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Chapter 5

"So I did the test" Rory told her mother as they enjoyed their nightly phone call.

"When do you get the results?" Lorelai asked, "Have you been eating properly?"

"Yes, I've been eating properly, I went off coffee cold turkey which was pretty much near impossible"

"It's for the best" Lorelai laughed, "And as soon as you pop the thing out, I promise we can get you an IV of coffee"

"You need to come see the house" Rory told her, thankfully, the house had been a quick sell, it was a townhouse close to campus, and the previous owner had already moved, so the place was empty, and given that it was a cash offer, there was no problem with getting Rory in within a week.

"I know. Did your Dad get you set up with all the furniture and such?"

"Yeah, it's nice, it's...me"

"Good, your house should be you" Lorelai told her, "Although you evaded one of my questions, when do you get the results?"

"I've got them" Rory told her.

"And...is the father Brad Pitt? Is that what you've been hiding from me?" Lorelai laughed at herself.

"No" Rory sighed, "Logan is the father"

"Wow" Lorelai exhaled, she hadn't even realized that she had been holding her breath, "And how do you feel about that?"

"I mean...he's more stable than Dean...financially" Rory told her, "And he's been good, since I told him it was possible, he's been...supportive"

"Well, you sound content" Lorelai told her honestly, "Have you heard anything from your Grandparents?"

"Not yet" Rory sighed sadly, "I just...I wish I hadn't let them down"

"Babe, you didn't let them down" Lorelai hated hearing her talk like this, her parents had unrealistic expectations, and even if Lorelai wasn't thrilled that her daughter was pregnant, she would find a way to deal with it, because when she had been pregnant, she needed support. "I mean, look what happened when I did the same thing...I got you, and you babe are the best thing that has ever happened to me"

"Thanks mom, but I should probably go, I mean, I have studying to do, and I still need to go buy some things. Maybe we can go shopping this weekend? You can come to me? I can come to Hartford, get household things, you know blenders, baking sheets"

"What on earth could you possible need a baking sheet for. I mean, you are my daughter, and the oven is a storage space, not a functional cooking device"

"Mom, I need to learn how to cook, and Dad has given me enough money to buy all the gadgets I could possibly need for this place, and I need to buy stuff for the nursery"

"Wow" Lorelai breathed.

"What Mom? Still struggling with the idea of me cooking"

"No, I think it's more me struggling with my baby having a baby, anyway, I will meet you in Hartford on Saturday, we can hit up the mall and get you all the necessary kitchen gadgets"

"Night mom" Rory laughed as she clicked the phone closed, only to hear it immediately start ringing again, "Hello?" she answered before looking at the display.

"Well, look who finally answered the phone!" Logan exclaimed, she could practically hear his grin through the phone, "And now maybe I can coax you into telling me where the hell you moved, that way I can swing by, say hello, make sure my child is doing alright"

"Logan, I'm not hiding where I moved" Rory told him as she took sat down on the overstuffed sofa that her Dad had bought her, "I just haven't really got everything yet, and would like to do that before I start entertaining guests"

"Entertaining guests" Logan repeated, "Father of your unborn child qualifies as a regular old guest?"



"Logan, I just want to get used to this place myself"

"And I want to help, Ace"

"Have you told your parents yet?" Rory countered quickly.

"I'll tell my parents when you let me come to the new place"

"Fine" Rory agreed, "Come over on Saturday, after you have told your parents. By then I will have all the stuff, and will probably need some help putting things together, so you can assemble your child's crib"

"Can't I pay someone to do that?" Logan laughed.

"No, I think that it is something the father is supposed to do, one of those manual labour things that shows what a strong man you are"

"I see" Logan told her, "I will come and help on Saturday, after I tell my parents that they are going to be Grandparents. Do you want to come? Meet the Huntzbergers?"

"Logan, things are complicated enough without introducing the girl you slept with once, and happened to get pregnant to your family"

"You'll have to meet them eventually"

"I know"

"And we slept together more than once...it was at least 4 times, maybe 5 if you count the last time"

"I don't count the last time" Rory laughed.

