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Chapter Twelve

All of the dwarves startled when they heard a bloodcurdling scream of agony that echoed off the cave's walls.

"KILI!" Thorin yelled and in a panic ran in the direction of his nephew's tortured scream. Not thinking Thorin burst into the goblin's camp without looking back to see if his dwarves had followed, without a strategy or plan, all that mattered was stopping Kili's pain NOW.

The goblins in the camp were taken by surprise by the lone dwarf breaking into their camp with a wild look in his eyes. The goblins started to make their way to Thorin laughing at their easy sport, when the rest of the dwarves jumped out behind Thorin and charged.

Bifur's group started taking down many of the goblins in the main camp and Thorin's group made their way swiftly to the tunnel in the back, where Kili's pain-filled crying could still be heard. However, before they could reach the tunnel a large group of goblins attacked Thorin's group, ducking under a wide sword Thorin sliced open the goblin's middle and jumped at the next foe.

Another scream from Kili sent Thorin over the edge and his attacks became desperate, trying with everything he had to make it to the tunnel to save his kin.

Balin cut down the goblin fighting Thorin and made eye contact with his King, "Thorin go! We can handle this, just get to Kili!

Thorin nodded his thanks and rushed past Balin quickly moving through the dark tunnel and arriving in a small bright cave. Thorin had to blink against the sudden brightness and when his sight returned to him, he almost wished it hadn't. In the middle of the small cave stood the largest goblin Thorin had ever seen, if he didn't know better he would have thought the creature to be an orc.

Carrek stood tall in front of his throne holding a trembling and sobbing Kili tightly in his arms. Kili was in worse shape than his brother with many different injuries, what worried Thorin the most was the sweat covering his much too pale face and the obvious tremors that racked his small body. Thorin had to breathe deeply to try to control his raging emotions, anger, sadness and fear all fought for domination in Thorin's mind. For a moment no one in the room moved, until Kili's pain glazed eyes landed on his Uncle.

Kili cried out in a hoarse cracked voice, "Uncle? Uncle! Please make him stop."

Thorin did not think ones heart could break into so many piece, but when he heard his youngest nephew's plea, his heart shattered. Swallowing the lump that formed in his throat Thorin clear his voice, he had to be strong for Kili. "It's alright Kili I'm here. I am not going to let him hurt you anymore."

Kili shook his head crying desperately, "Uncle they took Fili somewhere you have to find him. You….you have to save him!

"I found him Kili, your brother is safe."

Even in his dire situation Kili smiled slightly at the news that his brother had finally been saved.

Carrek started laughing at the exchange between uncle and nephew. Holding Kili with one arm Carrek used his other hand to pull out a sharp dagger from his waist.

"So this is the great Thorin Oakenshield. We meet at last. I have been searching for you far too long. It was luck really that brought your kin to me. I did not even know you had a family, let alone lived here."

Thorin glared at Carrek with enough hatred to kill, "Whatever you want with me does not involve my nephew. Let him go."

Carrek move the dagger close to Kili and held it in front of them both. "Drop your weapon," Carrek ordered calmly.

Thorin's anger flared, "Drop my nephew!"

Carrek smile darkly, "I don't think you fully understand the situation, Uncle Thorin. You do as I say or little Kili dies a horrible painful death right in front of your eyes. Now…drop…your…weapon."

Thorin steeled his face and dropped his sword to the ground, creating a loud bang. "There, I am unarmed. Now let my nephew go."

Just then Dwalin, Balin and Bofur ran into the cave behind Thorin.

"Wait! Stop! Do not attack him and lower your weapons." Thorin quickly ordered to the new arrivals. Each dwarf was looking at the scene in horror and took a moment to do what Thorin told them to.

After the dwarves were under control Thorin turned back to Carrek and growled, "Let him go."

"I think it would be best to take him with us. If the legend of Thorin Oakenshield is true, I may need him to keep you behaving."

Thorin started to walk closer to the creature slowly, "I will do what is necessary to keep my nephew safe."


Suddenly faster than anyone could see Thorin had reach for his hidden knife and threw it into the goblin's shoulder making him drop Kili and fall backwards. Thorin dash forward grabbing his sword on the way and pulled Kili up safely into his protective arms, Kili clung to his Uncle and sobbed into his chest. With his nephew safely placed in his arms Thorin turned to where Carrek had fallen, only to see an empty space. Looking wildly around the room Thorin could not see the monster anywhere.

