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We were transported from the market square to the District 9 Justice building. I've never seen it before but it looks very similar to my house. All posh, squeaky floors, shiny chairs. I've seen all these posh things before so it is all second nature to me, Gideon however is taken aback by how big and expensive things are. He's going to have a shock when we go to the capital that's for sure.

We walk in silence when finally me and Gideon are separated and put alone in a room. Now I would wait while the people who wanted to see me to say goodbye signed up outside. I wondered if I would even have visitors, seeing as everybody hated me, obviously.

Finally after what seemed like hours, the door opened and my mother, father and younger sister came running in. I allowed my mother to hug me as I knew that it would be hard for her, it would bring back memories from Elianna's games. God, what if it does that to me. What if I go insane thinking about her while I'm there? No. I'm being silly now. I need to stop thinking about the games and think about now. My family are going to be distraught that they're losing another daughter, especially Alayni; she looked up to me even though I was a bitch to her.

After about 20 minutes of me being nice to my family which in its self is a miracle, I was begging for the peacekeeper to come in a take them away. It sounded selfish because although I do love my family, I desperately wanted to see Dean before they took me away to the capital. And of course I wanted to see Avea and Rania, they were my closest friends and I knew that they would be heartbroken that I was leaving. But as the clock ticked and ticked, I was worried that no one else would turn up.

Later, the door opened and the peacekeeper finally escorted Alayni and my mother and father out of the room. Shortly after, the door opened again and in came Dean. I was so pleased. As soon as he came in he pulled me into a tight hug and started whispering strategies into my ear.

"You can do it! I know you can, okay! You can fight. Prove them wrong; prove everyone wrong; the district and the capital. They won't be expecting you to win, you're only a small girl from district nine, but you can Tallia, YOU CAN!" He held my face so I couldn't avoid his eye contact.

"But they'll be so strong" I whined. Just thinking about the size of the guys from the better districts made me want to cry.

"You know what we discussed weeks ago!" and I did know. A couple of weeks ago we had discussed the best strategy for the games in case any of us got chosen. Dean had said the best way to stay alive is to show the careers that you could fight, that you weren't to be forgotten. Try to get with them. They are your best chance at survival in the games.

"What if they don't like me?"

"But they will"

It was too soon before they took him away. I cried as I sat in the room all alone. The only other guest I was expecting was Raina and Avea and then possibly Cole though I wasn't sure if he would, nor did I particularly care. The door opened again and in walked Riley. Now that I hadn't been expecting, I was sure she would have spent all her time with her brother.

"How are you feeling Tallia?" she asked me.

I didn't answer her; I didn't even speak for a while until I finally said. "What are you doing here?" she looked strangely at me. "Why would you even care what happened to me, I've been awful to you."

She looked down at the floor and stayed silent for a while, but I could see by her face, she was thinking what to say. "That's not true"

"Of course it is! I've been a bitch to you ever since my sister died!" I still wouldn't meet her eyes, I knew that I'd been horrid to her, even when I was doing it, but she reminded me of the past, and that made me think of my sister. Thinking of her made me upset, vulnerable, weak, and that was something I couldn't afford to be. I couldn't appear to be whiney and upset all the time, I had to be stronger than that, even more so now.

"Okay, well, maybe you have been pretty bitchy recently, but before that, you saved my life. I don't even think I would be here if it wasn't for you." She emphasised the word 'you'. It was true, I guess. If it wasn't for me giving her money for food, her family would have probably died of starvation. It wasn't easy though, as my father would be furious if he found out. When we'd go out, I'd buy some food and let her take some of it home, as well as giving her leftover food we weren't going to eat.

"Why would you want me to win anyway? What about your brother?" She would obviously want her brother to win, and there's only one victor.

"I just want one of you to come out. I can't lose both of you! Not at the same time, I don't have any other friends, I don't have another brother. Just you and him. I just need one of you to win".

We hadn't really solved anything, and I hadn't quite understood why she had come to see me, but the peacekeepers soon came and took her away. I looked at the small clock in the middle of the wall opposite me. My hour was up, I had no more visitors, and soon I would be escorted to the train by Eustacia along with Gideon. I couldn't believe that Avea and Rania hadn't visited me. I thought they were my friends. No doubt they had already found someone else to cling onto. Guess that shows how much they care about me. I was also a bit surprised that Cole hadn't come. He was in love with me, I knew that. But maybe he understood I didn't feel the same way, I mean, it was a bit obvious. No, I had seen him only minutes before the reaping, and he had been fine with me then. I tried not to dwell on the matter for much longer as, let's face it; I was probably not going to see him ever again.