"It was just one night of amazing sex"

"Yes, amazing sex that led to a baby, so we should probably learn our lesson, stop after the first successful attempt, no need to keep going"

"Alright Ace, I'll let you go, text me the address, I will see you Saturday"

"Goodnight Logan"


"Excuse me, Professor Hodge" Rory croaked as she approached her Global Policies professor.

"Yes, Miss Gilmore, what can I do for you? If this is about the paper you got back, please attend my office hours"

"Oh, no, it's not about that" Rory shook her head, "I was actually...well, I am trying to get into one of your classes for the fall semester, and it's full, and well, I'm in a bit of a situation, and I need to take 2 extra courses next semester, and I was hoping you might be able to tell the registrar that you have allowed me into the class"

"And why would I do that?"

"Because I really want to take the class, the syllabus looks amazing, and I've talked to people have been in it before, oh, it's Democracy in the Western World, that's the course I'm talking about" Rory was talking faster the more nervous she became, "Anyway, like I said, I have this situation, and I need to take an extra couple courses"

"What is the situation?"

"Excuse me?"

"Well, you will be in your junior year, and I know a lot of people like to lighten their winter semester load, I mean for spring break, all of the fun stuff. I'm just interested in knowing why I am doing this favour for you?"

"Oh...well...I...I guess you'll know soon enough, especially if you let me into this class, which I hope you do" Rory rambled, "I am pregnant"

"Pardon me?"

"I'm pregnant"

"Well, that certainly isn't what I was expecting"

"I understand that there is a stigma associated with young mothers, and I am sure that in your mind I am perpetuating all of those stereotypes and wasting my life or something like that" Rory began.

"Miss Gilmore" Professor Hodge looked at her, his glasses on the tip of his nose, "I really don't care what got you to this point, but it seems you are trying to do the right thing, and as much as I think I have gauged from this conversation that your predicament wasn't exactly planned, but you seem to be taking responsibility and trying to do the right thing. I respect that. I will send a message to the registrar to get you into the course"

"Thank you Professor" Rory nodded.

"If there is anything else I can do, please let me know"

Rory was shocked by his kind response as she left the lecture hall to return to her car, she was exhausted, and as she looked down at her stomach she could see that she was beginning to show, there wouldn't be many more months where she could get away with not telling people. She also quickly hammered out a mental note to look up Professor Hodge, she certainly hadn't expected him to be that nice about the fact that she was pregnant, and needed to take an extra course in hopes that it would allow her to graduate on time. Rory had re-configured her schedule for the summer in the early weeks of the semester, she had added an extra 3 courses, 2 of which were online to her schedule, and then she would add an additional 2 courses to her fall semester, which would essentially put her a semester ahead. She would have to talk to Logan, but he would be graduated in the spring, which meant that in an ideal, and perfect world, Rory could take the winter semester off after the baby was born, and then go back to school in the summer term and still manage to graduate on time. She knew it would be difficult, but she also knew she had to do it.


"Logan since when do you ring the doorbell?" Honor Huntzberger looked at her little brother with skepticism as he hovered outside the door, "Especially considering you are the one who suggested this afternoon gathering, god knows there aren't enough cocktails in the world to make this enjoyable. Even Grandpa is here"

"I know" Logan kissed her cheek, "Is everyone out back?"

"Yes" she stepped inside to force him to come in, "Is everything alright"

"I'll tell you with everyone else" Logan shook his head as he began to power walk towards the back patio, "Is Dad here?"

"Yes" Honor practically ran to keep up with him, "Logan, wait up"

"Logan" Shira Huntzberger stood up as her son burst onto the patio.

"Hi Mom" Logan kissed her cheek before he nodded at his Grandfather, and Father.

"So what brings us all here today Logan?" Mitchum asked his son, showing very little interest in the discussion, "Did you sink another yacht?"

"No" Logan gritted his teeth as Honor sat down.

"Oh Logan sit down" Shira told him.

"I don't think I'll be staying long" Logan informed them, "Standing is good"

"Logan what on earth has gotten into you?" Shira took a long sip of her gin and tonic.

