Education Facility 135, Mondas Colony, 1325 hours, 4/5/2535

Bryn was happy. School had ended for the day, and now he could just play with his friends until Mummy showed up to take him home.

He looked up. There were pretty lights in the sky all of a sudden. He called out to his teacher. "Miss Sutherland, look! There are pretty lights now!" Miss Sutherland looked up. She looked scared. "Bryn, get inside now." Bryn heard running, and turned around to see soldiers running up the street. He looked up at the pretty lights again. Now he could see that it was a big purple spaceship. Hadn't he seen them on the news? Perhaps they were magical spaceships! He watched as several smaller ships came out of the big one. One was about to land at the school! Maybe there were angels in it! It's doors opened, and out of it came two large, gorilla like creatures. The smaller ship took off again.

Bryn was scared. He thought, "These aren't angels, these are horrible monsters!" One of the monsters started shooting at all the other kids, tearing them apart with metal spikes. Bryn ran. He ran as fast as he could, but one of the monsters caught him. As it grabbed him and pulled him towards it, he could see what it had done to the school. All of his friends were dead, ripped in half by the spikes. The playground he had played in and had so much fun in, was soaked with blood. He spotted Miss Sutherland, who had been the nicest teacher in the school, barely alive, trying to ecscape, with several spikes in her chest.

She stopped moving, and bled out onto the ground. The monster lifted Bryn up, and was about to devour him when a voice rung out. "Hey fuzzball! Leave that kid alone!" The monster looked around to see an army trooper armed with a rifle. "I mean it, I fucking mean it you piece of shit!" The other monster lifted it's gun, but the trooper fired at it's head three times, one round penetrating it's head. He did the same to the one holding Bryn. He collapsed onto the ground, and the army man rushed over to him. "Hey, are you alright?" He said kindly. Bryn nodded. "Yeah, I-I think I am."

The man spoke into his radio. "Sir? This is PFC Cudmore, I'm at education facility 135. Everyone's dead, except for this little kid I found. I'm taking him to the extraction point. Out." He turned to Bryn. "OK, little man, I'm going to take you off this planet, it's not safe here." Bryn was worried. "What about Mummy and Daddy?" The army trooper sighed. "They're...they're probably already off the planet. Come on, let's go." Bryn walked out of the school gates with the soldier. They passed scenes of absolute destruction, and people dead or dying all around. Bryn stopped. Cudmore didn't realise and kept walking, then looked back. He saw that Bryn was starting to cry. Cudmore was worried. "What is it?"

Bryn sobbed. "Mummy and Daddy, they're..." He was pointing to a burnt-out building, and two dead bodies. One was a man, the other was a woman. Cudmore swore to himself. "Shit." He knelt down next to Bryn. "Listent to me. I know it's hard, but you have to keep going. It's what they would have wanted you to do." Bryn nodded. Cudmore took his hand. "Let's go," he said quietly. They made it to the extraction point. Cudmore knelt next to Bryn. "Listen, I need to stay down here, to stop the Covenant, but you're heading to a safe place now. You'll be alright." "Where am I going?" Cudmore smiled. "UNSC Leviathan. She's the safest ship we have. You'll be alright." Bryn stepped onto the pelican. Inside were several other people, mostly splattered with blood. The pelican soon docked with Leviathan. Bryn was taken to crew quarters, with other refugees. Before long, the ship shuddered. One of the other refugees spotted a crewman. "Do you know what's going on?" The crewman looked grim. "We're jumping into slipspace. The Covenant are glassing Mondas."

St. Columba's Orphanage, Luna, 1456 hours, 2/1/2537 - 2 years later

Bryn was lying in his bed when one of the Nuns walked in. "Bryn? You've got a visitor!" He looked at the door. Nobody visited him. There was a man in a navy uniform standing there. He walked in. The Nun excused herself. "I'll leave you to it." The man held out his hand. "Hello there Bryn. I'm from the Office of Naval Intelligence." Bryn was confused. "What do you want with me?" The man closed the door. "The monsters that killed your parents. Do you want to kill them?" Bryn didn't hesitate. "Yes." The man smiled. "Good. Because we can give you the oppurtunity to do just that."