Chapter 3: The Transformation Process

Armon began to feel the fire burn through his veins. He screamed in agony. Way down at the cellular-level, Amun's serum traveled along with the beating of Armon's heart on the inside of his veins. The liquid washed over the cells of the flesh of the tissues of the inside of the veins; the soft squishy liquid filled cell was broken down into it's individual raw materials. The serum then took those same materials and constructed a new cell, only of a different formula. The new cell, though made out of the exact same materials and in the exact same quantity; the new and different formula caused the cell to become hard as metal, stronger than steel, and the cells bonded together with an equally strong hold.

This happened inside the blood stream a million times a minute.

Amun was in his lab doing work when he turned his attention to the table to get something. His eyes fell on the set of vials of the new serum and noticed one was missing along with a syringe. It didn't take him long to realize that it was Ra, that stole the vial.

What would Ra want with serum? Ra knew that the serum wasn't ready.

He quickly ran to the ring transporter. He hit three buttons. The five rings in the floor came up around him, and with a flash of light, Amun's molecules were sent through subspace to Ra's chambers.

He met several Jaffa in the hallway. The Jaffa stood at attention in respect and bowed their heads at his presence.

Amun: "Kree Jaffa! Where is Lord Ra?"

Jaffa Guard: "My Lord. I believe I was informed that, The Pharaoh, was interrogating a prisoner in the interrogation chamber."

Amun: "Jaffa!"

The Jaffa went on their way at his command.

Amun ran in the direction of the interrogation chamber. When he got there, he saw he saw the King and Queen standing in the corner watching with sadistic pleasure at the boy on the table who was writhing, and screaming in pain while yanking at his restraints.

Amun: "My Lord. What have you done?"

Ra looked at Amun with amused curiosity.

Hathor: "You dare question the Pharaoh with that disrespectful tone!"

Amun looked at Hathor with shocked disbelief.

Amun: "The serum wasn't ready. You shouldn't have used it."

Disregarding Hathor's reprimand.

Hathor was about to reprimand him again but Ra raised his hand at her politely and cut her off and smiled noncommittally at Amun.

Ra: "It's okay Amun, you said before that the burning sensation may just be part of the normal transformation. This time rather then kill the subject halfway through, you may conduct your tests and studies, during the transformation."

Amun felt like he was being completely taken over by his master. But he decided he might as well take advantage of the study of the transformation process.

Hathor: "Begin your work immediately, Amun. I will expect reports twice a day."

Amun: "As you command, my Queen."

Amun brought his equipment into the interrogation room. He set up a scanner that would scan over Armon at all times and collect data at every step of the transformation.

He read the data off the scanner as it came in.

Ra: "So what does the scanner say is happening to him?"

Amun: "Well, as far as I can tell, his cells are being reformulated from their own raw materials, that was what I had program the serum to do and exactly what I expected. The serum has equally spread through out all of the blood in his body, that was expected. The serum is spreading out of his blood and dispersing through out the tissues of his flesh, it's supposed to do that. This is interesting, the cells are supposed to become stronger, but it seems to have enhanced the strength of the newly transformed cell exponentially."

Ra: "Isn't that exactly what the serum supposed to do?"

Amun: "Yes of course. this is the shocker...the strength of the newly transformed tissue is more than one-hundred times the predicted consistency of the newly transformed tissue in the simulations."

Ra: "How did your calculations be that far off?"

almond looked over the data. he ran a simulation. he did some new he stared at the data with awe and confusion.

Amun: "I don't know? I have no idea how this happened?"

Amun went over the data for hours.

Twenty-four hours passed. Armon was still writhing in pain.

Kebi came into the room carrying a a tray with a gold platter of cooked meat and steamed vegetables along with the goblet of red wine. as she was about to cross the room to Amun, she stepped in front of Ra who was right in her path. she faced him got down on one knee and bowed her head.

Ra: "Amun's Lo'taur."

Kebi: "Ra, my most holy and benevolent God. I am at your service. my master was expecting me to bring him his favorite meal around this time. But, is there anything that this most low and unworthy slave might do for you?"

Ra: "Not just now, you may serve your master. the weight, if I might say, Amun has excellent taste in the servants. your beauty surpasses most. you would make an excellent new host for my queen Hathor."

Kebi: "If I might be so bold, I am but an ugly, humble, maidservant and am unworthy of the honor of becoming the host of our most magnificent and beautiful goddess. And this most unworthy slave girl cannot possibly match the wisdom of her God, but I believe that the beauty of our Queen's current host is far greater than that of any living person on this world."

Ra: "Your God is pleased with your choice of words. Go serve your master."