The other dwarves rush to Thorin and Kili's side, "He slipped out a tunnel in the back there." Bofur said pointing to a dark opening hidden from view.

"Balin and Bofur stay here and keep Kili safe." Thorin tried to hand is nephew to Balin, but Kili held him tighter. "Kili I need to go after him so you and Fili will be safe. Stay with Master Balin and Master Bofur for just a moment and I will be right back. Can you do that for me?"

It took a moment, but Kili nodded his head and let his Uncle pass him to Balin.

"Dwalin you're with me!"

Without a second thought Thorin and Dwalin plunged into the dark opening and raced after Carrek. They caught up with the goblin removing a large boulder that was blocking the exit to the mines, there was darkness behind the boulder showing that another day had past.

"CARREK!" Thorin bellowed "You are going to pay for every pain inflicted on my nephews!"

Carrek slowly turned back to face the dwarves laughing quietly. He now had a large wound in his shoulder that had blood leaking down his arm. He held Thorin's knife tightly in one hand and his dagger in the other, ready for a fight.

"Well I guess you will be making me pay for a great deal then." Carrek mocked.

Thorin yelled in rage and jumped at Carrek swinging his sword up in an attempted to cut the creature's head off. Carrek brought the knife up and block Thorin's blow with surprising ease and pulled his dagger up slicing Thorin's arm. Dwalin swung his hammer over his head and brought it down aiming for the goblin's already injured shoulder. Carrek saw the attack coming and dove into Thorin unexpectedly, taking them both to the ground.

Thorin's breath was knocked from his lungs, but he quickly recovered, kicking the large goblin off of him. Carrek landed heavily on the ground and the momentum from the kick sent him rolling into the side wall. Dwalin went to bring his hammer down on the creature a second time, when Carrek suddenly jumped at the dwarf and sunk his knife deep into Dwalin's leg. Dwalin grunted in pain and knocked Carrek back into the wall with a swing of his hammer. The goblin's body made a loud cracking sound as his head hit the wall. Dwalin stumbled back, pulled the knife from his flesh and readjusted his grip on his weapon. Thorin was already advancing on the stunned goblin, but Carrek wasn't finished yet.

Wiping blood from his mouth Carrek spoke, "It would seem that the legend of Thorin Oakenshield is true. Ha I should have known you wouldn't go down easily."

Thorin now stood in front of Carrek with his blade raised. "You will never lay a finger on my loved ones again." Thorin plunged his sword at Carrek's cold black heart and suddenly Thorin was thrown to the side by a goblin jumping on his back. A resounded thud could be heard through the room as Thorin's sword hit the stone wall next to Carrek's body, missing its target. Thorin struggled to pry the biting creature off of his back as Dwalin defended himself against the four new goblins that had entered the room. Thorin finally dislodged the goblin from his back, but had to immediately stop a blade headed for his side.

"Run my lord! I will distract them!" Tarr yelled to Carrek as his stood in front of his leader ready to defend him.

Carrek stood grinning, "Your sacrifice will not be in vain Tarr."

Thorin killed the goblin that attacked him and turned to see Carrek making his way to the exit. "NO!" Thorin yelled and ran at Carrek.

Tarr jumped in front of Thorin swinging his blade at his legs. Thorin jumped, barely avoiding the hit, his attention solely on Carrek's retreating form. Carrek turned his head back to smile at Thorin as Tarr stabbed at the distracted dwarf King.

"Thorin focus!" Dwalin bellowed slightly out of breath to the dwarf King's right.

Thorin shook his head briefly and focus on the fight at hand, knowing that the faster he killed these goblins the faster he could go after Carrek. Thorin let his anger drive his strength and each swing of his blade pushed Tarr back closer to the wall. Tarr fell to the ground when Thorin's sword cut the creature's hand off. The sniveling goblin screeched in agony, but his voice was cut short as Thorin's blade cut his head clean off its shoulders. Thorin turned and rushed to his friend's side to help kill the rest of the enemies. When they finished off the last goblin the ground was littered with many dead bodies and the floor was slick with goblin blood.

Thorin stood next to Dwalin both trying to catch their breath, covered in blood and grime. "He will be long gone by now." Thorin voice broke slightly in defeat.

"We will send out search parties. Thorin we will find him and bring him to justice."

Thorin nodded his head, "I need to get back to my nephews."

With those words the two dwarf warriors turned and moved swiftly back to Kili, Balin and Bofur. As Thorin and Dwalin neared the small cave they could hear that Kili was still crying and Balin and Bofur were speaking to him in quiet comforting voices.

