Chapter 2: The Discovery of Vampire Gifts

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With extreme force of will, Armon told Ra to get away from him.

Ra suddenly felt some sort of invisible force that made him step back.

Ra: "What is this sorcery?"

Armon: "Beats me. Just some kind of supernatural talent I've always had. If I want someone to get away from me, then they just do."

Armon smiled at Ra with vindictive pleasure. Ra screamed in anger, and blasted kinetic force at Armon with his had device. Armon was thrown into the wall, but was not dead. Ra walked out of the cell and down the hall followed by Hathor.

Hathor: "My love. Perhaps I might persuade him to yield some information to us?"

Ra: "You are free to try, my queen."

While Hathor walked back towards the cell, Ra tried to think of some alternative torture methods.

Hathor enter the cell, flanked by two Jaffa on both sides with their staff weapons at the ready. She knelt down beside the barely conscious Armon. She reached under his armpits and helped him up to a sitting position. She lightly stroked his face and ran a healing device over him.

She looked into his eyes and then breathed into his face. A bright pink vapor came out of her mouth and traveled into Armon's mouth and nostrils.

Hathor: "Now my child, is there no possible way that I can get you to tell me how you got your hands on a Zat'nic'tel?"

Armon felt the effect. She gave off an extremely powerful allure. He wanted with all his might to tell her everything, he gritted his teeth and closed his eyes and he tried to resist.

Armon: "I took it from a Goa'uld my Queen. I captured him,"

Memory flashback

Armon and a few of his associates stood ready on a path. He had suspected that the Goa'uld are False Gods for some time. He began to doubt their power when he realized he could do useful things with brilliant tools and clever tricks. Technology, he thought. Any sophisticated machinery can do extraordinary things that might appear supernatural. He and his friends waited in ambush. There was a false god, a minor Goa'uld, walking down the path with a group of Jaffa, their boots cloaking as they marched.

Armon: "NOW!"

Armon and his men jumped out from behind their hiding places and released the strings of their bows and shot their arrows into the Jaffa's heads. Several of the Jaffa went down. Several others dodged to the side just in time and took arrow wounds that were not immediately fatal. Three escaped being hit entirely. The rebels begin reloading their bows. Several of the Jaffa fired their staff weapons. Several fired Zat'nic'tels. The Goa'uld shot kinetic force at the rebels. One of the rebels was hit square in the chest with the shot of hot plasma energy while he was in the process of reloading his bow. Another man who was 300 pounds of muscle ran at one of the Jaffa while his back was to him. He punched the Jaffa square in the head. The Jaffa was well trained and began to fight back. The big man knocked the staff weapon out of the Jaffa's hands and then quickly broke the Jaffa's neck.

Another Jaffa was firing his Zat'nic'tel at several rebels again and again. One rebel had reloaded his bow and fired, but his aim was not true, he hit the armour on the shoulder. The Jaffa turned, fired, and stunned him. The other rebels that were still standing ran into the fray.

Several rebels were blasted of their feet by kinetic force. The Goa'uld picked up a staff weapon from one of the downed Jaffa, and fired with skilled accuracy at the rebels, and several rebels went down.

Another arrow went through the neck of one of the injured Jaffa, and he died.

Armon drew a sword and stabbed one of the uninjured Jaffa through his symbiote pouch in his stomach. He was then grabbed from behind by another Jaffa.

Armon: "Get away from me!"

And the Jaffa was repelled by an invisible force. Armon spun around and chopped the Jaffa's head right off.

The battle went on for a while. The Goa'uld and his Jaffa were formidable but were torn down by sheer force of numbers. There were twenty in their group at the start, the Goa'uld and his nineteen Jaffa. There were forty in Armon's group, and they had the element of surprise. Their intention was to capture the false god alive. The cost was great; there were forty of them at the start and once all the Jaffa were dead there was only five of them left Armon included. The Goa'uld was about to shoot Armon, when a staff blast hit his staff from his hands, he was then shot by a Zat'nic'tel, but he activated his personal shield that absorbed the blue electrical energy. The rebel fired again and again. The three others picked up staff weapons and all fired at once. Trying to take him alive they didn't shoot directly at him, they fired across his bowe but the force field took the shots. Armon pulled out his knife and threw it at the Goa'uld. The knife passed right through the shield because the shield doesn't stop slower moving objects. The Goa'uld screamed in pain as the knife lodged itself in the side of his hip but the wound was not fatal. The shield disappeared, and he was then hit by a single Zat blast, stunning him. They saved their stunned and wounded, collected all of the Jaffa's weapons, buried the Jaffa's bodies and picked up the Goa'uld.

