pressure since the phone call this morning building up inside me higher and higher.

"Ok please don't cry," Emmett pleaded I can give you a ride where are you going."

"Seattle I go to school there."

"How old are you?" he looked bewildered.

"19 I'm just finishing up my freshman year." I tell him as I try to dry my tears. "I can't take a ride from you though that's way out of your way."

"Hey don't worry about it. I'm familiar with the campus that's where I did undergrad." Before I could say anything else he'd pulled the door open. I don't know why but I trusted him and I got out of the car. "My car's over there lets go." I followed him to a shiny black car. He pulled open the passenger door for me and I slipped inside.

"Thank you." I wasn't used to guys opening doors for me. He nodded and walked around the car. Slipping into the driver's seat he pulled out his phone.

"I'm going to call my sister in law to pick up the car." All I could do was nod. This day was just not turning out at all like I expected this morning when I woke up. All I'd wanted to do was finish my homework and go to class instead I got a horrible phone call rushed down here and then my car stalled. Now I'm in a car with a guy I only met. When people say you're life can change in a blink I guess they know what they're talking about.

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