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Summary: Bringing a little culture in this fandom. Der Erlkönig is a famous ballad by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe mixed with my OTP in a medieval setting. Mentions of rape, if my music teacher ever reads this, thanks for the inspiration^^

Wer reitet so spät durch Nacht und Wind?
Es ist der Vater mit seinem Kind;
Er hat den Knaben wohl in dem Arm,
Er fasst ihn sicher, er hält ihn warm.

It had been a long day for king Bruce as he rode back to his kingdom on his stallion. The forest seemed eerie in the pale light of the moon.
His tired son prince Dick was secure in his lap, one arm wrapped around his form as the other hold the horse harness.

Mein Sohn, was birgst du so bang dein Gesicht?
Siehst, Vater, du den Erlkönig nicht?
Den Erlenkönig mit Kron' und Schweif?
Mein Sohn, es ist ein Nebelstreif.

Dick felt his blood run cold with fear, there in shadows was something following them. He had heard myths of this creature that ruled the forest.
A seemigly all powerful being, yet his father refused to believe him, dismissing his fear entirely.

„Du liebes Kind, komm, geh mit mir!
Gar schöne Spiele spiel' ich mit dir;
Manch' bunte Blumen sind an dem Strand,
Meine Mutter hat manch gülden Gewand."

The shadow crept closer, whispering sweet promises of games and beautiful things, if only he were to follow him into the night.

Mein Vater, mein Vater, und hörest du nicht,
Was Erlenkönig mir leise verspricht?
Sei ruhig, bleibe ruhig, mein Kind;
In dürren Blättern säuselt der Wind.

Yet his father remained ignorant, explaining the voice as noise from the wind in the leaves and telling him clam down.

„Willst, feiner Knabe, du mit mir gehn?
Meine Töchter sollen dich warten schön;
Meine Töchter führen den nächtlichen Reihn
Und wiegen und tanzen und singen dich ein."

It continued in a low seductive voice, complementing him and promising girls to dress him and to dance with him.

Mein Vater, mein Vater, und siehst du nicht dort
Erlkönigs Töchter am düstern Ort?
Mein Sohn, mein Sohn, ich seh' es genau:
Es scheinen die alten Weiden so grau.

The girls appeared in the shadows, painting o picture of innocence in the dark forest. But his father dismissed his worries again, not able to see anything wrong in the cold night.

„Ich liebe dich, mich reizt deine schöne Gestalt;
Und bist du nicht willig, so brauch' ich Gewalt."
Mein Vater, mein Vater, jetzt faßt er mich an!
Erlkönig hat mir ein Leids getan!

"I love you, I'm tempted by your beautiful stature and if you are not willing I will use force", said the shadow as he attacked the young boy, touching him in a way he had never been touched before.

Dem Vater grauset's; er reitet geschwind,
Er hält in Armen das ächzende Kind,
Erreicht den Hof mit Mühe und Not;
In seinen Armen das Kind war tot.

With the crying boy in his arms the king finally realised the danger they were in, but it was too late. His son was dead and his soul was left in the clutches of the monster in the forest.