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Chapter One

"Fili take your brother and RUN! Now; GO!" Dis yelled to her eldest son as the horde of goblins crashed through the entrance of the caves they and many Dwarves have lived in since the fall of the Dwarf Kingdom of Erebor.

"No we cannot leave you!" Fili yelled back over the commotion; his younger brother Kili stood next to him clinging with his small hands to his older brother's arm; tears flowing freely down his face.

"Fili listen to me; you must take your brother and hide; I will be fine. When it is safe I will find you again I promise; I just need you and your brother safe. Can you do that for me dear one?" Fili gave his Mother a quick nod of his head with tears threatening to fall from his eyes, for he was 10 years old and knew the truth was not in his Mother's words. "Good boy now go quickly before the goblins come this way!"

Kili pulled himself from his brother's grasp when he tried to pull him to the small tunnel in the back of the cave. "No mama!" Kili cried "Please don't leave us."

"My sweet little one, we will see each other again. For now you must go with your brother until it is safe. Please do this for me." Kili nodded his head and leaped into his Mother's arms. He was quickly joined by Fili as Dis tried to send all of her strength to her boys in that last hug. She closed her eyes for the briefest of seconds and pushed her babies away to the back of the caves.

"Now go and you must promise me that you will both look after each other; make sure each other is safe for you are brothers and that is what brothers do." Fili and Kili both nodded their heads.

"I will protect Kili with my life Mother."

"And I will always keep Fili safe mama." Dis looked into her beautiful sons eyes and wiped their tears from each little face.

"That is all I can ask from you my sons. Now go quickly!" Both boys turned and ran to the small tunnel in the back of the cave and started to crawl away to what Dis hoped was safety.

As they entered the small secret passageway they heard a terrible scream ripe from their mother's throat and then nothing but the horrible laughter of the murderous goblins that had broken their lives into pieces that day. Kili started to scream for his mother but Fili quickly place his hand over his mouth and gathered his younger brother into his arms; rocking him back and forth while whispering soothing and comforting words to try to calm him down. Kili was only 5 years old and was not easy to calm after what had happened.

"Kili please you must calm down or the goblins will find us. Please."

Whimpering Kili replied "What are we going to do now?"

"Now we make our way to the outside and try to find help."

"Then what are we going to do?"

"I don't know Kili I… I will think of something; just please; we need to be as quiet as possible."

The passageway was almost too dark to see; but it was small; unknown and most importantly very hard to find. After Fili was able to quiet his brother down they started to make their way through the tunnel in search of an exit; so they could find help. Their progress was slow because of the uneven ground and darkness; many times did one trip and fall but the brothers were determined to find a way out. As time went by the young dwarflings started to become tired; but the sounds of the goblins could still be heard making it hard to settle in for sleep. Suddenly Kili yelped in surprise as he tripped and fell into a rock. He screamed and curled into a ball while crying. Fili was at his brother's side in seconds

"Kili, Kili! Are you alright? Look at me?!" Crying Kili looked up at his brother.

"I don't want to keep walking, please can we stop?" Fili looked at his brother who now had a small cut across his forehead from the fall. He could see Kili trying to battle the much-needed sleep that each brother was so desperately in need of and knew they had to stop.

"Yes Kili we can rest for a short time; but we must keep going soon."

"Thank you Fili." Kili said as he rested his head on his brother's shoulder. Fili leaned his back against the rock wall and pulled his brother closer so he would be more comfortable.

"Fili…. will the goblins get us as we sleep?" Fili could hear the tremble in his little brother's voice and tried to comfort him. Even if Fili was just as scared as his brother; he was the oldest and had to be brave for the both of them.

"No Kili we will be safe in here. The goblins won't be able to find a way in and if they do I will protect you while you sleep; just rest little one." Both boys' eyes watered as Fili used their mother's nickname for Kili.

Crying Kili looked up at his brother. "I want mama Fili."

"I know brother but we have to try and be brave; like Uncle Thorin" Kili closed his eyes and took a big breath to calm himself.

"Okay, I will try." Fili wiped the tears from his younger brother's face and started to hum a tune to help him fall asleep; it wasn't long until he was asleep with his hand clenched in his older brother's shirt.

Fili rested his chin on top of Kili's sleeping head and closed his eyes; tears started leaking down his face as he remembered what all had happened that day. How did everything fall apart so easily? They had planned on having a family picnic in the woods down by the river. He and his brother were going to practice sword fighting with the wooden swords their Uncle Thorin had given them at his last visit and instead their home had been destroyed and their Mother killed. What in all of middle-earth were they going to do now?

"I just don't know what to do Kili." Fili whispered under his breath "I just don't know." Soon Fili also fell into a fitful nightmare filled sleep.

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