Things have been different between Gale and I. We don't talk as much as we used to and I feel like our relationship is dying, and he doesn't even know. Peeta has been acting weird. It's like everyone I care about has deserted me. I don't understand why they're so angry at me, it's not my fault I don't feel the same way they feel about me. It's just that Gale is like my big brother and Peeta, well I don't know him enough to actually feel that way. I mean the only bonding time we had was in the arena during The Hunger Games while I was too busy trying to find a way to keep us both alive.

It's been lonely the past couple of weeks. I've been hunting alone since I have nothing to do, and it has been killing me; I really want some company. Prim has been at school and mom is usually at the hospital helping around so I just walk around the woods and stay there until it gets dark.

"Can you run into town and get us some bread?" Mom asked

Is she serious, the only store in town that sells amazing bread is Peeta's Dad's store.

"Can't you get it on your way back from work?" I ask.

"No, I'll be out until very late today." She said while she walks out the front door.

I guess that's final, she didn't even give me time to argue. What am I meant to do? Peeta and I haven't seen each other in a few weeks and I'm sure he doesn't want to see me. I mean he made it clear when he didn't come talk to me about what happened on the train. Well, it's either I go or face an angry Prim and mom. I get my jacket and walk out the front door towards the bread shop. I take as long as I possibly can walking to the store but it not long enough because in 30 minutes, I'm there and I don't know what to do.

I walk into the store and there is Peeta standing at the till, waiting for customers. His blue eyes catch mine and I'm motionless for a moment. I realise how much I have missed those kind blue eyes.

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