Stargate: The Origin of Vampires

Author's Note: Hello, Twilight "slash" Stargate fans. I am the hugest fan of both Stargate and Twilight so I wanted to see if I could make them work together while still adhering to both full Twilight canon and Stargate canon. This is my second fan-fic. Enjoy!

Chapter 1: The Creation of Vampire Venom

In Twilight, Chapter 14, Bella asked Edward, "if all vampires came from another vampire; Carlisle created you, some vampire created Carlisle, and some vampire created that vampire, and some vampire created that vampire, and so on and so forth. Where did they all come from originally?" Edward then made some anecdote about evolution, baby sea-lions, and orcas, but conclusively, he had no idea. And how come, in Twilight, there are no vampires that are ten thousand years old or more (granted, most of the older vampires were killed during the Romanian/Volturi war of 500 A.D. to 600 A.D; though Amun and Kebi willingly, though reluctantly submitted to Aro's new laws). What if there were no vampires before 3000 B.C. What if Vampires are not undead, or dark magical. What if vampires are just extraordinary creatures that originally were artificially made in a lab in more recent millennia and then got out of control to infect others.

Well, here is a semi plausible idea on where, The Twilight-Vampires, could've come from in a Stargate/Twilight crossover.

Giza, 3000 B.C.

The minor Goa'uld Amun, who would one day be the oldest living vampire stood before the Chapa'ai. He was the Egyptian god of air and wind, at least in human legend. On his left hand he wore a 'Kara kesh', also known as a 'Goa'uld hand device', which he used to show the people that he had magic powers whenever he felt they needed reminding. A group of Jaffa stood around him in a posture of informal respect. Beside him was Hego, first prime to Amun. On Hego's forehead he bore the symbol of Amun in pure gold.

Amun: "Jaffa, Kree!"

The whites of his eyes glowed for a moment, and he spoke in the loud and distorted voice that all Goa'uld speak with.

At his command the Jaffa then stood at attention in formal posture. Beside him was his Lo'taur, Kebi, she kept her hands crossed in front of her and her head bowed in respect, both ready and eager to do her masters smallest whim. She was the highest ranking of his human slaves, and his most loyal. Her position was one of great honor and privilege; she had worked hard to get the position. All of his human servants were loyal, but to Amun, Kebi was different; she was always doing little nice things for him, she would bring him a drink or his favorite meal at random moments without being asked, she would take off his boots while he sat on his throne and rub his feet. She knew him so well that he rarely needed to give her a command, just by his body language she knew what he needed and would get it for him, and he responded to her in kind; he kept her from hard labor, he gave her lots of money, if she made a mistake he would encourage her that she did a good job, and he would give her extra time off though she was reluctant to take it as she always sought out more work to do for her master. She was also so beautiful, her face, bone structure, skin, hair, and perfect body, they were all flawless, and he indulged himself in romantic intimate time with her every night. She had been his most loyal servant for 150 years but only looked about 40. Amun had made her undergo daily sessions in the Sarcophagus, but he feared that without the regenerative ability of a symbiote it would not keep her young forever, while simultaneously he would never consider her for blending; her physical body was the ideal host for any Goa'uld symbiote, but if she became blended then everything that she is to him would be lost, she would become like him, greedy, power hungry, a god who answers to no one. He would not let that happen. If it wasn't for his protection, she would have become a host to a symbiote long ago whether she wanted it or not. He had been working on a gene altering chemical formula that would transform a human into a Hok'tar, a perfect host with superior strength, speed, stamina, and longevity. Though the study of Hok'tar's had been experimented with for centuries but had yielded very little results. Most Goa'uld had given up on it and those who continued were ridiculed for their efforts. But in the laboratory he had been doing some special work. He was ready to present his project to his master.

The triangular red crystals on around the Chapa'ai started to glow and the inner metal ring full of symbols began to rotate, indicating the arrival of someone dialing the world of the Tau'ri from another Stargate.

