Starlight at Dawn


Chapter One: Lonely Child


"Dean, are you positive it's here?" Sam practically whined, his shoulders sagging as he stepped over fallen branches. Dean walked a few steps in front of him, his hand tightly wrapped around the flash light.

"Shut it, Sam. We're on to this thing." Dean replied, his eyes darting around the dark surrounding them, tense as he continued walking.

"The only thing it is, is a werewolf." Sam rolled his eyes, glancing up to the moon which was at it's highest in the starry sky. The Full moon provided light, but was drowned out mostly by the trees of the forest they were in.

"Sam." Dean hissed, sending his brother a look from over his shoulder. He ignored Sam's equally annoyed look, and focused his eyes in front of him.

Dean immediately tensed when he heard the snapping of twigs, and turned towards the source of the noise. He shone the flash light in the direction, and saw a shadow run from out of the bush.

Without a second thought, he burst into a run, tailing the werewolf with Sam following behind him. His hand had already gone for his gun, which was loaded with silver bullets. He shot blindly in front of him, and heard a satisfying growl of pain.

"Good, we can track it better like this, plus it'll slow down." Dean mumbled to Sam, his eyes narrowing as he followed the sound of the wounded werewolf. The brothers could vaguely hear the whimpers of the wolf, as it scurried away from the Hunting pair.

Sam, like Dean, had his gun out which was obviously loaded with silver bullets as well, and was prepared if the beast decided to attack.

It must have read his mind, because all of a sudden, the werewolf jumped from the shadows of the night, knocking him over.

Sam heard Dean shout his name as he realized that the gun had flown out of his hand from the shock. He hastily looked for it, but couldn't see it without any other light. He felt the claws of the werewolf dig into his clothed side, puncturing his skin. Sam groaned out as he struggled to keep the once human being at bay as it tried to bite at him.

Sam tilted his head away from the jaws of the overly hairy human, his fingers digging into the barely clothes shoulders as he brought his knee up harshly, managing to knock the familiar creature off of him.

Dean used that moment to shoot the werewolf, the few silver bullets imbedding in it's brain. The creature fell to the ground with a thud, unmoving.

"Thanks." Sam muttered as Dean helped him up. He took the flash light from his brothers hand, shining it on the werewolf. "Dean, this isn't the same one..." Sam mumbled, his eyes scanning for any other wounds. "It doesn't have a wound from when you shot it."
"There must be more somewhere near by..." Dean swore, reloading his gun out of minor worry. He turned back to Sam, looking over his wounds. "Are you okay?" He asked, knowing it was a stupid question to ask.

Sam nodded, "Yeah, just a couple deep scratches, not that bad." Sam replied honestly, finally finding his lost gun. He reached for said gun, pulling it out of the muddy grass with a frown on his face.

While Dean suspiciously looked around, Sam wiped the mud from his gun with distaste, checking the area every few seconds that passed. "Well, now what?" He asked awkwardly, waving his gun beside him in a shrugging motion.

"Yeah, exactly." Dean snorted, tilting his head in Sam's direction. Sam's eyes darted to the right as he heard shuffling.

Another werewolf had stumbled out, collapsing on the ground beside the dead one. Sam raised his eyebrow, his gun pointed to the fallen werewolf.

Dean stood straight, staring at it, "Hey, that was the one I shot!" He said, smiling rather innocently. Sam just shook his head, and pulled the trigger, ending it's apparent misery.

Sadly, it had been a set up, two more werewolves jumped from the trees surprisingly silent. They tackled the brothers to the ground, Sam and Dean grunting from the force of it.

"Jesus Christ!" Sam yelled, annoyed at the fact that his gun had yet again flew from his hand, and into another mud pile. Sure, he hadn't seen it, but he heard the definite plopping sound of it.

"Dean! You good?" Sam called, hastily reeling his arm back to punch the werewolves face. He heard a crack and a growl, sending a glare in the beasts direction, his free hand flailing about on the ground as he tried to grab his fallen weapon.

He heard a few gun shots, signaling that Dean had taken care of the werewolf that was attacking him. Sam heard the growls of the humanoid figure on top of him, sharp teeth being held back by his arm.

"Dean-" Sam was cut off when the werewolf suddenly went limp on him, blood slowly pouring from the back of it's head. "Uh, Dean?" Sam questioned, pushing the limp body off of his so he could stand. He was pretty sure he hadn't heard any gun shots, which confused him.

"Uh, dude, that wasn't me." Dean said, helping Sam up for the second time. Their eyes scanned the trees, flashlight back in Dean's hand.

They heard a whine come from the left, but it didn't sound like a werewolf one, but of a child. Wait, child?