Armon and his men got back to their village where many were still believers of the Goa'uld as gods but they hoped to convert them today. They took the Goa'uld inside one of their homes. They were very careful, always watching him, for they knew that a Goa'uld would have the strength to break most bindings. They bound his hands with a specially-made, extra-durable rope. The Goa'uld regains consciousness, and he lifts his head to look at everyone, and his eyes then glowed. Then a man came in wearing a hood walked up to him. He took the hood off and was wearing a pair of sun glasses.

Goa'uld: "And just who might you be?"

Jack: "Brigadier General Jack O'Neill, U.S. Air Force. Me and my friends just got here from the future in a time machine to steal a Zero Point Module. But you took our ship. Where is it?"

They were unable to get any information from him. So they took him outside, all the people looked at him in awe. Armon presented him to the people who still thought the Goa'uld were gods. The Goa'uld's eyes glowed as he looked around at all the people.

Goa'uld: "You are all going to pay for this betrayal of your god!"

Samantha Carter: "This device can be used by anyone who has naquadah in their veins."

She held up the hand device. She put it on and blasted a spot on the ground with kinetic force. The people showed signs of surprise and shock that someone who was not Goa'uld could use it.

Armon: "People of Egypt! See that the Goa'uld are only as strong as those who serve them! And,"

He took his knife and stabbed it into the back of the Goa'uld's neck, and began cutting open the skin and muscle. He then unceremoniously reached into the mess of bloody flesh and yanked out the symbiote. The host fell down dead.

Armon: "Behold! Your god!"

The small aquatic serpent squealed and wiggled in his hand in the desert sunlight as the people looked at it in shock and disgust. Then he ripped it in half, splattering blue blood everywhere, and tossed it on the ground.

Armon: "Who will assist me and my men in driving these alien parasites from our land?"

The people who had still believed in the Goa'uld thought of what they just saw, and the horrible way the Goa'uld made them live, the mass executions, the forced labor, and torture. They turned their backs to the rebels, huddled together, quietly discussed for a minute and turned towards the rebels.

"We will join your cause." One of them said speaking for all.

End Flashback

Armon resisted. He only told her that he took it from a Goa'uld.

Hathor breathed more pink vapor into his face.

Hathor: "Surely you wish to do everything that you can to help your goddess? Please."

He was determined he would not break. He and his fellow rebels knew that they were up against great power, and they made a conscious commitment to stand up to it beforehand, no matter what it would be.

Armon: "I have no interest in helping a false God."

Hathor was furious; her conscious stoic calm was broken. No one had ever resisted her before. Then suddenly she felt a slight attraction to him for it, but still hated him for his disobedients and blatant defiance.

She walked back out into the hall. She walked over to Ra. Ra was suddenly curious about the human brain in a scientific matter, but he personally was not an expert. He needed Amun, he was the scientist.

Ra: "My Queen. I must attend to something."

And he walked off.

When he got to Amun's lab, he enquired of him.

Ra: "Amun, I need some information about something."

Amun: "I am at your service My Lord."

Ra: "Amun, the prisoner has an unusual gift? He can force people away from him by simply just telling them so? Is this possible? And how?"

Amun was fascinated. He thought about it and it came to his mind, some of his work.

Amun: "Well, I believe that there is real magic, it defies the laws of physics, and science can't prove or emulate it. But what science can prove, is that the human brain is incredibly powerful."

He then touched a panel on the computer console. An image of the human brain came up on the screen. The screen then showed different labeled segments of the brain.

Amun: "As far as I can tell from my studies, humans only use a small part of their brain. And when I say a small part of their brain I mean very, very, very small. Significantly less than 1% and that's only the smartest and most intelligent humans. So if humans do all that with only one percent obviously their full potential is being significantly held back, if they were to use 100% of their brain, there is no saying what they would be capable of."

Ra: "Such as, magically forcing a person to step away?"

Amun: "Perhaps my Lord. But I can show you another example."

He then brought up two diagrams on the screen of human brains, one diagram enlarged on one of the brains sections, the other diagram enlarged on another of the brains sections, and he pointed to each one in turn.

Amun: "These here are the brains of two babies. Each one with different parents, each parent from a different family tree and gene pool. When each baby was conceived, their genetic makeup caused them to grow from an embryo into a normal sized baby. This one's brain here has a slight alteration and defect in the frontal lobe here, this baby would have very good memory but might be subject to anxiety. While this baby would have poor memory, but by instinct would be braver and might have the ability to do math real well. Two completely different children, but by random chance their brains matured differently, causing them to have different minds and special talents in their own way."

The diagrams of the two brains disappeared and were replaced by a diagram of a single brain outlining several sections that indicated the nerves and processing centers for the five senses.

Amun: "Now, humans have five senses. Sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell. But interestingly, there is what we would call…the sixth sense for lack of word, humans have intuition. Intuition could be a human seeing the future on a subconscious level by…shall we say a slight twinge in their mind that something is going to go wrong, though some might just call it paranoia. Or a subconscious telepathic feeling, such as, if a human is in a dark quiet room and someone else's in the room with them, but they don't know that that person is there but the person is neither seen nor heard they will suspect that they are being watched just on a subconscious level, some people might just call it gut instinct...but,"

He then pointed to a third diagram of a brain and indicated one of the smaller and more obscure sections.