All the crystals lit up at once and the unstable vortex burst forth like a giant splash of water flushing sideways and then collapsed back in to form the glowing, rippling, blue, water-like surface of the event-horizon of the artificial wormhole. The people looked in awe at it as they always do, reinforcing the belief of the Goa'uld's great magic and that they are gods. Several Jaffa wearing large mechanical eagle-head helmets came through the event horizon and moved off to the sides and stood at attention in respect. Then through the rippling water-like portal came a figure wearing a helmet almost half the size of his body. The helmet was solid gold with a giant image of a face of the great Pharaoh. All the people bowed before him. He stepped up to Amun to greet him. Amun inclined his head briefly in respect.

Amun: "Shal tek, Shal met, Lord Ra."

Ra: "Shal tek, Shal met, Amun."

Cries from the people: "ALL HAIL RA! ALL HAIL RA!"

The two Goa'uld began walking towards the pyramid that was behind the Chapa'ai. Within the pyramid were luxurious chambers.

After they took a few steps then there was an attack. Amun heard a sinister metallic sound. A disgruntled slave had run out into the open with a Zat'nic'tel energy weapon and started firing and each shot made a loud high-pitched 'BILZZZ' sound. A bolt of blue electrical energy flew strait at Ra. Amun leaped in front of his master. He placed his right hand on the top of the left wrist of his hand device. Just in the nick of time, a force-field also known as a 'Personal Shield' then surrounded him. The bolt of energy hit the shield and dissipated on contact. The slave fired again and again but the shield was just too powerful.

(For the sake of this fan-fic let's call the nameless slave, Armon)


All of the people were in shock at his words. One of the eagle-headed guards whacked him over the head with his staff weapon.

Amun: "Sho'va!"

Amun walked up to the slave and held his palm towards him. A transparent gold ribbon of energy transferred from the crystal on the hand device to the slave's forehead. The slave felt excruciating pain as well as complete full body paralysis.

Amun: "You dare to challenge your God?"

Armon: "No! I would never challenge a God! But I challenge false gods without fear!"

Amun released the slave from the gold energy ribbon then a rippling affect could be seen in the air around the Crystal on the hand device and a powerful invisible blast of force shot at the slave and hurled him several meters! Amun held out his right hand to one of the guards. The guard handed over his staff weapon. Amun walked up to the slave, he pointed the staff weapon at him.

Amun: "Children of Ra. See what happens to those who defy their God!"

The energy emitter at the end of the stuff popped open with a slight crackling sound.

Armon: "Don't listen to him! They are both false gods! You can be free! You all can be free!"

Amun: "Repent Sho'va, and your soul will be spared in the afterlife!"

Armon: "I will not serve a false god! I die free!"

The energy emitter on the staff closed with a distorted 'POP' sound, and he lowered the weapon.

Amun: "Children of Ra! Your God is merciful! This Sho'va will spend life in prison until he repents!"

The Jaffa carried him away.

Amun and Ra continued to walk towards the pyramid that was Ra's palace and home.

Ra: "These malcontents are getting out of hand. They must all be found."

Amun: "Understood my lord."

Amun tried to change the subject.

Amun: "Was your trip productive at your meeting with the System Lord's?"

Ra: "Thoroughly. I take it that things went well during my absence?"

Amun: "There have been rumors among the slaves of an uprising."

Ra: "That is quite apparent...Sho'va!"

Amun: "Not to worry my lord. I will make sure that this matter is taken care of. I will find the traitors and I will make an example of them."

Ra: "Excellent. Now, I assume that you have some kind of special experiment for me?"

Amun: "Yes my lord."

Ra: "I hope it is better than the last one, which I'm sure you see was a complete fiasco. I mean the alteration of the subjects DNA so that they metamorphosis into salvage primate monsters with claws and fangs and run amok if there is a significant amount of moonlight present, okay I don't know how your serum went wrong there, but for what it was worth I hope it'll be better than that now. Not to mention that the live specimens broke containment and have now infected others and we don't even know who the infected are. And many of the infected have run off to the farthest parts of the Earth. Your experiment might become a plague that could grow beyond our control!"

