10 minutes earlier...

"So we are back here again!" Gon announced as they stood outside the old apartment site. Night had greeted the group off the blimp when they arrived at Yorknew just one hour earlier and they had headed straight to the site to go to the old Phantom Troupe hideout. Not much had changed about the site really, despite that some of the buildings looked a little more run down than last year.

Killua nodded. "Yip!" A harsh, cold breeze whipped viciously at the group as they stood, causing them all to scramble to keep their clothes from flying everywhere.

"Where is this hideout?" Leorio asked as he grabbed his tie and yanked it back into his suit with a huff. He had changed out of his summer clothing earlier, right before they caught the blimp to Yorknew. Mito had been surprisingly helpful with getting them the blimp times though Leorio thought it was mostly a way of her hiding her true feelings. She cared deeply about Gon's safety and it was apparent she didn't like him putting himself in danger like he was now. However, nothing she could have said would have stopped Gon from searching for his comrade.

Killua pointed towards one of the buildings in the distance. "That is where they were last time." Killua informed his friend. The group walked over to the building wearily in case the Spiders tried to jump out and attack them. They fully believed this was a trap, but what choice did they have? It was either take a risk or leave his friend for dead.

As they got closer to the building, they began to hear voices. "What was that?" Gon whispered to Killua. He leaned towards a nearby wall. Using Gyo, he tried to sense any nearby aura and found none at first, but after a while, he spotted some aura wafting out of what looked like a window at the foot of the building. "It is coming from over there, Killua!"

Leorio glanced over at where Gon was looking at. "That barred up window?"

"Yeah. I am going to get a closer look."

"Okay, but be careful. It might be the Spiders." Gon nodded before he stepped closer to the window and you could almost cut the silence with a knife. Killua and Leorio held their breath as they followed Gon timidly, ready to pull him away from the window if a member of the Spiders showed their faces. As Gon got closer, a smile broke out on his face. His pace quickened and soon, he was kneeling in front of the window. "Kurapika?!" He asked as he peered in. Killua's and Leorio's eyes widened before they joined him by window.

It was too dark in the cell to make out anything, but the group could sense four presences in the room. "GON! KILLUA! LEORIO!" A voice exclaimed in terror. They all knew the voice too well. Kurapika. Kurapika stared at his friends behind the window with terror rushing through his body. "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE!?" He yelled. They had to leave, quickly. They would be killed by the Spiders if they stayed. Why didn't they follow the simple orders he had left?

"Kurapika! Are you all right?" Leorio spoke up, leaning closer to the window. "We can't see you."

The Kurta took a deep breath to calm his building panic. He knew he was on the verge of illness due to his constant use of his scarlet eyes so he couldn't risk his remaining eye glowing scarlet. It was too big a risk. That and he didn't want his friends to know he had lost an eye which would become apparent when only one eye glowed.

"I'm fine, but you have to leave," Kurapika instructed fiercely. "If you're caught you'll be killed! Didn't you get my phone call? The Spiders are planning on killing you!"

Suddenly, there were some groaning noises from the end of the cell. "What is going on?" The dazed voice of Basho sounded out, clearly having been asleep and awoken by the conversation going on between Kurapika and his friends. "Who is that?" He asked as he glanced at Leorio, Killua and Gon in the window.

Senritsu glanced over at Basho with an expressionless face, although nobody could see it. She had been silent as Kurapika had talked to his friends, feeling a mixture of horror and relief upon seeing their faces. She felt relieved because there was a chance of her and the other bodyguards escaping this cell but horrified because she knew that the Spiders were planning on killing Kurapika's friends to torture the Kurtian. The boys had to escape before they got themselves seen. "Friends of Kurapika," Senritsu replied quietly to her fellow bodyguard.

"We did get your phone call, Kurapika," Gon admitted reluctantly. "But we couldn't just leave you alone to die! We're you friends." Kurapika sighed as Gon said that. In truth, he was happy his friends cared enough about him to search for him but he just couldn't shake his worry. All it would take were for them to get spotted by the Spiders and then they would be killed. Kurapika really didn't want to take that risk. "I am appreciative that you care for my well-being, Gon." Kurapika said. "But I also care for your's. You must go!"

Killua scowled. "Why do you always push us away whenever we try to help you, Kurapika?" Killua asked angrily. Kurapika widened his eye. "We have gone though hell trying to find you; we have stressed for ages, we have spent millions on that stupid Hunter website and even called your boss! Why can't you at least try to let us help you? And if not for you, then think about the other bodyguards. They don't want to die! This could be their only chance of escape."

Kurapika felt a slight flame of anger building inside him at his friends' stubbornness. Why couldn't they just do as he asked and leave and not try to make him feel guilty about it? "Don't try to make me feel guilty Killua," Kurapika hissed, glaring at the boy with his one eye even though he couldn't be seen. "The situations I get myself into are my problems which I should cope with on my own. You shouldn't have to get involved."

"What about last year at Yorknew? You let us help you then." Killua said, warming up to the heat of the argument.

"And look where that got me!?" Kurapika cried. "You and Gon got captured and were almost killed! I don't want a repeat of that with all three of you! Why can't you understand that?"

"Kurapika! Your eye-" Senritsu tried to warn his friend but it was too late as Kurapika's eye was already glowing scarlet. This didn't go unnoticed by Leorio, Killua and Gon. "Why is only one of your eyes glowing?" Gon asked in slight shock as Kurapika brought his hand up to his glowing eye in an attempt to return it back to its normal colour. It worked, but almost instantly Kurapika's body felt weak. Oh no. He had overused his power. Kurapika shakily drew his legs up to his body and rest his head on his knees, wincing at the headache he still had from his beating. He felt light-headed... he felt like he was going to faint...

Senritsu glanced up at the window where the boys were looking at each other worriedly because of Kurapika's silence. "He lost an eye during a torture session," Senritsu told the group who looked at her in shock. "Ever since, his limit of using his scarlet eyes before he becomes ill has decreased and I think he has just over done it." Killua glanced down guiltily. This was his fault. He shouldn't have angered the Kurta.

Senritsu spoke out into the darkness of the cell again and hoped for a reply. "Kurapika? Are you okay?" There was a silence for a few moments which worried the music hunter. If Kurapika became badly ill here, he would never be able to survive the torture sessions considering he was normally unconscious for long periods of time after becoming ill and he wouldn't be able to protect himself in any way. That could easily result in his death.

However, after a few more moments, Kurapika murmured something which was too difficult even for Senritsu understand before there was a thud and a clash of chains as Kurapika fell unconscious. Oh hell. "Kurapika?" Gon called after he head the thud. "Kurapika? Answer me, Kurapika." Gon urged but it was pointless. Kurapika couldn't hear him.

"What are we going to do?" Senritsu said worriedly, concern for her friend, apparent.

Leorio was frozen as he said, "He needs medical help quickly." He stated. "We have no choice. We are going to have to try to get him out of this room." He turned to Gon and Killua. "Seems like we are finding a way in after all."

"You mean..." Gon began.

"Yes, we are going into the headquarters and risking falling into a potential trap."

Killua, you are such a wind-up sometimes...

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