Amun: "I have determined that there is a semi-dormant part of the brain that controls, shall we say, a telepathic function."

He then showed Ra another brain diagram outlining a different section.

Amun: "Now let's say, that this baby here is perfectly normal in every way, except when this baby was conceived and grew inside its mother's womb, by a one in a million random chance, this lobe here connected to the cortex underwent…shall we say, a rapid mutation, a human with this mutated section of this brain would have slight telekinetic ability."

Ra: "How can a human brain use telekinesis?"

Amun:"Well, as I said before, the human brain is incredibly powerful, now I suspect scientifically that if a human was using 100% of their brain, the brain could emulate a sort of tractor beam effect. I could go on with much more detailed science on the matter but ultimately, our prisoner could have a slightly mutated brain by a one in a million random chance, giving him this gift. And there are probably many other humans out there who have gifts also, though those gifts may not be exactly the same to his. I imagine each gift would be like a fingerprint or snowflake, they would all be unique in their own way. The gift could be anything, depending on which section of the brain underwent this one in a million random chance alteration, and in what way in these one in a million chance gifts could be anything from mental telepathy, to telekinesis, to seeing the future, to manipulation of the space-time continuum, or even teleportation, or becoming invisible...sorry my Lord. Need I go on, etc."

Ra: "So, what you are saying is that these extraordinary abilities are purely scientific, based on these random mutations in different parts of the brain?"

Amun: "Yes my Lord."

Ra: "Not magical?"

Amun: "No my lord. Not magical, or supernatural. But just out of scientific curiosity my Lord, what exactly happened when you felt the prisoner's gift?"

Ra: "I felt two things at once. I felt a kinetic force that pushed me away, as well as my feet and legs acting of their own accord, my feet just stepped back."

Amun: "Well, if when our prisoner was growing in his mother's womb and had undergone a mutation in a certain section of his brain,"

Amun began tapping at panels rapidly on the console. The screens zoomed in on a certain section of the brain, and a variety of symbols and words came up on the screen around the diagram.

Amun: "Then I imagine that these areas of the brain have been enhanced, particularly the area of the brain the triggers defense and self-preservation, causing a subtle telepathic ability to put a hypnotic suggestion into a person's head that would affect the bodies motor functions, particularly the feet, as well as a slight telekinetic ability to forcibly push them away, though it is obviously very, very short range, it obviously only works on someone who was within 2 feet of him or closer. Actually this is one of the side effects that I imagined that the serum would produce."

Ra: "What do you mean? What side effect would the serum produce?"

Amun: "The computer simulations I ran on the serum. I ran 1000 of them, each one with a 100% success rate of the transformation process; however, the results of each computer simulation were unique. And in one of the simulations there was a prediction of the newly transformed Hok'tar having telekinetic and telepathic abilities. But now I predict,"

He ran another computer simulation, this time he typed in special parameters of an already mutated human brain being transformed by the serum. The results arrived in a few moments.

Amun: "If the serum was given to a gifted person, then the powers of the already gifted human would be amplified by a 1000 times."

Ra then thought. He got greedy; he wanted that boy's powers as his own.

Ra: "Thank you, Amun."

Amun: "Whatever you need my Lord."

Amun turned back to his work. When Amun had his attention back on his own work Ra picked up a vile of the serum.

Ra had an idea of inflicting extreme agony on the prisoner, and maybe something else as well.

Ra walked back to the holding cell. He held out his hand to one of the guards, the guard handed him his Zat'nic'tel weapon. The weapon opened with a sinister metallic sound and he fired a single bolt of energy at the prisoner.

Ra: "Bring him!"

Ra had the guards bring him to an interrogation chamber in the pyramid. They strapped his wrists and ankles to a steel table with steel restraints.

Ra: "I am going to inject this serum into you and it will cause you to burn excruciatingly with pain, and unfortunately I don't know how long the pain will last or even if there will be a way to stop it. The serum is supposed to transform you into a superior human. Superior in every way, just the thing is's not ready, so we don't know what it will do. But if it works the way it is supposed to, then you will become my new host!"

Ra's eyes glowed as he smiled.

Ra stepped up to the boy.

Armon: "Get away from me!"

And Ra felt the invisible force and it made his feet walk backwards by a step. He smiled at the idea of the value of such talent. He used his hand device and made the Golden energy ribbon connect from his hand to the boy's forehead. The boy was paralyzed. Ra stabbed the needle into Armon's arm and pressed the plunger down. The boy began to feel fire. He yanked against his restraints, and soon was screaming with the burning fire of the transformation.

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