I was in a forest, everything was a blur and there was the presence of darkens surrounding me. I slowly walked throughout the trees my feet making crunching noises on the foliage beneath me.

Where was I? Am I dreaming? If so why does this feel so real. I kept walking faster and faster trying to find my way out. I fell over something and landed face first onto a patch of grass. I looked up to see I was in a beautiful clearing that shone from the sun, the feeling of darkness gone.

I stood up and focused my gaze on a gorgeous looking man around my age 21 years. He wore black leggings with green boots and had a white long sleeved shirt with a lace pattern showing off his toned chest. He was Sitting on a rock sharpening an object that seemed to be a arrow.

The feeling of warmth, comfort and love rushed over me, this was the same feeling I got when I was with Legolas.

"Le. . .Legolas" I squeaked through my trembling voice.

I started to run over towards him and stopped a couple of meters from where he was. He didn't look at me or seem to notice me at all.

I got a closer look at him, this man was not Legolas even though he reminded me of him. This man had blond hair that reached past his shoulders and was styled half up and half down with braids he also had beautiful piercing blue eyes, what was most strange about him was his ears they were pointed.

I was confused about this man, who was he and more importantly what was he. Suddenly the feeling of comfort, warmth and love were lost and the feelings of darkness crept through me again.

Everything fell silent and the mans head snapped up looking aroundhim. he gathered his belongings and fled with graceful movements towards the darkness of the forest.

"Wait! " I yelled running after him through the forest.

I froze in my tracks feeling a strange presence I turned to see darkness and nothing more.

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