While I was on holiday I came up with this in the car while traveling and listening to my computer and I spent four hours coming up with it and thinking about it but I couldn't write it down so now I am. This is probably going to stay a one-shot unless you guys really want another chapter in which case I could probably stretch to a two-shot. But this probably isn't going to be a main story of mine. Just saying. Slight AU I think... Enough of my rambling let's get to it :)


The song I used is Ariana Grande's version of 'Love the way you lie'. I had to remove the lyrics but I based this story off of the lyrics in the song and I'm sure you guys can figure out where abouts they were.


Some people wonder why me and Jade are friends. We seem so different, her being the mean goth girl who is very talented but has an attitude problem and me being the ditzy red-head that's always confused, loves candy and has a strange brother with a special turtle. The truth is much different than what everyone guesses.

The truth is that we aren't really what we seem to be. My brother in fact, is not even the slightest bit weird at all, although he is much older than me and goes to college. Also Jade is really one of the nicest, most generous people I've ever known. Or rather, she was. When we first were accepted into Hollywood arts, our dream school, we thought we were on top of the world. But the reality was that we were new and we didn't have anything, unidentified faces lost in a crowd of talent.

So we came up with an idea, to change our personalities and ourselves so we could stand out. I wasn't much into the idea but Jade wanted it so I went along with it, like always. I guess even back then I adored her, she could do no evil. I loved her. Even though I could tell she hid some things from me. So we became the people you know us as.

Jade really got into her role, she managed to convince me to dye my hair red while she got her's done black with streaks. She even started hanging out with some of the more popular girls in the school. Two girls in particular took an interest in her. Blonde twins named Jenna and Kate. The two girls who seemed to make it their mission to make life hard for me.

Of course being popular made her stand out and she was one step closer to achieving her goal of singing at the big showcase concert the school put on every year. She was certainly talented enough. So I was happy. Happy that she'd made some friends, even if they weren't the nicest to me.

Jade started to hang out with me after school less and less until she only ended up coming over to apologize for something she, or her 'friends' had done to me at school that was particularly nasty.

But she was happy so I was happy.

One day at school our vocal teacher told us that he was considering both of us to perform at the showcase concert but since he couldn't decide between us, he was going to have us have a sing-off in class. Jade had acted unconcerned at the time but after school she came over to my house and told me she was going to pull out so that I could sing. It was the first friendly thing she had done in weeks, but of course I couldn't let her do that. Her father was going to be attending that show and if he heard she'd dropped out he would be furious. I stubbornly resisted and told her I would pull out instead. It took a while but she eventually relented.

The next day I expected her to at least be less ganky than usual but of course that was wishful thinking. I remember that on that day I was getting some stuff from my locker, drinking some coffee from Jet Brew, playing an energetic character all the time was exhausting so I had turned to coffee to keep me going, when Jade and the twins came up to me.

"We heard that you didn't want to face Jade because you knew you would lose and didn't want to face it." They had said. "Let's be honest, singing is really all you have and... well. You're not even that good at it in the first place."

Jade didn't even blink at their words. But she was my friend and they were her friends. So I was happy. I kept repeating that in my head, like a mantra. It worked, for a little while at least.

"It's so pathetic, you don't even deserve to walk in these hallways." They said. "Is that coffee? You don't deserve to drink it. Coffee is better and worth more than you."

Then they ripped it away from me and walked off. Jade still saying nothing, followed after them. I tried not to let their words get to me, I even tried to joke about it by saying 'That coffee was black, like their souls.' But after that incident I never drank coffee again.

Jade on the other hand always had coffee everyday after that, the twins always laughed when they saw it in her hands. It like their little personal joke. But I didn't say anything. They were Jade's friends. And she was mine. So I was happy.

Weeks passed and then it was time for the big showcase, I almost didn't go but even if I wasn't Jade's best friend anymore she was still mine. So I went and sat in the front row and watched the performances pass. Then it was her turn.

She strutted on stage and everyone seemed to be captured by her beauty. She looked perfect. She started her song and her voice sounded like an angel, she looked like an angel. She was an angel, and she looked happy. So I was happy.

After the show I headed backstage to congratulate her, and she had a look on her face I hadn't seen since we were told we got in to Hollywood Arts. She had another coffee in her hand which made me falter. She frowned slightly and started to head over to me in what seemed like honest concern but stopped when the two twins ran over to her.

"Oh my god Jadey you were awesome!" One screamed.

"Yeah Jay you were like the best EVER!" The other screamed. "Are you going to the after-party?"

I remember thinking that Jade had never previously like nicknames but when I looked at her all traces of the old her were gone again.

"Yeah, sure." She rolled her eyes in her typical 'whatever' way.

I also remembered thinking that she hated parties. But then I remembered that we weren't supposed to be ourselves, so I reacted the way they expected me to.

"Ooh, I love parties!" I exclaimed.

"Yeah, well you're not invited." The twins sneered, only now noticing my presence.

"Aww." I pouted, even though I really didn't want to go anyway.

"Don't make that face, it doesn't do anything to make you look better." Jenna said.

"I bet I know what would." Kate looked at Jade and smirked she grabbed Jade's coffee and dumped it all over my head, it wasn't as hot as I know it could be but it was still hot and it burned. "There, much better."

Jade twitched slightly but she still did nothing.

"O-ooh, I love taking coffee baths." I winced as it seared my scalp, but I refused to cry. They were Jade's friends... so I was happy. I was happy... but I was still in pain. But not from the coffee, I could barely even feel it anymore. This being someone I'm not was so hard. Even so, I would not cry. Not in front of them. I was not going to cry... but it was so hard, and I was going to cry.