"Your Uncle will be back soon lad, and then you can see Fili."

Thorin quickened his pace and burst into the room, moving quickly to Kili's side. "Kili." Thorin breathed out his nephew's name and picked the crying child up into his arms.

He let Kili continue to cry into his shoulder and started to rub soothing circles on his lower back. Thorin looked at Balin asking a silent question on Kili's health and Balin just shook his head sadly, dripping his head in the direction of the back of Kili's neck. Thorin shifted his gaze and carefully moved Kili's hair to the side in the hopes of seeing what Balin was referring to. When Thorin had moved his nephew's hair away he saw what troubled his aging advisor and it made the dwarf King feel sick. Kili had a horrible wound on the lower part of the back of his neck that looked like a burn created with something steel. The burn was an ugly red color and reminded Thorin of a branding. There was no doubt in Thorin's mind that it would leave a nasty scar, with tears welling in his eyes Thorin turned and hurried to get Kili to Oin.

Thorin breathed a sigh of relief when he turned the corner and saw Fili still safe with Oin. The moment Fili saw his Uncle he jumped to his shaky feet and ran to him. The dwarf King dropped heavily to his knees and let Fili leap into his arms before wrapping both of his nephews in a tight hug.

"Kili! Are you okay? I am so sorry I left you alone." Fili was sobbing as he clung to his Uncle and brother.

Kili turned to tiredly smile at his older brother and moved closer to him. "Fili! You're okay!"

Both boys cried and held on to each other as if their lives depended on it and Thorin stood holding his little nephews in each arm.

"Oin I need you to see to Kili injuries."

Oin looked at Thorin, "It would be best if we could get them to a house with a fireplace first. From where I stand I can see that young Kili is in shock and we need to warm him up quickly."

Thorin sent the healer a determined stare and quickly gave the order moved out.

Later that night after Oin had finished treating Fili and Kili wounds Thorin sat in a chair next to his bed as he watched the boys sleep under many blankets, wrapped up in each other's arms. The only light in the room was from the fireplace that made the bruises and cuts littering his innocent nephew's faces stand out all the more. Thorin slowly and carefully reached out his hand and brushed a stray hair from Kili's face, feeling the heat of his fever in the process. Shaking his head sadly, Thorin stood and kissed the top Fili and Kili's head. After watching his nephews a moment longer he turned and walked to the door were he noticed Balin stood watching him.

"How are they?" Balin whispered

Thorin answered his question in a gruff a scratchy voice. "Oin said they will heal, in time. Both boys are bruised, littered with cuts, dehydrated and half-starved. Fili has a broken wrist and the cut on his cheek is infected, but he was not hurt too much. Kili on the other hand has a concussion from a wound behind his ear, three cracked ribs, but worst of all is that awful burn on the back of his neck, the pain from receiving it sent him into shock."

Balin could hear the despair in Thorin's voice and he spoke to his King with hope. "It will be a hard road to recovery Thorin, but they will recover. The lads are stronger than most would think and they will get through this. You will help them get through this, we all will."

Thorin looked at Balin in the flickering light and saw the absolute certainty in his friend's eyes and knew he was right. They would get through this and nothing was ever going to break his family apart again.

In the utter blackness of night Carrek weakly walked up the final hill to his destination. The wind howled through the trees as the goblin entered the ruins. Still bleeding from his shoulder Carrek's blood dripped on the stone floor, leaving a trail in his wake. He sluggishly walked to a darkened figure and dropped to his knees, his head resting on his chest in exhaustion and defeat.

"You have failed to bring me what I want."
Carrek looked up as the darkened figure turn around and descended the few stairs, now standing in front of his kneeling body.

"I almost had him. If I had more resources I could have finished the job." Carrek replied with a small amount of fear breaking through his careful voice.

"You know the deal I made you. I will help you kill and replace the Goblin King only after you have brought me Thorin Oakenshield, not before. You have failed me in this task and now I have no use for you."

The figure moved in close to kill the goblin, but before the killing blow could be made Carrek spoke with force. "I may not have brought you Thorin, but I have found a way to make him come to us."

The dark figure titled its head to the side. "How would you do that?"

Carrek smiled an evil and malicious smile. "You get to Thorin through his greatest weakness….his heart."

The dark figure walked past Carrek and into the torchlight revealing his pale skin. Azog the Defiler looked back at Carrek and smiled.

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