Cece had been asleep when she heard the doors open, sat against the cold concrete her whole body ached and her wrists were bloody from the handcuffs rubbing against her skin. Once she was fully alert she heard Merle's voice and tensed knowing this wasn't going to be good. Opening the door in came a young Asian boy who had been beaten within an inch of his life and another girl, brown hair and pretty, the type of beauty Cece would have envied before everything happened. She was topless and it was immediately clear to Cece the governor had been at his old tricks. "Got you some company, at least till we kill these two" Merle said in a mocking voice. He walked up to Cece and knelt down besides here so close she could feel his breath on hers, "I'd stay away from this one, if ya two know what's good for ya", touching her face it took every part of her not to flinch "she's a feisty one." Laughing to himself Merle got up and left.

The boy immediately gave the girl his shirt and the uncomfortable silence that filed the room was interrupted as the two of them began to reassure each other they were both fine. From these exchanges it was clear they were in love and Cece couldn't help but smile to herself, she'd never been in love and had come to terms with the fact she never would be now, but it was nice to see it still existed.

The mans anger clearly got the hold of him when the woman explained what had happened and he began to look for ways to pry open to door.

"It won't work, may as well save your energy." They both looked up at her as if they'd forgotten she was in the room, "There use to be a different door, but I managed to break out, this doors much stronger." The pair continued to stare at her and Cece began to regret speaking. Although she couldn't blame them for staring, she was wearing black denim jeans stained with blood and dirt and her t-shirt was ripped so badly her chest and stomach were on show, and honestly she didn't even want to know that her face looked like. "I'm Cece, What are your names," She eventually asked, exchanging looks to each other it was the Asian boy who spoke, "I'm Glenn, this is Maggie," He spoke in hushed tone. "We were caught, they wanted to know where are camp was, held out for as long as we could." Glenn stopped clearly unsure if he should trust telling Cece what had happened. "Oh my god you hands" Maggie had began to approach Cece staring at the state the rope had left her wrists in.

"We gotta get you out of these," Maggie smiled attempting to undo the rope.

"Thanks, it'll be nice to be free for a while" Cece gave her a small smile.

"So why are you being held prisoner?"

"Long story." She grabbed her wrists as Maggie had managed to cut her loose.

"but similar to yours really, got caught with a lot of guns and supplies that were meant for my group, they obviously new it was meant for a strong group and they wanted to know where they were" Cece paused in thought, "In short I pissed him off when I wouldn't tell him and now he keeps me locked in here." It wasn't much but seemed to be enough for the couple to trust her enough to let her in. Glenn explained how they were from another group which Merle's brother Daryl was a part of.

"They'll come for us. Rick and the others, once they realise we're gone they'll look" Maggie said obviously trying to reassure herself.

"I'm sure" Cece said reassuringly. "But just in case, we should help each other get out." With this she told them the whole layout of Woodbury, and where they should leave too. This seemed to turn Glenn white, as with all the guards and locked doors it seemed like an impossible task.

"So we're screwed."

"No." Cece said abruptly "I got out once, killed a few of their men in the process, its not easy but it is possible."

"But you were caught" Maggie pointed out

Cece smiled resisting the urge to make a sarcastic joke, "Yeah well I didn't exactly have a get away car, got about two miles before they found me."

"But we could get out, fight our way out." Cece continued to explain where the weapons were kept and for once she actually thought she might be able to get out of here.

It wasn't too long before there were mumbled voice at the door and she took her place in the corner so it looked like she was still tied up. Two men entered both carrying guns and it looked like one had a knife in his belt buckle.

"Alright you two time to go" One said lifting the two from the door, "hope this bitch didn't get on your nerves to much" He walked up and knelt close to her just as Merle did, she knew this guy, he was nasty and the power of controlling a woman seemed to get if off. "If it were up to me she be dead already, ya lucky the Gov finds ya useful."

"Yeah well I'm sorry to disappoint you. Cece said with a grin, "Guess I'm not that easy to kill." Cece head butted him and kicked him backwards as she got up. At the very same time Glenn pushed the other man to the wall stabbing him in the neck with his own knife. Cece ran to retrieve the gun but the man grabbed her leg pulling her to the floor. Cece was strong and a good fighter but she was weak and injured, but she wasn't going to let this moment go to waste. Forcing all her energy into it he kicked the man in the head, reached for the gun and without hesitation shot him in the Head.

Maggie and Glenn stared at her for a moment shock on their faces, "we need to go, now!" Cece lead them down the hallway stopping abruptly as they heard voices at the next turning. Preparing themselves to attack the sudden appearance of smoke and gunshots forced them back, all of a sudden three men appeared in front of them with their guns raised.

"Rick." Glenn said after a brief moment. Cece was amazed, they had come for them. "Come on lets go" Rick said with force.

"Who the hell is this?" The other man said raising his crossbow to Cece's head.

"Daryl, she was a prisoner, helped us break out she saved us," Maggie pushed forward trying to get Daryl's attention.

"Daryl" Cece whispered "Merles brother".

"You know my brother, is he here?" Daryl said in a panic

"Daryl, Merle was the one who did this to me and Maggie" Glenn said with sympathy in his voice. Some discussion followed here, Daryl clearly wanted to find his brother but Rick managed to talk him out of it.

"If you two are quite finished, we have to get the fuck out of here." Cece screamed

"We don't have much time, the governor has at least twenty men with guns, we need to move quickly," Rick nodded and gestured for Cece to lead the way. After shooting at Woodbury the group had managed to push up to the gate to exit.

"You guys go, I'll shoot my way through and meet you out" Daryl said reloading his gun. The group agreed and managed to get themselves out of the complex.

Rick assessed the group, "Where's Daryl?"

"We have to go back" Glenn argued.

"Go back" Cece said in horror "you go back in their and your all dead."

"We're not leaving him" Rick growled. The determination in his face told her they weren't going to leave without him.

"Ok" Cece agreed "but Glenn and Maggie should start walking meet us in the woods." Everyone was clearly taken aback by Cece's authority and for a moment she worried she had overstepped the line, but Rick agreed which left her, Rick and Oscar re-entering Woodbury.