"One time my brothe-..." I started to say in traditional Cat fashion, but Jade cut me off.

"Can I talk to Cat for a minute?" She asked and they nodded and left snickering. She had always known when I was about to cry.

"Cat..." She whispered as I wiped coffee from my face and wrung my hair out, trying to stop the tears that were still threatening to fall. I said nothing.

"Cat please..." She tried. She sounded completely apologetic and sorry but still I said nothing. "Kitty..."

Hearing her call me my old nickname pushed me over the edge and the tears started to fall.

"Cat, I'm sorry about them. I'm sorry about the coffee, I'm sorry about being mean to you. I'm sorry about the concert I should have just let you do it. I'm sorry abou-" She started, stepping forward and reaching her hand out to me.

"I'm not crying because of the coffee, or because of the concert, or because of you or them." I speak finally, my voice cracking on the last word. She stilled in her movement.

"Then... why?" She asked, barely audible even in the silent room.

"I can't do this anymore Jade! I'm tired of being someone I'm not!" I whirled to face her. "I just... I can't do this. I didn't like the idea in the first place but I went along with it anyway, because you wanted to."

"Cat... Please... I can't do this without you..." She said, her face pained, but her eyes shielded like they had been since the day we made the pact. "You're stronger than you think you are... I need you to do this... Please I can't-..."

She was interrupted by the twins coming back into the room.

"Are you done comforting the stray?" Jenna asked with a sneer.

"Looks like it's been rolling in the garbage again." Kate sniffed at me.

"I was just going to give her some candy." Jade lied flawlessly before pulling out some and shaking them towards me. Her eyes pleading with me to play along, at least for a little longer. She'd said she needed me to do it. So I would, just for a little longer.

"Ooh, I love candy!" I exclaim, grabbing it and eating it.

"Now what were you supposed to forget?" She asked.

"What was I forgetting?" I asked, mouth full of candy. I wanted to keep talking to her, I hadn't had a real conversation with her in forever. But it wasn't going to happen. And I was going to play along with her game because she told me she needed me to.

Jade looked relieved and the twins laughed at me and walked out of the door with an 'Are you coming Jay?' being shouted out through the door as they went.

She gave me a thankful and apologetic look as she followed after them.

I kept replaying her words in my head throughout the days. I need you to do this... I can't do this without you... you're stronger than you think you are. It helped, a little. I think Jade must've said something to the twins because they didn't come over and insult me as much anymore. As much. They still do, and Jade still doesn't say anything while they do.

And Jade started to come back over to my place after school again, but never for long.

I haven't cried since the concert, but sometimes I want to. Being energetic 24/7 is draining the life out of me slowly. But I'm helping Jade by doing it. Or so she says. So I'm happy. I'm happy...

I almost tried to quit on Jade again a few weeks after the showcase when everybody started using candy as an attempt to distract me. It still stung to know that people thought that I was as absentminded as I appeared to be. But one look at her face caused me to abandon that thought before it had even started to fully form.

After a while I started to have trouble finding where the real Cat began and the other me ended, so I ended up being a mixture of both while I was at home. It confused and concerned my parents when sometimes I seemed more absent-minded than I used to be or accidentally started jumping up and down when there were mentions of candy. I was getting rather concerned myself.

I felt like I was losing my own mind to myself. But it was getting easier and easier to be the Cat everyone at school expected me to be. I didn't know if that was a good thing or not.

Eventually the twins got bored of me not reacting to their taunts so they just let me be. That was a good thing. However, they soon bored of Jade too and she lost some of her popularity because of it. Then she was just a big mass of anger 99% of the time. She also stopped coming over again.

Eventually she came to hang out with some of the friends I had gathered in my music classes. Andre, Beck and Robbie with his puppet Rex wouldn't have been her first choice in friends but it seemed she found they were entertaining enough.

It also meant I got to see her more than I had been at school. I couldn't decide whether this was good or not. But it always hurt to see her as someone I didn't really know anymore, and it was confusing to realize that I didn't even know myself anymore.

I could see that she could tell I was seriously confused, not in the usual way everyone was used to, but I don't think she knew what from. I'm not as strong as you think I am Jade... I'm breaking.

Although I was at war with myself because of it, Jade was right. Being different had gotten me noticed. I had been asked to perform at the full-moon jam and since Jade could perform at this one too I accepted.

I stare out at the cheering crowd as I finish my song. Everyone was applauding me, except for one person who looked like she was about to cry. Because she knew that the song I had sang was more than just one I picked out at random. (A/N For those of you who didn't guess she sang the song this story was based on.)

I smile tightly one last time at the applauding crowd of students before I practically run off of the stage. As great as I always found performing and singing, I couldn't stay there any longer.

I get changed almost at the speed of light and then I run out to find my parents car waiting for me, they were keeping a close eye on me after last week.

Last week they had found me almost having a mental break down in my room and had taken me to a doctor. He had told them he had found nothing wrong with me physically, but there had been an issue with the psychological testings.

He told my parents that I appeared to be under immense mental stress and that they should take me to a psychiatrist. When they asked why he had said that I appeared to have a multiple-personality disorder, but that his word was not final and that they should have it clarified with a psychiatrist.

So we did and the psychiatrist confirmed what I already know. That I have MPD.

I dreaded going to school on monday, even though I had argued for hours with my parents to let me keep attending and not pull me out. By tomorrow everyone would know.

The school had agreed not to reveal it to anybody but the staff until after the concert. But now it was over, and despite my protests the students would have to be notified.

The car pulled to a stop at my house and I walked in a zombie-like trance to my room. I collapsed in a ball on my bed. I don't blame Jade for anything but, sometimes I would have rather stayed an unidentified face in a sea of talent.


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