"I have to tell you something" Logan began pacing on the spot, "And I am going to tell you, and I don't want to hear a word about it"

"Logan just spit it out" Mitchum told him flippantly.

"I got a girl pregnant, and she is keeping the baby"

"Pardon me?" Shira nearly dropped her glass.

"I don't think I stuttered" Logan glared at her.

"Who is this girl?" Mitchum boomed, "She must be a social climber, how could you be so stupid, when did this happen? How far along is this girl?"

"It doesn't matter who it is" Logan knew he wouldn't be able to protect Rory from people knowing it was her.

"Logan you must tell us" Shira tried to maintain her composure, "Answer your father, when did this happen"

"She's about 17 weeks along now"

"Who. Is. It" Mitchum repeated through gritted teeth.

"Rory Gilmore"

"As in Emily and Richard's granddaughter?" Shira looked at him, puzzled, "She never struck me as a social climber"

"She isn't a social climber" Logan rolled his eyes.

"Well, at least she has good breeding" Shira looked relieved.

"You two will get married" Mitchum stated simply, "I will not have you bringing down the good name of this family"

"Good name?" Logan scoffed. "Dad you've slept with every intern, and every secretary on the east coast, even worse, Mom knows it"

"You will not speak that way in my house!" Mitchum shouted.

"Look, I am not here for your permission, or even your opinion, I am here to tell you, what Rory and I do from here on in is up to us"

"Son" his Grandfather spoke, "You need to consider what is best for the child. Speak to this Miss Gilmore about this, if I recall, she grew up without a father. She might have a different insight as to whether or not marriage is a good idea"

"Grandpa, no offense, but I don't see Rory and I getting married"

"Well, I for one am happy" Honor piped in after her complete silence following the announcement.

"You're what?" Mitchum glared at his daughter.

"Oh come on, lighten up, the Huntzberger heir is creating a new Huntzberger heir, securing the bloodline for at least another generation" Honor mocked them all, "There is going to be a baby around, a cute, fun to dress up, baby"

"I cannot believe you could be so irresponsible!"

"Dad, it's done" Logan threw his hands in the air, "I have told you, you know, there are no secrets, now if you'll excuse me, I am going to meet Rory"

"What are you two dating?"

"None of this is your concern" Logan shook his hand before heading back into the house in order to leave, he couldn't handle the way his family behaved, he knew he was lucky to have not brought Rory.


"So what kind of crib do you think?" Lorelai craned her head to the right as she looked at it.

"I don't know" Rory shrugged as she stared at the nursery furniture.

"This stuff has changed since I had you" Lorelai laughed.

"No kidding" Rory felt the dark mahogany of one set, "I think this one. It's...smart, classy"

"Well that is the deciding factor in how to choose a crib" Lorelai nodded as she looked at the information package laying inside the crib, "But it looks good, I mean, unless the kid has a freakishly small head, which based on Gilmore heads, is unlikely, they won't fit through the bars, so I think this one is good"

"And I'll get the matching change table and dresser...and rocking chair" Rory told the associate who had been tasked with helping them, she had normally stayed a few paces back after listening to the conversation which took place.

"Are you sure you need the jogging stroller? I mean...you don't jog" Lorelai asked as they walked to the cash register.

"But what if I decide to jog. I mean, the jogging stroller doesn't say that it is only for jogging use, I would assume it is a jogging OR walking stroller. This way if I ever do take up jogging, I'm all set"

"Valid point, let's pay, and then go grab cheesey fries!"


"So you told them?" Rory smirked as she answered the door to her new townhouse.

"And you gave me your address" Logan held up a bag of takeout, "I think I have every kind of mexican food in here"

"Did you get the burrito?"

"I got burritos, tacos, everything on the menu" Logan laughed as he stepped inside, "And don't worry, this is all for you, I don't need anything"

"You're a god send" Rory took the bag and moved directly to the kitchen, "I mean, I don't even know what I want"

"Alright, well, I think that after you've selected which mexican delicacy you would like, we need to have a discussion...about the...plan"

"The plan?" Rory repeated.