Amun: "Yes my lord, there were some problems with the genetic structure of the serum but I have made some significant improvements. I have isolated the problem in the serum and fine-tuned it. It has proven a 100 percent success rate in over 1000 computer simulations."

Ra: "Do you have a test subject in mind?"

Amun: "I have a volunteer slave. If you would like to witness the procedure then we can begin straight away?"

They arrived at Amun's lab.

Some mechanical mechanisms activated inside Ra's helmet and the helmet unfolded, and unfolded, piece by piece, until came off his face and collapsed into a small device on his back to reveal the face of Ra's host. Ra's host appeared to be a young boy perhaps in his mid-teens, or rather the host in question simply did not seem to mature older than that. The two of them walked into the laboratory. The human slave was shackled to a table by his wrists and ankles. The slave looked nervous.

Amun: "Because of the faith that you have in your God, when I inject the serum into you, you will be given good health and long life far greater than that of the Jaffa."

Slave: "My lord, I thank you for the opportunity."

Amun smiled at the thanks from the slave.

Amun: "Don't worry, your God will protect you."

Amun picked up a syringe from the table which was full of the new serum and he injected it into the boy's arm. The boy closed his eyes tightly and gritted his teeth. He sucked in through his teeth then exhaled slowly, then began breathing in and out very fast in extreme discomfort.

Slave: "It is burning my lord! My lord it burns!"

The boy began to struggle against his bindings. He began screaming in pain.

Slave: "My lord, help me!"

Amun looked in Ra's direction.

Amun: "The computer simulations did not anticipate this, my lord. If the serum works, then for all we know, this could just be a regular side effect of the transformation process. Don't worry my child, your god will show you mercy."

Amun picked up a syringe from the table and he injected a very powerful sedative into the boy's arm, but it appeared to have no effect, the boy continued to writhe in pain. Amun picked up a Zat'nic'tel and activated it. The weapon unfolded with a sinister metallic sound. And fired a bolt of blue electrical energy at the boy. It appeared to have no effect. Normally Amun took pleasure in the pain and torture of the slaves but now he took pity on the boy, and he fired a second shot which would kill the boy. But the boy did not die; he kept writhing and screaming in pain. Amun fired a third shot, and the boy's body vanished into thin air with a sizzling sound.

Ra: "Perhaps you ought to fine tune your stupid so called computer simulations before you ever waste my time again, or else I will shut down your project."

Amun: "Understood my lord."

Ra returns to his chambers. The chambers were decorated in the traditional style of the Egyptian Kings; gold vases and ornaments, soft and silk pillows and overhead bed hangings. There was a cat that was curled up sleeping but it got up when Ra entered the room and trotted over to him in greeting, meowed and rubbed himself against his leg purring. Ra reached down and picked him up and cuddled the animal.

Hathor: "You know, sometimes I think you love that cat more than you love me."

An extremely beautiful woman with blood red, scarlet hair came into the room. She smiled at him and the whites of her eyes glowed.

Ra: "Hathor, my darling wife. How I have missed you."

The Goa'uld System Lord walked over to the woman and kissed her on the mouth.

Hathor: "Do we have some romantic time right now my love?"

Ra: "Yes my queen, we have the rest of the day, but first I wish to spend an hour in the Sarcophagus, you understand."

Hathor: "Of course. Don't keep me waiting."

Ra went in to another chamber where a large gold coffin opened up from the top, both sides spreading apart.

He got in and lay down. The Sarcophagus closed and began to emit invisible energy waves inside that began to rejuvenate his body, making him stronger and more resilient.

