"Just take it easy now" Hershel said watching Cece enter the courtyard. The sun was warm on her face and she smiled, Maggie held on too her side as she was walking out "You were just shot, maybe you should stay in bed."

"You know as well as I do the wound is healing." Cece said rolling her eyes.

"I know that you were very lucky it didn't hit any of your major organs."

"See I'm fine," Cece said standing by herself.

"Look at you," Daryl said approaching her "pretty tough for a girl."

"Thanks," Cece said smiling up at him "Do you know where Rick is, I need to speak with him?"

"Yeah down by the entrance" Daryl said pointing in his direction.

"Okay," Cece said beginning to walk, she flinched in pain slightly as she moved to quick. Rolling his eyes jokingly Daryl reached out and helped Cece walk, "No use you pushing yourself." The two slowly walked down in their direction, who upon seeing their arrival began walking towards them. Matthew and Glenn were following after him and Cece sighed seeing Matthew there not wanting to deal with him now.

Daryl picked up on her sigh and looked over towards Matthew "He was pretty pissed after you got shot, tried to move you, to take you away." Stopping Cece looked up at Daryl in shock, "what?"

"Once we told him that wasn't going to happen he got pissed and waited outside your door, I figured he'd take you when you was left alone. Luckily there was always someone with you."

Shaking her head in anger they began walking again, "I don't know what is going through that boys mind."

"Ya don't feel like he's trying to protect you?"

"There's a difference between protection and control and with him the line blurs." Daryl looked down at Cece and she realised she had worried him about Matthew. "Still nothing I can't handle, anyway once he realises he's not getting me back, he'll give up." Daryl eased only slightly.

"You ain't going back to him?" he asked nonchalantly.


"Why not?" Before Cece could answer that they had reached the men and Daryl changed the subject, "Look who I found wondering around."

"Alright C your making the rest of us look bad, you can hardly tell you were shot," Glenn said smiling.

"Well, I got lucky whoever shot me is a shitty aim."

"Glad too see your on the mend, we need you when this all goes down. If your better of course," Rick said putting his hand on Cece's shoulder.

"I will be," she said reassuringly.

"Starting to think she can't be killed," Daryl said and Rick and Glenn Laughed.

"Are you fucking crazy?" Matthew blurted out and everyone turned to look at him. "Cece you were just shot, because this group pissed of the governor. You stay here your as good as dead."

"Matt, I pissed off the Governor way before these guys did when I wouldn't give up your location. Do you remember that? I mean for fucks sake the man tortured me for days, I'm not about to run away when these people need me to help stop him." Everyone looked down and Matthew shook his head frustrated, "Your really starting to piss me off."

"Then leave, seems to be what ya good at," Daryl said crudely.

"Oh and you think you know what's best for her," Matthew said staring at Daryl. "I know what she wants and that's too stay."

"Why would she ever want to stay with some redneck trash?" Matthew said stepping toward Daryl.

"ya wanna back off?" Daryl said putting his hand out.

"No fuck you man," Matthew said waling towards Daryl, Rick immediately stepped infront of the too of them and pushed Matthew away.

"For fucks sake," Cece said throwing her arms up in the air, "Matt can you please just go, I need to talk to Rick and frankly the manly, protection thing is getting embarrassing. "Whatever" Matthew said storming off. "Dude has got a temper," Glenn said once he was out of earshot. "Yeah, I wouldn't worry about him though, he's just really annoying. Doesn't like it when he doesn't get his way." Cece said and the men seemed to calm. "Anyway Rick I wanted to talk about the shooting.

It was almost like a warning of what's to come."

"I agree, it could be any day now, hell he could be on his way right now."

"I think, they were trying to weaken the group by scaring them, the governor wants people to question your leadership."

"Sounds about right" Daryl said after Rick looked at him for his opinion.

"Well it didn't work right?"

"No it didn't," Rick stated staring a Cece.

"I think there planning something, something to weaken the group before they come.

Rick stayed silent stuck in thought for a minute, "Question is, what?"

"Can't know for sure but taking an educated guess," Cece said pausing for a second "they'll try and take out as many people as they can without having to do it themselves."