"Come on Ace, don't tell me you don't have some sort of plan, a parenting strategy, something?"

"I don't know" Rory shrugged as she bit into a beef burrito, "This is good"

"You don't know" Logan repeated, "Well, then why don't we figure that out...take a seat, talk about it?"

"What do you want to talk about?" Rory took a seat at the kitchen table.

"Well, Huntzberger or Gilmore?"

"Um...I guess...I don't know" Rory shrugged, "I mean, obviously I'm a Gilmore, but Huntzberger...if you're going to be around, I guess it should probably be Huntzberger"

"Well is that what you want? I mean its a loaded name" Logan laughed, "I've spent my entire life running away from it"

"Well, would you...would you put the same pressures on your son or daughter, that your parents put on you?"

"No" Logan shook his head, "My kid, our kid...I want them to do whatever they want"

"Well, what do you want it's last name to be?"

"How about both of ours? Gilmore-Huntzberger? I mean we're both going to be around, it's not like either of us is planning on running away, right?" Rory nodded in response, "So this kid, will be a Gilmore-Huntzberger"

"How modern" Rory mused as she took a bite of her burrito, "Oh god! A tour! I forgot to give you a tour, I've been too busy stuffing my face"

"Hey, you've got to eat" Logan laughed, "But a tour would be great"

"Give me a minute" Rory told him as she finished the burrito and stood up, "This, is the eating area, located adjacent to the kitchen, which is handy" she pointed to the kitchen, "My Mom and I went shopping today so I have all of the kitchen necessities. I even got this weird thing that you can make smoothies in, like a personal smoothie maker. Obviously I will use it mostly for milkshakes because smoothies are way too healthy for my liking, but super handy"

"You got a magic bullet?"

"You know about them? They are so great, I mean, they are awesome. I can't imagine not having my own personal milkshake maker"

"Wow" Logan grinned, he couldn't help but laugh at the simplest things which she normally found to be absolutely out of this world.

"I know, right?" Rory continued walking through the kitchen into a somewhat spacious living room. "Living room, where I will do most of my living, tv, stuff like that"

He smiled as he looked at the shelf of movies which were clearly on display. "No longer a closet movie fiend?"

"I told you, I was never closeted, just short of storage space"

"Alright, what's next?"

"Well, there's a powder room in that door" Rory told him, pointing to the door as she walked towards the stairs, "And upstairs are 3 bedrooms, and 2 more bathrooms"

"So I'm assuming, one for the baby, one for you, and one for an office?"

"No" Rory shook her head as they reached the top of the stairs, she opened the door to one room, it was painted beige and covered in boxes, "This will be the nursery" she explained, "I liked the bay window"

"It's nice" Logan nodded as he saw all of the furniture, "I assume that is for me to assemble?"

"It is" Rory laughed, "I promise to put all the stuff away, but assembly...assembly is all you"

"Of course" Logan nodded as she led him into the master bedroom, "This is nice"

"I mean, it's not huge, but it'll fit a queen sized bed, which I've never really had, and my Dad picked out the dresser and stuff, so its nice"

"It is" Logan agreed as he took a quick peak into the bathroom, he wished she would have let him set her up in an apartment in his building, but he knew why she wanted this. This was hers, and it wasn't over the top, it was very Rory.

"So then down here, this is going to be the guest room" Rory explained as they entered the final bedroom, "The furniture for it arrives next week"

"You plan on entertaining guests?" Logan mused, he knew exactly what he was pushing for.

"Well, I figure...when the baby comes and everything, I don't know, maybe you'd want to stay here, or something, and this means you'll have space, you won't be stuck on the couch. I mean the couch is comfortable, but its a couch nonetheless"

"Well I guess that makes sense" Logan agreed, "I like it, Ace" Logan told her before they were interrupted by the sound of the doorbell ringing. "Expecting someone?"

"No" Rory shook her head, "Come on" she told him as she made her way down the stairs, the bell ringing again after a moment had passed.

"I'll get it" Logan walked past her and made his way to the door a few seconds before Rory, he was surprised as he opened it, "Richard, Emily. Hi"