Amun was in his lab. He was doing work on the serum. He scanned the serum with the machine's sensors. Images came up on the holographic screen. He couldn't see you what was wrong? The serum was made of a highly complex chemical formula that was supposed to travel through the bloodstream and rewrite the humans DNA as it went along. As long as the heart continued to beat the serum would take all the raw materials that's the human cell was already made out of, iron, carbon, nitrogen, etc. And out of those raw materials that the human cell is made out of, the cell would be reformulated from normal human flesh into another biological compound; into something stronger, more resilient, and completely self-sustaining. As a computer scanned the serum, the computer said that there was nothing wrong with it. The computer simulation took the human DNA and cross referenced it to the molecular structure of the serum and then extrapolated. It said that the human was to become perfect for all intense and purposes. He got angry and slammed his fists down on the console in frustration. He didn't know what was wrong. He couldn't figure out what was wrong. But he felt the answer was right in front of him and he wasn't seeing it, as though at any second he would figure it out and realize that he was so stupid that he didn't figure it out so obviously earlier. And on cue, there was Kebi. She wore the traditional clothing of the ancient Egyptian slave/maid-servant; a beautiful silk headdress, along with a small thin semi-transparent necklaced garment that hung down her front and wrapped around her waist to form a skirt that hung down front and back and indicated that she wore no underwear, which left her shoulders, arms, legs, back, and hips all bare. She held a silver platter with a gold goblet of hot tea on it. She got down on one knee in respect and bowed her head and presented the platter to him.

Amun: "My faithful servant. I sometimes wonder if you can read my mind."

She was so beautiful. The sight of her enchanted him every time he looked at her. Her skin was so smooth, both by appearance and by touch. Her skin was not completely dark brown like the aboriginal tribes of the southern jungle, but more of a deep bronze. She was thin and skinny but not emaciated. Strong and well-toned but not super muscular. As she sat there on one knee he observed her profile. Her right knee was on the floor while her left knee was up and he looked at her leg, the way the top of the thigh went right into the rounded surface of the flawlessly soft and smooth curve of the hip and buttock. He was aroused and thought of taking her then and there, but time for that later.

He placed a finger on her chin and lifted her head until she looked him in the face. His eyes glowed for a moment as he smiled at her. He took the goblet and sipped. A part of him wondered if he loved her, and he meant really loved her? Few Goa'uld loved humans in any sense accept the more beautiful ones as hosts. His own host was considered a very handsome man at least by normal human standards. His host had once been a slave like Kebi and served him the best he could but unlike Kebi; was not very competent. His former host had been a female, and he had been a mighty goddess loved by all men. One day he had told his slave that he was bestowing a mighty honor to him, blending, with himself. The slave had been overwhelmed at the honor. Then the day came. A great ceremony before as much of the population as possible. He put his mouth to the back of the slave's neck and the symbiote came out of female host's mouth and into the back of the slave's neck and the female host fell to the ground and after a few moments Amun in his new male host looked up at the crowd and all the people saw his eyes glow. Then all of the people bowed before him. But now that he was in a male host, he was attracted to women, for a Symbiote essentially becomes whatever creature or species that they blend with. His host quickly realized that being host to a Goa'uld symbiote was not all it was cracked up to be; he never had control over the body, no free will at all, and through his own eyes watched himself commit the most horrible, evil and unimaginable atrocities known to man. Like all Goa'uld, Amun was pure evil; but interestingly, as though it was some kind of consolation, Amun's horrible dark deeds were significantly 'less evil' then some of the things other Goa'uld did.

He put everything in the lab away and decided to leave the experiment to rest for a day. He needed to relax his mind, and when he was rested he would have a fresh perspective. He remembered a few years earlier he had gone through the Chapa'ai to an unexplored alien planet and later found out that they call themselves The Atanik people. Then Amun and his Jaffa were faced by a warrior of great speed and strength. Amun activated his personal shield just in time. The warrior knocked out several of his Jaffa. A few of his Jaffa fired their Zat'nic'tels and staff weapons. The warrior dodged them easily for he moved so fast he could barely be seen. Amun fired from his hand device a blast of in invisible kinetic force at the warrior and by mere luck hit the target. The warrior was knocked to the ground and two Jaffa fired a single shot each from their Zat'nic'tels killing the warrior. There was a beeping sound and the armband on the Warrior's arm came off. Amun examined the arm band. It was a piece of advanced technology but he could not figure out what it was for.