"Walkers," Daryl said understanding Cece's thought process.

"Walkers" she agreed, "all they would have to do is send a herd of walkers our way and we would be in trouble, it's hard to say how much these fences can withstand."

"Well, they are strong and secure, but fifty or so walkers pushing against the same structure could do some damage" Rick said pushing his hands through his hair. "But I don't know how we could possibly make this prison any stronger."

"I no," Cece said pacing "I'm just saying, we need somewhere safe to go if we do need to leave-"

"I'm not giving up this prison," Rick stated sternly.

"Okay." Cece said being frustrated.

"But we can't ignore this, we need to plan, figure out a way to lure walkers away, get more weapons, do anything. It's like we're sitting here waiting to be killed." Cece's fear cold be heard in her voice and it took everything in her not to let it surface completely.

"Nobodies going die." Daryl stated

"Look how easy it was for them too shoot me."

"We'll be better, on high alert. This isn't going to happen again."

"Ok," Cece agreed although not believing Rick, she had been keeping a brave face but she felt fragile and broken.

"I better get back," she said trying to smile.

Before they could say anymore Cece had turned on her heel and was walking away, panic had got a hold of her body and with it her pain increased. Moving quickly Cece reared of left heading behind the cell block in the gap between the concrete walls and fence. Making sure she was out of site of everyone Cece crippled in pain falling down the side of the wall. After a few minutes of trying to compose herself she heard footsteps from around the corner, "Cece what are you doing?" Daryl leant over her worried. "oh nothing just taking a break, I'm fine really."

"You don't look fine."

"I just need a second, I got cocky," Cece said smiling slightly.

"Let me see," Daryl said pulling at her shirt as he said the words. Cece slowly stood and reluctantly lifted her shirt revealing the bandage, which Daryl peeled back slightly. "looks alright," he said observing it "Does it hurt?" He asked touching it slightly.

"It does them you do that," Cece laughed through her pain.

Placing the bandage back on Daryl stood holding Cece's shirt up for a moment and looking around Cece noticed his attention had turned to the other scar on the left side of her rip cage. Stroking his hand over it Cece attempted to pull her shirt down but his hands kept it raised.

"I never got a prober look at this before now, was this from-?

"Yeah it nothing, looks worse then it is," Cece said stepping away and pulling her top down.

"Was that the Governor?" Daryl asked curiously

"It happened at Woodbury, but that was..." Cece hesitated "…someone else."

"Who?" Daryl asked curiously.

"I don't remember" Cece said looking down.

"Your lying."

"No I'm not" she replied defensively

"Ya are, I can tell." Daryl said agitated.

"Daryl just drop it, what difference will it make you knowing who did this too me?" Cece said sternly.

"Because we both know who it was, I just need you to say it."

Placing her hand up to Daryl face he instinctively retracted and then allowed her touch, "I don't want this to cause a wedge between us, so we're going to drop it okay?" Daryl looked down avoiding her eyes and looking up Cece could see they were watering slighty, "I hate him for what he did too you."

"Me too, but sometimes you've just got too let things go, you got your brother back Daryl don't lose him again."

"I don't wanna lose you either" Daryl stated after a few seconds of finding his words.

"I'm not going anywhere," Cece leant into hug him leaning her head on his chest.

"I mean don't go getting all emotional on me or nothing, I just mean we're good together ya know."

Smiling Cece nodded, and after a moment Daryl pulled his arms around her, "Your pretty boy ex is really starting to piss me off though." Laughing Cece reacted to the pain of her chest, "Let me handle him, he's just upset I got shot."

"Somethin' tells me it's more than that." Cece looked up at Daryl

"What do you mean?"

"Well for one he's staring at us right now." Looking around Cece could see Matthew watching them for the end of the field, "I think he wants to prove he can still have me if he wants me, just ignore him." Daryl continued too look in the direction of Matthew before Cece got his attention again, "you hear me?"

"I hear you," Daryl said before leaning in and kissing Cece passionately with his hand running through her hair. Pulling away she leant into Daryl's chest and he kissed the top of her head before they both walked back to the main part of prison Cece leaning on Daryl for support.