Kebi got up and walked over to Amun. She set the platter on the table.

Amun: "How was your nap in the sarcophagus?"

Kebi: "Relaxing master, thank you."

Amun: "But it won't keep you young forever. When I complete my work and have perfected the serum then it will allow you to live for a very long time. But I'm starting to think that the serum will never be finished."

Kebi: "I believe in you master. I think you will be done soon."

Amun: "Patience my dear. Bring me a pot of hot tea and leave me to work in peace, aside from the screaming of the boy right now."

Armon was still wailing at the top of his lungs.

Kebi, as a humble servant, closed her mind to the concerns of her masters business when she noticed the screaming boy, who she could only amuse was being tortured in some way. She completed her task and bowed while backing out of the room as a form of respect before she turned away.

Alotted time since serum injection: 28 hours and 6 minutes, Time transformation completion: 24 hours and 10 minutes

Amun dictated audio documentation into a digital recorder.

Amun: "The subject appears to be getting stronger. The pain has not lessened or become more bearable but he seems to be more alert. Its seems that the newly transformed cells are using the subjects own blood to metabolize with as a source of fuel, though much of the subjects blood has been transformed by the serum and is lingering in the subjects tissues.

"New data has been extrapolated. It seems that the salivary glands inside the mouth are extracting raw materials from the body to manufacture the serum. This was not entirely unexpected, in one of the computer simulations it was predicted that the serum would be able to manufacture itself, though I ruled it out as highly unlikely.

"Unexpected and unpredicted anomaly; it seems that the newly transformed cells of the subjects body have become crystalline, almost prism-like.

"That is all the data that the scanner has given me for now. My calculations say that there will be more data near the end of the transformation. Time of transformation complete?... unable to estimate."

Time allotted since serum injection: 49 hours and 14 minutes, Time till transformation completion: 3 hours and 2 minutes

Armon could no longer stand the pain, but what else could he do? He had no choice. He hoped he would have passed out from the pain, but what ever was in the the serum must keep him awake. It had been more than two days since the burning started. He was nearly mindless, but was lucid enough to hear through the pain, Amun's verbal notes that he dictated to his audio recorder.

Ra: "Well, this data is interesting. But just one problem, what his body is becoming would make it impossible to take the newly transformed person as a host. What is the point of a Hok'tar if they can't be taken as hosts?"

Amun: "Well, my Lord. I did say the serum isn't ready. But I am working trial and error here, with this data I should be able to fine tune the serum even further."

Ra: "Well, keep me informed. In the meantime, I'm enjoying this. I don't think I have ever seen a prisoner in so much pain."

Amun continued to talk to the audio recorder.

Amun: "Subject's skin is turning pale, most computer simulations predicted that. Subject was plain in appearance before hand, but the new face is remarkably handsome, that is supposed to happen."

Amun looked in close to examine Armon's face further.

Amun: "Unexpected anomaly; subject's eyes have turned a scarlet red. Reason for this, unknown.

"Another unpredicted factor; subject is becoming hypothermic. Subject's body temperature has dropped to nine degrees Celsius and is still falling at a slow but steady rate."

"Some unusual data is showing on the scanner about the digestive system of the subject's body and workings of the biology of the newly transformed tissue. The walls of the inside of the subject's stomach will only absorb liquid, and I can't be sure, but, the cells of the subject's body are not craving a human's normal nutrients. Though the subject's cells will be completely self sustaining on their own for thousands of years, I believe that the data on the scanner says, the subject's body is craving a large quantity of, albumins, globulins, fibrinogen, glucose, and electrolytes, along with a variety of other biological ingredients. A form of such a food in liquid form could be made synthetically in the lab, but the richest source of all those of all those nutrients and ingredients would be...fresh blood. Most mammals will do the job, but just barely. Human blood in particular, scientifically, would be ideal.

"Subject's brain is giving off unusual activity. The area of the brain that controls willpower and natural instinct appears to be inhibited. While the area of the brain that monitors addiction and body toxicity is stimulated.

"End recording for now."

Allotted time since serum injection, 52 hours 15 minutes, Time till transformation completion, 1 minute

Armon turned savage in his restraints. He was no longer screaming in pain, but rather growling and snarling like a ferocious animal.

Ra: "What is happening Amun?"

Amun: "His heart rate just jumped from a steady 70 beats a minute to 200 beats a minute. His body temperature has leveled off at 1 degrees Celsius. Ok, his heart rate is dying down."

And then, without warning, the thick bands of solid steel that were welded right into the table, which was also solid steel, that were binding his wrists and ankles, suddenly broke. Armon grabbed Amun with his right hand at lightning fast speed, pulled him in close, and bit into his neck.

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