ONI Section Three Beta-5 Division headquarters, planet Reach, 1345 hours, 21/5/2544

Bryn stood in front of the large, wall mounted computer screen. It was showing a map of a complex on the planet Mars. A high ranking Army officer was briefing him on his upcoming mission.

His first mission.

He had passed special operations training with flying colours. He focused more on the map. The objective of the mission was to assassinate John Anderson, the leader of the Colonial Rebellion Front. The officer explained. "We believe that Anderson will land at this base for an inspection at 0600 hours on the sixth of June this year. You will be up on this ridge line with a sniper rifle. When Anderson has landed, you'll have about 7 seconds to take him down before he gets into cover. If you can't take the shot, you will infiltrate the base, and take him out. Now report to the armoury." Bryn nodded. "OK, I'll get my weapons." The officer stopped him. "You're not just going there for weapons. You're also getting your MJOLNIR."

Armoury, Beta-5 Division headquarters, planet Reach, 1359 hours, 2/5/2544

Bryn walked into the armoury. There were several technicians around a suit of armour. It was mainly cobalt, but small sections of it were aqua. One of the technicians walked over. "Ah! There you are! How do you like the MJOLNIR Mk. IV armour?" Bryn was in awe. "It's...amazing!" The technician smiled. "It is, isn't it? Yes, well, this one's just about to get it's prototype paint job off-" Bryn interrupted. "Eh, don't bother. I like the way it looks." The technician smiled. "Alright then. Let me give you a rundown on helmet is a RECON variant. It has a UA blast shield for more protection, and a third generation HUL, for MILINT acquisition. The shoulders have holders for supplemental 14.5 calibre rounds, in case you run out of ammo. The chest is UA/MULTI THREAT, with extra rounds for a grenade launcher on the belt and under the plate.. You have a TACPAD on your wrist, and on your left thigh a UA/NxRA armour piece. Your knee guards are FJ/PARA." Bryn frowned. "I have absoloutely no idea what you just said." The technician chuckled. "Ha, well, all of what I just said might just save your life some day! If the Mk.V enters production, we'll use the tests from these prototype components for it. If you get to wear a Mk.V suit, you can have the same components fitted. Um, stand here, please." Bryn stood on a slightly raised section of the floor. The technicians quickly started putting on his armour. After 30 minutes, they placed the helmet on his head. One of them looked at him. "Raise your left arm very slowly please." Bryn complied. Just then, the officer who had briefed him came in. "Lieutenant, come with me." One of the technicians interrupted the officer. "We haven't done the tests yet!" The Officer shook his head. "There's no time. He leaves now."

Prowler UNSC Kretschmer, in orbit above planet Mars, 0345 hours, 6/6/2544

The cryo-tube opened, and Bryn got out, still fully armoured. He moved to the nearby armoury, and picked up a SRS-99 rifle and an M7S silenced SMG. He moved to the ODST drop pod bay, got into a pod, and waited.


The HEV dropped from the prowler towards the red planet. Inside, Bryn stayed his best to satay calm. "Come on, you're just falling hundreds of kilometres into a camp full of people who want to kill you... shit." The HEV's parachute deployed, and several seconds later the pod hit the ground. Bryn hit the release button. The pod didn't open. "Fuck." He primed the four explosive charges, which blew the door off. He got out, and looked at the pod. "I'm definitely not doing that again." He retrieved the M7S, and shouldered the SRS-99. He looked at his TACPAD. It was 2 kilometres to the ridgeline. He started walking.

0546 hours

Bryn finally reached the ridgeline. He holstered the M7S on his hip, and set up the SRS-99. He checked his TACPAD, which was displaying a picture of Anderson. He looked up, to see an old D76 flying towards the base. It landed, and Anderson got out. Bryn quickly lined up the shot, and fired.


Bryn checked the rifle. "Damn!" It had jammed. Bryn unjammed it, lined up the shot and saw Anderson get into cover. "Shit!" Bryn swore in frustration. Then something caught his eye. It was a large petrol tank, built into the wall off the building Anderson had gone into. It looked armoured though, he would need some explosives to detonate it... "Stop right there!" Bryn turned around, drawing his SMG. A three-man Rebel patrol was holding him at gunpoint... and they had grenades.


Bryn took one out with a headshot, and dodged as the others fired their 'confetti makers' at him. He bought his M7S up again, and finished the other two off. He walked over to them, and retrieved their grenades. He had six in total. He quickly ran down to the petrol tank, and planted the grenades. He crawled back up the ridge, and fired a round at one of the grenades. The building ripped apart in an awe-inspiring explosion. Bryn quietly slipped away, his mission complete.