When he returned through the Chapa'ai to the world of the Tau'ri, he did some research and found that the armband increases the abilities of a person by a thousand times. It didn't seem to work on him though. Or any Jaffa. But it did work on a few trustworthy human slaves. He kept his work hidden from Ra and the other Goa'uld. The first test subject was promising, the slave that put it on exhibited superior speed, strength, and abilities, but a few days after the slave first put it on it all-of-a-sudden just came off. He then found that the arm band would never work on that same human again. So, after years of research he found a way to emulate the effect of the armband and develop it into the serum that would alter the humans DNA to do what the Atanik armband does. And when the serum turns a human into a perfect host; he had programmed the transformation effects of the serum to make a person look like Kebi. The programming of the serum was out of inspiration from her. He thought it fitting that a Hok'tar should look perfect for Goa'uld's obsession on vanity. It would alter their appearance to look physically attractive even if they were already ugly.

Amun sat there in the lab and thought.

Kebi: "My Lord. I beg of you to pardon this unworthy slave girl's inappropriate curiosity, but does something trouble you that this humble servant might do?"

Amun thought. She was so perfect; her choice of words, the flawless politeness, and unwavering humility.

Amun: "No my child, I am afraid there is nothing that you can do, but your God is forever grateful that you are so eager to help."

Kebi knew of course that the Goa'uld were not Gods, though she would never say so aloud. She had long since understood that they are parasites, have no magic, and that their only real power is the Jaffa armies that serve them. But she was not a rebel against the parasitic aliens she was a simple person who just wanted to serve her master who she knew loves her and treats her right. He patted his lap.

Amun: "Come sit with me!"

She would never disobey a direct command. She put down the platter and her skirt lifted as she sat her bare butt on his lap. He wrapped his arms around her and smiled. He then kissed her passionately.

Amun: "You are always so nervous around me?"

Kebi: "This disrespectful girl only wishes to please you my Lord, and she feels that she fails pitifully, and begs for your forgiveness."

Amun: "Answer me this, my love. Have I ever expressed any displeasure in any accident or mistake you have ever made?"

Kebi bowed her head in shame.

Kebi: "Never my lord."

Amun smiled at her and reassured her.

Amun: "And I never will. So here is my next command. From now on when you and I are alone, you will be more confident and I want you to speak freely and tone down on the humility just a little."

Kebi: "I will try master."

Amun: "Your effort, whether you fail or succeed is all I ask. And if you fail, try again."

Kebi: "Yes master."

He then took her by the hand and led her to a ring transporter. He pressed three buttons and then five giant rings rose out of the floor around the two of them with a loud humming sound and then a flash of light and then they were in another structure. Inside, the walls were covered in the symbol of Amun. It was his personal palace. He walked down a beautifully decorated hallway. He led Kebi into his bed chambers and he locked the door. Everyone in the palace new not to disturb him except in an emergency and even then it would have to be very important. He led her over to the bed and he helped her undress. He then undressed himself.

It was an hour later and they both lay holding each other under the covers. Even though she was a slave and he was her master, she never felt raped, even though she had no choice she always willing and he was always tender and gave her great pleasure. She had gotten pregnant a few times in the last century but Amun always made sure that she lost the baby, not that Amun was against having kids with her, but as a Goa'uld, Amun knew that the genetic memory from his Symbiote would be transferred into his host's sperm and then any children what are conceived through him are then born as what they call a Harsesis child which is a great have taboo among the Goa'uld.

The child would then be born with all of his knowledge and memories and that would be a great security risk to the Goa'uld.

They cuddled naked and didn't have a care in the world.

