Second part is up. And yes, there is a kiss.

Let It Snow!

"Let me see the picture again," Henry said around the yawn that overwhelmed him.

"Haven't you seen it enough already?" JJ returned as she pulled up the covers around her sleepy son.

"I like it." Another yawn. "It was my first snowman."

"Yes, it was." JJ reached for the camera phone in her sweater pocket. "Here you go."

Henry gave a wide smile even though his eyes were drooping shut. "I wanna keep him forever," he whispered before sleep claimed him.

"Oh, Henry." JJ smoothed down the stray lock of blonde hair that stood on end. She didn't have the heart to tell him that the snowman would probably be gone by morning.

Standing up, she turned out the light. Heading down the hallway, she listened carefully. The sound of the news reached her ears.

She walked into the living room. Hotch looked up from the couch. "He's out like a light. I didn't even have a chance to ask if he wanted a story."

"Same with Jack. That kid is something else." Hotch shook his head. "He wanted to know if it was too late to send Santa another letter and ask for more days like this."

"It would be nice," JJ agreed then cast a glance at the TV. Her eyebrow raised in question. A guilty look crossed his face. "Checking on what happened in the world since we took the day off?

"I must be getting old. I found myself tuning into the Weather Channel to get the latest forecast."

"Turn it up."

"…And more snow is expected for the region, later tonight. But the front coming in from the south will push it up toward the Alleghenies by Saturday…" The meteorologist recited and pointed to the areas.

"You don't look sad to see it stay," Hotch observed.

"Call me selfish, but I'm glad because that is one more day Henry gets to spend with his snowman," she sighed and leaned against the couch cushions. "No one told me about this part of parenting."

Hotch gave her a knowing smile. "Trust me, Jayje, it only gets better."

"Thank you." She stood up and grabbed his hand. "Just for that, now you get to do what I wanted earlier."

"I thought we did that when we made snow cream," he said.

She cocked her head. "You didn't like it?"

"It was…different," he confessed honestly. "Is that some kind of Pennsylvanian delicacy?"

"It is a Northern treat. I can't believe that you grew up in Maryland and never had it."

Hotch licked his lips and thought he could still taste the sugar and milk that JJ had mixed with fresh snow. "I don't think my mother would have allowed that on her dinner table." He smirked at the thought of Dorothea Hotchner serving snow to her influential and affluent, high society guests. Or for that matter, Haley serving it. JJ was definitely full of surprises...surprises he liked.

"Come on." JJ put all of her weight into pulling him to his feet.

"Where are we going?" He looked apprehensively at the door and then at JJ. On second thought about the surprises...

"Outside. Come on." She tugged his hand. At the door, she threw his coat at him. "Here you go." Quickly, she donned her coat, scarf and hat.

"Am I going to like this?" Hotch pulled on his gloves and hat. A laugh was JJ's only response.

Outside, the air was quiet and crisp from the cold. The sound of the snow crunching under their boots was the only sound. The thin clouds in the black sky allowed just enough moonlight toilluminate the pure white, virgin snow and give it an ethereal glow. It was almost too unreal to be true.

"Oooh, it's cold," Hotch shivered and blew on his gloved hands. "So, what do you want to do?"

"Snow angels."

"Snow what?"

"Snow angels. You know, you lie on the snow and move your arms and legs. And…make an angel."

"I know what it is," he said. "I didn't think that's why you wanted -" His words were cut off as he fell backwards. The air was briefly knocked from his lungs as the soft snow cushioned him. "Ooof!"

JJ fell beside him. She began moving her arms and legs. "Come on!" she encouraged. Slowly, Hotch mimicked JJ's movements. "Now you're getting it." She stopped moving and raised herself up on her elbows to inspect his design.

"Nice. Not bad."

"This is fun." He moved his arms faster.

"It is." Her soft laugh filled the quiet air.

Hotch stopped and sat up. The sound of her laughter…the way her hair fell over her face and shoulders…the way her eyes danced in the moonlight…it was enough to make him let his guard down. He wanted to say something, but he didn't want to break the moment.

So, he kissed her.

The moment their lips met, the heat began to rise. Pulling her to him, he pressed her against him as his mouth ravaged hers. Hungrily, their lips met as their hands searched and caressed through the layers of clothing.

Desperate for air, they broke away. Panting heavily, their breath made white clouds in the cold air.

"Wow! I wasn't expecting that!" JJ remarked breathlessly.

Neither had Hotch, but the moment had been so right, and she was so perfect… "Call it 'even Steven'; I wasn't expecting to make a snow angel in the front yard with a real life angel."

JJ thanked the darkness that hid her blush.

"Even Stevens?" she repeated.

"It's something Jack picked up at school."

"Hmmm…more things to look forward to." She reached out and brushed the snow from Hotch's cheek. "Anything else I should look forward to?"

"I would like some more snow cream." He pushed a lock of blonde hair behind JJ's ear.

JJ held her breath. "Oh?"

"But not before stealing some more kisses between a couple more snow angels…" Something soft and gentle fell on him. He looked up at the sky that had clouded over. "Unless you would rather go inside."

JJ blinked the snow flakes off her lashes. "I think I could stay out here for a while. As long as you promise to keep me warm," she replied coyly.

Hotch tightened his embrace. "Like this?" She nodded. "How about another kiss in the snow?" he asked.

"Why not?" She tilted her head up toward his. "I say, let it snow. Now kiss me."

Then he kissed her silent.

The End