"Dean, I could have sworn I hear-" He was interrupted by the same whine, and he pointed in the direction it came from. Dean shone the light towards the ground, eyes widening as he saw a small figure on the ground.

"Oh my God, Dean! She's just a little kid!" Sam hissed, stepping over the dead werewolf. Dean stopped him, staring. "What if it's a trick?" He asked.
"Dean, seriously?" Sam huffed, pushing past his brothers out stretched arm, crouching beside the small girl, ignoring Dean's face of disbelief. "Okay, fine. Lets go see the little dead girl who could possibly be a monster or part of a master trap." He stressed, begrudgingly walking over. He crouched beside his brother, shining the flash light over the small body. Dean immediately regretted his words as he found a various bite marks and deep cuts on her upper body, blood freely pouring from her wounds. "This was our fault, wasn't it?" He asked after a moment, glaring at the ground.

"We should really take her to the hospital." Sam said, standing as he removed his jacket, putting it over the girls body. "She's alive, but just out cold." He stated, picking her fragile body up with ease. Dean was hardly paying attention, thinking about the possibility of another life lost at their hands.

"Dean, come on!" Sam said, shuffling towards the car with the girl in his arms. Dean snapped out of his trance and jogged after Sam and climbed into the Impala.

"How is she?" Dean asked after a few minutes of silence as he drove from the forest. The hospital was only ten minutes away, and he wondered if it was going to be enough time...

"Still losing a lot of blood." Sam said, craning his neck to peer at the girl in the back seat. "God, she better not die." He added after a pause.

Dean only nodded, his eyes focused on the road in front of him. Sam bit his lip, occasionally turning to check on her, feeling her pulse, making sure she was alive. "But, isn't it strange that she was out in the middle of the forest? In the middle of the night, at that... Plus, she looks sort of... dirty." Sam stared, his eyebrow raised.

Dean shrugged, "I don't know, man," He replied, glancing at a sign. "Almost there." He added, taking a right at an exit that lead to the hospital.

Six minutes later, they arrived at the hospital, both getting out quickly. Sam opened the back door, gently pulling the girl out from the backseat. He momentarily froze when he heard a quite groan, and then looked at Dean, then back to the girl in his arms.

It nearly gave him a heart attack when he saw eyes staring back into his. "She's awake," He sighed in relief, his eyes casting to Dean's. Dean nodded, moving closer to her.

Her eyes were dull as she stared up at Sam, but seemed to be almost glowing in the dark of the night. "It's okay, you're going to be fine." Sam said, walking towards the entrance quickly.

The girls eyes moved from his, staring at the hospital. A few seconds later, she was out again.

They both stepped into the hospital, the smell making filling their lungs and the white walls bright. "Hey, we need some help!" Dean called.

Luckily, a nurse had already spotted them, and came rushing over. "What happened!?" She demanded after telling someone to get a stretcher.

"We don-" Sam hardly had any time to reply when the nurse took the girl from his arms and gently put her on the stretcher as fast as she could without being rough. "Stay there!" She snapped, wheeling it away with a few others following after her. The brothers glanced at each other, and found a place to sit, ignoring the stares of other patients or those waiting.

Fifteen minutes passed, and the same nurse came strutting towards them, papers attached to a clip board in her hand, a pen in the other. "Alright, we're going to need to stitch her up. It isn't as bad as it looked, but she's going to need to stay the rest of the night. Is she your daughter? Because we need the parents signatures along with your ID's." She stuck her nose up, literally shoving the clip board at Dean, along with the pen.

"Wai- Uh, we-" Sam stuttered, feeling helpless as the nurse turned away, not letting him finish. He sighed, and looked at Dean. "What do we do now?" He whispered, glaring around them.

"Pretend to be her parents, I guess." Dean whispered back, scribbling down his fake alias he had used earlier for the case they were working. Time passed as he filled out the papers, wishing he was at a bar flirting with some hot lady instead of filling out papers for a little girl.

He cared. He did, but he still was allowed to wish.

Once he finally finished, Sam and him made their way up to the front desk, handing the nurse the various forms. Dean shook his hand, his fingers hurting from gripping the pen for so long.

"So, who's is she?" She asked after a moment, reading over the papers.

"What?" Dean asked after a pregnant pause, leaning closer.

"The child. Is she from you or him? Or did you just adopt?" The nurse asked after she gave an annoyed huff. Sam looked at her weirdly.

"Da- uhh, from me..." Dean said, confused.

"Alright. What's her name?" The woman narrowed her eyes, finding that spot blank.

"Mary." They both replied, blinking at each other in surprise.


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