Amun: "Kebi, I love you."

Kebi: "I love you too master."

Amun: "No you don't understand. I mean, I am in love with you."

Kebi did not know how to respond she always knew that he loves her but she never thought his feelings were like that.

Amun: "Tell me Kebi, do you believe that the Goa'uld are Gods?"

Kebi: "Yes master, I do, you are my almighty and one true God."

Amun knew that she was lying and just being careful with your words, but he understood why she did, so he decided to play dumb.

Amun: "Well, I have something to tell you. The Goa'uld are not Gods. We masquerade as them, we possess no magic, we simply use advanced technology to look like magic. Are you still loyal to me in spite of the lies I've told you your whole life?"

Kebi: "Yes master. And I am in love with you as well."

Amun: "Then in that case, from now on you are my mate, but only in private. In public you are my slave and will behave fully as such."

Kebi: "I understand, Amun."

She still felt uncomfortable using her master's name but she was trying to follow his more recent standing orders. For the next hour they talked. They knew pretty much everything about each other but they talked about the stuff that they always kept hidden from each other. At some point they started talking about politics and caring of the city citizens.

Kebi: "Sometimes I feel pity for some of starving and hungry that look so emaciated you would think their skin had been burned and dissolved by acid."

Suddenly something twinged in his mind, he had an epiphany. Amun thought, "when I synthesized the serum, I programmed it to transform the DNA taking the cell's raw materials and reconfiguring them, dissolving, corrosive effect on the human flesh from the inside out while it's inside the blood stream for the duration of the transformation, WHY DIDN'T I SEE IT BEFORE!" Well that explains why the computer couldn't see anything wrong with the serum. It because there truly wasn't anything wrong with it and the computer would never had anticipated a burning stimulation of the nerves.

He got out of bed and quickly dressed.

Amun: "Kebi, take a nap inside the Sarcophagus. I have to go to my lab."

Ra and Hathor were out walking hand in hand in the hot Desert Sun light of city's beautiful main square.

Several Jaffa we're following them standing guard. They walked around the main square for couple hours.

Ra: "My most holy and magnificent Queen. I feel like having some fun. I wish to go to torture our latest prisoner."

Hathor: "My kind of fun, my lord."

They walked back to the pyramid and down into a dungeon. They went to the prisoner's cell. Several Jaffa were standing guard. Hathor ordered the guards to open the cell. Ra walked in. The disgruntled slave just looked at him with defiance.

Ra: "Have you chosen to repent?"

Armon: "I have nothing to repent of to a false god!"

And then he spit in the Pharaoh's face.

Ra: "If that is your attitude."

Ra held out his hand to one of the Jaffa. The Jaffa handed him a Goa'uld torture stick. He pressed the button with his thumb to test it. An electric spark appeared at the end of the stick until he took his thumb off the button.

Ra: "I want you to tell your God who your accomplices are and then your soul might be spared."

You can torture me all you want, I will tell you nothing! But then if you were a God you wouldn't have to ask. You would already know who my accomplices are. Me and my brothers will prove with evidence to all the people that the Goa'uld are not God's, for the Goa'uld are only as strong as those who serve them! And when I die, it will only fuel the fire that burns for freedom for all of your slaves."

Ra: "What is your name?"

Armon: "You can call me Armon."

Ra: "Well, Armon, you will die,"


And then suddenly Ra was briefly caught in surprise, having not expected such a confusing statement. And then he figured out what Armon had said.

Ra: "What? Oh, of course that's the whole point! But actually, you see, before you die, I will torture you until it kills you. But your death will not be the sweet relief you will hope for, for I will then restore your life in the Sarcophagus and torture you again until you die where I will revive you again. And I will do this over and over again until it no longer amuses me. Where I might allow you to die…one…final…time."

And then he shocked Armon by poking him in the stomach with the torture stick, and the boy screamed at the top of his lungs as bright yellow light came out of his eye sockets and mouth.

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